UK Autograss Championship R2 Finals

Sunday afternoon saw some of the best finals that we’ve seen at the UK Autograss Championships, here are the full reports.

Class 1

It was an even break heading up the start straight but heading into turn one first was Caine Parnell (SP129) and Jake Law (SR3), running side-by-side going down the back straight Law held the inside line through the pit bend to take the lead leaving Parnell to battle for second with Dean Smith (LUD47). Whilst Parnell and Smith were fighting for second place, Law was able to break away and went on to take a convincing win. Smith made the position and went on to chase down Law but was unable to catch him and despite finishing second on track he picked up a green flag dropping him down to fourth. Parnell held on to third position whilst Christopher Woodward (S255D) just held onto fourth from Kev Hughes (NS7) who was right on his tail. William Drayton (SN124) picked up sixth position, whilst a puncture on the last lap saw Doug Atkins (SS44) drop down the order to seventh, and problems on board for James Parnell (SP921) meant he struggled home in eighth.

Results: 1st SR3 2nd SP129 3rd S225D 4th LUD47 5th NS7 6th SN124 7th SS44 8th SP921

Points: 1st SR3 Jake Law = 325 2nd SP129 Caine Parnell = 315 3rd LUD47 Dean Smith = 299 4th NS7 Kev Hughes = 264

Class 3

Turn one was close and it was only on the exit that Adrian Herbert (S26D) got his nose in front, whilst Viv Cole (CM4) and Mick Sumners (R169) run side-by-side down the back straight, with the rest of the field right on their tails. Sumners makes the move past Cole to take second place on the pit bend and then chases down Herbert. Sumners takes the inside line down on the pit bend and passes Herbert to take the lead and pull away. The top four positions were spread out in the closing stages of the race and the battle on track was for fifth place between Adrian Joyce (WS22) and Martin Roberts (PAC157). Sumners went on to take the win ahead of Herbert, Cole and Anthony Teather (C7E) fourth in the final trophy position. Joyce held on for fifth from Roberts whilst behind was Dave Westlake (123F) and Anthony Hutchings (SS140).

Results: 1st R169 2nd S26D 3rd CM4 4th C7E 5th WS22 6th PAC157 7th 123F 8th SS140

Points: 1st WS22 Adrian Joyce = 325 2nd R169 Mick Sumners = 278 3rd 123F Dave Westlake = 234

Class 5

The rereun saw Lewis Richards (TA451) make the best get away leading into turn one, but on the exit Ben Harper (M11) was running alongside already breaking away from the field behind. Next up was the two Radford cars of Alan Green (R420) and Aaron Mason (R19) who were fighting for third with another battle behind between Alex Puddiphatt (SN23) and Gareth Matthews (IK67). From the second turn it was Harper who had the edge over Richards, but Richards was crawling all over the back of Harper until the end taking the win. Richards ran wide coming out of the final turn resulting in a drag to the line with Green but was able to hold onto second. Mason claimed the final trophy position in fourth with Matthews moving up to fifth on the final lap ahead of Mark Ashmead (38F) and Paul Creed (G7D).

Results: 1st M11 2nd TA451 3rd R420 4th R19 5th IK67 6th 38F 7th G7D

Points: 1st M11 Ben Harper = 306 2nd 38F Mark Ashmead = 271 3rd R19 Aaron Mason = 260 4th E10 Julian Heath = 237

Class 7

The second run of the final saw Lee Forster (CA98) make the quickest start heading into turn one with his nose clear in front, but a wider line saw him drop behind Paul Bacon (N60) and Paul Waldron (139F) heading down the back straight. Coming out of the pit bend it was Bacon who edged just in front, whilst Alan Henschker (G19D) came through to joint this leading battle, with them all going back into the top bend side-by-side with Glyn Neville (G2D) and Mike Hockly (62F) hot on their tails. A couple of laps into the race and positions looked to have settled with Bacon leading from Waldron, Henschker and Forster. As they crossed the last lap flag Waldron was hot on Bacon’s tail looking to make the move and Forster moves past Henschker down the back straight. Bacon held off to take the win, whilst Waldron and Forster raced to the line for Forster to pinch second place. Hockly came through in fourth ahead of Neville and Adam Charles (YS71) whilst Henschker dropped to the back of the order to seventh.

Results: 1st N60 2nd CA98 3rd 139F 4th 62F 5th G2D 6th YS71 7th G19D

Points: 1st 139F Paul Waldron = 286 2nd 62F Mike Hockly = 242 3rd N60 Paul Bacon = 241 4th CM15 Darrell Cole = 240

Class 9

Going into turn one it was Richard Morrant (M25) who had his nose in front and came out of the turn in the lead with Mike Liddiatt (309F) right on his tail. Martin Bugg (SC105) took the outside line and the momentum bought him out of the turn with the leading two. On the back straight Bugg passes Liddiatt, but a wide line from both Morrant and Bugg sees Liddiatt up the inside of both to take over the lead. Bugg uses the momentum of the wide line on the top bend to pass Morrant into second place. Liddiatt take a wide exit of the pit bend allowing Bugg through to take over the top spot whilst behind Andrew Adams (R8) and Steven Freeman (PAC34) both pass Morrant up into third and fourth position. In the last few laps Liddiatt looks for a way past Bugg but it’s on the final lap where Bugg runs wide and Liddiatt comes through to take the win and Adams claims second place, with Bugg third. Freeman holds onto fourth ahead of Sam Middleton (T909), with Morrant dropping down to sixth, hot on his tail is Jack Joyce (WS2) and Gav Pitman (SS81).

Results: 1st 309F 2nd R8 3rd SC105 4th PAC34 5th T909 6th M25 7th WS2 8th SS81

Points: 1st 309F Mike Liddiatt = 271 2nd WS2 Jack Joyce = 269 3rd T909 Sam Middleton = 227 4th R8 Andrew Adams = 220

Junior Saloons

On the second attempt of the race it was Sam Doddridge (515F) who made the best start off of the line but soon dropped back and was an early retirement along with Taylor Antell (WS888). Going into the first turn it was Tom Herbert (S31D) who took the lead, followed by Ruben Hage (N35) coming out of the first turn. Down the back straight they were three-a-breast behind the leading duo, going round the bottom bend Zach Spencer (E435) came through into third followed by Ben Macgregor (IK734). Herbert pulls away in the lead leaving Hage and Spencer to battle for second place. Herbert continued a successful weekend by taking his fourth win, leaving the round unbeaten. Hage holds on to second from Spencer, and Macgregor finishes in the final trophy position. Having dropped back from the front runners Rachel Alderson (YD63) and Danny Cowburn (WS67) were having their own battle fighting for fifth place with positions changing on each lap, but come the chequered flag it was Cowburn who took the position with Alderson in sixth.

Results: 1st S31D 2nd N35 3rd E435 4th IK734 5th WS67 6th YD63

Points: 1st S31D Tom Herbert = 320 2nd N35 Ruben Hage = 318 3rd E435 Zach Spencer = 225 4th WS34 Jamie Barlow = 192

Class 2

Rhys Wyeth (WS19) was the first to show off of the start but it all looked level going into turn one, however Wyeth maintained the advantage and came out of the bend in the lead followed by Kyle Everett (WS222) and Carl Brooks (C14E) who both pass Wyeth going into the pit bend Everett on the inside and Brooks on the outside causing Wyeth to get out of shape and drop down the order. Exiting the bend it was Brooks who took up the lead spot with Everett hot on his heels. Steven Howells (H45) winner of the run off for the final place in the final, came through into third place with Tim Manners (96F) close behind. Manners dropped back into the battle behind with Jay Albrighton (N156) and Brad Bradstreet (IK184). Brooks holds off the challenge from Everett to take the win with Howells maintaining third position. Albrighton moved ahead into fourth ahead of Manners and Bradstreet with Wyeth rounding out the order.

Results: 1st C14E 2nd WS222 3rd H45 4th N156 5th 96F 6th IK184 7th WS19

Points: 1st PAC10 Barry Lewis = 273 2nd WS222 Kyle Everett = 154 3rd 96F Chris Manners = 247 4th WS19 Rhys Wyeth = 209

Class 4

As the trend had been throughout the weekend the final saw the battle between the two Invicta Kent drivers. As had been the case in the previous races it was Colin Attrill (IK272) who took the lead with John Berry (IK221) crawling over the back of him, hoping to find a way through as he did in heat three earlier in the day. However it wasn’t meant to be, and despite Berry’s efforts Attrill took the win. Third place went to Gary Pemberton (CA242) the last of the finishers having lost Mike Mayne (YS77) early in the race.

Results: 1st IK272 2nd IK221 3rd CA242

Points: 1st IK272 Colin Attrill = 285 2nd CA242 Gary Pemberton 194 3rd YS77 Mike Mayne = 173 4th IK221 Pete Berry = 163

Class 6

From a level break and no clear leader going into turn one it was the wide line taken by Peter Grimwood that saw take the lead on the exit, chased by Jamie Ivermee (G17D) and with Jordan Spavins (SN451) coming out of the pit bend clear in third. Ivermee made short work of passing Grimwood to take the lead. Whilst locked in their own battle Spavins and Tony Reynolds (SN333) also move past Grimwood two laps later, with their positions swapping and changing. Ivermee went on to take his third win of the weekend, ahead of Spavins and Reynolds. Grimwood held onto fourth from Tony Teather (C27E) who was fighting with Dean Robinson (YS41) and Joe Kendall (YS69) rounded out the order in seventh.

Results: 1st G17D 2nd SN451 3rd SN333 4th SN158 5th C27E 6th YS41 7th YS69

Points: 1st G17D Jamie Ivermee = 283 2nd SN451 Jordan Spavins = 273 3rd YS41 Dean Robinson = 260 4th SN333 Tony Reynolds = 242

Stock Hatch

Gareth Yeomans (H76) made the best break and went into turn one in the lead, coming out of the first bend and down the back straight he was three-a-breast with Ian Fay (WS500) and Thomas Ireland (SS59) with Mike Sullivan (C3E) coming round the outside to join in this battle coming out of the pit bend whilst the two Southern League drivers moved to the front. Yeomans made short work of moving back past Fay, with Sullivan doing the same half a lap later. Whilst Yeomans and Sullivan were in a battle for second it allowed Ireland to pull away in the lead and to go on to take the win whilst on the last lap Sullivan moved up into second ahead of Yeomans and Fay in fourth. Luke Ransome (SN191) finished in fifth whilst Justin Hampshire (WS169) just edged Glen Embling (C608E) to the line to take sixth and Rhys Cluett (SS16) rounded out the order in eighth.

Results: 1st SS59 2nd C3E 3rd H76 4th WS500 5th SN191 6th WS169 7th C608E 8th SS16

Points: 1st H76 Gareth Yeomans = 308 2nd C608E Glen Embling = 238 3rd WS500 Ian Fay = 227 4th C3E John Sullivan = 201

Class 8

Going into turn one it was Mike Mumford (160F) with his nose just in front with Josh Reid (CS22) running alongside and coming out of the turn it was Alex Hall (R411) running in second. With Mumford in front it left Hall and Reid running side-by-side. A lap later Hall looks up the inside of Mumford to take the lead running down the back straight but a wide exit of the pit bend allowed Mumford to move up the inside with the two then running wheel-to-wheel. The closing stages of the race saw the three drivers all fighting for the lead. Mumford went on to take his third win of the weekend, Hall taking second and Reid third. Cat Mumford (158F) came through to close down on the leading trio and crossed the line in fourth right on Reid’s tail, with Mark Smith (S46D), Kenny Smith (S41D) fifth and sixth. Bruce Candy (SS17) took seventh ahead of Lee Cox (B2H).

Results: 1st 160F 2nd R411 3rd CS22 4th 158F 5th S46D 6th S41D 7th SS17 8th B2H

Points: 1st B2H Lee Cox = 293 2nd 160F Mike Mumford = 291 3rd R411 Alex Hall = 273 4th S41D Kenny Smith = 234


Andrew Watson (SB20) and Jason Garnett (N692) got the best starts and headed into turn one in the lead but a wide line for Andy Reeve (N28) saw him use the momentum to pass them both and exit the bend in the lead, with Matthew Hickingbotham (ST62) taking a similar line to pass Garnett to sit in third. Garnett passes Hickingbotham a lap later, whilst Watson passes Reeve exiting the pit bend on the second lap with Garnett passing half a lap later. The two front runners were then locked in their own battle pulling away from Reeve, with Garnett passing Watson for the win coming out of the final bend. Reeve maintained third, whislt Hickingbotham dropped off the pack after a spin, but came back to cross the line.

Results: 1st N692 2nd SB20 3rd N28 4th ST62

Points: 1st SB20 Andrew Watson = 308 2nd ST62 Matthew Hickingbotham = 194 3rd N28 Andy Reeve = 180 4th N692 Jason Garnett = 175

Class 10

Tony Jones (SR118) was the first to show and leads out of the first turn, but heading into the pit bend James Poltimore (SS79) passes to the lead followed through by Gary Ford (A42). The positons settled down throughout the race with Poltimore pulling away to take an unchallenged win, from Ford and Jones. Adam Waldron (44F) held onto fourth after a late charge from Ben Shell (IK59) who had to settle for fifth ahead of Gareth Paines (PHD15). Julian Heath (E111) and Kevin Hurdman (R200) were involved in a first corner tangle which meant they finished down the order in seventh and eighth.

Results: 1st SS79 2nd A42 3rd SR117 4th 44F 5th IK59 6th PHD15 7th E111 8th R200

Points: 1st PHD15 Gareth Paines = 309 2nd SS79 James Poltimore = 255 3rd E111 Julian Heath = 242 4th SR117 Tony Jones = 223

Junior Specials

Coming out of the first turn there were three drivers in contention for the lead, Emily Richardson (N592), Charlie Thompson (Y15) and Jim Pinches (R350) with Pinches taking the early lead. Thompson took advantage of a mistake by Pinches on the exit of the top bend to pass and take up the lead, whilst Pinches and Richardson run side-by-side with Sam Pinches (R35) on their tail and soon passing Jim and then running wheel-to-wheel with Richardson. Thompson pulled away in the lead to go on to score an unbeaten weekend. Sam Pinches moves ahead into second from Richardson whilst Jim Pinches dropped back to fourth. Charlie Steele (SN727) crossed the line in fifth ahead of Fergus Reynolds (PHD16) whilst a spin on turn one saw Rupert Griffith (R75) at the back of the order.

Results: 1st Y15 2nd R35 3rd N592 4th R350 5th SN727 6th PHD16 7th R75

Points: 1st SN727 Charlie Steele = 298 2nd N592 Emily Richardson = 246 3rd R350 Jim Pinches = 242 4th R35 Sam Pinches = 220

Ladies 1

Megan Williams (CM77) looked to get the best start but heading into turn one she was running alongside Lacey Law (SR24) and Bethany Embling (C608E), Law is tagged and is sideways in the bend, all cars make it through. Embling came out of the bend in the lead and continues to pull away from Williams who looks comfortable in second place. The battle was for the remaining positions, with four cars battling for third, Natasha Lawlor (NW142) moved into the positon and pulls clear from the remaining battle. Embling took a clear win from Williams and Lawlor. Melody Ostridge (IK140) came through for fourth place whilst Jessica Singer (SS26) passes Charlotte Lines (IK498) across the line to take fifth place. Shannon Holman (IK734) took seventh ahead of Law.

Results: 1st C535E 2nd CM77 3rd NW142 4th IK140 5th SS26 6th IK498 7th IK734 8th SR24

Points: 1st SS26 Jessica Singer = 278 2nd C535E Bethany Embling = 275 3rd SR24 Lacey Law = 256 4th IK498 Charlotte Lines = 225

Ladies 2

Fiona Mauchland-Duff (CS44) heads into turn one with her nose in front and on the exist is running with Shania Jones (SV52) alongside but pulls away down the back straight. Hannah Hinton (NASA25) makes the pass on Jones to take up second place. On the top bend Jones shoots wide allowing Katie Jones (SV51) and Helen Bishop (IK252) through. Hinton chases down Mauchland-Duff and passes on the pit bend. Hinton pulls away to take the win whilst Shania Jones runs all over the back of Mauchland-Duff but has to settle for third. Bishop maintains fourth place from Katie Jones, whilst Gracie/Lisa Perry (G18D) finishes in sixth.

Results: 1st NASA25 2nd CS44 3rd SV51 4th IK252 5th SV52 6th G18D

Points: 1st IK252 Helen Bishop = 298 2nd CS44 Fiona Mauchland-Duff = 264 3rd= SV51 Katie Jones/SV52 Shania Jones =

Ladies 3

All three cars headed into turn one alongside each other, but on the exit Shell Sumners (R169) had taken the lead, with Donna Brown (CM4) on her tail. Brown was given a black flag and saw her out of the race. Lianne Teather (C7E) looked to chase down Sumners but couldn’t break the gap, for Sumners to take the win ahead of Teather.

Results: 1st R169 2nd C7E

Points: 1st CM4 Donna Brown = 318 2nd R169 Shell Sumners = 265 3rd C7E Lianne Teather = 165 4th R168 Sheri Sumners = 112

Ladies 4 & 5

Janet Murray (38F) takes the lead going into turn one, whilst Natalie Green (R420) spins. Barbara Harper (M11) moved clear into second but was soon passed by Diane Heath (E10) and Amanda Mason (B11H) with Mason moving clear of Heath and chases down Murray. Closing in on the last lap Mason passes down the back straight and in a dash for the line sees Mason take the win from Murray. Heath finished third whilst Green recovered to pass the two class fours and Harper into fourth with Harper finishing fifth. The two class four’s ran close for the first lap, Mandy Kennedy (SB6) took the lead and pulled clear of Kelly Wetherick (IK272).

Results class 4: 1st SB6 2nd IK272

Results class 5: 1st B11H 2nd 38F 3rd E10 4th R420 5th M11

Points class 4: 1st SB6 Mandy Kennedy = 345 2nd IK272 Kelly Wetherick = 128

Points class 5: 1st 38F Janet Murray = 264 2nd E10 Diane Heath = 256 3rd M11 Barbara Harper = 171 4th B11H Amanda Mason = 154

Ladies 7

Going into turn one it was three-a-breast with Cathy Harrison (SN262), Terri Mumford (62F) and Emily Barrett (R10), a mistake on the exit for Barrett sees her drop back behind Lisa Perry (G32D). Harrison leads heading down the back straight but Mumford looks round the outside and passes down the start straight. Once in front Mumford pulls away to finish the race half a lap in front, whilst Harrison only just holds onto second from a charging Barrett, with Perry finishing third.

Results: 1st 62F 2nd SN262 3rd R10 4th G32D

Points: 1st R10 Emily Barrett = 278 2nd 62F Terri Mumford = 236 3rd SN262 Cathy Harrison = 126 4th CA141 Nicola Mackenzie = 110

Ladies 6 & Stock Hatch

On the rerun it was again Josie Cox (C27E) who took the lead followed by the Stock Hatch of Bethany Embling (C608E). Cox was away and clear with Embling maintaining the gap each of them taking the wins in their respective classes. Lisa Hills (WS500) was next on track in the Stock Hatch ahead of the class six of Katie Reynolds (SN333), all of which were spread out and unchallenged.

Results class 6: 1st C27E 2nd SN333

Results SH: 1st C608E 2nd WS500

Points class 6: 1st SN333 Katie Reynolds = 328 2nd C27E Josie Cox = 185 3rd G16D Sarah Ivermee = 153 4th IK960 Rachel Collier = 126

Points SH: 1st C608E Bethany Embling = 321 2nd WS500 Lisa Hills = 253 3rd WS100 Lisa McKenzie = 146 4th WS53 Jax Clamp = 73

Ladies 8

It took five attempts to complete this final with just three cars remaining. Abi Shields (N24) had been leading the previous attempt before the red flags came out but it was Vikki Lamb (NW83) who was first to show on the final attempt, followed by Emma Ford (A43) leaving Shields with all the work to do. Passing Ford she chased down Lamb but Lamb was able to hold on to take the win from Shields and Ford.

Results: 1st NW83 2nd N24 3rd A43

Points: 1st N24 Abi Shields = 271 2nd NW83 Vikki Lamb = 239 3rd S41D Emilie Seer = 218 4th IK95 Emma Shell = 199

Ladies 9 & 10

Terri Mumford (60F) makes the best start and leads going into turn one, Lisa Paines (PHD15) goes round the outside and uses the extra speed to pass Mumford down the back straight and pull clear. Behind were the two class nine’s with Helen Rummery (IK214) leading Dru Hollingsbee (IK111) until a mistake existing turn one sees her drop down the order. Whilst up front Mumford closes back in on Paines and on the last lap passes to take the win, from Paines, with Diane Heath (E111) finishes third, whilst Chloe Bishop (IK59) and Rummery were non-finishers.

Results class 9: 1st IK111

Results class 10: 1st 60F 2nd PHD15 3rd E111

Points class 9: 1st IK111 Dru Hollingsbee = 299 2nd IK214 Helen Rummery = 235

Points class 10: 1st 60F Terri Mumford = 258 2nd E111 Diane Heath = 234 3rd PHD15 Lisa Paines 126 4th LM7 Mel Gallagher = 100

Champion of Champions

Both champion of champions races were cut short by incidents, both approaching the last lap so there was no rerun and both champions were from the Essex league.

The Men’s champion of champions was highly contested, the class two of Carl Brooks (C14E) came through to take over the lead with laps to spare, whilst Mike Mumford (160F) in the class eight was looking very quick and made his way up to third, with the Stock Hatch of Thomas Ireland (SS59) finishing second.

The Ladies champion of champions also had a high attendance, but Bethany Embling who had a choice of two cars to compete in and opted for the class one (C535E) started at the front leaving everyone else with all the work to do, before the red flags flew the class two’s that started behind her didn’t look to be making a dent into her lead. Hannah Hinton (NASA25) held onto second from the class eight of Vikki Lamb (NW83).

Men’s: C14E Carl Brooks

Ladies: C535E Bethany Embling