2017 Ladies and Juniors National Autograss Championships

The Ladies and Juniors National Autograss Championship was hosted by Cwmdu Autograss club back in August. This weekend is the chance for the ladies and juniors of the sport to shine.

Unfortunately I was unable to attend the meeting this year so this will be a short report on the weekend but I couldn’t not do anything on one of the biggest meetings on the calendar. I did however listen to as much as possible online over the course of the weekend. That said all I can remember from the finals was a lot of red flags and the internet cutting out just in time for them to get going again.

From what I heard following the weekend that the ladies definitely showed their capabilities and put on a fantastic show of fast competitive racing and the juniors gave plenty of entertainment and promise for the future of the sport.

We saw two run off for the finals, the first in class five between Diane Heath (E10) and Kirsty Godfrey (CA10) with Diane qualifying for the final. The other was for class two between Nicola Bettoney (M90) and Beth Tomkinson (SC51) with Beth making it through.

We also saw history made when Carol Watson (Y121) took the first non-mini win in a Nationals class one final in her Yaris.

When it came to the Champion of Champions race we saw Cat Mumford (160F) take the title having retained her class eight champion title, showing just how quick she is and making it a DM Racing double.


Class 1

1st Y121 Carol Watson

2nd SC174 Ellie Bailey

3rd A222 Sophie Lewis

4th PHD6 Ella John

5th SL274 Ashlea Cowperthwaite

6th NS2 Missy Moseley

7th CA181 Rachel Taylor


Class 2

1st A36 Sarah Trott

2nd SN668 Vicky Sole

3rd R3 Missy Moseley

4th R240 Sophie Morgan

5th E219 Laura Canning

BF SC126 Jessica Roberts

BF SC51 Beth Tomkinson


Class 3

1st BC111 Becky Shaw

2nd S47Y Jade Russell

3rd CA9 Sharon Cousins

4th CA546 Nicola Mackenzie

BF R70 Gemma Fullard

NF CM4 Donna Brown

NS Y51 Jo Thompson

NS C12 Penny Smith


Class 4

1st PAC3 Alice Bevans

2nd TA13 Kathryn Harding

3rd C14 Kerry James

4th M58 Clare Horner

5th BC25 Katie Lea

NF R47 Claire Lancaster

NS SR61 Julie Whittingham


Class 5

1st PAC2 Alice Bevans

2nd YS32 Linzi Weare

3rd S45D Sarah Bateman

4th C3 Sandra Jones

5th Y44 Nicola Jesse

6th SC46 Sarah Chilvers

7th E10 Diane Heath

NF PHD20 Donna Forrest


Class 6

1st CM47 Nicola Olsson

2nd ST46 Tina Hilton

3rd SC36 Zoe Coupland

4th A23 Sarah Trott

5th S16Y Hannah Johnson

6th P17 Liann Quick

NF PAC23 Paula Rees

BF SN12 Shelley Wakeling


Class 7

1st Y78 Susan Herdman

2nd Y12 Michelle Barratt

3rd YD71 Pam Blackburn

4th B27H Lyn Olsson

5th Y2 Alyson Ashmore

6th CA141 Nicola Mackenzie

NF TA11 Michaela Dance

NF S10D Sarah Bateman


Class 8

1st 160F Cat Mumford

2nd SC199 Laura Emmerson

3rd SC55 Alyson Ashmore

4th ST74 Laura Makar

5th SC28 Nicola Jesse

6th IK19 Jade Russell

7th ARC90 Charlene Harrison

NF SC52 Josie Tomkinson


Class 9

1st Y6 Katie Addyman

2nd M14 Clare Horner

3rd BC98 Laura Emmerson

4th H150 Jade Dyke-Whitfield

5th SC62 Angie Chilvers

6th PHD1 Sadie Lindsay

NF LM8 Suzanne Gibbons

BF E26 Sharon Baker


Class 10

1st SS166 Victoria Coles

2nd TA99 Heidi Deeley

3rd E111 Diane Heath

4th 77F Lucy Bentley

5th R98 Gina Lee

6th IK77 Elizabeth Cornwell

7th YS37 Kelly Bishop

NF Y7 Susan Herdman


Junior Saloons

1st IK55 Bradley Thomas

2nd SB53 Stuart McPhaden

3rd TA25 Osian Savinelli

4th S3 Josh Lewis

5th SC140 Dan Tunnicliff

6th MA1 Adam Browne

BF NW52 Ryan Powell


Junior Specials

1st SC393 Jake Lockwood

2nd PAC4 Robert Corbett

3rd S4D Blake Dudley

4th T909 Sam Middleton

5th NS292 James Dorsett

6th E127 Dan Hughes

7th Y146 Harrison Blockley

UK Autograss Championship Season Review – Juniors

Here is the final part of the 2017 UK Autograss Championship season review, Juniors.


Baxter Pargeter (N45) got the best start to the championship taking the first two wins, however he didn’t compete at the last two rounds and therefore dropped down the table outside of the trophy positions.

Round five was won by Josh Lewis (S3) who only raced at this round.

At the top end of the table there was a close battle, with only 23 points separating the top two. Sorren Powell (T777) in second had the stronger weekend of the two, however this wasn’t enough to overtake round three winner, Ryan Powell (NW52), and they finished the championship level on points.

Round three winner was Rachel Alderson (YD63) and with a high scoring round at Stroud she was able to jump up to third place in the championship.

Tom Herbert (S31D) was consistent throughout the series, with his highest scoring round at Trent, but a low scoring round at Stroud saw him drop to fourth in the championship.

Championship positions:

1st NW52 Ryan Powell 619 2nd T777 Sorren Powell 619 3rd YD63 Rachel Alderson 578 4th S31D Tom Herbert 546


At the final round at Stroud the championship trophy positions were changed completely.

Sam Middleton (T909) had the first win of the series and was leading the points going into Stroud, however a mixed weekend saw him drop down to second.

Charlie Steele (SN727) won the next three rounds, however this wasn’t enough to be at the top and he also dropped down a position in the table at Stroud to third.

Jay Gallagher (LM13) was consistent all season and held onto his fourth place in the championship by two points.

It was Connor Jones (NW115) who caused the stir in the points, he went into Stroud in third place, but only 28 points behind the lead, and an almost perfect score, including the  last win of the series saw him charge his way up to take the title by 21 points.

Championship points:

1st NW115 Connor Jones 716 2nd T909 Sam Middleton 695 3rd SN727 Charlie Steele 691 4th LM13 Jay Gallagher 622

UK Autograss Championship Season Review – Ladies

Here is part 2, Ladies, of the roundup of the 2017 UK Autograss Championship.

Class 1

Mathematically the championship could still be decided at round five in Stroud, however it was a big gap to be closed. Hannah Hinton (IK225) had been strong all year, taking two final wins at Bredon Hill and Ludlow, and another good weekend at Stroud saw her secure the championship.

Defending champion, Linda Lawlor (NW143) needed a high scoring weekend to beat Hannah for the title, but it wasn’t quite enough at Stroud. Linda’s highest scoring weekend was at her home track, North Wales, where she took the final win.

Third and fourth places in the championship was a close battle, Chloe Reynolds (SC630) and Lacey Law (SR24) had both been consistent throughout the series and were both improving throughout. Chloe held onto third and Lacey settled for second.

Bethany Embling (C535E) only competed in rounds one and five where she was very strong and took the win at the final round, whilst the round one win went to Bex Green (SC14).

Championship positions:

1st IK225 Hannah Hinton 881 2nd NW143 Linda Lawlor 688 3rd SC630 Chloe Reynolds 573 4th SR24 Lacey Law 554

Class 2

Hannah Hinton (NASA25) won her second championship in this class, despite not winning a final across the series.

Jess Roberts (SC126) was the strongest competitor over the first half of the championship, with two unbeaten rounds and another final win, but dropped down to second in the championship when she did not compete at rounds four and five.

Having a strong second half of the series was Wendy Joyce (WS222) taking the wins at North Wales and Stroud which saw her jump from sixth in the championship after round four to take third.

Fiona Mauchland (CS44) was consistent throughout the series which saw her in a close fight for third place in the championship, but had to settle for fourth behind the charging Wendy.

Championship positions:

1st NASA25 Hannah Hinton 695 2nd SC126 Jess Roberts 602 3rd WS222 Wendy Joyce 557 4th CS44 Fiona Mauchland 534

Class 3

Jo Thompson (Y51) took the wins at the first four rounds, which secured her the title after round four, which was a good job after a problem plagued round five saw her only finish one race.

The fight in the championship was for second place, Donna Brown (CM4) took the win at Stroud for her highest scoring round but it wasn’t enough to get in front of Shell Sumners (R169) who had been consistent all series.

Sharon Douglas (L13) took fourth in the championship, but her bid for the title ended at round three, which was her last round and no points were scored.

Championship positions:

1st Y51 Jo Thompson 707 2nd R169 Shell Sumners 572 3rd CM4 Donna Brown 544 4th L13 Sharon Douglas 162

Class 4

Mandy Kennedy (SB6) was the only competitor in this class, moving from Stock Hatch after round one. Over the series she had great races with the class six’s and stock hatch’s.

Championship positions:

1st SB6 Mandy Kennedy 516

Class 5

Going into the last round the top three in the championship could still win the title, however it was going to be a hard job for those in second and third.

Diane Heath (E10) started Stroud with a good lead in the championship and taking her fourth final win of the series she secured the title.

It was the positions of second and third which changed over the weekend. Barbara Harper (M11) had her highest scoring round at Stroud to move ahead into second place in the championship, whilst Cat Mumford (B20H) dropped down to third after only scoring points on Saturday.

Natalie Green (R420) finished the championship in fourth, with a win at Bredon Hill, however it was rounds one and five that were here highest scoring over the series.

Championship positions:

1st E10 Diane Heath 738 2nd M11 Barbara Harper 519 3rd B20H Cat Mumford 483 4th R420 Natalie Green 476

Class 6

Tina Hilton (ST46) took the first win of the championship, as well as the win at Ludlow, however these were her only two rounds which meant that she finished third in the championship.

Leanne Quick (P17) took the win at round two after a close race with fellow club member, but this was the only round that she competed in and therefore didn’t feature in the final championship trophy positions.

Toni Humphries (IK331) changed class from a class two at round four in North Wales, however this didn’t stop her from taking the final two wins of the championship and these high scoring rounds jumped her up to second place in the championship.

Kristina Hall (SR888) won the championship, despite not winning a final, through consistency and competing in all five rounds.

Louise Rowley (WS24) was quick throughout the championship, however was plagued with problems at each of the rounds she competed in and therefore only managed to finish the championship in fourth.

Championship positions:

1st SR888 Kristina Hall 523 2nd IK331 Toni Humphries 333 3rd ST46 Tina Hilton 260 4th WS24 Louise Rowley 199

Class 7

Nicola Mackenzie (CA141) took the first win of the series at an unbeaten round at Trent, however this was the only round that she competed in.

Clare Horner (M60) took the next two wins including an unbeaten round at Ludlow, and with three more high scoring rounds, she secured the title at Stroud.

It was Jo Thompson (Y55) who took the last two wins of the championship, but only joined the class for these two rounds and therefore could only manage third in the championship.

Clare’s closest title rival was Terri Mumford (62F), but despite five high scoring rounds she had to settle for second in the championship.

Defending champion Emily Barrett (R10) had a couple of problematic rounds which saw her drop back from the title fight, however was able to hold onto third place in the championship.

Championship positions:

1st M60 Clare Horner 830 2nd 62F Terri Mumford 632 3rd R10 Emily Barrett 4th Y55 Jo Thompson

Class 8

The championship fight wasn’t over between the leading two, however it was going to take a high scoring round for Cat Mumford (160F) in second place and a low scoring round for Clare Horner (M62) in first.

Round four winner, Cat, settled for her second place in the championship, allowing her brother Mike to concentrate on his own title bid on the Sunday of Stroud.

This allowed Clare to take her second unbeaten round of the series, her third final win in the class and secure her second championship title of the year as well as the highest point scoring lady title.

Round one was won by Cloe Smith (S46D) in a three way battle between herself, Clare and Cat, which saw her pinch it on the line, however not competing at round four saw her drop to fourth in the championship.

Third place in the championship went to the ever improving Abi Shields (N24) who had her highest scoring round at Stroud.

Championship positions:

1st M62 Clare Horner 979 2nd 160F Cat Mumford 740 3rd N24 Abi Shields 586 4th S46D Cloe Smith 499

Class 9

This was of only a few titles decided before we got to round five, and this was because second place didn’t compete at round four. Up until then it had been a battle between the two ladies from Invicta Kent. It was Dru Hollingsbee (IK111) who took the title, including all five final wins as well as three unbeaten rounds.

Helen Rummery (IK214) finished the championship in second, however she never made it easy for Dru over the year.

Louise Back (M24) missed the first two rounds, but was a strong competitor in the remaining three and finished the series in third.

Brooke Irving (SL99) only competed in the first two rounds, who again was another strong competitor and ended the championship in fourth.

Championship positions:

1st IK111 Dru Hollingsbee 942 2nd IK214 Helen Rummery 598 3rd M24 Louise Back 367 4th SL99 Brooke Irving 223

Class 10

Going into the final round at Stroud, the first two positions were separated by only one point with third place only three points behind them.

Defending champion, Diane Heath (E111), took the first win of the championship at Trent and went into the final round leading the title race however she ended the weekend second in the championship.

It was Kelly Bishop (YS37) who overcame Diane from second place, taking two heat wins over the weekend to jump ahead to take the title, despite not winning a round over the series.

Gina Lee (R98) was another who hadn’t won around, but consistency over the series saw her finish the championship in third.

Fourth place went to rounds two and three winner Jemma King (R99), however despite these two strong rounds she didn’t compete at rounds one and had a non-scoring round at Stroud.

Terri Mumford (60F) only competed at the last two rounds, and took the win at her first in North Wales. Whilst Megan Booth (SR46) took the final win of the championship.

Championship positions:

1st YS37 Kelly Bishop 693 2nd E111 Diane Heath 680 3rd R98 Gina Lee 658 4th R99 Jemma King 272


The championship could still have been decided at the last round at Stroud between the only two entries in the class however neither of them were there to compete.

Susan Dawson (SL103) had got her campaign off to a good start with the first win at Trent, However it was then Georgia Garnett (T692) who took the next two wins, with Susan not competing at round three.

Susan then came back at North Wales to take the final win, however this wasn’t enough, and Georgia held onto the title for another year, with Susan finishing second.

Championship positions:

1st T692 Georgia Garnett 623 2nd SL103 Susan Dawson 478

Stock Hatch

Lisa Hills (WS500) was crowned champion and was the only driver to complete the championship after fellow stock hatch driver Mandy Kennedy (SB6) changed classes after the first round. But despite this the two still enjoyed some good races together as well as with the class six’.

Championship positions:

1st WS500 Lisa Hills 550 2nd SB6 Mandy Kennedy 194

UK Autograss Championship Season Review – Men’s

Here is a roundup of the men’s classes of the 2017 UK Autograss Championship and how the titles panned out over the series, especially at the last round at Stroud Autograss Club. With most of the titles still to be decided it proved to be an exciting round, which didn’t disappoint.

Class 1

At the opening round at Trent it was Jake Law (SR3) who took the first win of the championship, and it was an unchallenged win, however his championship was then scuppered when he crashed out in race two and scored no points for the rest of the round, however that didn’t stop him from winning round three at Ludlow and ending the championship in fifth.

It was the North Wales members who were the strongest at the other rounds with Rich Owen (NW15) having his best weekend at round one taking the win. Whilst club member Dave Owen (NW97) took the wins at the other three rounds and took the championship title, with it going down to the last round at Stroud.

Last season’s champion Caine Parnell (SP129) had a consistent year earning him second place in the championship with his best round in Ludlow. Jordan Butcher (SN375) also earned his third place in the championship by having a consistent season with round one being his highest scoring meeting.

Championship positions:

1st NW97 Dave Owen 764 2nd SP129 Caine Parnell 689 3rd SN375 Jordan Butcher 611 4th NW15 Rich Owen 603

Class 2

It was Craig Conway (SC126) who got the best start to their championship with the win in round one and unbeaten in round two, however he missed the last two rounds which dropped him down to fifth in the championship.

Round three went to fellow Scunthorpe member David Hughes (SC400), and the battle between the two had been close. David secured fourth in the championship despite also missing the last two rounds.

The strongest driver over the last two rounds was Jack Joyce (WS222), winning both. This coupled with being a consistent front runner over the first three rounds meant that he secured the championship.

Last year’s champion Jay Albrighton (N156) was consistent throughout the championship, but didn’t quite have enough to overcome the others and had to settle for second place this year. Third place in the championship went to Tim Manners (69F) despite only completing one A final over the five rounds.

Championship positions:

1st WS222 Jack Joyce 758 2nd N156 Jay Albrighton 631 3rd 69F Tim Manners 557 4th David Hughes 524

Class 3

National and defending champion Adrian Herbert (S26D) took the first final at Trent, however this was the only final win he would get. Going into the final round at Stroud, whilst he could mathematically still win the championship the battle he was in was for second with only one point separating second and him in third. This battle was with Phil Thompson (Y51) who had won round four at North Wales. Phil had a troubled weekend in Stroud so it was Adrian who secured second place, with Phil dropping to third.

The championship went to Adrian Joyce (WS22) who not only won three rounds he also had an unbeaten round at Ludlow.

Dave Westlake (123F) was the best of the rest and had qualified for the finals in every round.

Championship positions:

1st WS22 Adrian Joyce 824 2nd S26D Adrian Herbert 686 3rd Y51 Phil Thompson 640 4th 123F Dave Westlake 608

Class 4

There was no defending champion in the class however the car that won last year’s championship with Jamie Williams (M58) in the driver’s seat in his first year out of juniors. This didn’t stop him though taking three out of the five final wins and the championship.

The battle in the class when it came to round five was for second and third. Luke Oakley (M51) did everything he could with it being his highest scoring round to close the gap on Colin Attrill (IK272), however it wasn’t quite enough. Colin took second place despite not winning a round, whilst round four winner Luke lost out by 10 points.

Fourth place in the championship went to Nick James (C14) who showed his pace over the three rounds he contended.

Mike Jones (H31) only competed at round three but still took the win.

Championship positions:

1st M58 Jamie Williams 746 2nd IK272 Colin Attrill 636 3rd M51 Luke Oakley 626 4th C14 Nick James 334

Class 5

Going into round five at Stroud this looked to be a very close battle with one point separating first and second, whilst third place was 42 points behind them.

Stuart Deacon (S60D), the winner of round three, was leading the championship going into the final round and despite not making it into the A final he extended his lead to three points to take the championship.

It was Nigel Candy (SS14) who clawed his way back from third at round five, after missing round four, to take second place after winning the final. However, a win in the champion of champion’s race would have seen him draw level with Stuart. Nigel also took the win at round two at Bredon Hill, which was his highest scoring round.

It was defending champion Julian Heath (E10) who lost out dropping down to third in the championship. Whilst round four winner, Ben Harper (M11), finished the championship in fourth.

Lewis Richards (TA451) took the first win at Trent, however his championship fight ended at round two with three non-finishes.

Championship positions:

1st S60D Stuart Deacon 688 2nd SS14 Nigel Candy 685 3rd E10 Julian Heath 649 4th M11 Ben Harper 624

Class 6

This was one of the closest championship battles of all the classes, with only 23 points separating the top four after round five.

If you look at the points scored across all the rounds it is impressive that the top two ended up heading the table after both missed round three, however they did. Steve Ford (WS57), round two winner, went into round five leading the table and despite problems meaning he didn’t finish a race on Sunday he won the championship by one point.

Jamie Ivermee (G17D) came charging through from fifth in the championship to take second, and if he had taken the win in the final he would have won the championship by one point. Despite moving up the table like that at Stroud the defending champion’s highest scoring round was North Wales where he took the win.

Round three winner, Jordan Spavins (SN451) dropped down to third in the championship, but still a good position after a series plagued with mechanical problems.

A strong second half of the championship saw Matt Baker (L117) finish fourth.

Anthony Conway (SC90) took the win at Trent, but this was the only round that he competed in. Also only competing in one round was Matthew Scourfield (YS22) who took the final win at Stroud.

Championship positions:

1st WS57 Steve Ford 502 2nd G17D Jamie Ivermee 501 3rd SN451 Jordan Spavins 487 4th L117 Matt Baker 479

Class 7

This was another close class, with championship positions changing. Paul Bacon (N60), winner of round four, had a stronger second half of the series which saw him head the championship and despite not competing in a final at Stroud he held on to take the title.

Those in the other three trophy positions didn’t win a round between them, and all proved that consistency was key with 14 points separating the three of them, which was Darrell Cole (CM15), Jamie Cox (N52) and Mike Hockly (62F).

The first win went to Mike Mackenzie (CA12) however this was the only round that he raced at. Round two was won by defending champion Will Barrett (R313), round three by Lee Waldron (4F) and round five by Pete Bott (S47D).

Championship positions:

1st N60 Paul Bacon 594 2nd CM15 Darrell Cole 570 3rd N52 Jamie Cox 560 4th 62F Mike Hockly 556

Class 8

This class provided great excitement over the season, especially at the last round with the championship positions changing throughout the weekend.

National Champion Dan Mackenzie (CA44) won the two rounds that he competed in, they were one and five. Mark Smith (S46D) won round two at Bredon Hill and Gareth Edwards (NW55) won on home soil at round four.

Mike Mumford (160F) and Jay Jones (NW106) went into round five joint at the top of the table, with Kenny Smith (S41D) 11 points behind.

Kenny got the weekend off to the best start taking two wins on Saturday. Going into the final it was Kenny who held the joker card with a place already booked in the champion of champions, and after the final it would come down to the champion of champions race. He needed a win to claim the title, he finished sixth which secured him second place in the championship.

This meant that round three winner, Mike won the championship by four points and Jay third. Whilst fourth place in the championship went to defending champion Alex Hall (R411).

Championship positions:

1st 160F Mike Mumford 701 2nd S41D Kenny Smith 697 3rd NW106 Jay Jones 692 4th R411 Alex Hall 642

Class 9

When we got to round five there was only two left in the title fight, a problematic round for defending champion and rounds two and four winner, Jason Richardson (P5EM) meant that Jack Joyce (WS2), winner of round 3, was able to secure his second title in the championship, whilst Jason finished second.

The battle for the remaining trophy positions were closer and consistency over the series secured Martin Bugg (M14) third place ahead of round one winner Mike Liddiatt (309F).

Too late to make a bid for a championship trophy, Sean Collin (SN275) had his best round at Stroud and took the final win.

Championship positions:

1st WS2 Jack Joyce 864 2nd P5EM Jason Richardson 745 3rd M14 Martin Bugg 609 4th 309F Mike Liddiatt 596

Class 10

Andy Lee (R99) took wins at rounds one and third but this wasn’t enough for him to finish the championship in a trophy position, with two low scoring rounds and with no points at round five.

The title fight was between the Bennett father and son duo. Luke Bennett (NW62) took his only final win at round five, but this secured him the title. Whilst Karl Bennett (NW26) finished the championship in second with a win at round two.

Andrew Bishop (YS37) put in steady performances throughout the championship which saw him finish third whilst round four winner, Tony Jones (SR117) finished in fourth.

Championship positions:

1st NW62 Luke Bennett 635 2nd NW26 Karl Bennett 616 3rd YS37 Andrew Bishop 561 4th SR117 Tony Jones 532


This was the only men’s title that was decided before heading to the last round, with Andrew Watson (SB20) proving to be the strongest competitor in the championship adding the highest point scorer to his name too, taking four wins out of the five rounds.

Jason Garnett (T692) was able to topple Andrew at Stroud to take the last win of the series, and finished in an untroubled second place.

Andy Reeve (N28) was consistent all year and secured third place, with Robert Paterson (SL87) finishing the championship in fourth.

Championship positions:

1st SB20 Andrew Watson 953 2nd T692 Jason Garnett 697 3rd N28 Andy Reeve 417 4th SL87 Robert Paterson 358

Stock Hatch

The fight for the title went all the way down to the champion of champions race. It was a battle between Ian Fay (WS500) and Adam Golding (CA120). Ian secured his place in the champion of champions race winning the A race on Saturday. In the final the two raced side by side from start to finish, but it was Adam who took the win, his fourth of the series, which saw him in the champion of champions race. When it came to it, Adam didn’t finish the race but Ian only finished eighth which wasn’t enough for the title. So Adam won the championship five points ahead of Ian.

There was also a battle for third and fourth, with Paul Maxim (C23E) coming out on top with a stronger round five than Mick Wood (L2).

Phil Peek (YD24) entered a couple of rounds where he took the win at round four.

Championship positions:

1st CA120 Adam Golding 755 2nd WS500 Ian Fay 750 3rd C23E Paul Maxim 489 4th L2 Mick Wood 447