UK Autograss Championship R4

Heading into the penultimate round of the UK Autograss Championship, hosted by the North Wales club, it was still close in the points in all classes for the trophy positions and we left the meeting with only a few confirmed class champions with one more round to go and many classes were still very close at the top.

The weather was definitely not on our side this weekend, especially on Saturday. It was already sticky conditions when we arrived mid-afternoon on Friday, and then overnight the rain came, and continued to fall well into the morning, stopping around the time racing was due to start. This not only made for interesting racing but also depleted the grids. And then just as the track started to come good with a racing line the heavens opened. The conditions meant that those that braved it and went out weren’t really racing, more trying to make it round. But this was important for many of those still battling for the championship trophy positions. Thankfully that was the last of the rain we saw, and by the end of the second heats again the track was in better condition.

Unfortunately I didn’t stay to watch the finals, with a long journey home ahead and more rain forecasted for the afternoon. However, hearing updates from the track, the rain held off and the finals were close and provided some of the best racing of the weekend. Below is a list of the final winners from the round.

So leaving Round 4 and just two weeks until Round 5, there were many classes that were still to be decided, and those were all still very close in points. It was all still to play for at the last Round.

  Men’s Ladies
Class 1 NW97 Dave Owen NW143 Linda Lawlor
Class 2 WS222 Jack Joyce WS222 Wendy Joyce
Class 3 Y51 Phil Thompson Y51 Jo Thompson
Class 4 M51 Luke Oakley  
Class 5 M11 Ben Harper E10 Diane Heath
Class 6 G17D Jamie Ivermee IK331 Toni Humphrey
Class7 N60 Paul Bacon Y55 Jo Thomson
Class 8 NW55 Gareth Edwards 160F Cat Mumford
Class 9 P5EM Jason Richardson IK111 Dru Hollingsbee
Class 10 SR117 Tony Jones 60F Terri Mumford
F600 SB20 Andrew Watson SL103 Susan Dawson
Stock Hatch YD24 Phil Peek  
  Junior Saloons Junior Specials
  NW52 Ryan Powell SN727 Charlie Steele