2019 Ladies and Juniors National Autograss Championships ‘Run What Ya Brung’

Below is a short build up to the Run What Ya Brung race that will be taking place at the end of racing on Saturday. I will be judging the ‘style’ contest, and I can’t wait to see what you’ve got!

The hotly anticipated ‘Dawn North Driving School’ sponsored “Run What Ya Brung”
event is nearly upon us, so we turn our attention to some local racers who we think
will be the front runners.

The favourites must include the very experienced Finley & Eva Shepherd
(SS2/SS3/SS22). Finley has been putting in some serious training hours round the
track and seems to have perfected his line, while sources close to Eva suggest we
may see a Princess themed race attire for the event!

Another racer who’s no stranger to the venue is Stroud based Leo Rogers, although
Leo will be racing on the track for the first time in the Under 3’s category.
Kara Blaber (A12/A13) brings lots experience with her and we expect to see as a
contender in both the ‘style’ and ‘speed’ categories.

Reports suggest that we can expect some serious competition from further afield, but
will they be able to get to grips with the Bearley track…time will tell I guess, so who’s
your money on?

2019 Ladies and Junior National Autograss Championships Predictions

We are less than 48 hours away from the 2019 Men’s National Autograss Championships getting underway. Before it all kicks off here are my full predictions for the finals in one place.
Good luck to all those competing this year, I hope you all have an enjoyable and successful weekend. And spectators….we are in for a treat.

Class 1
Yarcoombe Woodland Products
1. Y121 Carol Watson
2. SL274 Ashlea Traylor
3. PHD6 Ella John
4. SN41 Jessica Browning
5. SC16 Bethany Hughes
6. R137 Missy Moseley
7. SP27 Beth Coy
8. TA80 Carys Thomas

Class 3
1. BC111 Becky Shaw
2. Y51 Jo Thompson
3. CM3 Catherine Beynon
4. SS165 Gracie Coles
5. CA1 Nicola Mackenzie
6. SC514 Alyson Ashmore
7. C7E Lianne Teather
8. R169 Chanice Sumners

Class 5
GP Metals
1. Y44 Nicola Jesse
2. S45D Sarah Bateman
3. CA10 Kirsty Godfrey
4. YD46 Sarah Chilvers
5. S33D Michelle Phillips
6. B32H Linzi Weare
7. E10 Diane Heath
8. B66H Claire Winnall

Class 7
Chris Prior Graphics
1. PAC53 Alice Bevans
2. WR20 Gemma Stephenson
3. C2 Sandra Jones
4. Y78 Susan Herdman
5. YD71 Pam Blackburn
6. B27H Lyn Olsson
7. Y12 Michelle Barratt
8. N42 Abi Shields

Class 9
Honeyborough Garage
1. P5EM Chloe Richardson
2. H150 Jade Dyke-Whifield
3. E26 Sharon Barker
4. BC98 Ashlea Traylor
5. NS3 Holly Downing
6. IK111 Dru Hollingsbee
7. N492 Mollie Richardson
8. SC62 Angie Chilvers

Class 2
TCI Mechanical and Fabrication
1. SC1 Jessica Roberts
2. R3 Missy Moseley
3. SL212 Leanne Huschka
4. IK13 Lucy Wickham
5. E219 Laura Canning
6. SN10 Ella Hughes
7. B12H Hannah Clague
8. YD203 Lauren Kelly

Class 4
Waterspace Ltd
1. M58 Clare Horner
2. E220 Lisa Cooper
3. E46 Shania Jones
4. IK272 Kelly Wetherick
5. TA13 Kathryn Harding
6. SR61 Julie Whittingham

Class 6
STEITH Autoservices Motorsport
1. A23 Sarah Trott
2. NS433 Becky Smith
3. TA66 Fiona Jane Thomas
4. P70EM Chloe Hampson
5. S16Y Hannah Johnson
6. SL222 Leanne Huschka
7. SC36 Zoe Coupland
8. CM47 Nicola Olsson

Class 8
1. C10 Sandra Jones
2. SC51 Beth Tomkinson
3. YD74 Laura Makar
4. SC52 Josie Tomkinson
5. M62 Clare Horner
6. SC181 Alice Bevans
7. WR2 Rosemary Glover
8. S2Y Vicky Appleton

Class 10
Ratcatcher Racing
1. SS166 Victoria Coles
2. TA99 Heidi Deeley
3. Y7 Susan Herdman
4. E777 Shauna Stedman
5. LM7 Mel Gallagher
6. IK77 Elizabeth Cornwell
7. NS22 Becky Faulkner
8. E111 Diane Heath

Junior Saloons
Phil Preece Training
1. WS90 Adam Saunders
2. MA182 Jack Browne
3. SN141 Thomas Browning
4. B16H Toby Chamberlain
5. S11Y Luis Barriman
6. SC24 Ollie Hall
7. BC99 Kyle Newman
8. E1 Zach Spencer

Junior Specials
BB Motorsport
1. NS292 James Dorsett
2. MA64 Cillian Cusack
3. IK156 Fin Wells
4. Y15 Charlie Thompson
5. CW61 Jack Brennan
6. C27 Tyler Preece
7. SC224 Ollie Hall
8. TA42 Tomos Lloyd

Alive Bevans Q&A

Do you feel more pressure going into the Nationals as defending champion?
It does add slightly more pressure, but I always have nerves anyway, which in turn gives such an adrenaline buzz on the start line!

Have you raced at the Southern League before? How have you got on?
Yes, I really enjoy the Southern League track, I’ve raced there a few times. I won both my British Autograss series overall championships in class five and seven there at the final round last year. I have also been racing there this year too.

How do you feel about your chances of retaining your Ladies Champion of Champions title this year?
It is a race that is so difficult to win, racing front wheel drive when in rear wheel is different. All I keep in my head is don’t slow down at all, every lap counts, it’s a long race!

Which class do you think the track will favour when it comes to the Champion of Champions race?
The Champ of Champs is anyone’s; it all depends of the stagger and the track conditions!

You have won the Ladies Nationals in 4 different classes (classes one, four, five and seven), which of these was your favourite title to achieve and what was the hardest to achieve?
My first title in my first year out of juniors in class one was tough as I was last out of the grid and had to come from the back to win it! My favourite has to be class seven as it is the super saloon class and something I had always dreamt of winning! It is the pinnacle of Autograss racing!

You are entered in classes seven and eight this year, which are you looking forward to racing most?
Both cars I can’t wait to get into at Nationals, I love my class seven but the eight I love more and more each time I get in it! Both cars I love racing and that’s down to my Dad and boyfriend putting 100% effort into maintaining them. I couldn’t do it without either of them.

In each of these classes who do you think is your strongest competitor?
Class seven and eight together in one weekend this year is probably going to be my strongest line up of competitors I’ve raced, so I couldn’t pick. But this is what makes the racing much more exciting and rewarding.

Which class that you haven’t raced yet would you most like to have a go in?
I would love to race a class 10 to feel the maximum adrenaline rush into the first corner!

Photo credit: Krzysztof Kudlacik

2019 Men’s National Autograss Championships Champions

Your official 2019 Men’s National champions are:
Class 1: Y121 Peter Watson
Class 2: SC1 Craig Conway
Class 3: NS334 Sam Gould
Class 4: E220 Darren Grasby
Class 5: SC212 Daniel Lodge
Class 6: NS434 Ben Gould
Class 7: SC61 Andy Holtby
Class 8: NS155 Matt Berrisford
Class 9: YD182 James Bowe
Class 10: ARC6 Phil Cooper
CoC: SC1 Craig Conway

Full final reports will be coming later this week.

2019 Men’s National Autograss Championships Predictions

We are less than 48 hours away from the 2019 Men’s National Autograss Championships getting underway. Before it all kicks off here are my full predictions for the finals in one place.

Good luck to all those competing this year, I hope you all have an enjoyable and successful weekend. And spectators….we are in for a treat.

Class 1
1. SR174 Luke Smith
2. SN164 Alex Hill
3. SV101 Conner Griffiths
4. P37EM Lyndsey Allen
5. PHD12 Ashley Hutchings
6. WS20 Jason Saunders
7. SP129 Caine Parnell
8. DA55 Alexander Weir

Defending champion: WS20 Jason Saunders

Class 3
1. NS334 Sam Gould
2. IK316 Martin Beaney
3. R169 Mick Sumners
4. YD98 Ryan Power
5. C7E Anthony Teather
6. NW72 Pete Robinson
7. S47Y Chris Allanson
8. SS11 Adrian Turner

Defending champion: NS334 Sam Gould

Class 5
1. IK22 Ian Thorndyke
2. N17 Gary Cheetham
3. SC212 Daniel Lodge
4. PHD20 Mark Uka
5. LUD8 Jabez Smith
6. CA10 Daniel Godfrey
7. S60D Stuart Deacon
8. WS1 Jason Saunders

Defending champion: B32H Ben Reade

Class 7
1. NS120 Liam Evans
2. P23EM Philip Barleyman
3. ARC5 Phil Cooper
4. PHD2 Phil Rogers
5. C9 Cameron Mills
6. C2 Craig Bagley
7. E152 Matthew Manning
8. S47D Pete Bott

Defending champion: C9 Cameron Mills

Class 9
1. SC4 John Whitehouse
2. YD182 James Bowe
3. WS2 Jack Joyce
4. PHD1 Steven Lindsay
5. SC105 Martin Bugg
6. LUD80 Jimmy Smith
7. E26 Mark Barker
8. ARC31 Dave Palmer

Defending champion: PHD1 Stephen Lindsay

Class 2
1. SR54 Lee Evanson
2. SP43 Ashley Robinson
3. SP19 Sam Barrett
4. SN34 Daniel Robins
5. E219 Will Henry
6. R3 Mark Mosely
7. TA36 Trystan Daniels
8. IK55 Bradley Thomas

Defending champion: SP43 Ashley Robinson

Class 4
1. E220 Darren Grasby
2. Y777 Adam Henley
3. PAC3 Rob Corbett
4. M58 Jamie Taylor-Williams
5. R47 Rob Lancaster
6. BC25 Richard Williams
7. Y111 Philip Wall
8. SC76 Duane Walker

Defending champion: Y777 Adam Henley

Class 6
1. NS434 Ben Gould
2. YD10 Martyn Janes
3. WR33 Stu Thompson
4. YS22 Matt Scourfield
5. SN263 Todd Horwood
6. R27 Dave Houghton
7. N53 Lloyd Elliott
8. NS207 Tom Pipe

Defending champion: NS443 Ben Gould

Class 8
1. SS3 Russ Shepherd
2. Y57 Jake Herdman
3. 8F Graham Bennett
4. CA44 Dan Mackenzie
5. WR38 Darren Mullen
6. N8 Simon Reeve
7. BC55 Tom Lewis
8. T5 Stuart Whitehouse

Defending champion: BC55 Tom Lewis

Class 10
1. ARC6 Phil Cooper
2. Y40 Wez Tinker
3. LM170 Vinny Gibbons
4. SV2 Mark Griffiths
5. DA121 Derek Leech
6. ARC1 Lee Seagreaves
7. SS79 James Poltimore
8. SC93 Jack Rawlinson

Defending champion: SS79 James Poltimore