UKAC Round 3 Southern League

Men’s Class 1

We saw 39 entries battle it out, with 15 different winners over the heats. Come the final, it was Caine Parnell (SP129) who led the way, building a lead throughout the race, to take his second win of the weekend, whilst it was Dave Owen (NW97) who was chasing him down throughout the race. There was a close battle behind with Ricard Owen (NW15) taking third place ahead of Adrian Smith (LUD48) and Ashley Hutching (PHD12) in fourth and fifth respectively. The last finisher was two-time heat winner Justin Hardy (SS1), who after a spin earlier in the race and being hit by Hannah Hinton (IK225) managed to keep going, however Hannah wasn’t so lucky. The last of the finalists was Kevin Hughes (NS7) who was black flagged for a jump start. Local man Scott Atkins (SS44) took his win of the weekend in the B final, whilst heat winners missing out on the A final were Barry Lewis (PAC27), Jonno Crosby (N211), Lee Poole (S70D), Steve Dehmel (A6), Carl Blackmore (PAC67), Liam Wakefield (R389) and Jason Stoton (NW291).

Points: 1st Caine Parnell SP129 = 494. 2nd Dave Owen NW97 = 443. 3rd Lee Poole S70D = 372. 4th Adrian Smith LUD48 = 367.


Ladies Class 1

We saw 6 different winners over the weekend from the 15 car entry. Linda Lawlor (NW143) made the most of the final, taking the lead and building a gap to those behind, resulting in her second win of the weekend. Second place went to Molly Herbert (S31D), whilst there was a four car battle for third place with the result ending Chloe Parry (PAC83), Amy Jones (H95), Charley Craske (R32) and Sally Doddridge (P515) in third to sixth positions. The last of the finishers was Bethan Vaughan (PAC49) in seventh, whilst Lindsay Pitman (SS7) was unable to finish, and heat winner Chloe Bishop (IK252) was unable to race the final.

Points: 1st Linda Lawlor NW143 = 447. 2nd Molly Herbert S31D = 400. 3rd Chloe Bishop IK252 = 381. 4th Charley Craske R32 = 298.


Men’s Class 2

From the 30 entries there were 11 different winners, but after a messy first bend it was Paul Meli (S2) who broke free from the pack to take his third win of the weekend. Second place went to Philip Clark (CA85) who had escaped the third place battle between Jay Albrighton (N156), Aaron Selmes (IK15) and Sam Begley (Y143), who were third, fourth and fifth respectively. Finishing in sixth was Justin Hampshire (WS169) ahead of Dan Morris (R79) who rounded out the finishers in seventh. The last final place went to Jamie Lillington (A5). Dave Jones (SV51) took his only win of the weekend in the B final, whilst heat winners missing out on the A final were Matt Ireland (WS60), David Farrow (IK152), Josh Bennett (P44EM), Scott Bourne (91F) and Aaron Smith (SR228).

Points: 1st Jay Albrighton N156 = 453. 2nd Dan Morris R79 = 380. 3rd Philip Clark CA85 = 359. 4th Sam Begley Y143 = 344.


Ladies Class 2

Of the 12 entries we saw 5 different winners. When it came to the final it was Donna Bourne (91F) who took her only win of the weekend after a race long battle with two-time heat winner, Emma Clarke (CA85) where she just got her nose in front as they crossed the line after switching places numerous times throughout the race. Third place went to Courtney Lewis (S2) ahead of Katie Jones (SV51) in fourth place. Next up was Becky Smith (N18) in fifth, ahead of Toni Humphrey (IK334) the last of the finishers in sixth. The last two finalists were two-time heat winner Amy Morris (R79) and Fiona Mauchland-Duff (CS44).

Points: 1st Emma Clarke CA85 = 461. 2nd Donna Bourne 91F = 404. 3rd Fiona Mauchland-Duff CS44 = 345. 4th Amy Morris R79 = 344.  


Men’s Class 3

The 16 entries produced 6 different winners over the weekend. Championship leader made the best of the final, taking his second win of the weekend, by a considerable margin. Second place went to local man Ian Fay (WS5) ahead of defending series champion Dave Westlake (123F) in third. Mick Sumners (R169) made up good ground to finish fourth after spinning in turn 1 and being collected. Next up was Malcolm Lefevre (N64) in fifth and David Duff (CS37) the last of the finishers in sixth. Viv Cole (CM4) had been running in second place until a spin meant that he didn’t complete the race, whilst the other two finalists were Pete Lemon (SP11) and Anthony Hutchings (SS140).

Points: 1st Adrian Herbert S26D = 467. 2nd Mick Sumners R169 = 430. 3rd Ian Fay WS5 = 371. 4th Peter Lemon SP11 = 309.  


Ladies Class 3

There was only one entry this weekend, which was Donna Brown (CM4), even though she wasn’t able to compete the final due to a broken car, she did collect three heat wins which took her into the championship lead.

Points: 1st Donna Brown CM4 = 350. 2nd Lianne Teather C266E = 255. 3rd Lisa Hills WS5 = 235. 4th Penny Smith C12 = 134.   


Men’s Class 4

There was a full grid of entries, where we saw some very close battles, especially from the two winners of the weekend. There was a race long battle in the final between Dean Smith (40F) and Nick Williams (M60) with Dean taking the lead at the start but after many attempts to make his way into the lead Nick succeeded on the last lap, taking his third win of the weekend. It was Wes Johnson (IK34) who finished behind this battle in third, ahead of fellow club man Colin Attrill (IK272) in fourth. Next up was another club duo with Gary Whittingham (SR61) finishing in fifth and Andy Whittingham (SR50) in sixth. The last of the finishers was Gary Pemberton (CA242) in seventh, whilst Luke Oakley’s (E51) race came to a premature end on the first lap.

Points: 1st Nick Williams M60 = 566. 2nd Luke Oakley E51 = 344. 3rd Colin Attrill IK272 = 313. 4th Wes Johnson IK34 = 309.


Ladies Class 4

There were 3 entries for the weekend, and there was a close battle between Clare Horner (M60) and Lucy Thomas (40F) throughout, however with problems for Lucy in the final it meant Clare had a clear run in the class to take her fourth win of the weekend but had a fantastic battle with the class 6’s that were out in the same race. Lucy was able to get the car to the finish to claim second place. Whilst the last entry was Julie Whittingham (SR61) who had a mixed weekend, but we didn’t see her out in the final.

Points: 1st Clare Horner M60 = 574. 2nd Helen Grainger IK272 = 90.  


Men’s Class 5

From the 24 entries we saw 7 different winners, but it was Luke Jenkins (PHD7) who was unbeaten all weekend. An eventful final saw a four car battle for first place, going into the last lap Luke was locked in a battle with Stuart Deacon (S60D) for the position, on the last bend this saw them tangled up and out of the race. After the race Luke was reinstated into first place, with second and third positions going to Lewis Richards (TA451) and Mike Sullivan (C11E). Behind this battle we saw David Watkins (BC82) in fourth, Robert/Patrick Duncan (IK26) in fifth and Alex Puddiphatt (SN23) rounding out the finishers in sixth. Julian Heath (SN40) was the last of the finalists but was deemed the cause of the stoppage for the first attempt at the race. Just missing out on the final was Stephen Donovan (IK72) and Andrew Williams (TA74), both of whom were heat winners.

Points: 1st Julian Heath SN40 = 446. 2nd Mike Sullivan C11E = 373. 3rd Luke Jenkins PHD7 = 355. 4th Alex Puddiphatt SN23 = 322.


Ladies Class 5

From the 6 car entry there was only one winner in Diane Heath (SN40), who proved her dominance by taking the win in the final, with second placed Natalie Green (R420) the length of the straight behind. Third place went to Barbara Harper (M11) ahead of Janet Murray (39F) in fourth and the last of the finishers. Also racing over the weekend were Sam Murphy (A111) and Hope Godfrey (T11), with both of their weekends coming to an end on Saturday.

Points: 1st Diane Heath SN40 = 543. 2nd Janet Murray 39F = 291. 3rd Natalie Green R420 = 263. 4th Barbara Harper M11 = 163.  


Men’s Class 6

We saw 16 entries and from them there were 5 different winners. The battle for the win in the final was between Neil Crompton (S7) and Martyn Janes (N10), but it was Martyn who managed to break free and take his second win of the weekend, ahead of Neil in second. Third place went to Jamie Ivermee (G17D) ahead off Matt Baker (L117) in fourth. The other close battle of the race was the race between local man Stephen Ford (WS57) and Jordan Spavins (SN451) who finished fifth and sixth respectively. The last of the finishers was Stephen Ostle (R156) in seventh, who was boosted into the final due to two-time heat winner (SS23) not being able to compete, whilst the last of the finalists was Bryn Jones (S35) who was unable to complete the race.

Points: 1st Jamie Ivermee G17D = 412. 2nd Matt Baker L117 = 371. 3rd Chris Collier IK960 = 259. 4th James Lewis LUD92 = 253.  


Ladies Class 6

There were two entries for the weekend and it was Rachel Collier (IK960) who went into the final unbeaten having taken all three heat wins. However, amongst the battle with Clare in the class 4 it was local girl Katie Gaylard (WS57) who got the upper hand and took her only win of the weekend, ahead of Rachel.

Points: 1st Rachel Collier IK960 = 539. 2nd Donna Howells C50 = 90. 3rd Lydia Edwards L18 = 36.


Men’s Class 7

The 25 car entry produced 10 different winners. On the fourth attempt the final was completed with only four runners left and it was a battle between defending champion Will Barrett (R313) and Colin Reid (CS21) for the win, and it was Colin who took his only win of the weekend ahead of Will. Third place went to Shuggy Brown (SB1) ahead of two-time heat winner Paul Waldron (139F) in fourth. Adam Golding (CA121) was the cause of the stoppage in the second run, after a visit into the Armco, whilst the other finalists were Jamie Cox (N52), Darrell Cole (CM15) and Mark Barrett (R13), who was boosted into the final because of engine failure for Lee Waldron (4F). After a mixed Saturday, Ben Shell (IK59) took his second win of the day in the B final, whilst other heat winners were James Clamp (WS53), and Mike Hockly (62F).

Points: 1st Will Barrett R313 = 430. 2nd Paul Waldron 139F = 406. 3rd Lee Waldron 4F = 388. 4th Darren Jones PAC46 = 339.  


Ladies Class 7

There were 5 entries, which saw 2 different winners. Come the final, there was only one car left running, which was Emma Shell (IK59) who took her second win of the day. Taking the two wins on Saturday was Kelly Paines (PAC46), whilst the other entries were Emily Barrett (R13), Sue Thom (N60) and Katrina Thomas (CM21).

Points: 1st Sue Thom N60 = 244. 2nd Emily Barrett R13 = 227. 3rd Alyson Ashmore Y2 = 185. 4th Emma Shell IK59 = 179.


Men’s Class 8

A strong 36 car entry produced 13 different winners over the heats. Defending champion Alex Hall (R411) was the man to beat this weekend taking two heat wins and a dominant win in the final. Second place went to Matt Bishop (YS37) ahead of Mark Smith (S46D) in third and local man James Poltimore (SS79) closing out the trophy positions in fourth. Next up was Lee Cox (B2H) in fifth, ahead of Josh Reid (CS22) in sixth and last of the finishers Simon Reeve (N8) in seventh. Two-time heat winner Craig Thomas (PHD41) was the last of the finalists, but was unable to complete the race. Barry Hathaway (C83E) ended his weekend the way he started, taking his second win in the B final, whilst the other heat winners were Paul Prior (IK66), Reece Candy (SS24), Ben Williams (TA47), Tyler Heath Byard (S102D), Scott Holmes (N444) and Shaun Rogers (NW82).

Points: 1st Alex Hall/Lee Waldron R411 = 434. 2nd Lee Cox B2H = 396. 3rd Matt Bishop YS73 = 390. 4th Richard Danby SN49 = 359.  


Ladies Class 8

The 9 car entry saw one dominant driver in Clare Horner (M62) taking three heat wins and then taking the victory in the final with half a lap lead. Second place was taken by Hope Godfrey (T12) after a move around the outside moving her up from fourth. The winner of the battle for third place was won on the line by Barbara Harper (M111) ahead of Kim Jenkins (B106H) in fourth. Lynn Thomas (C21E) took fifth place ahead of Sandra Shields (N20) in sixth. Next up was Katrina Thomas (CM26) in seventh, and Emma Shell (IK95) rounded out the field in eighth.

Points: 1st Clare Horner M62 = 579. 2nd Lynn Thomas C21E = 372. 3rd Hope Godfrey T12 = 301. 4th Vikki Lamb NW83 = 278.


Men’s Class 9

There were 7 different winners from the 19 car entry but the final came down to a two car battle with Paul Prior (IK96) taking the initial lead, but a move up the inside saw Jason Richardson (P5EM) taking his third win of the weekend. It was local man Gavin Pitman (SS81) chasing down the front two in third. Next up was the two Ludlow lads, with Derek Warren (LUD93) in fourth and Marcus Mills (LUD3) in fifth. They were followed by another club duo with Richard Tipping (G104D) taking sixth and Derick Brown (G6D) the last of the finishers in seventh. Anthony Paines (TA17) was the third qualifier for the final, but problems meant that he wasn’t able to compete the final which boosted Martin Bugg (M14) up, but unfortunately he also experienced mechanical failure ending his race early.

Points: 1st Jason Richardson P5EM = 522. 2nd Martin Bugg M14 = 297. 3rd Marcus Mills LUD3 = 292.  4th Anthony Paines TA17 = 287.   


Ladies Class 9

There was only the one entry for the weekend, which was Kelly Paines (TA17). She took two wins on Saturday, but mechanical failure in heat three ended her weekend there.

Points: 1st Kelly Paines TA17 = 295. 2nd Kelly Read SC150 = 165.                      


Men’s Class 10

There were 14 entries which saw 5 different winners over the two days. Tony Jones (SR117) took his only win of the weekend in the final, leading the race from the start. There was a close battle for second place with Andy Lee (100F) just beating Matt Duffell (L118) to the line. Next up was Julian Heath (SN80) in fourth, ahead of Andrew Bishop (YS37) in fifth and Kevin Mumford (B9H) in sixth. It was Ian Stott (A10) who took seventh, whilst two-time heat winner Matthew Booth (SR46) completed the field in eighth. Gary Ford (A42) was a heat winner but just missed out on the final.

Points: 1st Matthew Booth SR46 = 407. 2nd Tony Jones SR117 = 378. 3rd Andrew Bishop YS37 = 347. 4th Kevin Mumford B9H = 338.  


Ladies Class 10

From the 6 car entry we saw 2 different winners. It was Kelly Bishop (YS37) who had the most successful weekend, taking her third win of the weekend in the final ahead of Diane Heath (SN80) in second. Gina Lee (100F) took third place ahead of Michaela Hazell (A10) who rounded out the finishers in fourth. Terri Mumford (B9H) took a win in heat two but that was the end to her weekend, whilst the last entry was Molly Booth (SR46).

Points: 1st Kelly Bishop YS37 = 473. 2nd Diane Heath SN80 = 472. 3rd Terri Mumford B9H = 303. 4th Michaela Hazell A10 = 186. 


Men’s F600

The 6 car entry saw 2 different winners. Come the final, there were only two drivers who completed the race, which were two-time heat winner Andrew Watson (SB20) who took his third win ahead of Andy Reeve (N28) in second. Neil Smart (SC600) was a starter for the race, but problems put his race to a premature end, whilst a black flag for a jump start saw heat winner Jason Garnett’s (T692) race end early. The other two entries for the weekend not out in the final were Matthew Hickingbotham (ST62) and Stuart Miles (LM100).

Points: 1st Andrew Watson SB20 = 525. 2nd Jason Garnett T692 = 455. 3rd Andy Reeve N28 = 358. 4th Graham Dawson SL103 = 268.


Ladies F600

Just the one entry this time out saw Georgina Garnett (T692) take four wins over the weekend, increasing her champion lead

Points: 1st Georgia Garnett T692 = 533. 2nd Susan Dawson SL103 = 310.


Men’s Stock Hatch

There were four entries this weekend, which saw two winners. It was Wes Green (S916Y) who took his third win of the weekend with a convincing lead. Paul Maxim (C23E) came home in second his best result of the weekend ahead of Mick Wood (L2) in third. Fourth place went to heat three winner Gareth Yeomans (Y76) with problems on board.

Points: 1st Wes Green S916Y = 559. 2nd Gareth Yeomans Y76 = 390. 3rd Paul Maxim C23E = 317. 4th Mick Wood L2 = 217.


Ladies Stock Hatch

Problems with the car during the men’s final meant that I missed the final out again this round, but came away with another three heat wins and slowly improving confidence.

Points: 1st Kelly Thomas Y76 = 515.


Junior Saloons

From the 25 car entry we saw 9 different winners. The beginning part of the final saw a battle between three-time heat winner Louis Jackson (N1) and Sam Fenton (R1) with them both swapping and changing positions. It was Sam who got in front and was able to build a lead to take his second win of the weekend. Louis was then entangled on a last lap battle for second which he won ahead of Joshua Lewis (S3) in third. Baxter Pargeter (N45) took fourth place ahead of Tom Herbert (S31D) in fifth and Joe Doddridge (P515) rounding out the finishers in sixth. The other two finalists were Connor Bishop (IK252) and two-time heat winner Jordan Barlow (WS43). Bethany Embling (C535E) took her second win of the weekend in the B final, whist Tom Evans (SS7) was a heat winner, missing out on the A final.

Points: 1st Louis Jackson N1 = 499. 2nd Sam Fenton R1 = 459. 3rd Baxter Pargeter N45 = 417. 4th Tom Herbert S31D = 358.


Junior Specials

There were 8 different winners from the 20 car entry. There was a battle for the win between club mates Sam Middleton (T909) and Mollie Richardson (T492), with Jed Stott (WS110) catching to join in the battle too. The win went to two-time heat winner Sam, with Jed claiming second ahead of Mollie. Next up was Daniel Borman (NW47) in fourth, ahead of Jay Gallagher (LM13) in fifth and Chloe Solloway (S10) in sixth. The last of the finishers was Russ Victory (S14D) in seventh, whilst the last of the finalists was Andrew Gaylard (WS10). Charlie Steele (SN727) took his second win of the weekend in the B final, Tom Lovegrove (9F) was also a heat winner.                                                                                                                      

Points: 1st Sam Middleton T909 = 428. 2nd Jed Stott WS110 = 412. 3rd Dan Borman NW47 = 399. 4th Mollie Richardson T492 = 397.



Men’s Nationals 2016

The Men’s Nationals is the most prestigious event of the year, seeing the top 400 drivers from across the UK battling it out for the most sought after titles in the sport. This year to be hosted by the Wiltshire Autograss League at the Javelin Park venue near Gloucester. We will see the top 40 drivers from each of the 10 classes fight to make it into Sunday’s finals over three heats, two to take place on Saturday and one Sunday morning. This is also the first time this season we will see those racing at either the BAS or the UKAC come together, who will come out on top this year.

Not only does the nationals provide some of the most spectacular racing of the year, it is also the meeting with the most electric atmosphere, with plenty of spectators there to support their own clubs and leagues and to celebrate what is known to be the best kept secret in motorsport.

Here is my pick of who I think will be in each of the finals, although we all know when it comes to the nationals, anything can happen.


Class 1

ARC38 Daniel Hobson

SV101 Conn34 Griffiths

SP129 Caine Parnell

NS697 Josh Fowler

PAC57 Tom Roberts

SN164 Alex Hill

TA18 Dafydd Jones

NW97 Dave Owen


Class 2

SV4 Kieran Griffiths

SN34 Daniel Robins

N840 Clint Fowles

SC126 Craig Conway

NS206 Joe Pipe

A5 Jamie Lillington

N4 Lloyd Elliott

PAC21 Matthew Sawyer


Class 3

NS334 Sam Gould

SN27 Barry Almond

S26D Adrian Herbert

PAC157 Martin Roberts

SC83 Ryan Power

WS22 Adrian Joyce

MA6 Paul Cusack

R169 Mick Sumners


Class 4

CM7 Huw Jones

PAC3 Rob Corbett

H31 Mike Jones

Y1 Adam Henley

M60 Nick Williams

E51 Luke Oakley

E220 Darren Grasby

SC36 Dane Coupland


Class 5

LUD8 Jabez Smith

E152 Matt Manning

IK22 Ian Thorndyke

SN40 Julian Heath

PHD7 Luke Jenkins

SS22 Jenny Shepherd

SC46 Colin Chilvers

IK2 Colin Thorndyke


Class 6

SL22 Jason Ballantyne

NS434 Ben Gould

N10 Martyn Janes

MA183 Declan Browne

CA285 Sam French

P7EM Ben Gadsby

ST47 Jamie Hornby

WS133 Stu Thompson


Class 7

C2 Craig Bagley

SC61 Andy Holtby

SN265 Darren Lodge

4F Lee Waldron

SC950 Abi Mosley

P23EM Philip Barleyman

PHD72 Jake Roberts

Y70 Rob Schofield


Class 8

ARC4 Phil Cooper 

C9 Cameron Mills

T5 Stuart Whitehouse

SS3 Russ Shepherd

E112 Jordan Blore

B2H Lee Cox

SC811 Dave Newby

PHD47 Dan Thomas


Class 9

ARC6 Phil Cooper

LUD80 Jimmy Smith

SC4 John Whitehouse

P5EM Jason Richardson

ARC3 Lee Seagreaves

BC98 Derek Adams

S5D Scott Aldridge

IK121 Stuart Taylor


Class 10

PHD2 Phil Rogers

NS120 Liam Evans

BC22 Lance Bowen

Y7 Andrew Hornshaw

SC13 Neil Rawlinson

SS166 Paul Coles

Y40 Wez Tinker

12F Carl Ray


Champion of Champions

Last year’s defending champion is Phil Cooper, who won in the class 9, he will be back again to defend this title, but depending on his success over the weekend, he will have to choose which vehicle he pilots in the race. Regardless of whether he is out in the 8 or the 9, I still think he has to be the favourite choice for the top spot. But who to follow? That will all come down to the conditions of the day, but with a dry forecast we should see the rear wheel drive cars working their way up to the front of the field.

Bridport Bandits

The Bridport Bandits Motorsport Club were a feature at Round 3 of the UKAC hosted by the Southern League, and I had the pleasure of spending some time with them to find out more about them.

They are a youth motorsport club which is run by John with the help of Gemma and a host of volunteers. They run 4 Autograss cars, 2 junior saloons (WS62 and WS63) and 2 junior specials (WS64 and WS65). The money to fund this charity and run the cars is mostly raised though fundraising and from the kids doing jobs within the community such as litter picking.

The great things about these guys is the strong sense of being a team. The kids that are part of this group are greatly involved in the racing project. They take part in the fundraising and the car preparation before each meeting, therefore their rewards are racing the cars. What this means the kids involved also get out of the initiative is mechanical knowledge, with some going on to have careers within this industry. All this takes place over 4 hours in the week, 2 on Monday and 2 on Friday.

It’s fantastic to see the team spirit shown amongst the gang, and I look forward to seeing how they get on over the rest of the course of the season and in their futures.

Bridport Bandits