Cambridge Autograss 22/5/16

Three weeks after our last racing fix at round 1 of the UKAC it was finally time for another meeting. When planning where we would be heading for this weekend, it was a choice between Invicta Kent and Cambridge, the two most local meetings running.

This time we were headed to Invicta Kent Autograss club, a venue that we have visited a number of times in the past and have enjoyed. However, that wasn’t meant to be. After a 100 mile journey we got within 5 minutes of the track to find out that there had been a late decision to cancel the meeting, due to the amount of rain they had had overnight.

So, we turned around and made a mad dash to Cambridge Autograss, arriving just in time for their delayed start.

There were a number of Concord Essex drivers there racing over a range of classes, unfortunately I didn’t really see much of anyone else’s racing other than Lynn Thomas’ (C21E), so I can’t report on actual results. But from what I did see there was plenty of competitive racing, especially from junior Billy Wilson (C8E), Anthony Teather (C266E) in class 3 and Mike Sullivan (C11E) in class 5.

What I can write about is Lynn’s racing over the day. The idea of getting a meeting in this weekend was so she could get some more practice on start’s and first bends. She certainly got that, with 11 starts for 3 races! As she was the only ladies class 14, they allowed her to race with the men’s classes 8 and 10, this gave a full grid of 8 cars.

The first heat was the only race not to have a rerun. Here she had a race long battle with two other class 8’s eventually beating them both and finishing the race 6th. Heat two was a different story, with most of those 11 starts coming from this race. On the final run where the race was completed, Lynn was running in third place, pushing for second until near the end where she spun the car, despite this she still finished in 5th on track, although there was a 2 place penalty for hitting cones on a previous run. The final was another strong race, after a couple more reruns. In this race Lynn had her best result of the day with a 2nd place, again mixing in amongst the men of the same class.

Thank you to Cambridge club for delaying the start of racing for us travelling from Kent, we very much appreciated. 

The next meeting on the agenda is the MAP open which is held by the Midlands league at the Evesham track, this coming weekend (4th&5th June). This is normally one of the biggest meetings of the year, so I am looking forward to watching plenty of fast and furious racing and I am sure there will be plenty to write about on my return.