Kings of Shale 2018

Closing out the Autograss season was the inaugural Kings of Shale held at the Adrian Flux Arena in Kings Lynn, the home of the King’s Lynn Stars Speedway team.

The event had over 100 registered drivers, a healthy number spread across all the classes, each competing in two heats and finals after a mandatory practice session.

The star of the day was the class eight driver of Sam Matthews (IK427) who was the fastest driver around the circuit all day. Starting heat one on the front row meant a dominant win for Matthews, whilst heat two was a reversed grid it meant Matthews had to work his way up the order from the back, where despite a mistake he took second place. The final he started on pole with Barry Hathaway (C83E) alongside. Hathaway was in a battle for second with Matt Berrisford (NS155), which allowed Matthews to take the win by over half a lap.

Whilst the Champion of Champions race was bought to an early end after contact between Phil Peek (YD24) and Jack Rawlinson (SC93) which saw both drivers in the wall. However, Matthews had already worked his way past these two drivers to take up the lead, again making easy work of moving through the rest of the order.

In the Junior Saloons final it was a close battle between Oliver Tilson (SN196) and Baxter Pargeter (N45), with Tilson holding the lead from the start, and the race ended as a drag to the line where Tilson held onto the win. However in the Junior Champion of Champions race Pargeter had the upper hand and went on to take a dominant win.

There was a great atmosphere at the circuit on Saturday, and Lee Forster and the team did a fantastic job of hosting this event for the first time. With only positive feedback from those who attended, let’s hope we see the Kings of Shale back on the calendar in 2019.

Below is a list of each of the class winners.

Class 1: PAC1 Dalt Thomas

Class 2: S443Y Kevin Atkins

Class 3: CM4 Viv Cole

Class 4: ST4 Andrew Wood

Class 5: YD916 Wes Green

Class 6: C608E Glen Embling

Class 7: M99 Rick Finnerty

Class 8: IK427 Sam Matthews

Class 9: SP10 Tony Wilson

F600: SP1 Scott Ayres

Class 10: SC93 Jack Rawlinson

Stock Hatch: YD24 Phil Peek

Junior Saloon: SN196 Oliver Tilson

Junior Special: P888EM Alfie Tomlinson

Kings of Shale: IK427 Sam Matthews

Junior Kings of Shale: N45 Baxter Pargeter


UK Autograss Championship R4 Finals

Round 4 of the UK Autograss Championships was hosted by Cambridge Autograss Club, the first time the club has hosted a big event and the first time many had visited the venue. The club put on a fantastic meeting and despite rain on Saturday the track stood up well and once again there was some fantastic racing. Here are the final reports.

Class 1

It was Caine Parnell (SP129) who was the first to show and lead into the first bend but down the finish straight he was three-a-breast with Kev Hughes (NS7) and Justin Hardy (SS1), however a mistake from Hughes on the pit bend saw him drop down to the back of the order whilst Jake Law (SR3) caught onto the tails of the leading duo. It was the Mini versus Micra race till the end with the two running side-by-side until the flag with the Mini of Hardy just edging the win over Parnell. Hughes worked his way back up the order from the back to take third place, right back on the tail of Parnell, whilst Law had to settle for fourth. Fifth place was taken by William Drayton (SN124) closely followed by Jordan Barlow (WS43), whilst Kieron Mackenzie (SP402) picked up seventh place ahead of James Parnell (SP921).

Results: 1st SS1 2nd SP129 3rd NS7 4th SR3 5th SN124 6th WS43 7th SP402 8th SP921

Points: 1st SP129 Caine Parnell = 683 2nd NS7 Kev Hughes = 598 3rd SR3 Jake Law = 584 4th LUD46 Dean Smith = 527

Class 2

The first to show was Kyle Everett (WS222) having his nose in front, whilst championship leaders, Barry Lewis (PAC10) tries to get the edge round the outside, with Chris Manners (96F) and Sam Barrett (SP19) hot on their heels in the opening lap. Everett maintained the lead and took the win, whilst Lewis was able to hold onto second from Barrett who closed in during the closing stages. Carl Brooks (C14E) took fourth place ahead of Manners, Steven Howells (H45) and Jamie Lillington (SS45).

Results: 1st WS222 2nd PAC10 3rd SP19 4th C14E 5th 96F 6th H45 7th SS45

Points: 1st PAC10 Barry Lewis = 667 2nd 96F Chris Manners = 480 3rd SV52 Andrew Jones = 418 4th C14E Carl Brooks = 417

Junior Specials

First to show was Charlie Thompson (Y15) however out of turn one he was side-by-side with Reece/Kieran Weatherick (IK99). Thompson took the lead whilst Sam Pinches (R35) also made his way past Weatherick on the second bend and closed down on Thompson. Thompson went on to take the win with Pinches in second. Ben Lunt (SR95) closed down on Weatherick but a problem for Weatherick saw him drop to the back of the order allowing Lunt to pick up third from Luke Stiles (IK30) and Jim Pinches (R350) who were having their own battle, whilst Ruby-Atkins Stott took sixth place ahead of Weatherick.

Results: 1st Y15 2nd R35 3rd SR95 4th IK30 5th R350 6th A11 7th IK99

Points: 1st SN727 Charlie Steele = 535 2nd Y15 Charlie Thompson = 515 3rd R35 Sam Pinches = 509 4th R350 Jim Pinches = 472

Class 3

Turn one saw three cars side-by-side, Adrian Joyce (WS22), Barry Almond (PAC157) and Viv Cole (CM4), with Anthony Teather (C7E) right on their tail. Cole took up the lead position with Joyce in second and Almond third, where Cole continued to pull away from the battle for second, whislt there was a four car battle for the lower positions. Cole went on to take a convincing win, whilst Almond just edged Joyce for second and Teather comfortable in fourth. Mick Sumners (R168) held onto fifth place from Dave Westlake (123F), whilst Matt Duffell (L1) moved ahead into seventh place ahead of Richard Spavins (SN351).

Results: 1st CM4 2nd PAC157 3rd WS22 4th C7E 5th R168 6th 123F 7th L1 8th SN351

Points: 1st WS22 Adrian Joyce = 679 2nd PAC157 Martin Roberts = 484 3rd 123F Dave Westlake = 458 4th CM4 Viv Cole = 409

Class 5

Mike Sullivan (C11E) was the first to edge his nose in front before turn one, and came out the bend alongside Lewis Richards (TA451) and Julian Heath (E10) with Richards taking the lead. The race was at the front between Richards and Sullivan with a lot of running side-by-side until in the last few laps Sullivan suffered problems that saw him drop down the order. Richards went on to take a clean sweep with his fourth win of the weekend, whilst Ben Harper (M11) moved up the order to take second place ahead of Heath. Local man Ken Smith (SN123) picked up fourth place ahead of Sullivan, Aaron Mason (R19) and Hayden Cox (B20H).

Results: 1st TA451 2nd M11 3rd E10 4th SN123 5th C11E 6th R19 7th B20H

Points: 1st M11 Ben Harper = 640 2nd TA451 Lewis Richards = 533 3rd R19 Aaron Mason = 506 4th E10 Julian Heath = 505

Class 7

Cambridge chairman Lee Forster (CA98) was the first to show however it was championship leader Paul Waldron (139F) who led the way exiting the first bend. Once out in front there was no stopping Waldron and the race was then on for second. Mike Hockly (62F) and Hugh Lafferty (R57) were in the fight for second, whilst in the closing stages of the race so was Paul Bacon (N60) who was recovering from a spin in the first turn. Whilst behind there was another three car battle for the lower positions. Waldron went on to take an unchallenged win, whilst Hockly held onto second from Bacon and Lafferty. Mark Brown (SN84) held onto fifth from Forster whilst James Clamp (WS50) who was in this battle retired from the race.

Results: 1st 139F 2nd 62F 3rd N60 4th R57 5th SN84 6th CA98

Points: 1st 139F Paul Waldron = 626 2nd N60 Paul Bacon = 538 3rd CA98 Lee Forster = 500 4th 62F Mike Hockly = 467

Class 9

Off the line it was Kevin Jones (TA3) who was first to show, but going into turn one it was Richard Morrant (M25) who had the lead, but to swap with Jones coming out of the turn. The second bend saw third and fourth places, Kevin Lewey (CA4) and Andrew Adams (R8). The two leaders pulled away from the rest of the field and continued a race long battle, where at the flag it was Jones who took the win from Morrant. Behind, over the first half of the race there was a battle between Matthew Rigby (N270) and Jamie Hollingsbee (IK111), once Hollingsbee made his way through he set about chasing down the leaders, as did Jack Joyce (WS2) who had also moved ahead of Rigby, this order would remain, with Hollingsbee in third, Joyce fourth and Rigby fifth. Adams recovered to sixth, whilst Mike Liddiatt (309F) picked up seventh place despite a puncture.

Results: 1st TA3 2nd M25 3rd IK111 4th WS2 5th N270 6th R8 7th 309F

Points: 1st WS2 Jack Joyce = 567 2nd 309F Mike Liddiatt = 531 3rd M25 Richard Morrant = 486 4th IK111 Jamie Hollingsbee = 43

Junior Saloons

It was championship leader, Tom Herbert (S31D), who made the best start and looked to have a couple of car lengths lead going into turn one, however coming out of the top bend he had Ruben Hage (N35) and Ben Macgregor (IK734) on his tail. It was a battle between the three for the lead and Macgregor made the move from third to first round the outside of Hage and Herbert on one bend. Hage took a tap from behind which forced him out of shape and saw him drop down the order, and allowed Herbert and Macgregor to pull away from the battle for third. In the closing laps Rachel Alderson (YD63) and Zach Spencer (E435) caught up onto the back of Herbert. Macgregor went on to take the win, Herbert held onto second from Spencer, whilst Alderson dropped to fourth after her move round the outside to pass into second on the final bend saw her too wide. Hage picked up fifth place from Alfie Warren (CA204) and Jamie Barlow (WS34) whilst Charlie Williams (CA42) completed the order.

Results: 1st IK734 2nd S31D 3rd E435 4th YD63 5th N35 6th CA204 7th WS34 8th CA42

Points: 1st S31D Tom Herbert = 629 2nd N35 Ruben Hage = 601 3rd IK734 Ben Macgregor = 475 4th E435 Zach Spencer = 467

Class 4

The race at the front came from the top three final qualifiers, Kevin Jones (WR120), Pete Berry (IK221) and Colin Attrill (IK272), with Berry the one who got his nose in front first, whilst Attrill had the upper hand on Jones. Just after half way mark of the race Jones was an early retirement whilst the race at the front between the two Invicta Kent Mini Pickups heated up. Despite the challenge from Attrill, Berry held onto the win with the two finishing half a lap in front of third placed Mike Mayne (YS77). Fourth place went to Richard Payne (IK82), Sean Young (CA38) and Danny Beckwith (CA313).

Results: 1st IK221 2nd IK272 3rd YS77 4th IK82 5th CA38 6th CA313

Points: 1st IK272 Colin Attrill = 603 2nd IK221 Pete Berry = 489 3rd CA242 Gary Pemberton = 379 4th YS77 Mike Mayne = 293

Class 6

David Gilder (R61) had the edge on the start of the rerun, however it was championship leader, Jamie Ivermee (G17D), who led coming out of the first turn. Ivermee then went on to pull a gap on second place whilst behind Gilder there was a four car battle for third. Leigh Scotford (G16D) dropped out of this battle and was an early retirement, whilst the other three contenders were Tony Reynolds (SN333), Paul Horwood (SN263) and Paul Bailey (H99). Bailey moved through this battle and ahead of Gilder and closed down the gap on Ivermee, however Ivermee went on to take the win from Bailey and Gilder. Reynolds claimed fourth after a problem on the final bend for Horwood saw him crawl over the line in fifth, holding onto the position from Tony Teather (C27E).

Results: 1st G17D 2nd H99 3rd R61 4th SN333 5th SN263 6th C27E

Points: 1st G17D Jamie Ivermee = 601 2nd SN333 Tony Reynolds = 513 3rd SN451 Jordan Spavins = 456 4th YS41 Dean Robinson = 411

Stock Hatch

It was Thomas Ireland (SS59) who made the best break leading going into turn one, however coming out of the bend Luke Ransome (SN191) was alongside him. They ran side-by-side for the nest lap before Ransome got his nose in front, despite this Ireland didn’t let off the challenge for the lead. Behind there was a battle for third between Karl Taylor (CA3) and Glen Embling (C608E) until Embling picked up a mechanical failure with a few laps to go. Ransome took the win from Ireland, with the two running nose-to-tail till the flag, whilst Taylor took third place. Richard Golding (CA120) picked up fourth place ahead of John Sullivan (C3E) and James Clamp (WS53), whilst Embling crawled across the line to take seventh.

Results: 1st SN191 2nd SS59 3rd CA3 4th CA120 5th C3E 6th WS53 7th C608E

Points: 1st C608E Glen Embling = 542 2nd H76 Gareth Yeomans = 532 3rd SS59 Thomas Ireland = 497 4th C3E John Sullivan = 472

Class 8

Defending champion, Mike Mumford (160F), made the quickest start and led the way going into turn one. Sam Perry (G8D) took up second position and seemed to pull away from the battle for third between Alex Hall (R411) and Mark Hall (IK35), however a mistake from Perry allowed the two Hall’s to close the gap down whilst Josh Reid (CS22) and Malcolm Lane (CA23) also joined the battle for second. The race continued for second until the end, which allowed Mumford to take the win by over a quarter of a lap. Perry held onto second, whilst Alex Hall crossed the line third but a green flag saw him drop down to fifth, promoting Mark Hall into third ahead of Reid, whilst Lane was the last of the finishers in sixth.

Results: 1st 160F 2nd G8D 3rd IK35 4th CS22 5th R411 6th CA23

Points: 1st R411 Alex Hall = 614 2nd 160F Mike Mumford = 613 3rd G8D Sam Perry = 494 4th CS22 Josh Reid = 468


It was an even break between Andrew Watson (SB20), Jase Garnett (N692) and Terry Cox (ST1) which saw Cox leading into turn one, whilst they were side-by-side on the exit with Garnett just having his nose in front. A mistake from Cox allowed Watson into second place where he then set about challenging for the lead. Despite the attempts that Watson made to pass Garnett it wasn’t enough and Garnett held on to take the win. Cox dropped away from this battle but took third place ahead of Matthew Hickingbotham (ST62).

Results: 1st N692 2nd SB20 3rd ST1 4th ST62

Points: 1st SB20 Andrew Watson = 598 2nd ST1 Terry Cox = 435 3rd ST62 Matthew Hickingbotham = 336 4th N692 Jase Garnett = 303

Class 10

National champion, James Poltimore (SS79), and Gary Ford (A42) made a level break and headed into turn one first, however Ford spun and ended up at the back of the order, whilst Keith Matthews (ARC9) also ended up spinning out whilst trying to avoid Ford but picked up damage which saw him crawling to the end. Poltimore, however, was away and gone pulling away from the battle of second between Julian Heath (E111) and Dean Thomas (TA10). The race came to an early stop when Ben Shell (IK59) and Ford come together on the pit bend. There was no rerun so the result stood with Poltimore taking the win from Thomas, Heath and Tom Parr (CA5) in fourth. Kevin Hurdman (R200) took fifth place ahead of Shell and Matthews.

Results: 1st SS79 2nd TA10 3rd E111 4th CA5 5th R200 6th IK59 7th ARC9

Points: 1st SS79 James Poltimore = 632 2nd PHD15 Gareth Paines = 500 3rd E111 Julian Heath = 446 4th ARC9 Keith Matthews = 432

Ladies 1

Jess Singer (SS26) was the first to show, flying out the gate and took the lead going into turn one, with Robyn Highstead (IK961) and Megan Williams (CM77) on her tail. Bethany Embling (C535E) closes down and joins the battle for second, passing Williams. Williams was then caught from behind sending her out of shape and rejoining at the back. A last bend challenge from Highstead didn’t pay off and Singer took the win. Over the line Embling finished third, but the race classification shows Williams reinstated into third. Behind Embling over the line was Emma Clark (SP921), Sophie Eggergton (LUD47) and Lacey Law (SR24).

Results: 1st SS26 2nd IK961 3rd CM77 4th C535E 5th SP921 6th LUD47 7th SR24

Points: 1st SS26 Jessica Singer = 613 2nd C535E Bethany Embling = 564 3rd SR24 Lacey Law = 468 4th LUD47 Sophie Eggerton = 442

Ladies 3

Lianne Teather (C7E) made the best start, but it was Jo Thompson (Y51) who came out of the first turn in front. After the first lap the four cars had spread out and though Teather looked to close the gap occasionally there was no challenge for the lead, which meant that Thompson took the win. Despite crossing the line in second place, Teather had picked up a green flag for cones which docked her two places. Donna Brown (CM4) was promoted to second and this was enough for her to secure the championship, one of only two titles decided at the penultimate round. Third place went to Linda Smith (SN351).

Results: 1st Y51 2nd CM4 3rd SN351 4th C7E

Points: 1st CM4 Donna Brown = 625 2nd R169 Shell Sumners = 373 3rd Y51 Jo Thompson = 360 4th SN351 Linda Smith = 297

Ladies 5

Linda Smith (SN123) made the best getaway but going into turn one she was side-by-side with Emily Saitch (C11E) with Saitch taking the lead coming out of the turn and Diane Heath (E10) moving up into second with Smith retiring on the first lap. Heath closes down onto the back of Saitch and a mistake from the Concord driver allows Heath through to take the lead. Despite trying to challenge Saitch has to settle for second as Heath takes the win, with Maisie Emms (SN23) taking third place.

Results: 1st E10 2nd C11E 3rd SN23

Points: 1st 38F Janet Murray = 517 2nd E10 Diane Heath = 484 3rd C11E Emily Saitch = 356 4th M11 Barbara Harper = 279

Ladies 7

It was an even break for the four cars but going into turn one with her nose just in front was Nicola Mackenzie (CA141). The opening laps saw two battles going on, one for first with Terri Mumford (62F) trying to find a way past Mackenzie, and one for third with Emily Barrett (R10) and Cathy Harrison (SN262). Over the course of the race the four cars spread out with Mackenzie taking the win from Mumford, Barrett held onto third with Harrison fourth.

Results: 1st CA141 2nd 62F 3rd R10 4th SN262

Points: 1st 62F Terri Mumford = 608 2nd R10 Emily Barrett = 549 3rd CA141 Nicola Mackenzie = 268 4th SN262 Cathy Harrison = 222

Ladies 2

Hannah Hinton (NASA25) looked to have made the best start however it was Shania Jones (SV52) who led into turn one however she was spun round whilst Emma Clark (CA85) was spat out. The first corner antics allowed Helen Bishop (IK252) to take up the lead whilst there was a battle for second between Gracie/Lisa Perry (G18D) and Hinton. Hinton was able to take up second place where she then set about closing the gap down on Bishop, however she ran out laps allowing Bishop to take the win ahead of Hinton, whilst Clark recovered to take third place from Perry who was the last finisher.

Results: 1st IK252 2nd NASA25 3rd CA85 4th G18D

Points: 1st CS44 Fiona Mauchland-Duff = 530 2nd IK252 Helen Bishop = 48 3rd NASA25 Hannah Hinton = 419 4th SV51 Katie Jones = 335

Ladies 4 & SH

There are just the two class fours and one Stock Hatch, with a problem on board Bethany Embling’s car (C608E) carried over from the men’s final, she crawls round the outside to score some vital championship points. There was a race long battle for the other two but it was Kelly Wetherick (IK272) who took the win, closing the point’s gap down on Mandy Kennedy (SB6) who finished second, going into the final round.

Results class 4: 1st IK272 2nd SB6

Results SH: 1st C608E

Points class 4: 1st SB6 Mandy Kennedy = 599 2nd IK272 Kelly Wetherick = 518

Points SH: 1st C608E Bethany Embling = 699 2nd WS500 Lisa Hills = 533 3rd WS100 Lisa McKenzie = 146 4th WS53 Jax Clamp = 73

Ladies 6

It was top qualifier Josie Cox (C27E) who was the first to show and led the way from turn one. Sarah Ivermee (G16D) made a challenge round the outside but this saw her drop down the order. The battle on track was for second place between Kristina Hall (SR888) and Katie Reynolds (SN333), this allowing Cox to pull away. Cox went on to take the win, with Hall holding onto second from Reynolds. Fourth place went to Rachel Collier (IK960) ahead of Katrina Beckwith (CA333) and Toni Humphrey (IK334).

Results class 6: 1st C27E 2nd SR888 3rd SN333 4th IK960 5th CA333 6th IK334

Points class 6: 1st SN333 Katie Reynolds = 541 2nd C27E Josie Cox = 360 3rd IK334 Toni Humphrey = 326 4th G16D Sarah Ivermee = 289

Ladies 8

It was the two North Wales cars that made the best starts with Linda Lawlor (NW140) just having her nose in front going into turn one, but came out side-by-side with Vikki Lamb (NW83), however down the finish straight Lamb gets the lead and from there pulls away Lawlor. The race is then on for second with Emma Shell (IK95) and Abi Shields (N24) closing the gap on Lawlor, with Shields quickly passing both Shell and Lawlor. Lamb went on to take a convincing win, with Shields taking second ahead of Shell. Lawlor just held onto fourth from Emma Ford (A43), whilst Sandra Shields (N20) was the last of the finishers.

Results: 1st NW83 2nd N24 3rd IK95 4th NW140 5th A43 6th N20

Points: 1st N24 Abi Shields = 626 2nd IK95 Emma Shell = 531 3rd NW83 Vikki Lamb = 509 4th M111 Barbara Harper = 312

Ladies 9 & 10

Chloe Bishop (IK59) was the first to show and came out of turn one in the lead with Diane Heath (E111) close behind, however at the pit bend Bishop pushed wide which allowed both Heath and Terri Mumford (60F) past. For the next few laps it was then a battle between Heath and Mumford for the top spot, and a move round the outside allowed Mumford through to take up the running where she went on to pull away from Heath and this was how they crossed the line. Lisa Paines (PHD15) recovered from a bad start to move up to third, whilst Dru Hollingsbee (IK111) also made her way past Bishop and was the first of the class nine’s and this confirmed Hollingsbee as the class champion. Bishop followed next ahead of the other class nine of Helen Rummery (IK214).

Results class 9: 1st IK111 2nd IK214

Results class 10: 1st 60F 2nd E111 3rd PHD15 4th IK59

Points class 9: 1st IK111 Dru Hollingsbee = 697 2nd IK214 Helen Rummery = 298 3rd R58 Louise Back = 135

Points class 10: 1st 60F Terri Mumford = 534 2nd E111 Diane Heath = 516 3rd PHD15 Lisa Paines 362 4th IK59 Chloe Bishop = 257

Champion of Champions

The winners of the Champion of Champion races were:

Men’s: R411 Alex Hall

Ladies: IK272 Kelly Wetherick

UK Autograss Championship Round 5 Build Up

As we head into the final round of the UK Autograss Championships this weekend, which will be hosted by Nottingham Autograss Club, there is everything to play for with only two champions already decided.

Mathematically there are still many competitors in the title fight as well as the final trophy positions, although for some this is going to be harder than for others, but still expect the positions in the championship tables to change after this coming weekend especially with changeable weather conditions predicted.

But first we do already have two champions and they are ladies class 3 champion Donna Brown (CM4) and ladies class 9 champion Dru Hollingsbee (IK111). Congratulation ladies!

That means there are still 24 class champions still to be decided as well as the overall men’s, ladies and junior champions.

The closest battle for the top spot is in men’s class 8 where the top two, Alex Hall (R411) and Mike Mumford (160F), are separated by just 1 point. Whilst in men’s Stock Hatch the top 4 are separated by 70 points and the top 6 could still all take the title.

Of the two junior classes it is the specials that are the closest with the top 4 covered by 63 points and only 20 between the top two. With 28 points separating the top two in the saloons.

Whereas in the ladies it is class 10 that is the closest with the top two separated by 18 points. In class 4 there have been just the two competitors and going into the last round there are 81 points between the two with the gap closing over the rounds.

This hasn’t been the full build up that I had hoped for but I ran out of time, as with getting the reports completed from round 4 at Cambridge.

Good luck to all those competing this weekend, and we look forward to seeing who comes away as champion….And there will definitely be full reports after this weekend.

Invicta Kent Autograss Club 2 Dayer

Normally for the August bank holiday weekend we head over to Border Counties Autograss Club for their three day meeting but as this year it had been cancelled we attended the Invicta Kent Autograss Club 2 day meeting instead.

There was racing Sunday and Monday and I had intended on doing a full report on both days but as most people experienced there was very poor conditions on Sunday which meant the pad and pen stayed safely tucked away in my bag and on Monday I was cold, damp and tired and again the pad didn’t come out. So below there will be a brief overview from each day and a full list of the final winners from both days.

On Sunday with a worsening weather forecast for the afternoon racing got underway earlier than usual with no interval to make sure as much racing could be completed before the rain really hit. Most of the days racing was completed and I think the two heats and finals were completed by about 2pm. Over the course of the finals the conditions really deteriorated and became more about who could get round the track. As the rain continued to fall throughout the rest of the afternoon and evening it was looking doubtful for whether Monday’s racing would be going ahead.

However, racing was to go ahead and Monday morning there was a delayed start as the track team pulled out all the stops to get the track in a raceable condition. The day started with the Champion of Champions race carried over from the day before and having mastered the conditions the day before Martin Beaney (IK316) took his class three to the win and taking the Frank Bradstreet memorial trophy with Jamie Hollingsbee (IK111) chasing him down in second place. The track conditions improved throughout the day and we saw a good set of finals. The weekend ended with Monday’s Champion of Champions race, with the winner being the recipient of the Nick Shorter memorial. This was one of the best races of the weekend and drama on the last lap with a four car battle for the lead ended up with the class two of Gary Wickham (IK13) taking the win, just, from Beaney.

Class 1: IK615 Brad Pullen
Class 2: IK252 Connor Bishop
Class 3: IK316 Martin Beaney
Class 4: IK221 Pete Berry
Class 5: IK70 Ian Harley
Class 6: IK207 Dan Friend
Class 7: C18E Trevor Martin
Class 8: C83E Barry Hathaway
Class 9: IK111 Jamie Hollingsbee
Stock Hatch: IK752 Alex Hopkins
Class 11: NASA25 Hannah Hinton
Class 12: IK37 Sarah Lovett
Class 13: IK3 Zoe Hill
Class 14: IK95 Emma Shell
Junior Saloon: IK55 Bradley Thomas
Junior Special: IK30 Luke Stiles
Champion of Champions: IK316 Martin Beaney

Class 1: IK615 Brad Pullen
Class 2: IK13 Gary Wickham
Class 3: IK316 Martin Beaney
Class 4: IK221 Pete Berry
Class 5: IK75 Kieran Cobb
Class 6: IK64 Andy Russell
Class 7: C18E Trevor Martin
Class 8: IK7 Mark Luker
Class 9: IK111 Jamie Hollingsbee
Stock Hatch: IK420 Toby Rootes
Class 11: IK498 Charlotte Lines
Class 12: IK37 Sarah Lovett
Class 13: IK3 Zoe Hill
Class 14: IK19 Jade Russell
Junior Saloon: IK55 Bradley Thomas
Junior Special: IK243 Louis Carden
Champion of Champions: IK13 Gary Wickham

Ladies and Junior National Autograss Championships

The 2018 PRG Trailers Ladies and Junior National Autograss Championships were hosted at the weekend by the South Wales League, a return after two weeks following the Men’s National Championships.

The weekend didn’t get off to the best start when racing was stopped on Saturday after the first heats due to the adverse weather conditions, rain and fog meant that conditions were too dangerous to race in. Racing didn’t resume until Sunday morning and the SWL team had their work cut out with two heats and finals to be run. However the superb team that they are they pulled it off and the reports I have heard from the event are all singing their praises.

The finals were run in improved conditions and provided some more fantastic racing. As I was not at the event I won’t be doing a full report but below is a list of this year’s winners.

Your 2018 champions are:
Class 1: SC174 Ellie Bailey
Class 3: S47Y Jade Russell
Class 5: S45D Sarah Bateman
Class 7: PAC53 Alice Bevans
Class 9: PHD1 Sadie Lindsay
Class 2: SC126 Jessica Roberts
Class 4: CM7 Gwen Reeves
Class 6: S16Y Hannah Johnson
Class 8: C10 Sandra Jones
Class 10: SS166 Victoria Coles
Junior saloon: MA184 Adam Browne
Junior special: C27 Tyler Preece
Champion of champions: PAC53 Alice Bevans

Congratulations to all champions, trophy winners, finalists and competitors on a great weekend in difficult conditions.

I will be back trackside this weekend at Invicta Kent Autograss Club for their two day meeting. There will be two separate days racing but also a lot of other fun things taking place over the weekend so keep your eyes peeled next week to find out more!

2018 PRG Trailers Ladies and Junior National Championships Predictions

This weekend the Autograss world will be reconvening at the South Wales League venue this time for the Ladies and Junior National Autograss Championships.

Unfortunately I won’t be attending this year, but will be listening where I can on BASFM. Needless to say that those who are going will be in for another weekend full of more of the closest racing.

Below are my predictions for the finals in full. I would like to wish all the competitors good luck and hope everyone has another fantastic weekend!

Class 1

1st SC174 Ellie Bailey 2nd SS1 Sarah Trott 3rd Y2 Carol Watson 4th TA80 Carys Thomas 5th PHD6 Ella John 6th SC16 Bethany Hughes 7th A222 Sophie Lewis 8th SN41 Jess Browning

Class 3

1st BC111 Becky Shaw 2nd S47Y Jade Russell 3rd Y51 Jo Thompson 4th SS165 Gracie Coles 5th CM3 Catherine Beynon 6th CA1 Nicola Mackenzie 7th C7E Lianne Teather 8th SN269 Trish Simmonds-Grant

Class 5

1st PAC2 Alice Bevans 2nd C31 Sandra Jones 3rd SC46 Sarah Chilvers 4th S45D Sarah Bateman 5th CA10 Kirsty Godfrey 6th B32H Linzi Weare 7th S33D Michelle Phillips 8th E10 Diane Heath

Class 7

1st A12 Laura Blaber 2nd PAC53 Alice Bevans 3rd Y78 Susan Herdman 4th CA141 Nicola Mackenzie 5th SC514 Alyson Ashmore 6th Y18 Michelle Barratt 7th SC121 Charlie Wright 8th YD71 Pam Blackburn

Class 9

1st SC62 Angie Chilvers 2nd E26 Sharon Barker 3rd PHD1 Sadie Lindsay 4th H150 Jodie Paskell 5th LM13 Mel Gallagher 6th BC96 Ashlea Traylor

Class 2

1st R3 Missy Moseley 2nd SN222 Leanne Huschka 3rd A36 Sarah Trott 4th PAC21 Paula Rees 5th NS433 Becky Smith 6th SC126 Jessica Roberts 7th SP43 Emma Robinson 8th E219 Laura Canning

Class 4

1st M58 Clare Horner 2nd CM7 Gwen Reeves 3rd TA13 Kathryn Harding 4th R47 Claire Lancaster 5th C14 Donna Howells 6th SR61 Julie Whittingham 7th ST4 Tina Hilton

Class 6

1st SC36 Zoe Coupland 2nd CM47 Nicola Olsson 3rd C27E Josie Cox 4th TA66 Fiona Thomas 5th S16Y Hannah Johnson 6th ST46 Tina Hilton 7th P70EM Chloe Hampson 8th NS219 Angela Evans

Class 8

1st C10 Sandra Jones 2nd ST74 Laura Makar 3rd M62 Clare Horner 4th SC55 Alyson Ashmore 5th IK19 Jade Russell 6th SC52 Josie Tomkinson 7th YD7 Sue Nicholls 8th NS55 Clare Cockerill

Class 10

1st Y7 Susan Herdman 2nd SS166 Victoria Coles 3rd YS37 Kelly Bishop 4th LM7 Mel Gallagher 5th PHD15 Lisa Paines 6th R99 Jemma King 7th R98 Gina Lee 8th 60F Terri Mumford


1st IK55 Bradley Thomas 2nd MA184 Adam Browne 3rd C8 Corey Paisley 4th S31D Tom Herbert 5th SN196 Ollie Tilson 6th TA24 Osian Savinelli 7th NW52 Ryan Powell 8th YD63 Rachel Alderson


1st 8F Aby-Jayde Bennett 2nd NS292 James Dorsett 3rd BC7 Archie Bentley 4th Y15 Charlie Thompson 5th PAC4 Rob Robert Corbett 6th S4D Blake Dudley 7th C27 Tyler Preece 8th BC26 Keznie Adams

Men’s National Autograss Championship

The Men’s National Autograss Championships are over for another year and what a great event the South Wales League put on.

A very foggy day Friday that didn’t clear until early evening meant there was some concern for the conditions over the weekend, but by the time racing started Saturday morning the sun was out and the rest of the weekend took place in perfect conditions.

As would be expected for the Nationals the racing was fast, close and hard fought. There were favourites who didn’t have lady luck on their side, and others who were able to pick up on these

Before racing started the awards for best turned out saloon and special were awarded and this year’s recipients were as below.
Best turned out saloon: NS120 Liam Evans
Best turned out special: IK356 Mitch Wells

On Sunday there was everything to play for with the points in all classes were extremely tight to get into the top eight for the finals which meant there was even more thrills and spills.

And then we had the finals. I will be doing a full report on the finals so in the meantime below is a list of the 2018 champions. Huge congratulations to the champions, trophy winners and finalists, it was hard getting there and the finals were all fantastic!

COC: CA44 Dan Mackenzie
Class 1: WS20 Jason Saunders
Class 2: SP43 Ashley Robinson
Class 3: NS334 Sam Gould
Class 4: Y777 Adam Henley
Class 5: B32H Ben Reade
Class 6: NS434 Ben Gould
Class 7: C9 Cameron Mills
Class 8: BC55 Tom Lewis
Class 9: PHD1 Steven Lindsay
Class 10: SS79 James Poltimore

The Ladies and Junior National Autograss Championships will be taking place this weekend again to be hosted by the South Wales League. Keep your eyes peeled for my full predictions later this week. Unfortunately I wouldn’t be attending this year but I will try and get some coverage out after the event. I’ll be back trackside bank holiday weekend.