UK Autograss Championships 2019 R1 Men’s

Class 1
On the rerun it was an even break and going into the first corner all six that were left were bunched up. Alex Fretwell (ST52) who came out in front with Dean Smith (LUD48) and Jack Firth (WR1) running side-by-side. The three behind remained close in the opening laps but Mitch Hollingsbee (IK888) broke away into fourth. They all settled into their positions in the second half of the race, with Fretwell taking the win from Smith and Firth. Hollingsbee held onto fourth from Lee Poole (S70D) and Craig Buck (R300) was the last of the finishers.

1st ST52 2nd LUD49 3rd WR1 4th IK888 5th S70D 6th R300

Class 3
It was Mick Sumners (R169) who made the best start but he got swallowed in turn one. Coming out of the first turn it was Pete Robinson (NW72) who looked to have his nose in front, but was surrounded by Sumners, Martin Beaney (IK316) and Adrian Turner (SS11). Coming out of the second bend Sumners dropped back to fifth behind Anthony Teather (C7E). Beaney was favouring the outside line but this saw him dropping back from second place each lap. Within a lap Sumners had moved his way back up from fifth to second, where he tried to chase down Robinson who had pulled a gap clear. Robinson held on however, to take the win from Sumners. Turner held onto third place from Teather. Stephen Goodwin (NS41) took fifth place ahead of Beaney. Lee Wakefield (R388) was seventh ahead of Stewart Moore (LUD9).

1st NW72 2nd R169 3rd SS11 4th C7E 5th NS41 6th IK316 7th R388 8th LUD9

Class 5
Out of the gate it was Aaron Mason (R19) and Steve Donovan (IK72) who were ahead, with Mason taking the lead out of the first turn. Lewis Richards (TA451) and Bradley Turner (SS61) were next up in a battle for second, whilst the field behind were all bunched up close. Mason set the pace of the race and held onto the end to take the win. Richards picked up second after Turner tried to pass taking a wide line and dropped back to fourth with Alex Puddiphatt (SN23) taking advantage and moving up to third. Matt Barker (L117) picked up fifth after a late spin from Donovan (IK72) sees him drop to sixth.

1st R19 2nd TA451 3rd SN23 4th SS61 5th L117 6th IK72

Class 7
Will Barrett (R313) and Mike Mackenzie (CA12) looked to have made the best starts from the outside two grids, but they all soon bunched up going into the first turn. Coming out of the first turn it is Lee Waldron (R138) who leads ahead of Pete Bott (S47D) and Darrell Cole (CM15). Whilst the rest are battling for position behind, Waldron is able to pull away to take a convincing win. Behind in the battle for second it was Cole who came out on top ahead of Bott whilst Barrett got the better of Mackenzie for their battle for fourth. Paul Waldron (R139) was caught out in the first corner muddle and finished sixth ahead of the battling Nottingham drivers of Paul Bacon (N60) and Jamie Cox (N52).

1st R138 2nd CM15 3rd S47D 4th R313 5th CA12 6th R139 7th N60 8th N52

Class 9
There were just three cars remaining by the third attempt of the final and it was Michael Moss (WR25) taking the lead into turn one. On the second lap Steve Goodman (M888) snuck up the inside of Moss to take the lead. The two were then running side-by-side which pushed them both to take a wider line on the start line bend which allowed Martin Bugg (SC105) to move up from third to first on just one bend. Once in front Bugg was able to pull away and took the win by a considerable margin. Moss was able to get the better of Goodman to take second place.

1st SC105 2nd WR25 3rd M888

Terry Cox (ST1) was quick out of the gate, but it was Andrew Watson (SB20) who was ahead coming out of the first turn. Turn two saw Matthew Hickingbotham (ST62) take up the lead but went to wide into the next turn and dropped back to fourth allowing Watson back in front and pulling a clear gap. The battle was on for second between Jase Garnett (N692) and Max Dawson (SL102). Going into the final lap everyone had started to spread out. Watson went on to take the winner, Garnett finished second having closed in on the leader, with Dawson third. Hickingbotham finished fourth ahead of Cox, whilst Colin Bland (LM999) had got the better of Ken Salt (SC3) to take sixth.
1st SB20 2nd N692 3rd SL102 4th ST62 5th ST1 6th LM999 7th SC3

Class 2
Sam Barrett (SP19) was the first to break and lead going into turn one with Rob Farrow (Y71) and Kyle Everett (WS222) with him. Barrett pulled away, from the now three car battle for second with Joe Talbot (ARC10) having closed in. Barrett continued to pull away and took a comfortable win. Everett looked to be safe in second having pulled away from the battle, but on the last lap Farrow closed right up and it was a drag to the line, Everett held on with Farrow fourth. Russ Thompson (SC621) had joined this battle and had made his way up to fourth ahead of Talbot. Simon Overty (L41) was in a race long battle with Michael Bird (Y160) and picked up sixth with Bird seventh. Steven Howells (H45) rounded out the field, after running mid-pack early in the race he ran wide on the start line bend which dropped him to the back.

1st SP19 2nd WS222 3rd Y71 4th SC621 5th ARC10 6th L41 7th Y160 8th H45

Class 4
With a clear lead going into turn one it was Colin Atrill. There was then a four car battle for second between Bernie Jones (H999), Lee Poole (S71D) and Andrew Wood (ST4) with Samuel Goodard (ST80) looking to join this battle. With a couple of laps to go Jones pulled off and was a retirement from the race. This left Poole and Wood running side-by-side on the final lap. Atrill went on to win the race, with Wood getting the run on Poole out of the final corner. Fourth place went to Goodard ahead of Steve Olive (T199), Peter Savage (LUD10) and Spencer Mills (LUD5).

1st IK272 2nd ST4 3rd S71D 4th ST80 5th T199 6th LUD10 7th LUD5

Stock Hatch
It was an even break which saw them go into the first corner four abreast. Coming out of the first turn it was Mike Sullivan (C3E) with the momentum, taking the lead. Coming out of the second turn there was some nudging which saw Dan Crosby (M55) and James Holmes (NS931) sideways and facing the wrong way. Sullivan was able to pull away to take the win ahead of Thomas Ireland (WS6) who had pulled away in second. In a race to the line Bri Baxter (Y89) picked up third place ahead of Alex Hickman (H231). Phil Peek (S19Y) got past Ian Fay (WS500) in the closing stages to take fifth, whilst Crosby was the last of the finishers in seventh.

1st C3E 2nd WS6 3rd Y89 4th H231 5th S19Y 6th WS500 7th M55

Class 6
The rerun saw Jamie Hornby (ST47) take the lead in turn one, with Michael Edwards (ST91) hot on his tail. Behind there was a battle for third between Tony Reynolds (SN333) and Ted Preedy (R190). In an attempt to take the lead Edwards takes Hornby out of the race which saw the red flags come out. With most of the laps completed there was not another rerun and the result was taken from the previous lap excluding Edwards. Hornby was declared the winner, Reynolds second, Preedy third and Leigh Scotford (G16D) fourth.

1st ST47 2nd SN333 3rd R190 4th G16D

Class 8
A fairly level break looked like Stuart Whitehouse (T5) just had his nose in front going into turn one, coming out however he was alongside Ben Gibbons (LM2) and Ben Harper (M111), with Gibbons taking the lead. Fortunes turned for Whitehouse in turn two, after three heat wins, where contact saw him out of the race. After the first couple of laps the positions looked to have settled but Dean Barnes (E93) and Simon Reeve (N8) were looking to make an impression on the leading pair. Gibbons went on to win the race unchallenged, whilst on the penultimate lap Barnes had caught the back of Harper and was looking for a way through. A drag to the line saw Barnes pick up second place with his nose just in front of Harper. Reeve finished fourth ahead of Jay Thompson (NW80) and Michael Habicht (IK120). Jack Gibbons (LM1) was caught out at the turn two incident at the start of the race which dropped him to the back of the order.

1st LM2 2nd E93 3rd M111 4th N8 5th NW80 6th IK120 7th LM1

Class 10
Going into turn one it was James Poltimore (SS79) and Vinny Gibbons (LM170) who led the way. There was then a four way battle for the lead with Gary Morris (C28) and Ian Stott (A10) having joined the battle. Between them the positions kept swapping and changing but it was Gibbons who took the lead. In the closing laps it was Poltimore who chasing down the leader but was unable to make the move having to settle for second behind Gibbons. Morris held onto third place from Stott, with Paul Fackrell (R7) in fifth. Ben Shell (IK59) was in with the leaders in the opening corner but dropped down the order to finish sixth ahead of Jay Gallagher (LM7).

1st LM170 2nd SS79 3rd C28 4th A10 5th R7 6th IK59 7th LM7

UK Autograss Championships 2019 R1 Ladies

Class 1
At the start Robyn Highstead (IK961) made the most of having the inside grid and kept the car tight through the first bend to take the lead of the race. Behind, running alongside each other was Amy O’Hara (SR198) and Lacey Law (SR24) with O’Hara just edging in front. Looking to join in their battle for second was Poppie Roe (ST28) and Natasha Lawlor (NW142). After a few laps the positions looked to settle however Law and Roe didn’t give up the challenge. Highstead took the win ahead of O’Hara, Law and Roe. Lawlor finished fifth ahead of Amy Mecham (R38), Ann Herberts (NW114) and Sharron Shewan (Y129).

1st IK961 2nd SR198 3rd SR24 4th ST28 5th NW142 6th R38 7th NW114 8th Y129

Class 3
Leading the way going into turn one was the two Sumners sisters, with Chanice (R169) ahead of Sheri (R168). Three-time heat winner, Jo Thompson (Y51), was on the move though and was hot on their tails going down the back straight. Whilst behind Trish Simmonds-Grant (SN269) and Lianne Teather (C7E) were having their own battle. On the second lap Thompson was up into second after a spin from Sheri. Strong defending from Chanice wasn’t enough to hold back Thompson back and she took the lead with 2 laps to go. Thompson went on to take her fourth win of the weekend ahead of Chanice and Simmonds-Grant. Sheri with another spin later in the race pulled off, whilst Teather retired halfway through the race with mechanical problems.

1st Y51 2nd R169 3rd SN269

Class 5
Barbara Harper (M11) made the best start heading into turn one first, narrowly missed by Diane Heath (E10) who was on her inside and who went straight on at the first turn. Harper had control of the race throughout and took her first win of the weekend ahead of Maisie Emms (SN23). Heath rejoined a lap and a half down after her mistake at the first turn and was unable to catch the leaders.

1st M11 2nd SN23 3rd E10

Class 7
The rerun of the final saw Emily Empson (CA12) make the best getaway and lead into turn one, but she had the experienced Terri Mumford (62F) on her tail. A couple of laps in and Empson left a gap which Mumford was able to sneak into to get herself in front and pull away. Mumford went onto take her third win of the weekend ahead of Empson. Behind there had been a race long battle for third which Cathy Harrison (SN262) got the best of from Emily Barrett (R10), whilst Lisa Charles (BC24) was the final finisher in fifth.

1st 62F 2nd CA12 3rd SN262 4th R10 5th BC24

Class 9 & F600
With a clear lead going into the first turn was Dru Hollingsbee (IK111), whilst behind they were bunched up. Helen Rummery (IK213) was the one who broke away and tried to chase down the leader. Going into the penultimate lap Rummery looked to make the pass on Hollingsbee but wasn’t able to make it stick with Hollingsbee taking the win. Third place went to Mollie Richardson (N492) ahead of the only F600 of Anyssa Faunch (ST513) and Louise Hollingsbee (IK11).

1st IK111 2nd IK213 3rd N492 4th ST513 5th IK11

Class 2
There was an even break off the line, but emerging in front out of turn one was Helen Bishop (IK252) and Sharron Barrett (SP19) who were side-by-side going down the back straight. Barrett was using the outside line to her advantage and took the lead, whilst Bishop was having to hold off Louise Rowley (WS24). However Rowley dropped back into the battle between Fiona Mauchland-Duff (SB44) and Kelly Read (WR474). Barrett went on to take the win, having pulled away from Bishop who again pulled away from the battle for third. This battle continued to the end, but it was Mauchland-Duff who took the position ahead of Read and Rowley. Behind them, having their own battle was Carla Branston (L41) and Katie Jones (SV51), but it was Jones who picked up sixth. A problem in the opening lap saw Becx Green (SC621) pull off and rejoin again at the back of the order.

1st SP19 2nd IK252 3rd SB44 4th WR474 5th WS24 6th SV51 7th L41 8th SC621

Class 4 & Stock Hatch
At the start it looked like the race would follow the same order as the rest of the weekend however, a mistake out of the first turn from the only class four of Kelly Wetherick (IK272) saw Emily Saitch (C3E) in the Stock Hatch take the lead of the race. Saitch continued to pull away from Wetherick to take her first win of the weekend. The three cars had spread out at the start and Wetherick was second on track ahead of the second Stock Hatch of Rosie Emms.

1st C3E 2nd IK272 3rd H231

Class 6
There was a level break and going down the back straight Katie Reynolds (SN333) and Gina Fackerell (R771) were side-by-side. Fackerell held onto the inside line going into turn two which gave her the lead, whilst the wider line allowed Leanne Morton (Y92) and Susan Whipps (IK92) to close in on Reynolds. Reynolds was soon able to pull away and close back down on Fackerell and spent the rest of the race trying to find a way past. Fackerell held on to take her first win of the weekend, whilst Reynolds had to settle for second. Third place went to Whipps ahead of Morton. Rachel Collier (IK960) recovered from a spin going into turn one to take fifth ahead of Sarah Ivermee (G16D).

1st R771 2nd SN333 3rd IK92 4th Y92 5th IK960 6th G16D

Class 8
Leading coming out of the first turn was Ellie Lockwood (SC292) who had been running alongside Emma Shell (IK95) and Vikki Lamb (NW83) through the first turn. Lamb was hot on her tail though, whilst Abi Shields (N24) had passed Shell into third. Lockwood was able to pull away from Lamb to take the win, whilst Lamb was having to defend from Shields. Shields made the pass on the last lap to take second place from Lamb, whilst Shell finished fourth. Hope Godfrey (ST22) in the early stages had been in a battle with Barbara Harper (M111) but had managed to pull herself clear to take fifth place. Toni Platfoot (C117E) picked up seventh ahead of Emma Ford (A43).

1st SC292 2nd N24 3rd NW83 4th IK95 5th ST22 6th M111 7th C117E 8th A43

Class 10
Kelly Wetherick (IK100) made the best start but Mel Gallagher (LM7) took the position going into turn one, whilst Chloe Bishop (IK59) also made her way passed coming out of the first turn. However Wetherick took the place back from Bishop on the second lap and looked to pull herself clear from her fellow club member. A few laps later though Wetherick pushed on coming out of the top bend and Bishop was able to close the gap and make her way back up into second place. Gallagher continued to her unbeaten record of the weekend to take the win. Bishop held off Wetherick to take second place, whilst Diane Heath (E111) picked up fourth. The final place went to Ruby Atkins Stott (A11).

1st LM7 2nd IK59 3rd IK100 4th E111 5th A11

UK Autograss Championships 2019 R1 Juniors

Going into the first turn Kyle Newman (BC99) and Jamie Buckland (H90) were side-by-side. However coming out of the first bend and running down the back straight there were six cars still in contention with Newman holding the lead and Buckland back in sixth. When the places settled Josh Julian (SC22) and Leo Purchase (SR29) were in second and third. Julian, though, was looking to take the lead and was running alongside race leader Newman, before he got the move done. It was in the closing stages of the race when the red flags came out to bring it to a premature end. Going round the top bend Buckland was looking to pass Purchase, but contact by Buckland took Purchase out of the race and Buckland into the armco. The result stood excluding Buckland and Julian declared race winner ahead of Newman. Purchase was declared in third ahead of Joe Aldridge (L34) and Joey Hollingsbee (IK888). Jamie Barlow picked up sixth place ahead of Billy McManus (ST54).

1st SC22 2nd BC99 3rd SR29 4th L34 5th IK888 6th WS34 7th ST54

Unbeaten throughout the heats was Charlie Thompson (Y15) who made the break at the start. A few cars got tangled up on the first turn, which put an end to Reece Wetherick’s race. This allowed Alicia Paris Pugh (LM15) up the inside, however Thompson held on and pulled away down the far straight. Slotting into third place was Oliver Eggleton (IK149) who spent the race both looking for a way past Pugh whilst also defending from Emily Richardson (N592). With the battle for second Thompson was able to pull away and complete a clean sweep from the weekend. Pugh held onto second, with Eggleton third and Richardson fourth. Leo Goodman (M3) wasn’t close enough to take advantage of the contact between Eggleton and Richardson on the final lap and had to settle for fifth. Ben Lunt (SR95) picked up sixth ahead of George Lawlor (NW69).

1st Y15 2nd LM15 3rd IK149 4th N592 5th M3 6th SR95 7th NW69

UK Autograss Championships 2019 R1 Overview

The UK Autograss Championships got underway at Sturton and Stow Autograss Club. The weather was kind and once again the championship got off to a competitive start with many thrills and spills.

The championship has introduced a new team’s championship for this year as well as a prize draw on the Saturday night.

Round two will see us return to Hereford Autograss Club in June, but first we have the full final reports from the first round. After the champion of champions here they will come in three parts, Men’s, Ladies and Junior’s (not necessarily in that order).

Both of the Champion of Champions races were hotly contested, drivers knowing full well that the points picked up in these races can be the different in the final championship positions.

Men’s Champion of Champions
The lead car at the start was the class one Mini of Lee Poole (S70D), but within two laps he had Sam Barrett (SP19) in the class two trying to find a way past. However it wasn’t long before they were caught by the Stock Hatch of Mike Sullivan (C3E) who had already dispatched of Colin Atrill (IK272) and Rob Farrow (Y71). And it wasn’t long before Sullivan was in the lead and pulling away from the Poole. Behind there was now the battle of the class two’s of Barrett and Farrow who were now holding up the class five of Bradley Turner (SS61) and Ben Gibbons (LM2) in the class eight. Turner and Gibbons made their way past the two’s on the same bend and then began their hunt down of Sullivan, with just a lap and a half to go. They caught Sullivan on the final turn and it was then a race to the line between Sullivan and Turner, with Sullivan just keeping his nose in front to take the first Champion of Champions win of the championship.

1st C3E 2nd SS61 3rd LM2 4th IK272 5th Y71 6th SB20 7th SP19 8th S70D 9th SC105 10th SS79

Ladies Champion of Champions
We had two class one’s lined up side-by-side for the start of this race, Amy O’Hara (SR198) and Robyn Highstead (IK961), with Highstead taking the lead off the start. Within a couple of laps they had been caught by Helen Bishop (IK252) in the class two, who had Kelly Wetherick (IK272) in the class four hot on her heels. Behind these the rest of the field was bunching up, led by the Stock Hatch of Rosie Emms (H231). Within half a lap Barbara Harper (M11) in class five and Jo Thomspon (Y51) in class three were able to release themselves from behind Emms. In the meantime Wetherick had passed both Bishop and the two class one’s to take over the lead of the race. Heading towards the penultimate lap, Bishop was nudged in the back by O’Hara as she passed which caused her to have a bit of a wobble. With everyone so close behind this stopped the momentum of the like of Terri Mumford (62F) in the class seven, whilst it aided Thompson, Harper and Diane Heath (E10) in the other class five. However it was too late for them to catch the leading pair, with Wetherick becoming the first ladies Champion of Champions of the championship.

1st IK272 2nd IK961 3rd Y51 4th M11 5th IK252 6th E10 7th 62F 8th SR198 9th SN333 10th IK95 11th H231 12th ST513 13th IK111