UKAC R3 Men’s Finals

Here is a report on the Men’s finals from Round 3 of the UK Autograss Championships at Ludlow Autograss Club.  

Class 1

Going into the final Jake Law (SR3) had had a set of mixed heat results, however he was the one to make the best of the tricky conditions to take the lead off of the start and then the race win. Behind him there was a battle for second which Rich Owen (NW15) broke free from to take the place comfortably. This left the rest of the field battling for third. It was Lee Powell (NW52) who took the position ahead of fellow clubman Dave Owen (NW97) in fourth and Richard Mitchell (17F) in fifth. Next up was Caine Parnell (SP129) in sixth ahead of Shaun Powell (SV18) the last of the finishers. The last of the finalists was James Claydon (Y229), who pulled off at the start of the race after losing his bonnet.

Championship Points: 1st Dave Owen (NW97) 444 2nd Caine Parnell (SP129) 402 3rd Rich Owen (NW15) 399 4th= Jordan Butcher (SN375) 374 4th= Lee Powell (NW52) 374 

Class 2

Going into the final the two Scunthorpe members were level on points with two wins and a second each and in the previous rounds it was Craig Conway (SC126) who had the upper hand, however he got caught up in turn one and spent the race chasing down the rest of the field finishing in seventh. This left David Hughes (SC400) with an unchallenged run, taking the win ahead of Jack Joyce (WS222) who had pulled away from the battle behind for third. Getting the best of this battle was Darren Monks (T16) ahead of Jay Albrighton (N156), Aaron Smith (SR228) and Simon Overty (SC18). The last of the finalists who didn’t compete in the race was Andrew Jones (SV151).

Championship Points: 1st David Hughes (SC400) 524 2nd Craig Conway (SC126) 520 3rd Jack Joyce (WS222) 435 4th Jay Albrighton (N156) 342  

Class 3

Adrian Joyce (WS22) continued to establish himself as the man to beat, unbeaten in the heats he continued this in the finals, even with the rain falling. Taking the lead at the start he continued to pull away from the battle behind. Dave Westlake (123F) was Adrian’s closest competition but a wide line a few laps in dropped him down the order, leaving Martin Roberts (PAC157) to take second place, whilst Dave was able to recover to third. It was close between the remaining finalists, with Adrian Herbert (S26D) taking fourth ahead of Phil Thompson and Peter Lemmon (SP11) in fifth and sixth respectively. Mick Sumners (R169) was the last of the finishers in seventh, whilst the last of the finalists was Steve Carpenter (IK32).

Championship Points: 1st Adrian Joyce (WS22) 566 2nd Adrian Herbert (S26D) 445 3rd Phil Thompson (Y51) 434 4th Peter Lemmon (SP11) 358 

Class 4

Over the weekend the class proved to be a level playing field, with three different winners from the six entries. The best suited to the wet conditions was Mike Jones (H31) who took his second win of the day. However, he had both Jamie Williams (M58) and Colin Attrill (IK272) chasing him down, who finished second and third respectively. Next up was Nick James (C14) in fourth and heat one winner Luke Oakley (M51) in fifth. Rounding out the grid was Ray Tudgay (WS23) in sixth.

Championship Points: 1st Jamie Williams (M58) 447 2nd Colin Attrill (IK272) 385 3rd Luke Oakley (M51) 346 4th Jonny Brown (Y87) 246  

Class 5

The weekend had been close between the entries, with no clear front runner and a few drivers with two wins under their belts going into the final. It was one of these drivers who went on to make it three wins, coming out of turn one first Stuart Deacon (S60D) dominated the race all the way to the flag, whilst behind him there was a close battle for the next positions. Brian Wright (P24EM) claimed second place on the line, just getting his nose in front of Barry Williams (C5). Again, Nigel Candy (SS14) picked up fourth place crossing the line ahead of Steve Donovan (IK72) in fifth. Julian Heath (E10) finished sixth ahead of Lee Bamford (B131H) and Mark Ashmead (38F).

Championship Points: 1st Nigel Candy (SS14) 517 2nd= Stuart Deacon (S60D) 435 2nd= Julian Heath (E10) 435 4th Scott Holmes (N444) 358 

Class 6

Jordan Spavins (SN451) came flying out the gate to take the lead off of the start, he then went on to take the win despite having Jamie Hornby (ST47) crawling all over the back of him and also the ever closer Matt Baker (L117). Jamie and Matt crossed the line together, with Jamie just edging it to take second with Matt third. Behind them Lee Rowley (WS24) just claimed fourth after a race long battle with Peter Grimwood (SN158). Behind this battle was Phil De Prez (NS251) in sixth ahead of the last finisher Simon Hall (SR888). Mark Evans (YS57) was the last of the finalists but pulled off with a problem.

Championship Points: 1st Jordan Spavins (SN451) 385 2nd Lee Rowley (WS24) 343 3rd Matt Baker (L117) 273 4th Steve Ford (WS57) 262 

Class 7

One of the best races of the weekend, saw the father and son battle of Paul (139F) and Lee Waldron (4F). Paul took the lead to start, but Lee came out of turn two in front, and held the position to the end, with Paul trying everything to get back past. Behind these two there was another close battle between Paul Bacon (N60) and Pete Bott (S47D), where Pete claimed third place ahead of Paul, however pulled picked up a green flag which dropped him back to sixth. Colin Reid (CS21) was on the tail of this battle and took fourth place ahead Jamie Cox (N52). The final two places went to Charlotte Pugh (LM30) and Darrell Cole (CM15).

Championship Points: 1st Jamie Cox (N52) 402 2nd Paul Bacon (N60) 359 3rd Lee Forster (CA1) 336 4th= Paul Waldron (139F) 328 4th= Lee Waldron (4F) 328 

Class 8

Mike Mumford (160F) has always been one to beat, but with his new car he looked even quicker this weekend, and he went on to take the final win. However he didn’t have it easy with Simon Reeve (N8) chasing him down and on in his tail during the closing stages of the race, however with no way past Simon had to settle with second. Behind the leading duo was a three car battle for third, with Kenny Smith (S41D) coming out on top, ahead of James Poltimore (SS79) and Simon Parsonage (NW136). Alex Hall (R411) claimed sixth place ahead of Victor Majoram (CA543), whilst Sam Perry (G8D) rounded out the field.

Championship Points: 1st Mike Mumford (160F) 420 2nd Alex Hall (R411) 402 3rd Kenny Smith (S41D) 389 4th Jay Jones (NW106) 386 

Class 9

Coming out of turn one in the lead and avoiding the chaos of a messy first lap and a half was Jack Joyce (WS2), pulling away to have a comfortable win. Also avoiding the chaos was Martin Bugg (M14) who broke away from the pack behind to take a convincing second place. Third place went to Ynyr Davies (NW334) ahead of Stephen Goodman (M888) and Allan Kerr (SB47). Taking the last position was Jason Richardson (P5EM), whilst not completing the race were Anthony Read (SC150) and Mike Liddiatt (309F).

Championship Points: 1st Jason Richardson (P5EM) 508 2nd Jack Joyce (WS2) 505 3rd Mike Liddiatt (309F) 395 4th Anthony Read (SC150) 376  

Class 10

The first two laps was close between Andy Lee (R99), Luke Bennett (NW62) and Karl Bennett (NW26), but once Andy took up the lead he would stay there to take the win, whilst the two Bennett boys would be racing wheel-to-wheel throughout the race with Luke eventually taking second place ahead of Karl. Tony Jones (SR117) took a comfortable fourth place, whilst behind the remaining finalists were fighting for the next positions with Sean Wright (WR11) claiming fifth place ahead of Paul Smith (WS77) in sixth. George Young (A21) took seventh ahead of Adam Waldron (44F).

Championship Points: 1st Karl Bennett (NW26) 457 2nd= Luke Bennett (NW62) 375 2nd= Andy Lee (R99) 375 4th Sean Wright (WR11) 372 


Andrew Watson (SB20) has proven himself as being the man to beat, and again he took the win having lead from the start with no threat from behind. However, the battle for second was between the rest of the field, with places being swapped throughout and plenty of wheel-to-wheel action. It was Robert Paterson (SL87) who made a break from this battle to take second place ahead of Jason Garnett (T692) in third. Andy Reeve (N28) just got his nose in front across the line to take fourth ahead of Steve Faunch (T36) with Matthew Hickingbotham (ST62) who rounded out the field.

Championship Points: 1st Andrew Watson (SB20) 565 2nd Jason Garnett (T692) 379 3rd Andy Reeve (N28) 289 4th Graham Dawson (SL103) 25

Stock Hatch

Adam Golding (CA120) went into the final unbeaten, continuing his run from Round 2, and again he came away with maximum points, taking another win. However, he didn’t have it all his own way with Phil Peek (YD24) chasing him down and looking for a way past but having to settle for second. Behind there was a battle between Ian Fay (WS500) and Paul Maxim (C23E) who spent the whole race side-by-side and it was only on the line that Ian took third place from Paul. Trying to disturb this battle was Mick Wood (L2) who finished fifth ahead of Vivienne Chapman (CA149).

Championship Points: 1st Adam Golding (CA120) 538 2nd Ian Fay (WS500) 457 3rd Paul Maxim (C23E) 350 4th Mick Wood (L2) 269 

Champion of Champions

We saw the most contenders enter in the Champion of Champions race, with at least one car in each class except for class eight. Taking part was Jake Law (SR3), Caine Parnell (SP129), Craig Conway (SC126), David Hughes (SC400), Adrian Joyce (WS22), Colin Attrill (IK272), Julian Heath (E10), Stuart Deacon (S60D), Jordan Spavin (SN451), Paul Bacon (N60), Jack Joyce (WS2), Andy Lee (R99), Andrew Watson (SB20) and Adam Golding (CA120). A very fast race saw Adrian and Jack Joyce to emerge at the front and it was a race to the line for the top spot which went to Adrian. It was Colin who came through to claim third ahead of Andy, David and Andrew. Next up was Stuart, Paul, Julian and Adam, whilst the two class one’s couldn’t hold on and ended up at the back with Jake beating Caine to the flag. Unfortunately Jordan and Craig were unable to finish the race.

UKAC R3 Ladies Finals

Here is a report on the Ladies finals from Round 3 of the UK Autograss Championships at Ludlow Autograss Club.

Class 1

Hannah Hinton (IK225) had kept up her momentum from Round 2 and entered the final unbeaten, and again she took the lead at turn 1 and was unchallenged throughout the race to take a convincing win. Whilst Hannah pulled away, the rest of the field were battling it out for second place, which was eventually taken by Lacey Law (SR24) ahead of Lisa Paines (PHD16) in third, whilst Amy Jones (H95) made it out of a messy last turn to finish fourth. Next up was Tracey Victory (R14) took fifth ahead of Chloe Reynolds (SC630) in sixth. Melody Ostridge (IK140) took seventh, whilst Linda Lawlor (NW143) came off worse from the last turn mess, and finished eighth.

Championship Points: 1st Hannah Hinton (IK225) 564 2nd Linda Lawlor (NW143) 362 3rd Lacey Law (SR24) 346 4th Chloe Reynolds (SC630) 327

Class 2

Jess Roberts (SC126) has only been beaten once in all three rounds, and again showed that she is the woman to beat in the class, taking up the lead of the final at the start and pulled away from those behind to take her third final win of the year. Behind Jess the battle was close between the rest of the grid for the remaining positions, with places being swapped throughout. Making the best of this battle was Jade Morgan (C30) taking second ahead of Natalie Green (R22) in third and Hannah Hinton (NASA25) in fourth. Next up was Kelly Read (ST474) in fifth, Fiona Mauchland (CS44) in sixth, Wendy Joyce (WS222) in seventh and Chloe Bishop (IK252) rounding out the field in eighth place.

Championship Points: 1st Jess Roberts (SC126) 602 2nd Hannah Hinton (NASA25) 389 3rd Fiona Mauchland (CS44) 374 4th Chloe/Helen Bishop (IK252) 350 

Class 3

Jo Thompson (Y51) was the only one of the runners to appear in the final, where she had a competitive race amongst the class seven’s.

Championship Points: 1st Jo Thompson (Y51) 522 2nd Shell Sumners (R169) 428 3rd Donna Brown (CM4) 369 4th Sharon Douglas (L13) 162 

Class 4

Mandy Kennedy (SB6) was the only competitor in the class, and despite problems on Saturday causing her to finish day one with no points, things came good on Sunday for a competitive final amongst the class sixes.

Championship Points: 1st Mandy Kennedy (SB6) 260 

Class 5

Unbeaten going into the final was Cat Mumford (B20H), however when it came to the final, it was Diane Heath (E10) who was the one to beat taking the lead at the start, and holding onto it to take the win. Behind her the three remaining runners were fighting hard for second place, but it was Barbara Harper (M11) who was able to hold them off, with Natalie Green (R420) taking third and Cat taking fourth. Kim Green (YD916) and Emily Saitch (C11E) had both been runners in the heats but neither were able to compete in the final.

Championship Points: 1st Cat Mumford (B20H) 407 2nd Diane Heath (E10) 377 3rd Natalie Green (R420) 342 4th Kim Green (YD916) 280 

Class 6

Despite a non-finish in heat three, Tina Hilton (ST46) came out to take the win in the final, with Kristina Hall (SR888) not having an answer and having to settle for second.

Championship Points: 1st Kristina Hall (SR888) 293 2nd Tina Hilton (ST46) 260 3rd Louise Rowley (WS24) 154 4th Kelly Read (T13) 145 

Stock Hatch

Lisa Hills (WS500) was the only competitor in the class over the weekend, however problems meant that she was unable to compete in the final.

Championship Points: 1st Lisa Hills (WS500) 420 

Class 7

Clare Horner (M60) certainly had the upper hand this weekend, unbeaten in the heats she continued this in the final, taking another victory. A close second was Terri Mumford (62F) with Emily Barrett (R10) finishing third in the class.

Championship Points: 1st Clare Horner (M60) 503 2nd Terri Mumford (62F) 396 3rd Emily Barrett (R10) 279 4th Nicola Mackenzie (CA141) 185 

Class 8

Throughout the race there was a wheel-to-wheel battle between Clare Horner (M62) and Cat Mumford (160F) for first place, however a mistake in the closing stages of the race from Cat saw her drop down the order and Clare take the win, ahead of Cloe Smith (S46D) in second. Abi Shields (N24) held onto third ahead of Cat in fourth, with Emily Crosby (N21) finishing in fifth. Next up was Vikki Lamb (NW83) in sixth ahead of Hope Godfrey (T12) in seventh, whilst Sandra Shields (N20) was a spinner and didn’t complete the race.

Championship Points: 1st Clare Horner (M62) 601 2nd Cat Mumford (160F) 485 3rd Cloe Smith (S46D) 364 4th Emily Crosby (N21) 330 

Class 9

Throughout the heats it was a pretty level playing field between the two Kent ladies. However, in the final Dru Hollingsbee (IK111) took a comfortable win ahead of Helen Rummery (IK214) who was battling with the F600. Completing the field was Louise Back (M24).

Championship Points: 1st Dru Hollingsbee (IK111) 559 2nd Helen Rummery (IK214) 453 3rd Brooke Irving (SL99) 223 4th Louise Back (M24) 124 


Georgia Garnett (T692) was the only one in her class this weekend, but was having plenty of battles with the Class nine ladies, especially in the final.

Championship Points: 1st Georgie Garnett (T692) 460 2nd Susan Dawson (SL103) 328

Class 10

Going into the final it had been a pretty level playing field amongst the grid of cars with a different winner in each heat, and in the final it wasn’t any different. Taking the lead at the start and holding off the pressure being applied by those behind, Jemma King (R99) took her only win of the weekend, the fourth different winner of the weekend. Keeping the pressure on Jemma from start to finish and looking for any opportunity to pass was Diane Heath (E111) who had to settle for second ahead of Gina Lee (R98) who was also keeping the front duo honest. Fourth place went to Megan Booth (SR46) ahead of Kelly Bishop (YS37) in fifth who had to play catch up in the race after spinning out in turn two.

Championship Points: 1st Diane Heath (E111) 437 2nd Kelly Bishop (YS37) 428 3rd Gina Lee (R98) 361 4th Jemma King (R99) 244 

Champion of Champions

A stronger line up than we have seen at the other rounds, we saw Hannah Hinton (IK225), Jess Roberts (SC126), Jo Thompson (Y51), Diane Heath (E10), Clare Horner (M62), Dru Hollingsbee (IK111), Helen Rummery (IK214) and Kelly Bishop (YS37) take part in the Champion of Champions race. A close, fast race saw Clare making it three rounds out of three, working her way through the field to take the win. Second place went to Jess, who wasn’t able to hold Clare off for as long as last time out, but was able to keep the challenging Diane behind her to take second, with Diane third. It was then Jo who finished in fourth place ahead of Kelly, whilst Hannah was able to hold off the two class nine’s of Dru and Helen.

UKAC R3 Junior Finals

Here is a report on the Junior finals from Round 3 of the UK Autograss Championships at Ludlow Autograss Club.


It was a pretty even spread going into the final, however it was Rachel Alderson (YD63) who took up the race lead going into turn one, and despite Baxter Pargeter (N45) the winner of the two previous rounds, fighting hard to make the pass it wasn’t quite enough and Rachel took the lead with Baxter second. Behind them Stuart Mcphaden (SB53) broke free from the battle behind for third place and closed up on the leading pair to join their battle where he had to settle for third place. Tom Herbert (S31D) took fourth place ahead of Rebecca Owen (NW397) in fifth and Auden Street (G5D) in sixth. Next up was Mason Riddoch (P244) in seventh, with Ryan Powell (NW52) who looked to be struggling with mechanical problems rounding the field out in eighth.

Championship Points: 1st Baxter Pargeter (N45) 398 2nd Ryan Powell (NW52) 356 3rd Sorren Powell (T777) 351 4th Tom Herbert (S31D) 335


Despite the pressure being applied by Connor Jones (NW115), Charlie Steele (SN727) led the final from start to finish, with Connor finishing second. Trying to find a way into this battle was Sam Middleton (T909) in third place, whilst behind there was a close battle for fourth place with Will Jones (H54) getting ahead of Charlie Thompson (Y15). Next up was the two Pennine boys, with Alfie Tomlinson (P888EM) in sixth ahead of Matt Wright (P11EM), and Jay Gallagher (LM13) rounding out the field in eighth.

Championship Points: 1st Sam Middleton (T909) 452 2nd Connor Jones (NW115) 404 3rd Jay Gallagher (LM13) 380 4th Charlie Steele (SN727) 378

Concord on Tour UKAC R3

The Concord on Tour latest stop was Ludlow Autograss Club for Round 3 of the UK Autograss Championships

Representing the club over the weekend were Mike Sullivan, Trevor Martin, Paul Maxim, David Saunders, Lynn Thomas, Barry Hathaway, Emily Saitch and Sophie Mason.

Ludlow provided another fast track and despite the rain on Sunday, we had a great weekend, with the conditions coming good again for the finals. A full list of results can be found in the table below.

A mixed weekend for Mike saw his best results in heat three with a 2nd place alongside a 4th in heat one. Trevor’s best result came in heat two with a 3rd. Paul had two 4th places in the heats. A 4th place in heat three for Lynn was her best result, whilst Barry had a 4th in heat two and a 2nd in heat three. Whilst Emily had her best result yet with a 3rd place in heat three.

Trevor had managed to sneak into the B final, where he had a very close and competitive race and finishing 6th.

Paul and Emily both qualified for their class A finals. Paul was out first where he had a very close race, battling for second and then third places all the way, where he was just piped on the line to finish 4th.

Unfortunately Emily wasn’t able to compete in her final, with mechanical problems preventing her from going out.

Another weekend where the results don’t necessarily reflect the quality and comeptitiviness of the racing. What’s for sure is that Team Concord delivered again.

Also we had news from Stroud where the BAS was being hosted that Michael Winkworth (C211E) won his final, bring another pot back to Essex.

Next stop is the Men’s Nationals on the 5th and 6th August. Good luck to all those that qualified, we will be on the side-lines cheering you on.
Mike Sullivan
C11E (Class 5) 4th NS 2nd X

Trevor Martin
C18E (Class 7) 5th 3rd 6th 6th (B)

Paul Maxim
C23E (SH) 4th 5th 4th 4th

David Saunders
C12E (Class 8) 5th 5th 7th X

Lynn Thomas
C21E (Class 8) 7th 5th 7th X

Barry Hathaway
C83E (Class 8) 7th 4th 2nd X

Emily Saitch
C11E (Ladies 5) 6th NS 3rd NS

Sophie Mason
C21E (Ladies 8) 6th 5th 5th X