2017 Ladies and Juniors National Autograss Championships

This weekend Cwmdu Autograss Club are the host to the Ladies and Juniors National Autograss Championships. Here are my predictions for each of the classes. Unfortunately I won’t be attending the meeting but hope to be listening online and I wish all the competitors the best of luck.

Class 1

My pick for the final is Missy Moseley (NS2), Ellie Bailey (SC174), Ashlea Coweperthwaite (SL274), Laura Canning (E119), Rebecca Green (SC14), Nicola Bettoney (M8), Carla Roberts (PHD11) and Sophie Lewis (A222). Also keep an eye out for Carol Watson (Y121), Chloe Parry (PAC83), Emma Robinson (SP43) and Linda Lawlor (NW143).

1st SC174 2nd NS2 3rd M8 4th SL274 5th SC14 6th A222 7th PHD11 8th E119

Class 3

My choice of finalists are; Jade Russell (S47Y), Catherine Beynon (CM3), Becky Shaw (BC111), Gemma Fullard (R70), Jo Thompson (Y51), Lianne Teather (C1E), Trish Simmonds-Grant (SN269) and Nicola Mackenzie (CA546). Keep an eye out for Penny Smith (C12), Donna Brown (CM4), Sharon Cousins (CA9) and Jodie Wakefield (R388).

1st BC111 2nd S47Y 3rd R70 4th Y51 5th C1E 6th SN269 7th CM3 7th CA546

Class 5

My pick for the final are; Sarah Bateman (S45D), Sarah Chilvers (SC46), Alice Bevans (PAC2), Diane Heath (E10), Nicola Jesse (Y44), Cat Mumford (B20H), Linzi Weare (YS32) and Kirsty Godfrey (CA10). Also watch out for Sandra Jones (C3), Barbara Harper (M11), Kyi Smith (R71) and Donna Forrest (PHD20).

1st SC46 2nd PAC2 3rd YS32 4th S45D 5th B20H 6th Y44 7th CA10 8th E10

Class 7

I have placed in the final Nicola Mackenzie (CA141), Lisa Almond (ARC27), Susan Herdman (Y78), Michaela Dance (TA11), Sarah Bateman (S20D), Charlie Wright (SC121), Alyson Ashmore (Y2) and Jodie Faulkner (SR6). However you can never rule out; Pam Blackburn (YD71), Sarah Haigh (YD19), Becky Shaw (BC55) or Terri Mumford (62F).

1st CA141 2nd TA11 3rd Y2 4th ARC27 5th SC121 6th Y78 7th SR6 8th S20D

Class 9

My pick for the final is; Katie Addyman (Y6), Hannah Marshall (ST2), Sharon Barker (E26), Clare Horner (M14), Sadie Lindsay (PHD1), Suzanne Gibbons (LM8), Laura Emmerson (BC98) and Kelly Bishop (R8). Whilst you should keep an eye out for, Angie Chilvers (SC62), Jade Dyke-Whitfield (H150) and Jodie Paskell (H250).

1st M14 2nd Y6 3rd E26 4th PHD1 5th R8 6th BC98 7th ST2 8th LM8

Class 2

My pick for the final are; Nicola Bettoney (M90), Leanne Huschka (SL222), Jessica Roberts (SC126), Michaela Dance (SV4), Aimee Holden (1F), Missy Moseley (R3), Vicky Sole (SN668) and Sophie Morgan (R240). Also watch out for Sarah Trott (A36), Laura Canning (E219), Natalie Green (R22) and Beth Tomkinson (SC51).

1st SC126 2nd SV4 3rd SL222 4th SN668 5th 1F 6th R240 7th M90 8th R3

Class 4

My choice of finalists are; Clare Horner (M58), Lisa Cooper (E220), Alice Bevans (PAC3), Jodie Faulkner (SR66), Claire Lancaster (R47), Kathryn Harding (TA13), Julie Whittingham (SR61) and Katie Lea (BC25). Also keep an eye out for Kerry James (C14), Mandy Kennedy (SB6) and Sarah Haigh (YD177).

1st PAC3 2nd M58 3rd R47 4th E220 5th TA13 6th SR61 7th BC25 8th SR66

Class 6

My pick for the final are; Nicola Olsson (CM47), Paula Rees (PAC23), Hannah Johnson (S16Y), Josie Cox (SN207), Zoe Coupland (SC36), Jenny Brown (PAC37), Angela Evans (NS219) and Sarah Trott (A23). Watch out for; Chloe Hampson (P70EM), Tina Hilton (ST46), Louise Rowley (WS24) and Fiona Thomas (TA66).

1st CM47 2nd PAC37 3rd S16Y 4th SN207 5th NS219 6th PAC23 7th SC36 8th A23

Class 8

One of the strongest classes, I have chosen the following for the final; Laura Makar (ST74), Cat Mumford (160F), Victoria Coles (SS167), Josie Tomkinson (SC52), Sandra Jones (C10), Nicola Jesse (SC28), Cloe Smith (S46D) and Jade Russell (IK19). Capable of mixing it up and ones to watch out for are Callie Cooper (E68), Rhiannon Smith (SS36), Rosemary Glover (WR23) and Charlene Harrison (ARC90).

1st ST47 2nd 160F 3rd C10 4th SS167 5th SC52 6th IK19 7th SC28 8th S46D

Class 10

My choice of finalists are: Victoria Coles (SS166), Kelly Bishop (YS37), Jemma King (R99), Susan Herdman (Y7), Elizabeth Cornwell (IK77), Heidi Deeley (TA99), Diane Heath (E111) and Lucy Smart (77F). Also watch out for Terri Mumford (60F), Lynn Johnston (SL5), Michaela Hazel (A10) and Pam Blackburn (YD11).

1st TA99 2nd IK77 3rd YS37 4th SS166 5th Y7 6th 77F 7th E111 8th R99

Junior Saloon

My pick for the final are; Dan Hughes (E1), Tom Herbert (S31D), Bradley Thomas (IK55), Gracie Coles (SS165), Baxter Pargeter (N45), Dan Tunnicliff (SC140), Frankie Dunmow (SC10) and Aaron Mullen (S82Y). Also watch out for Ryan Powell (NW52), Thomas Browning (SN141), Tyler Hancock (A17) and Josh Lewis (S3).

1st IK55 2nd E1 3rd N45 4th S31D 5th SC140 6th SS165 7th S82Y 8th SC10 

Junior Specials

My choice of finalists are; Dan Hughes (E127), Jake Lockwood (SC393), Aby-Jayde Bennett (8F), Aiden Llewellyn (PHD10), Sam Middleton (T909), Colin Linehan (MA13), Mollie Richardson (T492) and Charlie Steele (SN727). Also keep an eye out for Archie Bentley (BC7), Harrison Blockley (Y146), Jay Gallagher (LM13) and Matt Wright (P11EM).

1st SC393 2nd E127 3rd SN727 4th 8F 5th PHD10 6th T909 7th T492 8th MA13

2017 Men’s Nationals Autograss Championships Predictions

Here are my 2017 Men’s National Autograss Championships predictions for each of the class finals and others to watch out for. But this is the Nationals and ‘Anything Can Happen’.

Class 1

My finalists are, in no particular order are; Ashley Robinson (SP43), Conner Griffiths (SV101), Michael Winkworth (C211E), Jason Saunders (WS20), Alex Hill (SN164), Ian Ullathorne (SC25), Danny Hobson (Y25) and Josh Fowler (NS2). Whilst others to watch out for are; Alexander Weir (DA55), Ben Gould (NS443), Caine Parnell (SP129) and Rich Owen (NW15).  

1st C211E 2nd SV101 3rd SN164 4th SP43 5th NS2 6th Y25 7th WS20 8th SC25

Class 3

In no particular my pick for the finalists are; Sam Gould (NS334), Ed Lloyd (C85), Adrian Joyce (WS22), Martin Beaney (IK316), Ryan Power (SC83), Chris Allanson (S47Y), Pete Robinson (NW72) and Mick Sumners (R169). Others I think you should watch out include; Adrian Herbert (S26D), Ged Power (SC87), Bob Matthews (SR55) and Viv Cole (CM4).  

1st NS334 2nd WS22 3rd S47Y 4th SC83 5th R169 6th C85 7th NW72 8th IK316

Class 5

My pick for the finals, in no particular order are; Jabez Smith (LUD8), John Wilde (CY7), Colin Thorndyke (IK2), Daniel Godfrey (CA10), Lewis Richards (TA451), Jenny Shepherd (SS22), Nigel Candy (SS14) and Colin Chilvers (SC46). Also keep your eyes peeled for; Stuart Deacon (S60D), Les Grice (Y44), Brian Wright (P24EM) and Julian Heath (E10).  

1st LUD8 2nd IK2 3rd SS14 4th CA10 5th SC46 6th SS22 7th CY7 8th TA451

Class 7

One of the hardest classes to pick just 8, but here’s my guess; Andy Holtby (SC61), Paul Waldron (139F), Phil Cooper (ARC5), Phil Barleyman (P23EM), Craig Bagley (C2), Cameron Mills (C9), Lee Forster (CA1) and Marc Clayton (SC99). Now I could list all the other entries as ones to watch, but a few that stand out are; Andrew Hornshaw (Y78), Liam Evans (NS120), Aaron Middleton (SS80) and Guy Thomas (BC8).  

1st C2 2nd ARC5 3rd P23EM 4th C9 5th SC61 6th 139F 7th SC99 8th CA1

Class 9

A very open class, and my pick for the final is; Jason Richardson (P5EM), John Whitehouse (SC4), Steve Lindsay (PHD1), Jack Joyce (WS2), Jimmy Smith (LUD80), Dek Traylor (BC98), Rhys Williams (NS3) and Martin Bugg (M14). Don’t forget to keep your eyes out for Mike Liddiatt (309F), Colin Chilvers (SC62), Tony Wilson (SP10) and Russell Addyman (Y6).  

1st SC4 2nd LUD80 3rd PHD1 4th P5EM 5th WS2 6th NS3 7th BC98 8th M14

Class 2

In no particular order her is my pick for the final; Tony Hawkins (SV5), Lee Evason (SR54), Ollie Sole (SN668), Callum Hallinan (MA19), Craig Conway (SC126), Daniel Robins (SN34), Joshua Holden (1F) and John Gadsby (P12EM). Other strong contenders include; Shane Farrell (CW22), Jack Joyce (WS222), Ashley Farrow (S249Y) and Paul Meli (S6).  

1st MA19 2nd 1F 3rd SV5 4th SN34 5th SR54 6th SN668 7th P12EM 8th SC126

Class 4

My choice of finalists are; Rob Corbett (PAC3), Richard Williams (BC25), Huw Jones (CM7), Davey Curran (DA117), Jamie Williams (M58), Darren Grasby (E220), Adam Henley (Y777) and Luke Oakley (M51). Others to watch out are; Katie Benson (S92Y), Mike Jones (H31), Dorian Davies (TA12) and Jonny Brown (Y87). 

1st CM7 2nd PAC3 3rd BC25 4th DA117 5th Y777 6th M58 7th E220 8th M51

Class 6

My pick for the finalists are; Micky Manning (E5), Martyn Janes (N10), Ben Gould (NS434), Tom Pipe (NS207), Dalton Thomas (CM8), Barry Holloway (E6), Jordan Spavins (SN451) and Tom Hall (SN12). Whilst others to watch out for are; Craig Tovey (SS23), Anthony Conway (SC90), Jamie Ivermee (G17D) and Stuart Thompson (WR33).  

1st E5 2nd CM8 3rd NS434 4th N10 5th SN451 6th E6 7th SN12 8th NS207 

Class 8

Another hard class to pick just 8, but here’s mine; Nathan Rees (S57), Darren Mullen (WR38), Mike Mumford (160F), Jordan Blore (E112), Ian Stephenson (WR20), Mitch Wells (IK356), Russ Shepherd (SS3) and Dan Mackenzie (CA44). Also keep an eye out for; Dan Thomas (PHD47), Stephen Mills (C10), Matt Bishop (YS73) and Simon Reeve (N8). 

1st WR38 2nd S57 3rd E112 4th 160F 5th SS3 6th WR20 7th IK356 8th CA44

Class 10

My pick for the final are; Phil Rogers (PHD2), Andrew Hornshaw (Y7), Lee Seagreaves (ARC1), Luke Bennett (NW26), Phil Cooper (ARC9), Andy Lee (R99), Lance Bowen (BC22) and Paul Coles (SS166). Another strong class, so to name just a few, keep your eyes peeled for; Jack Rawlinson (SC93), Laura Blaber (A12), John Gay (A7) and Vinny Gibbons (LM170).  

1st ARC9 2nd PHD2 3rd ARC1 4th BC22 5th Y7 6th NW26 7th SS166 8th R99

I would like to wish all competitors the best of luck and fellow spectators, we’re set for a weekend of fantastic racing. See you trackside.