Concord on Tour UKAC R2

The latest stop on the Concord Tour was Bredon Hill for Round 2 of the UK Autograss Championships.

Racing over the weekend was Mike Sullivan, Trevor Martin, David Farrow, Paul Maxim, David Saunders, Lynn Thomas, Barry Hathaway and Emily Saitch.

On what was an increasingly fast track, and very hot conditions we had four finalists, however we still also had a lot of top 4 results over the heats too. A full list of results can be found in the table below.

Mike got the weekend off to a fantastic start with a win in his first heat, and a 3rd place finish in heat 3. Trevor got a 4th in heat 1 and a 2nd in heat 3. David F picked up a 3rd in heat 2 and David S a 4th in heat 1. Paul had a consistent weekend with his worst result being a 4th in heat 2, whilst he had a 3rd in heat 1 and 2nd in heat 3. Lynn picked up a 4th place in heat 2 in what was the best driven race she has done. Barry came 2nd in heat 1 and 4th in heat 3. Whilst Emily, improving with every race picked up a 4th in heat 3.

Mike and Trevor both qualified for the B final, however Trevor didn’t compete in his race, needing to leave early. Mike had a great race where he eventually finished 5th.

Paul and Emily both qualified for the A finals. Paul, having a very late start caught the pack up and passed one battle for the lower places and continued to disturb the battle at the front to finish second.

On a shortened second attempt of Emily’s final, she made even more progress in the car from the heats catching up with the trophy positions, but not being able to pass them she finished 4th.

What can’t be argued from this weekend was the quality of the racing, even with results that were lower down the order, the racing was super-fast and extremely competitive giving me plenty to cheer for on the side-lines. Well done Team Concord!

The next stop for Concord on Tour will be Round 3 of the UK Autograss Championships at Ludlow on the 15th and 16th July.

  Heat 1 Heat 2 Heat 3 Final
Mike Sullivan

C11E (Class 5)

1st 7th 3rd 5th (B)
Trevor Martin

C18E (Class 7)

4th 7th 2nd NS (B)
David Farrow

C16E (Class 2)

5th 3rd NS X
Paul Maxim

C23E (SH)

3rd 4th 2nd 2nd
David Saunders

C12E (Class 8)

4th 8th NF X
Lynn Thomas

C21E (Class 8)

5th 4th 6th X
Barry Hathaway

C83E (Class 8)

2nd 6th 4th X
Emily Saitch

C11E (Ladies 5)

7th 6th 4th 4th


UKAC R2 Men’s Finals

Here is a report on the Men’s finals from Round 2 of the UK Autograss Championships at Bredon Hill Autograss.

Class 1

It was Jake Law (SR30 who got the best start in the final, leading the first half of the race, however everyone else was bunched up and right on his tail. With a few laps to go Dave Owen (NW97) made the move and took up the running and went on to take the win. A loss of momentum from this saw Jordan Butcher (SN375) pass Jake a lap later to finish second and then a wide line on the last lap saw Caine Parnell (SP129)  and Jason Alderson (YD63) move up to third and fourth, whilst Jake had to settle for fifth. Hot on his heels though was Sam Fenton (R1), Nick Taylor (E100) and James Claydon (Y229) in sixth, seventh and eighth respectively.

Championship Points: 1st Dave Owen (NW97) 284 2nd Jordan Butcher (SN375) 281 3rd Rich Owen (NW15) 270 4th Lee Powell (NW52) 262

Class 2

Going into the final, having taken three heat wins, Craig Conway (SC126) was looking to make a clean sweep, and after keeping in tidy in turn 1 Craig took the lead all the way to the chequered, pulling a gap to the battle going on behind for second place. There was a three car battle for second place between Lloyd Morgan (C64), David Hughes (SC400) and Daniel Martin (SL94), crossing the line it David who took second ahead of Lloyd and Daniel. On the tail of this battle was fifth placed Connor Bishop (IK252), ahead of Tim Manners (69F) and Jack Joyce (WS222) in sixth and seventh. The last of the finalists was Phil Clarke (CA85) who was unable to complete the race.

Championship Points: 1st Craig Conway (SC126) 353 2nd David Hughes (SC400) 327 3rd Jack Joyce (WS222) 291 4th Lloyd Morgan (C64) 271

Class 3

Top qualifier for the final was Adrian Joyce (WS22), and he didn’t look to have the final all his own way. A good start from Adrian saw him take the lead, but Adrian Herbert (S26D) was hot on his tail as was Martin Beaney (IK316), despite the pressure these two applied throughout the race, this was how the top three stood. Just off of this battle was Viv Cole (CM4) in fourth ahead of Phil Thompson (Y51) in fifth and Peter Lemmon (SP11) in sixth. Not appearing in the rerun were Mick Sumners (R169) and Dave Westlake (123F).

Championship Points: 1st Adrian Joyce (WS22) 361 2nd Phil Thompson (Y51) 303 3rd Adrian Herbert (S26D) 285 4th Peter Lemmon (SP11) 249

Class 4

In his first season out of the Juniors, Jamie Williams (M58) is certainly getting to grips with the car, proving this in the final, where despite close challenges on the first couple of laps he held them off and took another final win. The battle behind him was between Luke Oakley (M51), Nick James (C14) and Colin Attrill (IK272), the former two were level and fighting for the win for the first lap, however they dropped back from the lead and Colin came through to take second place ahead of Luke in third and Nick in fourth. Ray Tudgay (WS23) was the last of the finishers, while problems earlier in the day meant that Jonny Brown (Y87) wasn’t able to compete the final.

Championship Points: 1st Jamie Williams (M58) 303 2nd Luke Oakley (M51) 249 3rd Jonny Brown (Y87) 246 4th Colin Attrill (IK272) 239 

Class 5

A close thought race saw Nigel Candy (SS14) take his fourth win of the weekend, despite the pressure that local man Chris Winnall (B66H) was applying, however he had to fight off Stuart Deacon (S60D) for the whole of the race too, and there wasn’t much between them. Ben Harper (M11) worked his way up to finish fourth ahead off Wes Green (YD916) in fifth, whilst last to complete the race was Scott Holmes (N444). Steve Donovan (IK72) wasn’t able to complete the race, whilst Julian Heath (E10) wasn’t able to compete the race after a hefty rollover for the car in the Ladies racing earlier in the day.

Championship Points: 1st Nigel Candy (SS14) 375 2nd Stuart Deacon (S60D) 270 3rd Julian Heath (E10) 255 4th Scott Holmes (N444) 249 

Class 6

On the second attempt of the final we had an uneventful race compared to the first attempt. Aaron Murray (C80) got the best start for the race and took the lead, however Steve Ford (WS57) caught and passed him to take the win. Behind they were all evenly spread out, with Aaron second ahead of Lee Rowley (WS24) and Matt Baker (L117) in third and fourth and the only finishers. We did not see Stephen Parsonage (NW146) and Jamie Ivermee (G17D) after their coming together in the first attempt. Also not completing the race were Jordan Spavins (SN451) and Josh Morgan (G31D).

Championship Points: 1st Steve Ford (WS57) 262 2nd Lee Rowley (WS24) 237 3rd Jordan Spavins (SN451) 229 4th Jamie Ivermee (G17D) 197 

Class 7

One of the closest finals of the weekend saw the win decided on the last lap. We saw four cars battling out at the front for the win. Adrian Turner (SS11) made the best start but Will Barret (R313) was never far behind him and on the last lap was able to edge his way past to take the win ahead of Adrian. Hot on their heels and applying the pressure were Pete Bott (S47D) and Lee Waldron (4F) who finished third and fourth respectively. Dropping out of this front battle was Nick Creed (G1D) finished fifth ahead of Jamie Cox (N52) and Paul Eggleton (IK49). The last of the finalists and not able to complete the race was Mike Hockly (62F).

Championship Points: 1st Jamie Cox (N52) 262 2nd Lee Forster (CA1) 260 3rd Will Barret (R313) 233 4th Trevor Martin (C18E) 206

Class 8

This was probably the fastest race of the weekend, and you had three cars battling it out at the front for the victory. It was Mark Smith (S46D) who made the best of the battle to take the win ahead of the two North Wales guys of Jay Jones (NW106) in second and Simon Parsonage (NW136) in third. Not far behind was Kenny Smith (S41D) in fourth ahead of Geoff Montgomerie (IK189) and Matt Bishop (YS73) in fifth and sixth. Behind them we saw Alex Hall (R411) and Ben Harper (M111) rounding out the field in seventh and eighth.

Championship Points: 1st Jay Jones (NW106) 310 2nd Kenny Smith (S41D) 263 3rd Alex Hall (R411) 262 4th Mike Mumford (160F) 245 

Class 9

We saw another battle at the front, this time it was Jason Richardson (P5EM) who took the win adding to his two heat victories, whilst Anthony Read (SC150) had to settle for second ahead of Jack Joyce (WS2) in third. Martin Bugg (M14) worked his way up from the back of the field to take fourth place ahead of Gavin Pitman (SS81) and Jamie Hollingsbee (IK111) in fifth and sixth. The last of the finishers were Ken Silvey (B6H) in seventh, whilst Mike Liddiatt (309F) was unable to complete the race.

Championship Points: 1st Jason Richardson (P5EM) 359 2nd Jack Joyce (WS2) 341 3rd Anthony Read (SC150) 276 4th Mike Liddiatt (309F) 269

Class 10

It was a father and son battle for the win in the final, with Karl Bennett (NW26) taking the win ahead of Luke Bennett (NW62). Not quite able to get in the mix here was Sean Wright (WR11) in third place ahead of Pete Lancaster/Chris Ashwin (R48), Matthew Booth (SR46) and Ian Stott (A10) in fourth, fifth and sixth. Next up was Joe Reiblein (Y28) in seventh ahead of Andrew Bishop (YS37) in eighth, who after a spin at the start was on the back foot.  

Championship Points: 1st Karl Bennett (NW26) 296 2nd Sean Wright (WR11) 285 3rd Andrew Bishop (YS37) 255 4th Luke Bennett (NW62) 247


Andrew Watson (SB20) took a clean sweep this weekend, with Jason Garnett (T692) in second place not able to touch him. Andy Reeve (N28) came through to finish in third ahead of Nathan Paterson (SL78) and Matthew Hickingbotham (ST62) in fourth and fifth. Sixth place went to Graham Dawson (SL103) ahead of Robert Paterson (SL87) in seventh and Steve Faunch (T36) in eighth.

Championship Points: 1st Andrew Watson (SB20) 375 2nd Graham Dawson (SL103) 251 3rd Jason Garnet (T692) 218 4th Andy Reeve (N28) 189

Stock Hatch

Adam Golding (CA120) went on to repeat his Round 1 victory after a battle with Ian Fay (WS500). However, Ian was piped to the post by a late starting Paul Maxim (C23E) who had worked his way through. Behind there was a close battle going on with Vivienne Chapman (CA149) just beating Mick Wood (L2) across the line.

Championship Points: 1st Adam Golding (CA120) 342 2nd Ian Fay (WS500) 306 3rd Paul Maxim (C23E) 258 4th Mick Wood (L2) 191

UKAC R2 Ladies Finals

Here is a report on the Ladies finals from Round 2 of the UK Autograss Championships at Bredon Hill Autograss.

Class 1

Hannah Hinton (IK225) had a successful weekend increasing her championship lead with two heat wins ahead of the final, however come the final she was going to increase it some more, with another win under her belt. Making the best start Hannah took the lead, with Linda Lawlor (NW143) running alongside her, however Linda dropped back to second and was racing hard with Lacey Law (SR24) and Lisa Paines (PHD16) to hold onto that spot, and they finished second, third and fourth respectively. Behind this battle was Jemma Handley (L15) in fifth, Sharon Shewan (Y129) and Chloe Reynolds (SC630) in sixth and seventh. Whilst Louise Lovatt (YD477) was the last of the finalists, but pulled off at turn 1.

Championship Points: 1st Hannah Hinton (IK225) 364 2nd Linda Lawlor (NW143) 278 3rd Lacey Law (SR24) 245 4th Louise Lovatt (YD477) 233 

Class 2

Jess Roberts (SC126) continued where she left off from Round 1, by taking her fourth win of the weekend in the final by pulling away from the field behind leaving them to battle for the remaining places. Whilst Jess pulled away, everyone else remained close together, and it was Kelly Read (ST474) who took second place ahead of Fiona Mauchland (CS44) and Wendy Joyce (WS222) in third and fourth. Behind them was the two Kent ladies with Helen Bishop (IK252) making it stick on Hannah Hinton (NASA25), and they were closely followed by Natalie Green (R22) in seventh and Toni Humphrey (IK334) rounded out the field.  

Championship Points: 1st Jess Roberts (SC126) 408 2nd Hannah Hinton (NASA25) 262 3rd Fiona Mauchland (CS44) 252 4th Kelly Read (ST474) 219

Class 3

From what had been an evenly competitive grid, it was Donna Brown (CM4) who had got the best start in the final, however Donna spun out, and this left Jo Thompson (Y51) who had been running in second to take up the lead, and this was where she stayed. Second place went to Shell Sumners (R169) ahead of Jodie Wakefield (R388) in third. Donna was able to recover to fourth ahead of Sharon Douglas (L13) who rounded out the field.

Championship Points: 1st Jo Thompson (Y51) 330 2nd Donna Brown (CM4) 314 3rd Shell Sumners (R169) 302 4th Sharon Douglas (L13) 162 

Class 4

There was only one competitor in the class and that was Mandy Kennedy (SB6). A change of class didn’t seem to faze her, with some competitive performances against the Class 6’s and Stock Hatch over the weekend.

Championship Points: 1st Mandy Kennedy (SB6) 185 

Class 5

On the second attempt of the final we saw the race stopped early but with the result standing. It was Natalie Green (R420) who took her first win of the weekend despite Cat Mumford (B20H) chasing her down. Third place went to Kim Green (YD916) ahead of Emily Saitch (C11E) in fourth.

Championship Points: 1st Natalie Green (R420) 256 2nd Cat Mumford (B20H) 227 3rd Diane Heath (E10) 221 4th Barbara Harper (M11) 184

Class 6

There were only two finishers in the final. Leanne Quick (P17) took the lead at the start of the race and went on to take the win. However Roxy Howe (P23) was late off the start, with a half a lap deficit between her and Leanne, but despite this she was definitely on a mission, looking the quicker of the two Roxy ran out of laps in the end and had to settle for second. The other competitors over the weekend were Louise Rowley (WS24) and Kristina Hall (SR888).

Championship Points: 1st Kristina Hall (SR888) 175 2nd Louise Rowley (WS24) 154 3rd Kelly Read (T13) 145 4th Tina Hilton (ST46) 130

Stock Hatch

Lisa Hills (WS500) was our only Stock Hatch this weekend, and was unable to compete in the final.

Championship Points: 1st Lisa Hills (WS500) 255 2nd Mandy Kennedy (SB6) 194

Class 7

Throughout the heats there was a close battle between Terri Mumford (62F) who had two wins and Clare Horner (M60) with one heat win. Come the final we looked set for another close battle, however Clare got the best start, and led all the way to the flag having built a quarter of a lap lead. Terri held off the battling Radford girls for second. Charley Craske (R69) picked up third place after Emily Barrett (R10) spun out and finished fourth.

Championship Points: 1st Clare Horner (M60) 318 2nd Terri Mumford (62F) 252 3rd Nicola Mackenzie (CA141) 185 4th Emily Barrett (R10) 182 

Class 8

Clare Horner (M62) appeared to be unstoppable in the class this weekend, having taken three heat wins already Clare made the best start and led all the way to the finish. Behind her though there was a three car battle between Cat Mumford (160F), Emily Crosby (N21) and Kim Jenkins (B106H). Crossing the line together was Cat and Emily, with Emily having just edged in front to take second place ahead of Cat with Kim not far behind in fourth. The last of the finishers was Hope Godfrey (T12) in fifth, whilst the other finalists were Sandra (N20) and Abi (N24) Shields and Vikki Lamb (NW83).

Championship Points: 1st Clare Horner (M62) 406 2nd Cat Mumford (160F) 315 3rd Cloe Smith (S46D) 229 4th Emily Crosby (N21) 216

Class 9

Dru Hollingsbee (IK111) repeated her Round 1 performance and came away from the weekend unbeaten, with a comfortable win over Kelly Read (SC150) in second and Helen Rummery (IK214) in third.

Championship Points: 1st Dru Hollingsbee (IK111) 370 2nd Helen Rummery (IK214) 277 3rd Brooke Irving (SL99) 223


Georgia Garnett (T692) was back to her winning ways this weekend, taking the win in the final ahead of Susan Dawson (SL103) to get her back in the Championship lead.

Championship Points: 1st Georgia Garnett (T692) 330 2nd Susan Dawson (SL103) 328 

Class 10

Gina Lee (R98) got the best start and was pulling away over the first laps of the final, however she dropped back into the clutches of her fellow finalists, and it was Jemma King (R99) who took the win, ahead of Lucy Bentley (77F) and Megan Booth (SR46) in second and third. Gina had dropped down to fourth ahead of Kelly Bishop (YS37) and Diane Heath (E111) in fifth and sixth, whilst Michaela Hazell (A10) was unable to complete the race.

Championship Points: 1st Diane Heath (E111) 292 2nd Kelly Bishop (YS37) 270 3rd Gina Lee (R98) 244 4th Jemma King (R99)  

Champion of Champions

We saw Hannah Hinton (IK225), Jess Roberts (SC126), Jo Thompson (Y51), Natalie Green (R420), Clare Horner (M62) and Jemma King (R99) take part in the Champion of Champions race. After a few laps Jess was able to catch and pass Hannah to take the lead of the race, but making her way through the traffic was Clare, after being held up behind the Class 3 and 5 for a couple of laps she got past and was on a mission. Catching Jess up with one lap left to go, and coming out of the last bend they were side by side, and it was a dash to line, with Clare just getting her nose in front.

UKAC R2 Junior Finals

Here is a report on the Junior finals from Round 2 of the UK Autograss Championships at Bredon Hill Autograss.


Come the final on Sunday, it was Baxter Pargeter (N45) repeating his performance from Round 1 who took the win, coming out of turn in front, and then building a gap to those behind with  each lap. Chasing Baxter down was Rachel Alderson (YD63) and Sorren Powell (T777) was hot on her heels in third. There was a steady running order behind with Ryan Powell (NW52) and Lewis Woodruff in fourth and fifth respectively ahead of Rebecca Owen (NW397) in sixth. Rounding out the field was Auden Street (G5D) and Ellie Hinds (B14H).

Championship Points: 1st Sorren Powell (T777) 279 2nd Baxter Pargeter (N45) 269 3rd Ryan Powell (NW52) 260 4th Tom Herbert (S31D) 209


Much like the Saloon final, Charlie Steele (SN727), made for the front at the start of the race and stayed there, pulling away from the battle for second behind him. That second place battle was won by Connor Jones (NW115) ahead of Matt Wright (P11EM) and Sam Middleton (T909) in third and fourth. Behind them was Blake Dudley (S4D) in fifth, Charlie Thompson (Y15) in sixth and Andrew Gaylard (WS10) in seventh. Whilst Chloe Richardson (P6EM) rounded out the finishers in eighth place.

Championship Points: 1st Sam Middleton (T909) 311 2nd Connor Jones (NW115) 260 3rd Matt Wright (P11EM) 253 4th Charlie Steele (SN727) 239

MAP Open Finals 2017

The MAP Open, held at the John Wilkin Raceway and hosted by the Midlands League, is one of the most prestigious titles on the Autograss calendar and the commitment to achieve the MAP Open Champion title, and the Class Champion titles is evident from the drivers given the conditions that many of them had to complete the finals in.  

After perfect conditions all through the heats on Saturday and on Sunday morning, the rain came just in time for the finals, however the Class 1’s were lucky to complete their race just as it started to rain, with Michael Winkworth (C211E) having broken away from the pack from the start to take a convincing win, whilst the rest of the field battled behind him.  

However when the Class 3’s came out, the rain was really coming down and for both them and the Class 5’s the track was resembling a lake. Both races were stopped as did the racing. When the Class 3’s came back out for their rerun, the race was almost completed before it was stopped again, for reasons that were unclear from the side-lines. However on the third attempt it went to the chequered flag, with Chris Allanson (S47Y) taking the win.

The Class 5 final was completed on its second run, and it was Colin Thorndyke (IK2) who made the best of the rerun, he took the lead off of the start and held it to the end, with everyone fighting each other behind him.  

The Class 7 final lived up to its Super Saloon status, with a four car battle for the lead involving defending champion Andy Holtby (SC61), Marc Clayton (SC99), Jake Lee (SC212) and the only non-Scunthorpe member Phil Barleyman (P23EM). Places were being swapped at every bend, however it was Barleyman who got the better of the Scunny boys to take the win.      

Conditions had started to improve by the time the Class 9’s came out, however two came together and out came the red flags. On the rerun John Whitehouse (SC4) was unbeatable, taking the chequered flag with over a half a lap lead on second place.  

For the first half of the Class 2 final there was a two car battle for first between Barry Lewis (PAC10) and Tony Hawkins (SV5), however Lewis spun out during the closing stages and dropped down to third, leaving Hawkins to take the win.

The Class 4 final was raced on a drying track, but with only one line. Jamie Williams (M58), in his first year in the adults, made the best start, took the lead and pulled away from the chasing pack in an uneventful race. 

We saw another battle in the Class 6 final between the two local men of Micky Manning (E5) and Dave Houghton (R27) for the win, however it was Manning who made the best of the conditions to take the victory.

It was on the second attempt that the Class 8 final saw the flag, where there had been a battle at the front between Darren Mullen (WR38) and Nathan Rees (S57). It was Mullen who crossed the line first, but having been given a green flag he was dropped down to third, leaving the win for Rees to take.

The last of the Men’s classes to race was the Class 10’s, and this finished with a convincing win from Phil Rogers (PHD2).  

By the time we saw the ladies come out conditions had improved which allowed for some closer racing. The Class 1 saw defending champion Ellie Bailey (SC174) walk away with another win.

When the Class 3 race came out, it was Jade Russell (S47Y) who followed in her Dad’s footsteps to take the win.

The Class 5 final saw a three car battle between mother and daughter Claire Winnall (B66H) and Linzi Weare (YS32) and Kirsty Godfrey (CA10). However it was Weare who held them off to take the win.  

On the second attempt for the Class 7’s it was Jodie Faulkner (SR6) who took the win at the start and held off the chasing pack.  

In the Class 9 final we saw Clare Horner (M14), her first time out in the car this year, take the lead at the start and to hold off any challenges from the field behind, adding to her three heat wins and becoming unbeaten in the class.  

The Class 2 final saw another clear winner in the shape of Sophie Morgan (R420), who broke away from the battling duo of Jess Roberts (SC126) and Leanne Huschka (SL222).

There were only three entries for the weekend in Class 4, and it was Claire Lancaster (R47) who had the upper hand all weekend, taking three heat wins and the victory in the final. 

At the start of the Class 6 race we saw a battle between Fiona Thomas (TA66) and Jenny Brown (PAC37) for the top spot, but Thomas took a too wide a line and dropped down the order, leaving the win for Brown.

The Class 8’s are one of the most popular classes and one of the closest to call too. However, it was Clare Horner (M62) who took up the lead and despite Sandra Jones (C10) chasing her down she took her second final win of the weekend.

Defending Class 10 champion Kelly Bishop (YS37), was able to repeat her 2016 performance and take the win in the final, pulling away from the battling trio behind her.

This weekend was also host to the British Junior Championship, in the Junior Saloon category there was a clear winner from the bungee, with Tom Herbert (S31D) having took the lead and then pulled away from the two car battle for second.

However, the Junior Specials was a much closer battle for the top spot. A close race all the way down the field, saw a three car battle for the lead and it was Jake Lockwood (SC393) who took the win.

Invicta Kent 11/06/17

At the weekend we were due to be attending Cambridge Autograss for the next Concord points meeting, but the rain from the beginning of the week meant the meeting was cancelled. Blessed with better weather in the lead up to the weekend was Invicta Kent Autograss Club, so we paid a visit there.

This is our second visit to the Kent club this season, and just like the first we were lucky with the weather conditions on the day, which set us up for a day of fast racing with plenty of wheel-to-wheel action.

One of the closest races of the day was the Stock Hatch’s heat two. All race long the four cars in the race where swapping and changing positions and were also within a car’s length of each other. In the end Charlie Eastwood (IK58) broke away from the others to take the win, but only just, whilst the result behind was so close that I couldn’t call it, as Simon Bates (IK515), Alex Hopkins (IK752) and Simon Hopkins (IK756) all crossed the line at the same time.


Another class that was great to watch over the day was Ladies 14, this consists of classes 8, 9 and 10, and it was the battle between the two class 8’s of Jade Russell (IK19) and Emma Shell (IK95) that stood out. In both the heats, Emma took the lead at the start, with Jade chasing her down and battling her way past in each of the races. However, in the final, Emma repeated her starts of the previous two races but this time was able to keep Jade behind her to take the final win.


Despite a depleted class 7 field, there was plenty of action between the two cars of Gareth Lines (IK20) and Dan Harrison (SN272). All day long these two were fighting hard to win their battle, and come the final it was just the two of them left, however it was still a very entertaining race and I believe it was Dan who took the win. 


Well done to the Invicta Kent Club for a great meeting, we will be back soon.

Thank you to Craig Freathy for the use of his photos, you can find plenty more on the Invicta Kent Facebook page.

This weekend we are off to the Bredon Hill Autograss Club for Round 2 of the UK Autograss Championships which is this weekend, and we are set for a hot weekend, with plenty of racing to watch with a full capacity entry list.

MAP Open 2017

Last weekend I attended the MAP Open, this is one of the biggest meetings on the Autograss calendar and is hosted by the Midlands league, consisting of both Evesham and Radford Autograss Clubs, at the John Wilkin Raceway, home to the Evesham club.

What makes the MAP Open a great meeting is that there is always a relaxed atmosphere, everyone is there for some great racing, there are plenty of spectator’s trackside, and there is first class racing, with many drivers in attendance including some of the top names within our sport.

At the end of the meeting there is the Champion of Champions races for both the Men’s and Ladies classes to crown the MAP Open Champion. However, disappointingly there was only 3 of the Men’s class champions that appeared and 3 of the Ladies class champions, albeit this was probably down to the weather conditions that were experienced on Sunday afternoon. After a dry and sunny day on Saturday and again Sunday morning, it all changed come finals time, when the rain came. This provided some very difficult conditions for the finals, which would have put the winners off of competing in the final race. So we saw Michael Winkworth (C211E), John Whitehouse (SC4) and Jordan Blore (E112) race for the men’s title and Claire Lancaster (R47), Clare Horner (M62) and Kelly Bishop (YS37) for the ladies. It was the two class 8’s that worked their way through to take the win, Jordan defending his title, and Clare adding another one to the long list against her name.

Also part of this weekend was the British Junior Championship, and coming through to take these titles was Tom Herbert (S31D) in the saloons and Jake Lockwood (SC393) in the specials.

I will be writing about the finals to come in a separate post, which will be posted in the next couple of weeks. However, below is a list of all the class winners.

At the weekend I paid another visit to Invicta Kent Autograss Club, and a post from this meeting will be coming later this week. Whilst this coming weekend I shall be heading to Gloucester for Round 2 of the UK Autograss Championships, which is being held at Hilltop Raceway, the home of Bredon Hill Autograss Club.

  Men’s Ladies
CoC E112 Jordan Blore M62 Clare Horner
Class 1 C211E Michael Winkworth SC174 Ellie Bailey
Class 2 SV5 Tony Hawkins R240 Sophie Morgan
Class 3 S47Y Chris Allanson S47Y Jade Russell
Class 4 M58 Jamie Williams R47 Claire Lancaster
Class 5 IK2 Colin Thorndyke YS32 Linzi Weare
Class 6 E5 Micky Manning PAC37 Jenny Brown
Class 7 P23EM Phil Barleyman SR6 Jodie Faulkner
Class 8 S57 Nathan Rees M62 Clare Horner
Class 9 SC4 John Whitehouse M14 Clare Horner
Class 10 PHD2 Phil Rogers YS37 Kelly Bishop
  Junior Saloon Junior Special
  S31D Tom Herbert SC393 Jake Lockwood


FIA World Rallycross Championship R5

This weekend I went to Lydden Hill for Round 5 of the FIA World Rallycross Championship. I have visited Lydden a couple of times before, but that was for the European Championship, in the days before the World Championship existed, and I have been following Rallycross even more so, especially the World Championship, ever since.

This year at this event Lydden Hill would be celebrating 50 years of Rallycross, this category of motorsport was discovered at this venue in February 1967. This would also be the last year, for the foreseeable future, that Lydden Hill would be hosting the British round of the World Rallycross Championship, with a move to Silverstone next year having been announced and the track plan has since been released. A controversial subject in the Rallycross world, as many, if not all, see Lydden Hill as the home of Rallycross.  

However, what was undeniable this weekend was the atmosphere, I would go with electric, and the quality of the racing was superb.  What is clearly evident is the passion for the support that everyone in attendance has and it is clear to see, not only from the atmosphere and the interaction that takes place, but from the volume of people at the event. One of the great things about Lydden Hill is that you have a great view of the whole of the track no matter where you are stood, and the crowds were at least three layers deep wherever you looked.

Not only was this weekend host to Round 5 of the FIA World Rallycross Championship, but also to Round 3 of the FIA European Rallycross Championship for the Touring Car category and Round 2 of the RX2 International Series. Also out on track, as part of the 50 year anniversary celebrations, were a number of Classic and Historic Rallycross cars, including the Vic Elford Porsche 911 that won the first ever Rallycross event. 

However, not taking away from the other categories, it was the Supercars that were the highlight of the day and the fans favourite. On Saturday it was the PSRX Volkswagon Sweden team mates of Petter Solberg and Johan Kristoffersson who dominated the two qualifying rounds, with defending champion Mattias Ekström sitting behind them in third.  

Sunday morning saw the action of rounds 3 and 4 of qualifying, where again in round 3 we saw Solberg, Kristoffersson and Ekström top the tables but in round 4 it was Timmy Hansen who made the quickest time moving him up the table ahead of the semi-finals.

It is the top 12 that go through to the semi-finals and they were; Solberg, Kristoffersson, Hansen, Ekström, Andreas Bakkerud, Sebastien Loeb, Ken Block, Andrew Jordan, Janis Baumanis, Kevin Eriksson, Timur Timerzyanov and Toomas Heikkinen.

The closest of the two semi-finals was the first one which saw Solberg take the win with Bakkerud having found some extra form, coming a close second with Hansen third. In the second semi-final it was Kristoffersson who took the win ahead of Loeb and Esktröm.

And then we had out finalists. And how do you go about winning the final? Not only do you need to be mightly quick but you also need to have your strategy don and time when you run your joker lap to perfection, and that is exactly what Solberg did. Going into the final it was always going to be his to lose given his form over the weekend already, however he didn’t disappoint, and you could tell how much he wanted the victory this weekend at their last visit to Lydden Hill and how much it meant to him afterwards. It was his team mate Kristoffersson who finished second, whilst Bakkerud, racing for Hoonigan Racing Division, completed the podium. The other three were reasonably spread out with Loeb finishing in fourth, Ekström in fifth and a struggling Hansen in sixth. 

All that I can say now is how much I enjoyed my day at Lydden Hill, and I definitely won’t be leaving it so long before I get back to another Rallycross event.

However, our season doesn’t stop here and moving into a very busy racing period our next stop is the MAP Open this weekend being held at Evesham Autograss Club. This is one meeting over two days, and sees some of the best racing on the Autograss calendar.