Concord on Tour – Nationals 2016

Team Concord headed to the Javelin Park venue for both the Men’s Nationals at the beginning of August and the Ladies and Junior Nationals at the beginning of September.

The Men’s Nationals, was a great weekend, with a brilliant atmosphere, as is expected at what is the biggest meeting of the year.

There was only a handful of Concord drivers representing the Essex league this year. We had the class one of Paul Wilson, class three of Anthony Teather, class five of Mike Sullivan, class seven of Trevor Martin and the class eight of Barry Hathaway.

Heat 1 Heat 2 Heat 3
Paul Wilson

C8E (class 1)

8th 8th 7th
Anthony Teather

C266E (class 3)

8th 5th 4th
Mike Sullivan

C11E (class 5)

NF 5th NF
Trevor Martin

C18E (class 7)

5th 5th 3rd
Barry Hathaway

C83E (class 8)

8th 6th 3rd

It was a mixed weekend for all of the boys, with the exception of Mike, everyone else had their best result on Sunday morning, with the best results from the Team coming from Barry and Trevor, who both came 3rd in their third heats. For Mike, his only finish came Saturday afternoon with a 5th, unfortunately he was unable to complete his first and third heat because of damage collected.

The Ladies and Juniors weekend always feels like ‘less’ of an event than the Men’s, but you will see some of the closest and best racing there.

Team Concord did us proud with our five entries; Sharon Douglas and Lianne Teather in class three, Lynn Thomas in class eight and the two junior saloons of Billy Wilson and Bethany Embling.


The best results of the weekend came from our two juniors, both getting a 2nd place, Bethany in heat 1 and Billy in heat 3. Whilst amongst the ladies the best result of the weekend came from Sharon with a 3rd place in heat 1.


Heat 1 Heat 2 Heat 3
Sharon Douglas

C13E (class 3)

3rd 6th 5th
Lianne Teather

C266E (class 3)

6th 4th 5th
Lynn Thomas

C21E (class 8)

5th 5th 6th
Billy Wilson

C8E (junior saloon)

5th 4th 2nd
Bethany Embling

C266E (junior saloon)

2nd 4th (GF) 8th (GF)