UK Autograss Championship R2 A Races

This weekend we headed to Bearley Raceway for Round 2 of the UK Autograss Championships hosted by the Southern League. Scorching weather provided the opposite conditions to round one back in May.

Here are the reports on Saturday’s A races which saw the top finishers from the first heats competing together.

Class 1

It was a level break off the line but it was Caine Parnell (SP129) who edged his nose in front going into turn one. Coming out of the first turn the two Mini’s of Justin Hardy (SS1) and Jake Law (SR3) were running side by side but going into the pit bend it was Law who picked up second position whilst Parnell breaks away from the field. Once settled into second place Law also pulls away from the battle for third and closing the gap on the leader. Despite reeling in Parnell, Law ran out of laps to make a challenge having to second for second place as Parnell takes the win. The battle for third was between Hardy, William Drayton (SN124) and Kev Hughes (NS7). Hardy dropped back to fifth with Hughes claiming third place ahead of Drayton. The final positions were hot on the tale of the battle in front with Christopher Woodward (S225D) picking up sixth place ahead of Russ Victory (R14) and James Parnell (SP921) in seventh and eighth. Drayton picked up a green flag dropping him down to sixth.

Race result: 1st SP129 2nd SR3 3rd NS7 4th SS1 5th S225D 6th SN124 7th R14 8th SP921

Class 3

Unbeaten at Hereford Adrian Joyce (WS22), now on home soil looked to continue that record by making the break off of the start and heading into turn one well in front of the rest of the grid, who were all running side by side through the first turn, with Shaun Brown (WS8) just dropping back coming out of the bend. Martin Roberts (PAC157) pulled away into second, hunting down Joyce to no avail as Joyce took his fifth win of the championship. Mick Sumners (R169) and Anthony Teather (C7E) had a race long battle which ended with a drag to the line after exiting the pit bend with Teather claiming third ahead of Sumners and Brown rounded out the order in fifth.

Race result: 1st WS22 2nd PAC157 3rd C7E 4th R169 5th WS8

Class 5

First out of the gate was Mike Sullivan (C11E) and Ben Harper (M11) with Sullivan leading going into turn one, however it was Lewis Richards (TA451) who took the lead coming out of the turn and Harper dropping back after taking a wide line. Coming up the inside of Sullivan in turn two was the battling Alex Puddiphatt (SN23) and Paul Creed (G7D) as they go to pass Sullivan Creed spins causing Sullivan to take avoiding action and drop down the order, whilst Puddiphatt moves into second place. Contact between Puddiphatt and Neil Jones (PAC74) on the top turn drops them both down the order whilst Harper moves up into second place ahead of Mark Ashmead (38F) and Aaron Mason (R19) who were in their own fight with Sullivan who again had to take avoiding action. Richards went on to take a comfortable win ahead of Harper. Ashmead maintained third position from Mason and Sullivan finishing fifth. After damage from the earlier incidents Creed and Puddiphatt made it round to collect valuable points in sixth and seventh.

Race result: 1st TA451 2nd M11 3rd 38F 4th R19 5th C11E 6th G7D 7th SN23

Class 7

Incidents in the first run of the race saw the red flags brought out with all competitors back in for the rerun. Repeating the start of the first run it was Paul Waldron (139F) who was the first to show coming out of turn one in the lead, running with Hugh Lafferty (R57) who drops off the back of Waldron after getting out of shape exiting the turn, but holding onto second position. A spin in turn one sees Lee Forster (CA98) drop to the back of the order and playing catch up the remainder of the race. The battle was on for first with Waldron and Lafferty once again running side-by-side with Waldron having the edge. Behind were two more battles, Darren Jones (CM46) and Alan Henschker (G19D) were fighting for third and fourth and behind them was a battle for fifth between Sam Fenton (R5) and Trevor Martin (C18E). Waldron went onto take the win ahead of Lafferty, whilst Henschker was able to hold off Jones for third and a drag to the line saw Fenton take fifth place ahead of Martin with Forster closing out the order in seventh.

Race result: 1st 139F 2nd R57 3rd G19D 4th CM46 5th R5 6th C18E 7th CA98

Class 9

Jack Joyce (WS2) and Mike Liddiatt (309F) were the first to show at the start and into turn one, however they got tangled leaving Liddiatt facing the wrong way as the others all pass, once going down he had dropped a fair distance back. Gavin Pitman (SS81) made the most of home-advantage and took the lead out of the first turn, pulling away from those behind. The battle was for second place, Richard Morrant (M25) took the position coming out of turn one, but Joyce tried every move to get past whilst Jamie Hollingsbee (IK111) caught the pair up and was looking for his own way past. At the chequered flag Pitman took the win, Morrant held onto second, whilst Hollingsbee made the move past Joyce to take third place and Joyce fourth. Further down the order was Derrick Brown (G6D), Steven Freeman (PAC34) and Matthew Rigby (N270) in fifth, sixth and seventh with Liddiatt bringing the car home in eighth place.

Race result: 1st SS81 2nd M25 3rd IK111 4th WS2 5th G6D 6th PAC34 7th N270 8th 309F

Junior Saloons

A level break saw them going side-by-side into turn one but it was Tom Herbert (S31D) who came out of the bend in front, ahead of Ruben Hage (N35). In the closing laps of the race the battle was for second after Rachel Alderson (YD63) and Zach Spencer (E435) close in on Hage. This allows Herbert to pull away and take the win. Spencer passes Alderson for third position. A drag to the line sees Hage hold onto the position from Spencer with Alderson finishing fourth ahead of Jamie Barlow (WS34) and Robert Evans (TA91).

Race result: 1st S31D 2nd N35 3rd E435 4th YD63 5th WS? 6th TA?

Class 2

It was a level break off of the line and the first two to show were Kyle Everett (WS222) and Barry Lewis (PAC10), Everett having his nose in front in turn one, but taking the wide line and carrying the speed out of turn one was Lewis to edge himself clear. There was then a four car battle for second place with Everett holding the position to start, but fellow club member Rhys Wyeth (WS19) passes on the inside on the second lap to take the position and went on to chase down the leader. This left Everett in a battle with Jay Albrighton (N156) and Jamie Lillington (SS45) for the next position. Albrighton passed Everertt to take the position but a mistake a lap later saw Everett reclaim it. Lewis crossed the line to take an unchallenged win ahead of Wyeth. Everett held onto third ahead of Albrighton and Lillington. Chris Manners (96F) took sixth ahead of Brad Bradstreet (IK184) and Michael Firby (A47).

Race result: 1st PAC10 2nd WS19 3rd WS22 4th N156 5th SS43 6th 96F 7th IK184 8th A47

Class 4

Going into turn one it was the two Invicta Kent drivers that were the first to show, with Colin Attrill (IK272) taking the initial lead going into turn one, but on the exit he was running side-by-side with Pete Berry (IK221) who takes the lead. Behind there was a battle for third with Gary Pemberton (CA242) and Ray Tudgay (WS23) running alongside each other. A lap later Atrrill makes the pass on Berry to reclaim the lead with the two maintaining these position all the way to the flag. A mistake from Pemberton dropped him back to fifth with Tudgay in third, and Mike Mayne (YS77) took fourth.

Race result: 1st IK272 2nd IK221 3rd WS23 4th YS77 5th CA242

Class 6 

First to show was Stephen Ford (WS57) and Leigh Scotford (G16D) heading into turn one in front, going up the inside of them both and coming out of turn one in front was Jamie Ivermee (G17D) ahead of Ivermee and Scotford, whilst hot on their heels was Tony Reynolds (SN333). Heading into the last lap Ford makes the move past Scotford into second to split the two Gloucester cars, with Ivermee taking his second win of the day and Scotford third. Fourth place went to Reynolds ahead of Tony Teather (C27E) and Chris Collier (IK960) whilst with problems on board Adrian Brown (PAC37) rounds out the order.

Race result: 1st G17D 2nd WS57 3rd G16D 4th SN333 5th C27E 6th IK960 7th PAC37 

Stock Hatch

Just edging his nose in front going into turn one was Roly Pinches (R503), however going through the first turn Glen Embling (C608E) and Ian Fay (WS500) came up the inside to run side-by-side along the back straight whilst Pinches drops to the back of the order. Coming out of the pit bend in first place was Fay with Embling running in second. The rest of the field close behind and Thomas Ireland (SS59) looks to make the move past Embling into second place and succeeds on the top bend. On the last lap Ireland tries to make the move past Fay on the final bend with Fay just beating Ireland to take the win with Embling in third. Luke Ransome (SN191) had closed the gap on the leading trio and was hot on their tales taking fourth place ahead of Toby Rootes (IK420) and Pinches. Jem Tidball (SS666) took seventh place ahead of heat one winner John Sullivan (C3E).

Race result: 1st WS500 2nd SS59 3rd C608E 4th SN191 5th IK420 6th R503 7th SS666 8th C3E

Class 8

First to show after an even break was Josh Reid (CS22) going into turn one but running down the back straight they were three-a-breast with the rest of the grid all wheel-to-wheel through the pit bend, with Mark Smith (S46D) and Mike Mumford (160F) coming through in the top two positions, still running side-by-side. Mumford edges himself in front, whilst behind this duo was a three car battle for third with Lee Cox (B2H) having the edge. Mumford pulled himself a gap to take the win ahead of Smith. Cox held off Reid and Ben Williams (TA47) for third. Sixth place went to Richard Parks (SS61) ahead of Malcolm Lane (CA23) whilst Mark Hall (IK35) rounded out the field with a puncture on board.

Race result: 1st 160F 2nd S46D 3rd B2H 4th CS22 5th TA47 6th SS61 7th CA23 8th IK35


Heat one winner, Jason Garnett (N692) lead the four car grid into a slippery turn one on the inside line, whilst Andrew Watson (SB20) gets caught out allowing Andy Reeve (N28) to find a way through into second, but it wasn’t long before Watson found his way past to take up the position. A spin on the second lap for Reeve saw him drop behind Matthew Hickingbotham (ST62). After allowing Garnett to get away at the start Watson closes down the gap, however a spin on the last bend allowed Garnett to take an unthreatened win, whilst Watson held onto second, Hickingbotham third and Reeve fourth.

Race result: 1st N692 2nd SB20 3rd ST62 4th N28

Class 10

A coming together between Tony Jones (SR117) and James Poltimore (SS79) saw the red flags raised on the first attempt of this race, with Jones excluded from the rerun. Taking the lead into turn one was Gareth Paines (PHD15), leader of the first attempt, whilst Ben Shell (IK59) looked to take the outside line on the wet turn one, slotting into third place behind Adam Waldron (44F) and holding off Kevin Hurdman (R200). Poltimore was looking to work his way through the order, first making his way past Hurdman, then Shell and then on the last bend taking second position from Waldron. Paines took his second win of the day, ahead of Poltimore, Waldron and Shell. Ian Stott (A10) claimed fifth place from Hurdman who completed the order in sixth.

Race result: 1st PHD15 2nd SS79 3rd 44F 4th IK59 5th A10 6th R200

Junior Specials

It was all level going into turn one, but Charlie Thompson (Y15) took the lead coming out of the first bend followed by Reece Weatherick (IK99) and Rupert Griffiths (R75). Problems for Weatherick meant an early retirement from him, with Griffiths moving up into second. Thompson pulled away to take a comfortable win, whilst Emily Richardson (N592) closed the gap on Griffiths but ran out of time leaving Griffiths taking second and Richardson third. A spin on turn one saw Sam Pinches (R35) drop to the back but worked he worked his way back to fourth ahead of Luke Stiles (IK30) in fifth, the last of the finishers.

Race result: 1st Y15 2nd R75 3rd N592 4th R35 5th IK30

Ladies 1

An even break saw the grid running side-by-side through turn one, with Natasha Lawlor (NW142) coming out of the first turn in the lead. Bethany Embling moves round the outside down the back straight to pass Sophie Eggerton (LUD47) and Lacey Law (SR24) for second place. Jessica Singer (SS26) closed down the gap and joined in the battle for third and then took advantage of contact between Lawlor and Embling to take the lead, but goes wide and allows Embling to come through to take the lead and Law into second. Embling holds on to take the win, whilst Law just claims second place from Singer in third. Early leader Lawlor took fourth place ahead of Eggerton and Megan Williams (CM77) closed out the field in sixth.

Race result: 1st C535E 2nd SR24 3rd SS26 4th NW142 5th LUD47 6th CM77

Ladies 2

Rachel Nokes (WS60) got the best start and lead into turn one but gets it sideways and drops to the back. Hannah Hinton (NASA25) takes over the lead going down the back straight into the pit bend, however Helen Bishop (IK252) comes through from third place to take over the running. The battle was behind for third between Katie Jones (SV51), Fiona Mauchland-Duff (CS44) and Lisa Perry (G18D) with the places being swapped. Once at the front Bishop held onto the lead, pulling away from Hinton to take the win, with Hinton also in a comfortable second. Mauchland-Duff held off the challenge from Jones to take third, whilst Perry finished fifth.

Race result: 1st IK252 2nd NASA25 3rd CS44 4th SV51 5th G18D

Ladies 3

The first attempt of this race quickly saw the red flags when a class five also made an appearance, but not before Donna Brown (CM4) collided with the start line/track exit post. On the restart it is an even break with Brown, Lianne Teather (C7E) and Shell Sumners (R169) running alongside each other, with Brown just edging in front going down the back straight, with Teather and Sumners running side-by-side. The race was on for second place, with Teather all over the back of Sumners, whilst both kept Brown in sight. At the chequered flag it was Brown who took the win, ahead of Sumners and Teather. Sheri Sumners (R168) held onto the back of this battle for fourth place.

Race result: 1st CM4 2nd R169 3rd C7E 4th R168

Ladies 4 & 5

We saw both classes four and five running together this weekend, and it was the class five’s that were the first to show with Janet Murray (38F) taking the lead going into the turn one with Diane Heath (E10) hot on her tail. Behind was a three way battle between the remaining class fives of Natalie Green (R420), Barbara Harper (M11) and Amanda Mason (B11H) whilst the two class four’s where in a battle of their own behind. Murray went onto to take the win despite constant pressure from Heath who took second. Harper moved up into third ahead of Green and Mason. Kelly Wetherick (IK272) had the upper hand throughout the race between the class four’s with Mandy Kennedy (SB6) unable to find a way past.

Race result class 4: 1st IK272 2nd SB6

Race result class 5: 1st 38F 2nd E10 3rd M11 4th R420 5th B11H

Ladies 7

An equal start from Terri Mumford (62F), Emily Barrett (R10) and Cathy Harrison (SN262) going into turn one, and it was Barrett who made the best of the conditions to take the lead and pulls away from the battling Mumford and Harrison. Mumford uses the momentum of running the wider line to make the move past Harrison and then looks to chase down Barrett. Mumford catches Barrett on the last lap and a drag to the line sees Mumford take the win ahead of Barrett. Harrison takes third place from Lisa Perry (G32D).

Race result: 1st 62F 2nd R10 3rd SN262 4th G32D

Ladies Stock Hatch

Bethany Embling (C608E) makes the best start going into turn one, going round the outside of the three other competitors to take the lead. Lisa Hills (WS500) and Lisa McKenzie (WS100) battle for second in the early stages of the race, with Hills getting the upper hand and looks to close on the leader. Embling remained unchallenged to take the win ahead of Fay, McKenzie in third and Jax Clamp (WS53) in fourth.

Race result: 1st C608E 2nd WS500 3rd WS100 4th WS53

Ladies 6

It was a level break between Josie Cox (C27E) and Katie Reynolds (SN333) with Cox taking the lead. Reynolds remained close on Cox’s tail throughout the race and in the closing stages looked to make her move by trying the outside line, unable to make the move stick Cox took the win ahead of Reynolds whilst Kristina Hall (SR888) finished in third.

Race result: 1st C27E 2nd SN333 3rd SR888

Ladies 8

Contact at the start saw Vikki Lamb (NW83) and Kim Jenkins (B106H) drop to the back, whilst it was Abi Shields (N24) who made the best start taking the lead in turn one, followed by Emilie Seer (S41D) Linda Lawlor (NW140) and Emma Shell (IK95). Lamb made ground into fifth alongside Emma Ford (A42). Lawlor drops down the order with Shell moving up to third, chasing down Seer who was closing the gap on Shields. Shields takes the win whilst Seer just holds onto second from race one winner Shell in third. Lamb moves up to fourth ahead of Ford and Lawlor, whilst Jenkins finished seventh ahead of Barbara Harper (M111).

Race result: 1st N24 2nd S41D 3rd IK95 4th NW83 5th A42 6th NW140 7th B106H 8th M111

Ladies 9 & 10

The class nine’s and tens were running together and both were mixing it with each other. Lisa Paines (PHD15) made the best start leading the order going into turn one whilst the others were all close behind, with Terri Mumford (60F) out into second ahead of Diane Heath (E111), with Dru Hollingsbee (IK111) leading the class nine’s. Paines spins on the top bend allowing Mumford, Heath and Hollingsbee through. Mumford goes on to take the win unchallenged by second place of Heath. Hollingsbee finished third on track but first in class whilst Paines splits the two nine’s with Helen Rummery (IK214) behind, and the class ten of Chloe Bishop (IK59) rounds out the order, sixth on track and fourth in class.

Race result class 9: 1st IK111 2nd IK214

Race result class 10: 1st 60F 2nd E111 3rd PHD15 4th IK59



Cambridge 10/06/18

So far the 2018 Autograss season has been plagued by the weather and until this weekend the East Anglian league had been unable to hold a meeting, one of two leagues in this position. For the East Anglian league this meant a one meeting shoot-out for national qualifying whilst the meeting was also host to the final Essex league round of national qualifying.

The meeting had a good attendance, as well as the East Anglian and Essex leagues there were also a number of visiting drivers who had made the journey to visit the venue ahead of round 4 of the UK Autograss Championship in September.

With the sun shining we were set for a good day. And thanks to the dry conditions and a well prepared track we saw plenty of fast, close racing with some of the highlights coming in the finals.

In men’s class five Daniel Godfrey (CA10) took the two heat wins, however in the final it was a much closer contest. The first couple of laps it looked to be a repeat of the heats with Godfrey making the best start and pulling away from the rest of the field. However Alex Puddiphatt (SN23) moved into second place and chased down Godfrey, catching him with a couple of laps to go. In the last two laps Puddiphatt made the move on Godfrey to take the lead and despite Godfrey breathing down his neck was able to hold on to take the chequered flag.

It was almost the opposite in the class seven final. Throughout the two heats there was a three way battle for the top spot with all to play for in the national qualifying. In both heats Mike Mackenzie (CA141) took the win however they weren’t easy wins with Mark Brown (SN84) and Lee Forster (CA98) hot on his tail and looking for every which way past. In the final it was Dan Harrison (SN272) who took the initial lead with Mackenzie close behind. However a mistake saw Harrison drop down the order where he would finish the race in fourth whilst Mackenzie went on to pull away from those behind to take another win. The battle again was between Brown and Forster, with the Cambridge chairman taking second place ahead of Brown. All eyes may have been on the front runners however there was still a close battle going on behind with Kevin Catling (CA993) taking fifth place ahead of the Concord duo of Dean Rochard (C19E) and Trevor Martin (C18E).

We saw another three way battle in the combined final of classes nine and ten between the lone class ten of Tom Parr (CA5) and the nine’s of Sean Collins (SN257) and Nathan Lewey (CA4). In the heats it was Collins who had the upper hand, however in the final Lewey held the front spot with both Collins and Parr trying to find a way past. Through no lack of trying the positions remained in this position as they crossed the finish line.

One of the best races of the day came in the Stock Hatch final with the field closely bunched together until the chequered flag. Luke Ransome (SN191), new to the sport this season, took a heat win and was mixing it up at the front with Richard Golding (CA120) and Justin Warren (CA443). Places were being swapped throughout but at the finish it was Golding who took the win ahead of Ransome and Warren. James Packman (CA96) took fourth place ahead of Paul Maxim (C23E) and Jason Barrett (CA97).

Our first trip to Cambridge this season was another enjoyable one and we look forward to returning in September.

Next up is round 2 of the UK Autograss Championship hosted by the Southern League at Bearley Raceway in two weeks’ time on the 23rd and 24th June.

UK Autograss Championship R1 Hereford Evens

Class 2


From the 22 entries there were no repeat winners over the weekend. Barry Lewis (PAC10) ended the round as highest point scorer and took his only win in the A race on Saturday afternoon, making the best start and leading all the way to the flag. However it was close behind, with the rest of the field fighting for the next positions. Heat one winner Thomas Ireland (WS60) took second place ahead of Chris Matthews (96F) and another heat one winner Kyle Everett (WS222). Dai Loyd (C21) finished fifth on track but picked up a green flag which knocked him down to seventh and moving Dave Jones (SV51) and Steven Howells (H45) up to fifth and sixth. Connor Bishop (IK252) was the last contender, stalling on the line meant he was playing catch up for the race.

1st Barry Lewis PAC10 = 145 2nd Chris Manners 96F = 127 3rd Thomas Ireland WS60/Dave Jones SV51 = 121


Helen Bishop (IK252) was the race one winner however in race two it was Katie Jones (SV51) and Fiona Mauchland-Duff (CS44) who were fighting for the top position. Although it didn’t go to plan for either of them as they picked up a green flag which dropped Mauchland-Duff down to third and Jones to fourth. Bishop was sitting in third place and was therefore promoted to take the win ahead of Gracie Perry (G18D). Shania Jones (SV52) stopped on the line after a jump start to let the rest of the grid go and therefore was left to chase them down.

1st Helen Bishop IK252 = 155 2nd Fiona Mauchland-Duff CS44 = 119 3rd Katie Jones SV51 = 100 4th Gracie Perry G18D = 88

Class 4


Colin Attrill (IK272) came away from round one championship leader despite not going out on Sunday. Attrill took the wins in heats one and two and in the second heat it was a race for second between Gary Pemberton (CA242) and Mike Mayne (YS77) with Mayne getting the position over Pemberton. Dayle O’Hara (SR198) was running well but was unable to complete the race whilst Spencer Mills (LUD5) was a non-starter.

1st Colin Attrill IK272 = 110 2nd Dayle O’Hara SR198 = 100 3rd Gary Pemberton CA242 = 93 4th Mike Mayne YS77 = 81


Only one entry for the round meant that Mandy Kennedy (SB6) came away from the weekend with maximum points, despite suffering problems throughout.

1st Mandy Kennedy SB6 = 165

Class 6


The A race on Saturday saw plenty of action. There were battles for first and for third. Jamie Ivermee (G17D) held the position to take his second win of the day ahead of Jordan Spavins (SN451) in second. Dean Robinson (YS41) got the upper hand on Jamie Knewham (IK48) to finish third. Sixth place went to Bryn Jones (S35) ahead of Tony Reynolds (SN333). Leigh Scotford (G16D) came away in joint first place with fellow Gloucester man Ivermee after two wins in heats two and three.

1st Jamie Ivermee G17D/Leigh Scotford G16D = 138 3rd Dean Robinson YS41 = 126 4th Jordan Spavins SN451


The battle was up front between Rachel Collier (IK960) and Katie Reynolds (SN333). Reynolds went on to take the wins in all three heats with Collier second in heats one and two. The second heat saw Sarah Ivermee (G16D) in third whilst Toni Humphrey (IK334) was fourth.

1st Katie Reynolds SN333 = 165 2nd Rachel Collier IK960 = 126 3rd Sarah Ivermee G16D = 117 4th Toni Humphrey IK334 = 56

Stock Hatch


Gareth Yeomans (H76) made the most of being on his home track and took three wins out of three across the weekend. The second heat on Saturday saw him take a comfortable win ahead of Glen Embling (C608E) whilst fellow Essex man John Sullivan (C3E) recovered from a poor start and worked his way through the field to take third. Karl Taylor (CA3) was fourth ahead of Paul Maxim (C23E) and Luke Ransome (SN191). Roly Pinches (R503) claimed seventh ahead of defending champion Ian Fay (WS500).

1st Gareth Yeomans H76 = 165 2nd Glen Embling C608E = 117 3rd Ian Fay WS500 = 96 4th Luke Ransome SN191 = 71


It was a win in the first heat for Lisa Fay (WS500) however Bethany Embling (C608E) was able to hold her off in heat two to take her first win of the weekend. A win in heat three on Sunday put Embling above in the points.

1st Bethany Embling C608E = 155 2nd Lisa Fay WS500 = 100

Class 8


One of the most competitive classes and with 40 entries meant there were 13 different winners. The A race on Saturday was hotly contested with heat one winners, Mike Mumford (160F), Ben Harper (M111), Cat Mumford (158F) and Josh Reid (CS22). However it was Malcolm Lane (CA23) who took the lead at the start on the improving track and was chased down by Mike Mumford and Lee Cox (B2H). The crossed the line in this order ahead of Ashely Hutchings (PHD12) in fourth. Sam Perry (G8D) picked up fifth ahead of Cat Mumford, Reid and Harper. Alex Hall picked up a win in heat two whilst Cox won in heat three which put them joint top of the table after the first round.

1st Alex Hall R411/Lee Cox B2H = 136 3rd Sam Perry G8D = 121 4th Dan Borman NW47 = 117


A 9 car entry saw split grids, with the top five going through into the A race in the afternoon, which saw the two previous heat winners, Vikki Lamb (NW83) and Sophie Mason (C21E). Lamb fought with Emilie Seer (S41D) and Abi Shields (N24) for the second heat win which went to Seer ahead of Lamb whilst Emma Shell (IK95) moved up into third place ahead of Shields in fourth and Mason in fifth.

1st Vikki Lamb NW83 = 145 2nd Abi Shields N24 3rd Emilie Seer S41D = 100 4th Linda Lawlor NW140 = 92

Class 10


Tony Jones (SR117) came away from the first round championship point’s leader despite not winning a race. The A race on Saturday saw a battle for first between Marc Paskell (H250) and Gareth Paines (PHD15) with the result finishing in this order. Jones took third place ahead of Julian Heath (E111) and Keith Matthews (ARC9). Tom Parr (CA5) held onto sixth from heat one winner Gary Ford (A42).

1st Tony Jones SR117 = 126 2nd Julian Heath E111 = 119 3rd Gareth Paines PHD15 = 118 4th Keith Matthews ARC9 = 112


The heat one win went to Terri Mumford (60F) but it was Mel Gallagher (LM7) who was back in the race seat after a couple of years off that took the win in the second heat after a battle with Lisa Paines (PHD15). Paines dropped back to third with Diane Heath (E111) picking up second whilst, Mumford finished in fourth.

1st Mel Gallagher LM7 = 100 2nd Terri Mumford 60F = 83 3rd Diane Heath E111 = 73 4th Jodi Paskell H250/Lisa Paines PHD15 = 36

Junior Specials

Charlie Steele (SN727) was unbeaten across the weekend, taking the early lead in the A race Saturday afternoon. Jim Pinches (R350) pulled away in second from the pack behind but wasn’t able to chase down Steele. Third place went to Daniel Smith (LUD44) ahead of Luke Stiles (IK30) and Emily Richardson (N592) whilst Fergus Reynolds (PHD16) was the last finisher in sixth.

1st Charlie Steele SN727 = 165 2nd Daniel Smith LUD44 = 136 3rd Reece/Kieran Wetherick IK99 = 119 4th Jim Pinches R350 = 118

UK Autograss Championship R1 Hereford Odds

Class 1


From the 34 drivers that competed over the weekend there were 12 different winners. The first five winners of the weekend all met in the A race on Saturday afternoon; Jake Law (SR3), Dean Smith (LUD47), Keve Hughes (NS7), Caine Parnell (SP129) and James Claydon (Y229). The race was a Micra/Mini battle between Smith and Law to see who would end the day top of the table, Smith went on to take the win ahead of Law as the two pulled away from the battling pack. Ryan Smith (PHD29) took the third place spot ahead of Claydon, Hughes and Parnell. Dean Smith went on to take his third win on Sunday morning to end the meeting leading the championship, whilst another win for Hughes moved him up the table and was the only other multiple race winner in the class.

1st Dean Smith LUD47 = 165 2nd Jake Law SR3 = 145 3rd Kev Hughes = 131 4th Jordan Barlow WS43 = 127


The highest entry of the ladies classes saw 14 class one’s. Sophie Eggerton (LUD47) took the lead at the start of Saturday’s A race and went on to take her second win of the weekend, which saw her come away from the opening round in the championship lead. Second place went to Maisie Emms (E78) ahead of Lacey Law (SR24) in third. Charlotte Lines (IK498) was next in fourth place followed by Chloe Reynolds (ST630) and Megan Williams (CM77) whilst Paige Crisp (SV18), a heat one winner, was the last of the finishers. Wins on Sunday in the very wet conditions for Singer and Law moved them up the points table into second and third.

1st Sophie Eggerton LUD47 = 138 2nd Jessica Singer SS26 = 128 3rd Lacey Law SR24 = 119 4th Charlotte Lines IK498 = 118

Class 3


A 16 car entry produced 5 different winners with defending champion Adrian Joyce (WS22) leaving the opening round on top of the championship after three wins. He was joined in the second heat A race by father and son duo of Ed Lloyd (C85) and Matt Lloyd (C87). These three were joined by Mick Sumners (R169) as the front runners in Saturday’s A race, with Joyce taking the lead and pulling away. When Matt Lloyd broke away from the others he began chasing down Joyce and once Sumners has passed into third he does the same. Neither were able to change the order with Joyce taking the win ahead of Matt Lloyd, Sumners, and Ed Lloyd. Martin Roberts (PAC157) got the better of Martin Beaney (IK316) for fifth with Dave Westlake (123F) and Stewart Moore (LUD9) rounding out the field.

1st Adrian Joyce WS22 = 165 2nd Matt Lloyd C87 = 136 3rd Mick Sumners R169 = 126 4th Dave Westlake 123F = 110


Donna Brown (CM4) went on to take all three wins in the class, however she had close competition. In the A race on Saturday it was Linda Smith (SN351), a newbie to the class who took the lead however the experience of Brown and Shell Sumners (R169) bettered her and Brown went on to take the win from Sumners in second and Smith in third. Sheri Sumners (R168) finished the day in fourth.

1st Donna Brown CM4 = 165 2nd Shell Sumners R169 = 90 3rd Linda Smith SN351 = 72 4th Sheri Sumners R168 = 56

Class 5


We saw 10 different winners from the 29 entries over the weekend, with Julian Heath (E10), Ben Harper (M11), Stuart Deacon (S60D) and Lewis Richards (TA451) all taking wins in heat one to see them through to the A race in the second heats. It was Harper and Louis Jackson (N7) who made the best starts, with Harper taking the lead at turn one. Jackson dropped back from Harper who took his second win of the weekend. Heath and Deacon were having their own battle with Heath taking third and Deacon fourth whilst Mike Sullivan (C11E) just dropped behind into fifth holding off James Mason (B11H). Mark Ashmead (38F) came away top of the table after wins in heats two and three. 

1st Mark Ashmead 38F = 146 2nd Julian Heath E10 = 136 3rd Ben Harper M11 = 131 4th Aaron Mason R19 = 127


The second heat on Saturday saw plenty of action with three different leaders. It was Janet Murray (38F) who took the initial lead, with Emily Saitch (C11E) hot on her tail. A mistake by Murray saw Saitch take the lead which she would maintain for the middle part of the race but behind her was Diane Heath (E10), heat one winner and an experienced racer. A small mistake by Saitch saw Heath claim the win, with Saitch second with Barbara Harper (M11) third and Amanda Mason (B11H) fourth with Murray a non-finisher.

1st Diane Heath E10 = 146 2nd Emily Saitch C11E = 135 3rd Janet Murray 38F = 91 4th Barbara Harper M11 = 57

Class 7


The four heat one winners featured in the second heat A race; Darrell Cole (CM15), Paul Waldron (139F), Nick Creed (G1D) and Lee Waldron (4F). Lee Waldron’s race ended prematurely when he pulled off part way through putting an end to his weekend. This wasn’t before he was fighting it out at the front with Dad, Paul and Cole. Cole went on to take his second win of the day ahead of Paul Waldron, whilst Paul Bacon (N60) picked up third. Creed ended the race in fourth ahead of Billy Jo Driver (IK41) who was the last of the finishers.

1st Darrell Cole CM15 = 155 2nd Karl Best BC3 = 136 3rd Mike Hockly 62F = 127 4th Luke Hall IK94 = 121


Emily Barrett (R10) came away from the weekend leading the early stage of the championship, the only one of the six entries to brave the conditions on Sunday. However on Saturday it was the battle between Nicola Mackenzie (CA141) and Terri Mumford (62F) that everyone was watching, with Mackenzie taking the two wins. Cathy Harrison (SN262) was also a front runner in both races, but mistakes each time out saw her with zero points on the board after round one.

1st Emily Barrett R10 = 127 2nd Nicola Mackenzie CA141 = 110 3rd Terri Mumford 62F = 90 4th Karen Burke N16 = 56

Class 9


It is Mike Liddiatt (309F) who came away from the weekend leading the championship despite only one win over the weekend. Jack Joyce (WS2) was the only driver to score two wins in the class, taking the second in the A race on Saturday afternoon. Liddiatt was his closest competitor but dropped back with a battle for second with Matthew Rigby (N270) with Liddiatt holding onto second and Rigby third. Derrick Brown (G6D) took fourth place ahead of Karl Morgan (C69) and Marcus Mills (LUD3) who was the last of the finishers.

1st Mike Liddiatt 309F = 145 2nd Jack Joyce WS2 = 138 3rd Matthew Rigby N270 = 127 4th Allan Kerr SB47 = 126


Like last year it was a battle between the two Invicta Kent ladies and we look set for a good battle throughout the year as they ended the round equal on points. Helen Rummery (IK214) took the win in the first heat whilst Dru Hollingsbee (IK111) claimed it in the second heat with neither opting to go out on Sunday.

1st IK111 Dru Hollingsbee/IK214 Helen Rummery = 100



Andrew Watson (SB20) got his title defence off to a good start, ending the opening round top of the table.  However it was Terry Cox (ST1) who was the leader at the start of the weekend, taking the two wins on the Saturday, and opting not to go out in the worsening conditions on Sunday. In the A race on Saturday, it was a battle between these two for the top positions with Cox taking the win from Watson, whilst there was another battle behind for third place. Andy Reeve (N28) was leading Robert Patterson (SL87) at the start but Patterson made the move past to take third place with Reeve finishing fourth ahead of Matthew Hickingbotham (ST62).

1st Andrew Watson SB20 = 145 2nd Terry Cox ST1 = 110 3rd Matthew Hickingbotham ST62 = 87 4th= Andy Reeve N28/Robert Patterson SL87 = 64

Junior Saloons

There was only 13 entries in the junior saloons this time out, and making an early mark in the championship was Ruben Hage (N35) who came away unbeaten. It was Zach Spencer (E435) who made the best start and took the early lead with Hage on his tail. Hage made his move past Spencer going up the inside on the top turn with Tom Herbert (S31D) following him through. They would go on to finish in this order, Hage first, Herbert second and Hage third. Behind them there was another battle going on, this time there were three fighting for fourth. Kyle Newman (BC99) came out best claiming the position ahead of Sam Smith (SV99) and Emily Zammit (H173) with Aaron Marfell (G66D) rounding out the finishers in seventh.

1st Ruben Hage N35 = 165 2nd Tom Herbert S31D = 135 3rd Aaron Marfell G66D = 110 4th Robert Evans TA91 = 100