2017 Autograss National Championships

In August both the Men’s and Ladies and Juniors Autograss National Championships were held at Cwmdu Car Club.

I was able to attend the Men’s Nationals on the first weekend of the month, which is the most highly anticipated meeting of the year. This year Cwmdu put on a great event and as usual for the Nationals the racing was the best you see. Class 8 man, Dan Mackenzie (CA44), left the meeting unbeaten. Taking three heat wins meant he was top joint qualifier going into the final where after a number of reruns he took a dominant win. This put him into the Champion of Champions, and many peoples favourite, where again he worked his way through the field and took the biggest victory of the weekend.

Unfortunately I was unable to attend the Ladies and Junior Nationals, but again from what I heard listening online the racing was top notch. It was Cat Mumford’s (160F) turn to take the win in the Champion of Champions after defending her Class 8 title.

The two junior titles went to one of each of the class favourites. In the saloons, Bradley Thomas (IK55) was unbeaten, making it through the three heats and semi-final with wins, which he continued on in the final. Jake Lockwood (SC393) took the specials victory, after three heat wins and a third in the semi-finals.

Congratulations to all those that competed at either of these weekends, especially finalists and champions. Also a huge well done to Cwmdu Car Club who hosted two great meetings.

Below you can find a full list of the champions.

This is just a brief nod to each of these meetings, and I will be doing full coverage posts on them both over the winter.

  Men’s Ladies
Champion of Champions CA44 Dan Mackenzie 160F Cat Mumford
Class 1 SV101 Conner Griffiths Y121 Carol Watson
Class 2 MA19 Callum Hallinan A36 Sarah Trott
Class 3 S26D Adrian Herbert BC111 Becky Shaw
Class 4 PAC3 Rob Corbett PAC3 Alice Bevans
Class 5 CY7 John Wilde PAC2 Alice Bevans
Class 6 CM8 Dalton Thomas CM47 Nicola Olsson
Class 7 SC61 Andy Holtby Y78 Susan Herdman
Class 8 CA44 Dan Mackenzie 160F Cat Mumford
Class 9 LUD80 Jimmy Smith Y6 Katie Addyman
Class 10 ARC9 Phil Cooper SS166 Victoria Coles
  Junior Saloons Junior Specials
  IK55 Bradley Thomas SC393 Jake Lockwood


Concord On Tour The Nationals

In August both the Men’s Nationals and Ladies and Juniors Nationals took place at Cwmdu Car Club.

At the beginning of the month, the Men’s Nationals got off to a good start with Michael Winkworth (C211E) taking the first win of the weekend, this was followed up by a win from Mike Sullivan (C11E) in his first heat.

Anthony Teather (C1E) had two fourth places in heats two and three, whilst Mike had a third and fourth and Michael another two wins.

Ahead of the finals, Mike was joint eighth in the standings, so there was a run off between him and one other. Unfortunately he lost out after a very close race.

Michael went into the final as joint top qualifier, and led the race up until the last bend, when he lost out on the run to the chequered flag, but he still brought back a second place trophy to Essex.

At the Ladies and Juniors Nationals, it was only Lianne Teather (C1E) who was representing the club, her best result of the weekend was a fourth in heat one, and she finished joint tenth overall.

See below for the full Concord Essex results.

Men’s National Championships
  Heat 1 Heat 2 Heat 3 Final Overall
Michael Winkworth

C211E (Class 1)

1st 1st 1st 2nd 2nd
Anthony Teather

C1E (Class 3)

5th 4th 4th X 20th
Allan Crowther

C5E (Class 3)

NF NS NS X =39th
Mike Sullivan

C11E (Class 5)

1st 3rd 4th X


Trevor Martin

C18E (Class 7)

8th 7th 4th X 29th
Carl Brooks

C14E (Class 2)

8th BF 6th X 37th
Barry Hathaway

C83E (Class 8)

6th 7th 6th X 31st
Ladies and Juniors National Championships
Lianne Teather

C1E (Class 3)

4th 7th 6th X =10th


Invicta Kent 13/08/2017

On our latest visit to Invicta Kent Autograss Club, the meeting included the perpetual trophies for Classes 2, 5 and 9 as well as being host to the latest round of the Concord Essex championship. Perfect conditions for the day meant we were set for some great racing.

The perpetual races are run on a staggered start on track, with the highest championship point scorer starting the race at the back along with any visiting drivers, whilst those with the lowest championship points starts the race at the front.

The class 2 race looked to be entertaining with a 14 car line up, however it was a plain sailing win for Connor Bishop (IK252) from the front, whilst the rest of the field battled behind him. The class 5 race was more closely contested, however it didn’t end well for Steve Donovan (IK72) who ended up having a pretty bad rollover. The class 9 race was much cleaner, and it was Jamie Hollingsbee (IK111) who worked his way through to take the win.

The finals proved us with some very dominant performances. Visitor James Jess (CA75) came and took a clean sweep in the class 1’s and left the meeting unbeaten. Martin Beaney (IK316) was another who was unbeatable throughout the day. Connor Bishop (IK252) added to his perpetual race win and took another win in the final without much of a challenge.

Another great day and well ran meeting by the Invicta Kent team.

Just a quick update; this is a short post due to trying to keep to up with a busy month of meetings, including the two big ones, the Nationals, which also had a lot of prep work. September looks to be another busy month, where if all goes to plan I will be attending a meeting every weekend. I will be doing my best to stay on top of this and to post the Nationals posts as well as Border Counties.

This weekend I am off to Cambridge Autograss Club for the East Anglian Open, which is also host to Rounds 5 and 6 of the Stock Hatch Tour Series and the latest rounds of the Concord Essex club championship.