Nottingham 21/05/17

As I stated at the end of my last blog post the plan for last weekend was to go to Invicta Kent for the last round of Concord’s National Qualifying, however, what was not much of a surprise the meeting was cancelled due to the amount of rain that most of the country experienced over the week.

This was a problem that most of the country was suffering from and a lot of meetings had to be cancelled. The closest meeting left running was Nottingham, so that was where we headed.

Despite the miserable weather that we had received, the track had held up pretty well, which meant the racing wasn’t effected and we even were graced with a day of sunshine.   

Whenever I have been to Nottingham over the last few seasons, it has always been the class six’s that have stood out. A strong bunch front the East Midland’s league means that the racing is some of the closest we see. At the start of the meeting we saw Jorden Hampson (P70EM), Ben Gadsby (P7EM), Martyn Janes (N10) and Lloyd Elliot (N200). During the heats we saw the four of them battling, however when it came to the final we only saw Lloyd and Ben. During the race they were as close as you get, running side by side from start to finish. In the end it was Lloyd who took the win, but only by a margin.


In heat one of the ladies class 14 we saw a close race between the Nottingham girls of Abi Shields (N24) and Emily Crosby (N21). Abi took the lead at the start, but with a lap to go Emily made her move to take the win. However, for the rest of the day it was Hope Godfrey (T12) who had the upper hand, taking both the heat two and final win, leaving Abi and Emily to battle it out behind her.  


The men’s class five final was another close battle. In heat one Colin Thorndyke (IK2) took a more than convincing win. However, in heat two it wasn’t quite so easy with Gary Cheetham (N17) having resolved his earlier problems, made Colin work for it. However the final was another matter. Ben Harper (M11) took the lead and went away with it, whilst there was a battle behind including Gary, Colin, Kieran Cobb (IK75) and Brian Wright (P24EM). The result stood with Gary second followed by Kieran and Brain, whilst Colin dropped right down the order looking to suffer mechanical problems.  


After the weeks weather, a big well done to Simon Reeve and the Nottingham team for putting on another great meeting.

Thank you to Ted Shillitto for the use of his photos. Check out the Nottingham Autograss Club Facebook page to view more of Ted’s images from Sunday’s meeting.  

The next stop of this year is a trip this coming weekend to Lydden Hill for the World Rallycross Championship. Lydden Hill will also be celebrating 50 years of Rallycross and also the last time they will be hosting the World Rallycross.  

Cambridge 14/05/17

This weekend we made another visit to Cambridge Autograss Club, this meeting was slightly quieter than the last one. Despite this there was still some close racing for the latest rounds in both the East Anglian and Essex league’s National Qualifying.

The conditions to provide such a good day’s racing was almost perfect, apart from the heavy shower we got for the last few races of heat 2, weren’t the ladies lucky.

It might not seem much of a surprise now, but Michael Winkworth (C211E) came away from the meeting with another three wins, remaining unbeaten. However, despite his convincing win in the finals, it’s no mean feat considering the tough competition that the East Anglian have in the class. Michael may be in front when it comes to the Concord Class 1 points, but there is a close battle going on behind him, with Jamie and Andy (C156E) in their shared car moving up to 2nd with Ian Baker (C202E) and Billy Wilson (C8E) close behind with only 34 points between them all. This is something to keep an eye on over the coming meetings.

There was also good results for David Farrow (C16E) who took the class 2 final win, holding off Dan Robins (SN34), the defending BAS champion. Whilst Allan Crowther (C5E) took a very impressive win in heat 2.  Another great performance came from Sophie Mason (C21E) who took three wins out of three from the meeting.


The two favourites going into the class 8 final were Dan Mackenzie (CA44) and Chris Pope (SP8), both taking heat wins with not much challenge the final was their first meeting. However, it was Richard Danby (SN49) who took the lead from the start and despite the pressure from Dan he held on to take the win.

Another final that saw a great result was in class 7. As we have seen at both here at Cambridge and elsewhere in the country Mike Mackenzie (CA12) is pretty unbeatable, although it wasn’t meant to be this time out. It was Darren Lodge (SN265) who took the lead in the final at the start and held off the competition. Mike did end the race in second place right behind Darren, however he did have to work for it, working his way through the pack after turn one to get there.  


Here are the full list of final winners.

Class 1: C211E Michael Winkworth

Class 2: C16E David Farrow

Class 3: SN269 Dave George

Class 4: CA313 Daniel Beckwith

Class 5: CA10 Daniel Godfrey

Class 6: SN207 Tony Teather

Class 7: SN265 Darren Lodge

Class 8: SN49 Richard Danby

Class 9: SN3 Ian Robins

Class 10: CA24 Stuart Ward

Stock Hatch: CA97 Jason Barrett

Jnr Saloon: SN141 Thomas Browning

Jnr Special: C143E Jack Deighton

Class 11: SN196 Lottie Tilson

Class 11A: SN668 Vicky Sole

Class 12: SN333 Katie Reynolds

Class 13: CA547 Beth Marjoram

Class 14: C21E Sophie Mason  

Again I would like to thank Cambridge Chairman Lee Forster for another great day and for hosting Concord and make us welcome.

Also a thank you to Robert and Carole Offer for the use of their photos. Please follow this link to view more photos from Sunday’s meeting.–cambridge–28168

This weekend we will be at Invicta Kent Autograss Club, which will be the last round of qualifying for both the Kent league as well as the Essex league, which means we are set for some close battles for those fighting for those places.

I would also like to offer my deepest condolences to the O’Brien family in Ireland, on the sudden and tragic loss of Donal. Whilst we were at Cambridge the news broke out on social media of this heart-breaking news. A man that was loved within our sport on both sides of the water has been taken far too soon. #MA18

UKAC R1 Ladies Finals

Here is a report on the Ladies finals from Round 1 of the UK Autograss Championships at Trent Autograss.

A big thank you to Mark from Mixed Bag Photography for the use of his photos. Please go and take a look on the Mixed Bag Photography Facebook page and on more images from this meeting.

Class 1

The break from the start was pretty level, with coming into turn 2 there was five cars bunched up, fighting for the top spot. It was Bex Green (SC14) who came the best out of this, taking the lead and managing the race from then on to take her third win of the weekend. It was Lisa Paines (PHD16) who was next out of the this battle taking second place ahead of Hannah Hinton (IK225) in third and Linda Lawlor (NW143) in fourth. Next up we saw Louise Lovatt (YD477), Chloe Reynolds (SC630) and Lacey Law (SR24) in fifth, sixth and seventh, respectively. The last finalist was Bethany Embling (C535E), however she was excluded from the rerun of the final. 


Class 2

Unbeatable all weekend was Jess Roberts (SC126), who took her fourth win in the final. Natalie Green (R22) was second, ahead of Fiona Mauchland (CS44) and Katie Jones (SV51) in third and fourth. Next up was Hannah Hinton (NASA25) in fifth, ahead of Emma Clark (CA85) and last but not least Toni Humphrey (IK334). The last of the finalist was Shania Jones SV151), who was unable to complete the race.

Class 3

This final was one from the start, Jo Thompson (Y51) was away and gone, crossing the chequered flag with a quarter of a lap lead. Consistent all weekend, Donna Brown (CM4) got her fourth second place finish of the weekend ahead of Sharon Branston (L44) in third. Next up was Shell Sumners (R169) in fourth and Sharon Douglas (L13) in fifth.

Class 5

It was defending champion Diane Heath (E10) who took the final win, her second of the weekend. Cat Mumford (158F) finished second after a mixed weekend, ahead of Natalie Green (R420) in third. Emily Saitch (C11E) dropped down the order to finish fourth after her perfect start. 


Class 6

Tina Hilton (ST46) appeared to be pretty unstoppable this weekend, taking the lead from the start she won the final, her third win of the weekend, with about half a lap lead. Second place and last of the finishers was Kristina Hall (SR888). Not making it to the end was Louise Rowley (WS24) and Kelly Read (T13).

Stock Hatch

Mandy Kennedy (SB6) was the only one of the class to complete the race, however this didn’t mean it was uneventful as she was having a great race with the class 6 of Kristina Hall. Lisa Hills (WS500) was out in the final, but appeared to be struggling with mechanical issues, and therefore didn’t complete the race.

Class 7

We saw a great battle throughout all their races of the weekend between Clare Horner (M60) and Nicola Mackenzie (CA141), however it was Nicola who came out on top each time, with Clare not being able to find a way past. Third place went to Emily Barrett (R10), ahead of Terri Mumford (62F) and Chloe Bishop (IK59) in fourth and fifth respectively. Last but not least was Charley Craske (R69).


Class 8

This was one of the closest finishes of the weekend. A 3 car battle from the start of the race, saw Clare Horner (M62), Cat Mumford (160F) and Cloe Smith (S46D), swapping places throughout, and the positions were decided on the line, which they all crossed pretty much at the same time. The final result saw Cloe take her first win of the weekend ahead of Cat and Clare. Behind this battle we saw Emilie Seer (S41D) cross the line in fourth and Emily Crosby (N21) in fifth. The remaining finalists, Abi Shields (N24), Barbara Harper (M111) and Emma Shell (IK95), were not out in the rerun of this race, all having collected damage in an incident in the first attempt of the race.

Class 9

Dru Hollingsbee (IK111) had an unbeaten weekend, taking her fourth win in the final, ahead of fellow Kent member Helen Rummery (IK214) in second, whilst Brooke Irving (SL99) finished in third.



Susan Dawson (SL103) was the only one of the class we saw in the final, which saw her collect her second win of the weekend, although she was out with the class 9’s. Georgia Garnett (T692) was our other F600 of the weekend, but damage picked up in the men’s final meant we didn’t see her in the final.

Class 10

Throughout the weekend we saw Kelly Bishop (YS37) and Diane Heath (E111) share the wins between them, with Diane taking the final victory with Kelly second. Gina Lee (R98) was also competing over the weekend, but was unable to complete the final. 

UKAC R1 Junior Finals

Here is a report on the Junior finals from Round 1 of the UK Autograss Championships at Trent Autograss.

A big thank you to Mark from Mixed Bag Photography for the use of his photos. Please go and take a look on the Mixed Bag Photography Facebook page and on more images from this meeting.


A depleted entry compared to previous years didn’t stop there from being close racing throughout the heats. Come the final, it Baxter Pargeter (N45) who made the best of the level start, making his move up the inside of turn 1 to take the lead, and this is where he stayed to take his first win of the weekend. Behind Baxter, who had built a lengthy lead, there was the battling trio of Ryan Powell (NW52), Chris Hall (SC227) and Sorren Powell (T777), who were fighting hard for that second place, and finished second, third and fourth, in the above order. Behind them we saw Ollie Hall (SC24), and Tom Marshall (ST6), whilst Tom Herbert (S31D) was seventh and Lewis Woodruff (WR72) was the last finisher.



This was probably one of the closest fought finals of the day, with all cars in contention for the win at some point of the race, until the chequered flag was dropped. At the start it was Blake Dudley (S4D) who took the lead, holding this position until a couple of laps to go, when he pulled off into the infield. This left the way for Sam Middleton (T909), who took over the lead of the race and took this position at the flag. Next up in second place was Jay Gallagher (LM13) ahead of Matt Wright (P11EM) and Samuel Pinches (R35). Fifth place went to Lewis Burgess (ARC33), followed by Alfie Tomlinson (P888EM) and last but not least James Pinches (R350).

UKAC R1 Men’s Finals

Here is a report on the Men’s finals from Round 1 of the UK Autograss Championships at Trent Autograss.

A big thank you to Mark from Mixed Bag Photography for the use of his photos. Please go and take a look on the Mixed Bag Photography Facebook page and on for more images from this meeting.

Class 1

Going into the first bend, it was Lee Still (SP48) who took up the lead of the race, but battling hard and hot on his heels was Rich Owen (NW15).  These two broke away from the pack as the laps dropped, and it was starting the last lap that Rich was able to make the move to take up the lead, where he stayed to take the first final win of the 2017 championship. Behind the leading two there was a battle taking place behind amongst the remaining cars. Crossing the line in third place was Lee Powell (NW52) ahead of Russ Thompson (SC14) in fourth and Jordan Butcher (SN375) in fifth. The remaining places went to Andrew Still (SP49), Jack Anderson (WR86) and Lee Poole (S70D) respectfully.


Class 2

Victory for the final was one of the closest battles of the weekend, with 5 cars in contention from the start. The first laps saw Jack Joyce (WS222) and Craig Conway (SC126) make a break and battle it out for the lead. Jack, with a few laps still let to go took a wider line which saw him drop back down the pack. And battling hard and bringing the challenge to Craig was also Darren Monks (T16), David Hughes (SC400) and Lloyd Morgan (C64). Despite the challenges it was Craig who took his second win of the weekend, followed by Darren, David, Lloyd and Jack. Not quite part of this battle, but still strong runners were Andrew Jones (SV151), Jay Albrighton (N156) and Michael Bird (Y160), who finished sixth, seventh and eighth respectfully.

Class 3

It was Adrian Herbert (S26D) who made the best of the start and took the start at turn 1, but it was Adrian Joyce (WS22) who took up the running at turn 2. This was a battle that continued throughout the race with positions being swapped numerous times, with Herbert taking the win ahead of Joyce. Behind this battle was another battle, between four cars, at the start of the race it was Peter Lemmon (SP11) who took up third position, but a mistake sees him drop back, with Phil Thompson (Y51) taking up the position, which he would finish the race in. Hot on his tail though was the battling pair of Martin ‘Noddy’ Roberts (PAC157) and Dave Westlake (123F), who would finish fourth and fifth, ahead of Peter. Steve Goodwin (NS41) took seventh place, ahead of Aaron Mackenzie (SP401) who looked to have an issue with his car.


Class 4

There was an even break between the cars of Luke Oakley (M51), Jamie Williams (M58) and Jonny Brown (Y87), with Jonny having taken up the lead coming out of turn 1. The three continued to battle, until Jamie made his way past to take up first position and then continued to break away from the others. This left a three car battle for second place, which Jonny took, ahead of Colin Attrill (IK272) and Luke. The last of the finishers was Gary Pemberton (CA242).

Class 5

This was another multi car battle for the victory. We saw an even break between Nigel Candy (SS14) and Lewis Richards (TA451), with Stuart Deacon (S60D) hot on their heels. Throughout the race we saw these three swap positions numerous times. Come the chequered flag it was Lewis who took his third win of the weekend, ahead of Stuart and Nigel in third. Joining in on this battle on the last couple of laps was Julian Heath (E10) who finished in fourth, ahead of Scott Holmes (N444) and Jason Alderson (YD64). The remaining two finalists, unable to complete the race were Ben Harper (M11) and Alex Puddiphatt (SN23).


Class 6

It was Jordan Spavins (SN451) who took up the initial lead, but a wide line coming out of turn 2 saw Anthony Conway (SC90) take up the position, from then on in it was Anthony who had control of the race and built a reasonable lead to the cars behind. Second place was Jordan’s ahead of the two Wessex boys of Steve Ford (WS57) in third and Lee Rowley (WS24) in fourth. It was local man, Simon Hornby (T13), who took fifth ahead of Mark Evans (YS57), who looked to have problems. Unable to complete the race was Jamie Ivermee (G17D) and Andy Russell (IK64).

Class 7

This was a two car race right from the start, between Tom Page (SC19) and Mike Mackenzie (CA12). No matter how hard he tried Tom couldn’t make the move on Mike who led the race from start and they finished the race in this order. Third place went to Lee Forster (CA1) ahead of Dave Law (SR4) and Nick Williams (M60). Following from them was Trevor Martin (C18E) and Jamie Cox (N52), whilst Rob Griffiths (H121) was unable to complete the race.


Class 8

Favourite going into this race was Dan Mackenzie (CA44), with two wins already under his belt, and he was the right one to bet on, taking his third victory of the weekend. Next up was a close battle between Jay Jones (NW106) in second and Stu Whitehouse (T5) in third. Next up was Victor Majoram (CA543) and James Poltimore (SS79). Sixth place was Alex Hall (R411), despite his heat one roll, ahead of Lee Cox (B2H) and Mike Mumford (160F).

Class 9

A level break saw all the finalists going into turn 1 on a level, but it was Anthony Read (SC150) who made the move up the inside to come out of turn 1 ahead, just. A battle then ensued between Anthony and Mike Liddiatt (309F), with a couple of laps to go, it was Mike who took up the lead of the race to take the win ahead of Anthony. Close behind them was two-time heat winner Jason Richardson (P5EM), taking third place ahead of Allan Kerr (SB47). Next up was the North Wales duo of Ynyr Davies (NW334) and Ellir Davies (NW34), followed by Gareth Jones (TA3) and Jack Joyce (WS2).


Class 10

This final was a bit controversial, before the start of the race the track was watered….a lot, this meant that there was only one line, just. However, making best of the conditions was Andy Lee (R99) who took his third win of the weekend ahead of Sean Wright (WR11) and Tom Taylor (R98). Next up was Julian Heath (E111) in fourth, followed by Alex Kershaw (SC21) and Luke Bennett (NW26). Andrew Bishop (YS37) crossed the line in seventh ahead of Matt Duffell (L1).


Here we saw some great wheel-to-wheel action. Andrew Watson (SB20) made the break at the start, but Josh Tickle (P74EM) was hot on his tail and throughout tried every which way he could to get past, with one attempt at getting past paid off but didn’t stick. Behind this battling duo was Graham Dawson (SL03) and Steve Faunch (T36) who finished third and fourth respectfully. Andy Reeve (N28) finished the race in fifth ahead of Matthew Hickingbotham (ST62) in sixth. Jason Garnett (T692) was the last competitor, but had a coming together with the armco in the first attempt of the final.


Stock Hatch

This was a race won at the start, Adam Golding (CA120) took the lead from the bungee and that was where he stayed, extending the gap from Ian Fay (WS500), who finished in second, with each lap. Ian was also safe in second place though, with a comfortable gap between himself and Paul Maxim (C23E) in third, who also held a strong gap over the battling duo of Vivienne Chapman (CA149) and Mick Wood (L2) who finished fourth and fifth respectfully.

Concord On Tour UKAC R1

Last weekend Team Concord headed to Trent Autograss Club for Round 1 of the UK Autograss Championships.

Over the weekend there were 10 of Team Concord racing; Mike Sullivan, Trevor Martin, David Farrow, Paul Maxim, David Saunders, Lynn Thomas, Barry Hathaway, Bethany Embling, Emily Saitch and Sophie Mason.

It was a weekend of mixed results for many on a tricky track, but that didn’t stop the gang with 6 of them making it through to a final.  See the full list of results in the table below.

Over the course of the weekend there were great heat results, including plenty of top 3 finishes; Mike had a 3rd in heat 1, Trevor a 2nd in heat 2 and a 3rd in heat 3, David F a 1st in heat 3, David S and Barry a 3rd each in heat 3 and Beth had 1st’s in heats 1 and 3 and a 3rd in heat 2.

Mike and David F both made it to their relative B finals, where they both finished in 2nd place. Trevor, despite his big roll three weeks ago was back and made it into the A final and where he finished in 5th. Paul was also in his A final, where he had a strong and competitive race, finishing in 3rd place, the only bit of silverware coming back to Essex this time.

Unfortunately for Beth, she wasn’t able to continue her good run from the weekend in the final, where she was unable to complete the race. While Emily, in her first big meeting, had her strongest race of the weekend and finished in 4th place.

So a great weekend to start the championship. Next time out for Round 2 will be at the Bredon Hill club in Gloucester on the 17th and 18th June.

  Heat 1 Heat 2 Heat 3 Final
Mike Sullivan

C11E (Class 5)

3rd 4th 4th 2nd (B)
Trevor Martin

C18E (Class 7)

4th 2nd 3rd 5th
David Farrow

C16E (Class 2)

5th 5th 1st 2nd (B)
Paul Maxim

C23E (SH)

1st 6th 2nd 3rd
David Saunders

C12E (Class 8)

7th 6th 3rd X
Lynn Thomas

C21E (Class 8)

7th 5th 4th X
Barry Hathaway

C83E (Class 8)

6th 7th 3rd X
Bethany Embling

C535E (Ladies 1)

1st 3rd 1st NF
Emily Saitch

C11E (Ladies 5)

5th 5th 4th 4th
Sophie Mason

C21E (Ladies 8)

NF 4th 4th X