Ladies and Junior Nationals 2016

The Ladies and Junior Nationals is the time for the ladies and youngsters of the sport to take centre stage and put on a show on the race field. These are the people who you will normally see behind the scenes, making sure things are running smoothly at their own club meetings.

This year’s event is hosted by the Wiltshire League at the Javelin Park venue, a favourite for many.

Despite the difference in hype leading up to the Ladies and Juniors compared to the Men’s’ what you can expect from this weekend is some of the best racing in the sport, with plenty of competition through all the different classes.

Here are my pick of who I think we will see in the finals come Sunday afternoon, but we all know that when it comes to the Nationals, anything can happen.


Class 1


SC174 Ellie Bailey

ARC38 Amy Carter

SV101 Michaela Dance

M89 Nicola Bettoney

NS697 Missy Moseley

NW143 Linda Lawlor

S31D Molly Herbert

SC31 Zoe Coupland


Class 2


M90 Nicola Bettoney

SC126 Jessica Roberts

1F Aimee Holden

R140 Sue Harris

SN668 Vicky Sole

91F Donna Bourne

CS44 Fiona Mauchland-Duff

PAC21 Paula Rees


Class 3


BC111 Becky Shaw

CM4 Donna Brown

Y51 Jo Thompson

SN269 Trish Simmonds-Grant

IK19 Jade Russell

ARC270 Lisa Almond

C266E Lianne Teather

WS5 Lisa Hills


Class 4


PAC3 Alice Bevans

E220 Lisa Cooper

M60 Clare Horner

SC36 Zoe Coupland

SR66 Jodie Faulkner

R144 Sue Harris

PHD20 Donna Forrest

R47 Claire Lancaster


Class 5


PAC2 Alice Bevans

SC46 Sarah Farrar

SN40 Diane Heath

S45D Sarah Bateman

C112 Penny Smith

B20H Cat Mumford

M11 Barbara Harper

T9 Kirsty Godfrey


Class 6


YD19 Sarah Haigh

YD19 Yvonne Dockray

ST46 Tina Hilton

N10 Becky Smith

CM47 Nicola Olsson

IK960 Rachel Collier

NS219 Angela Evans

S16Y Hannah Johnson


Class 7


Y2 Alyson Ashmore

C2 Sandra Jones

CA141 Nicola Mackenzie

Y78 Sue Herdman

LM30 Charlotte Pugh

B27H Lyn Olsson

R13 Emily Barrett

PAC46 Kelly Paines


Class 8


C10 Sandra Jones

SR44 Nicola Mackenzie

M62 Clare Horner

160F Cat Mumford

SC199 Laura Emmerson

ST47 Laura Makar

LM17 Suzanne Gibbons

WR20 Lindsay Stephenson

Class 9


TA17 Kelly Paines

Y6 Katie Addyman

PHD1 Sadie Lindsay

LM8 Suzanne Gibbons

S5D Tracey Aldridge

BC34 Carol Stead

H250 Jodie Paskell

R8 Kelly Bishop


Class 10


PHD2 Michaela Dance

SS166 Victoria Coles

Y7 Sue Herdman

SN80 Diane Heath

SR117 Diane Jones

YS37 Kelly Bishop

TA99 Heidi Deeley

NS9 Kelly Holroyd


Junior Saloons


IK343 Billy Ferguson

SV202 Katie Griffiths

N1 Louis Jackson

ARC14 Kaine Salmon

T777 Sorren Powell

R1 Sam Fenton

S26Y Josh Macleod

Y146 Harrison Blockley


Junior Specials


ST17 Joey Matthews

SC393 Jake Lockwood

NW47 Dan Borman

T909 Sam Middleton

NS88 Jordan Arrowsmith

T492 Mollie Richardson

WS110 Jed Stott

LM13 Jay Gallagher