UK Autograss 2019 Champion Profiles

Men’s Overall Champion
Andrew Watson SB20
1. The car was built by NRE or a Rawlinson chassis.
2. I have been racing for 15 years.
3. I don’t have a grassing hero.
4. My previous titles include 2014-2018 UKAC F600 champions, 2017 F600 National champion, 2017 UKAC overall champion.
5. My favourite round was Nottingham.
6. My highlights of this season were winning the overall UKAC and winning the BF600 championship.
7. My plans for next year are racing the club meetings and the UKAC.

Men’s Class One Champion
Lee Poole S70D
1. The car was built from scratch by myself. Bits to metion are that the cage was done by Martin Gould at Shebtek, powder coating by Lee and Paul Waldron at Custom Colour Coating. Engine was built and continually developed by Neil Locke Race Engines who has given me an ultra reliable power unit matched with great power/torque. All custom made parts from Ansell and Wakefield Engineering Ltd of Bristol. To finish off the graphics were done by Steve at Outlaw Signs. Car is fully setup and maintained by myself with the help of Brian at MEK Rolling Road.
2. I’ve been racing Autograss since 2013.
3. I don’t have a grassing hero.
4. My previous titles are Stroud club champion 2014-18, Nottingham Winter Series winner in 2015 and South Somerset Grand Prix winner 2018.
5. My favourite round was Nottingham.
6. The highlight of my season was finishing second overall in my class four and taking two Saturday shootout wins in the class one.
7. My plan for next year is to concentrate my efforts on the class four with engine improvement.

Ladies Class One Champion
Robyn Highsted IK961
1. I’m not sure who built the car, we bought the car ready to race apart from a smashed front end from someone at IK. Engine builder, Jack, changed the spark plugs at the beginning of the season.
2. I started racing 21 years ago, but had an 11 year break to have my three kids and started back up again last July.
3. I can’t say I have a grassing hero but I have been proper proud of my sister, Rachel Collier, this year. She’d had her best ever season and has driven brilliantly all year.
4. I was ladies class one BAS champion in 2005 in my mini the year before I gave up to have the kids. They all take the mickey out of me and call me a has-been.
5. My favourite round was definitely Nottingham, I scored maximum points and Jack won the final in the men’s.
6. My highlight was definitely the champ of champs race at Radford was a brilliant race and only just missed out on the win.
7. Next year I’ll be racing the same car again and the plan is to race the UKAC again. My eldest daughter starts in juniors next year so the focus will be on her.

Ladies Class Two Champion
Helen Bishop IK252
1. My husband, Geoff, and son, Connor, do most of the work on the car. Martin Beaney did the cage, Mill Hill (Danny Robins) did the engine, it is a JAC exhaust and Page Motorsport do the rolling road.
2. I have been racing on and off for the past 28 years. I had a gap when I had the kids and a four year gap when I broke my neck and back at the first UK.
3. My grassing hero is my Uncle, Richard Butler. I used to go racing with him when I was a young girl and it was him who gave me the bug for racing.
4. Twice I have come second in ladies class two at the Nationals, MAP Open winner ladies class two, fourth UKAC ladies class 2 in 2017, second in 2018 and this year the title.
5. The Nottingham round this year was my favourite, I won all four races and came second in the Champ of Champs race.
6. I have two highlights. The first is of my daughter Chloe winning the very first UKAC junior championship in 2013 and coming second overall. The other is of Connor winning his first trophy in men’s class two by coming second in the final at the Nottingham round this year.
7. I was going to retire but Geoff and Connor want me to try and defend my title. We are having a new shell for next year and a refreshed Mill Hill engine.

Men’s Class Three Champion
Mick Sumners R169
1. I built the car myself in 2014, it’s debut was a Stroud UK round. The A35 is running a Vauxhall Red Top.
2. I’ve been racing for approximately 28 years.
3. There’s been so many great class three drivers over the years; Dave Westlake, Pete Haines, Ed Lloyd and many more that I’ve loved the challenge of racing against.
4. I don’t have any previous titles.
5. My favourite UKAC would have to be my debut in the A35 at Stroud as I didn’t expect the car to perform the way it did straight out the box.
6. The highlight of this season has got to be seeing my daughter Chanice coming fourth at the Ladies and Junior Nationals at Wessex in her first Nationals in the A35.
7. My plans for next year are hopefully still be out in the three but will be debuting out in a new Bennett Built class nine.

Ladies Class Three Champion
Jo Thompson Y51
1. The car is a home built space framed Toyota Startlet chassis with a Tyler/Thompson Volvo engine.
2. I have been racing for 21 years, I started racing in 1998 in class one.
3. My racing hero is Heifena James (PHD55).
4. My previous titles Class 3 BAS champion six times, Class 7 BAS champion four times, Overall BAS Ladies champion twice (2004 in class seven, 2005 in class three), Class 3 National champions three times, Class 7 National champion twice and UKAC Class 3 champion 2017.
5. Round one at Sturton was my favourite round because I had a clean sheet in the heats and won the final to come third in the champion of champions.
6. The highlight of my season was getting to grips with a new car at Radford and taking two wins on the Sunday.
7. My plans for next year are to semi retire to the side lines to watch both my sons, Dan and Charlie, race….and drink gin.

Men’s Class Four Champion
Colin Atrill IK272
1. The car was built by Jason Ford and Matthew Hayman and has a Swift Tune engine.
2. I have been racing for the best part of 40 years.
3. I admire anyone of the ladies racing shared cars especially Kelly Wetherick, Helen Grainger and Tracy Bax.
4. My biggest title was winning the nationals back in 1993! I have also won MAP twice and was UKAC class four champion in 2018.
5. My favourite round was Sturton because leading up to that weekend I didn’t know if we’d make it. I had lost my mum earlier in the year and it made it extra special.
6. The highlight of my season was watching the first corner of the ladies class four at Sturton for all the wrong reasons, it put a smile on my face.
7. My plans for next year will be to compete in the UKAC again but with hopefully a faster car after a new engine and a tidy up.

Ladies Overall and Class Four Champion
Kelly Wetherick IK272
1. The car was built by Jason Ford and Matthew Hayman and has a Swift Tune engine.
2. I have been racing for 25 years.
3. Racing #272 I always think back to when I was a child I used to watch Tracy Bax – those are some big (well small!!!!) shoes to fill!!!
4. I became class four and class ten MAP champion this year, I have won the MAP once before in the ten.
5. I can’t really choose my favourite round this year. I really enjoyed all of the champion of champions races this year racing with my fellow Invicta Kent club mates, but especially at Radford racing Robyn Highstead right to the line!
6. The highlight of my season has to be watching my son Reece win the nationals!
7. There’s talk of a class change here next year but who knows! If I could ditch my nationals’ bad luck and pick up a pot there I’d be over the moon!

Men’s Class Five Champion
Bradley Turner SS61
1. My car is an evolution of different car builders but mostly running parts from Xtreme now, running an OBS Motor Services Peugeot engine.
2. I started racing Autograss when I was 13 in a junior special, although I started karting when I was 10.
3. I don’t have a grassing hero.
4. While I was racing in the junior special I was MAP champion in 2016, I came 3rd at the Nationals in 2015 and 2016 as well as 3rd at the BAS in 2016.
5. My favourite round of this year has to be round two at Hereford.
6. The highlight of the season would have to be the race three top heat at Hereford, it was one of the best races I have ever had.
7. The plan for next year is going to be a full engine rebuild and a new shell.

Ladies Class Five Champion
Diane Heath E10
1. The car was built by xcworx and has a Vauxhall engine built by MJA.
2. I have been racing for 10 years.
3. Anthony Ross is my grassing hero.
4. I have won the UKAC class five championship five years in a row.
5. My favourite round this year was Nottingham.
6. The highlight of my season has been winning both the class five and ten UKAC championships.
7. The plan for next year will be mastering the new class 10.

Men’s Class Six Champion
Martyn Janes YD10
1. I put the car together and set it up myself. The engine is built by AP Racing Engines.
2. I’ve been racing for 23 year ish I think.
3. I don’t have a grassing hero.
4. I won BAS in 2006 and MAP in 2016. I have also had a second, a third and a fourth at Nationals but I can’t remember the years.
5. My favourite round was Hereford.
6. I don’t really have any highlights.
7. I’m not sure the plans for next year. We’ll see what happens.

Ladies Class Six Champion
Rachel Collier IK960
1. The car was built by Beaney Fabrications ready for the 2018 season and the engine is a home built Vauxhall Red Top.
2. I started racing when I was 12 in 2000, I missed one season when I was pregnant and had a year out in 2017, so I have raced 18 seasons.
3. My hero is my big sister Robyn Highsted.
4. I was UKAC class six champion in 2016 but wasn’t against many others so was a bit easier than this year.
5. The final round at Radford was my favourite.
6. The highlight of my season was being joint second qualifier for the national final and coming fourth.
7. We’ve having a new car for next year and back racing a class one at some of the IK meetings.

Men’s Class Seven Champion
Pete Bott S47D
1. The car is a Fiat Sceinto with an Is2 V8 Chevrolet, the chassis was built by xcworx.
2. I’ve been racing or been involved with Autograss for 25 years.
3. My grassing here is my dad Pete Bott Snr, two time national champion.
4. My only previous title was the 2013 Class Seven UKAC champion.
5. My favourite UKAC round this year would have to be round one at Sturton.
6. The highlight of this year is winning class seven in the UKAC.
7. Next year I plan to concentrate on my son Callum starting in junior saloons.

Ladies Class Seven Champion
Terri Mumford 62F
1. The car is a Sciento shell with twin Hayabusa’s
2. My husband says I have been racing too long. I started racing 34 years ago in class three when I was 16.
3. My grassing hero is Bruce Campbell. I grew up watching and supporting him and it was mainly thanks to him that my Dad got back into Autograss and got his class three and as they say the rest is history.
4. I was class seven National Champion in 1990. I won overall ladies UKAC Champion in 2018 and class seven and class ten champion.
5. My favourite was round one at Sturton.
6. The highlight of my season was 2 heat wins at the Nationals and third place in the class ten final.
7. The plan for next year will be class ten and possibly class eight.

Men’s Class Eight Champion
Simon Reeve N8
1. The car is a 2018 xcworx class eight with a RLM Racing Stage 2 1350cc Hayabusa and JAC Performance Exhaust.
2. I have been racing for 14 years.
3. I have a few grassing heroes mainly because I can remember how good and exciting the likes of Andy Hornshaw, Ant Ross and Karl Mosley were to watch when I was younger. As I’ve learnt to know more people within the sport I’ve got to add Paul Waldron and Barry Hathaway to that list. If I can race as competitive and quick as them when I’m their age I’d be more than happy.
4. I don’t have any previous titles.
5. My favourite round has to be Nottingham. I love racing around my home track. I think it’s a great venue and a challenging track.
6. The whole season has been excellent. I can’t ever remember having a season with so many incredible races. It’s been fast and close all year.
7. The plan for next year is to have the class eight stripped and rebuilt. It’s done two seasons so needs some TLC. I will be racing with the UK Autograss Championship again next season. I’m looking forward to some great venues. I’d like to try to qualify for the Nationals but work commitments may halt that. We will see.

Ladies Class Eight Champion
Vikki Lamb NW83
1. The car is a Berrisford chassis with a gen 2 Hayabusa.
2. I’ve been racing for eight years, six of which have been in class eight.
3. I haven’t really got a hero, but I look up to Jay Thompson. I found out about Autograss when I met Jay and he’s taught me everything.
4. No major titles yet, but North Wales class 14 winner 2018. Middle of England champion in class one and class eight. Fastest special on grass 2019 in Jay’s car.
5. Radford was my favourite round even though I didn’t do very well in the final.
6. Becoming class eight UKAC champion was my season highlight.
7. My aim for next year is to try and be more consistent and to retain my UKAC title.

Men’s Class Nine Champion
Martin Bugg SC105
1. The car is a Honda K20 self-built engine which has been mapped by Exon Race Engine. The chassis was built by James Bowe, the current class nine National and BAS champion. Both have always been willing to help with any problems I’ve had over the years.
2. I’ve been racing for five years on the grass.
3. Vinny Gibbons always makes for good spectating.
4. No major wins but plenty of top three trophies for the major events.
5. Round one at Sturton was my favourite round, I tried a new setup for the season and it just worked from the off.
6. The highlight of the season was my qualifying. I has some brilliant races with John Whitehouse. I especially enjoyed my roll.
7. No current plans for next year. A few people have asked me to qualify in their cars and also list as a reserve driver for some of the UKAC rounds. I don’t plan to buy another car as yet but we’ll see what happens next year.

Ladies Class Nine Champion
Mollie Richardson N492
1. The car is set up by One Off Engineering and the engine is done by Bluespeed.
2. I have been racing for six years, I started as soon as I turned 12.
3. I don’t really have a grassing hero.
4. The only previous titles I have is 2016 UKAC Junior Special champion.
5. My favourite round of the year was Radford.
6. The highlight of my season was getting on the podium at the Ladies Nationals.
7. My plan is to just enjoy my racing. This has been my first year in Ladies. I took a year out after leaving juniors at the end of 2017. I have really enjoyed this year, but I still have a lot to learn. We have a few changes to make to the car over the winter, so I am looking forward to next season and whatever it holds.
I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has helped keep the car running this year, it’s not been easy and it’s been a steep learning curve with the car. It would not have been possible without by Dad and our team of helpers at Discount Tyres, Kippax.

Men’s Class Ten Champion
Vinny Gibbons LM170
1. The chassis was built by John Gay 5 years ago. I’ve built my own engines since I started. I’ve tried engine builders, but I don’t trust them
2. I have been racing for 46 years.
3. My hero is Mick Morgan.
4. I’ve got a lot of previous titles, but I’ve never quite got the Nationals.
5. Nottingham was my favourite round, I won all of my races.
6. The highlight was winning most of the finals this year.
7. I’ve not decided next year’s plan. I hope I can do the NEC in January first. All though I love my racing but body is getting worn out….and my wallet.

Ladies Class Ten Champion
Diane Heath E111
1. The car is ARD built with a standard pair of K6’s.
2. I have been racing 10 years.
3. Anthony Ross is my grassing hero.
4. I have been MAP champions and twice class 10 UKAC champion.
5. Hereford was my favourite round.
6. The highlight of my season was making the final in both class five and ten at the Ladies Nationals.
7. Next year we will have a new class 10 to master.
I would like to thank Julian for keeping the two cars reliable and ready to race.

Men’s Stock Hatch Champion
Thomas Ireland WS6
1. I bought the car at the end of the 2018 season from Ian Fay. It then had a full TCI Mechanical & Fabrication refresh and an engine refresh by NB Racing.
2. I started racing 16 years ago when I was 12 with Bridport Bandits. I caught the racing bug straight away and started racing my own mini when I was 13.
3. My grassing hero is Mr Ian Fay, he’s the nicest man in Autograss.
4. I have no previous titles apart from third place in Stock Hatch last year in the UKAC after borrowing a friend’s car from round two onwards.
5. My favourite round was Radford although Hereford comes a close second.
6. The highlight of my season was when I found out I was UKAC Stock Hatch champion, and just generally the whole season! Almost every race meeting has been a great one for me both at home and away.
7. I will be racing the UKAC again next year both in Stock Hatch and class two but I also aim to get to some other national meetings like FMOG and Stock Hatch Nationals. Both cars are being rebuilt this winter ready to come out looking good as new for 2020.

Ladies Stock Hatch Champion
Emily Saitch C3E
1. Mike Sullivan built the car, engine is a 1.6cc 8 valve standard 135,00 miles from a scrap yard with one careful previous owner.
2. I’ve been racing 2-3 years.
3. Barry Hathaway is my grassing hero.
4. Third in class five at the UKAC last year has been my biggest achievement.
5. Hereford was my favourite round.
6. The highlight of my season was Mike winning the champ of champs at round one.
7. We’re building a house next year but we hope to be back having some fun in the class five if we can get it fixed.
Men’s F600 Champion
Terry Cox ST1
1. The car is a self-built F600 with 2009 Kawasaki ZX6R engine.
2. I started racing at 19 in 1971 with an Austin 1100.
3. Chris Allanson is my hero because of his innovative car building like the first twin engine special.
4. I have too many to list, the most memorable title was probably the 1982 Nationals at Hanbry where I got the best turned out car trophy and finished a hard fought fourth in the class seven final. Also the four time F600 Championship winner.
5. My favourite round was Hereford.
6. My season highlight was beating Andy Watson who I rate as the most competitive F600 driver to date.
7. Nothings confirmed so far for next year, it will depend on dates and race venues.

Ladies F600 Champion
Allysaa Faunch ST513
1. The car is a home built F600 with a cbr600 Honda bike engine.
2. I’ve been racing three years.
3. My grassing hero is Anthony Read.
4. I don’t have any previous titles.
5. My favourite round was the first one at Sturton and Stow.
6. The highlight for me was just being able to race against a few different classes and not coming last.
7. I plan to attend more meeting and stay with the F600 class.

Junior Saloon Champion
Kyle Newman BC99
1. I race a Nissan Micra and I run a 1ltr standard engine. The car was built by DS Racing at the start of the season where near enough everything was new.
2. This is my second full season.
3. My grassing hero has to be Andy Holtby.
4. I am the British Junior Champion.
5. My favourite round was the first one at Sturton.
6. The highlight of my season is becoming UKAC Junior Saloon champion.
7. My plan for next year is to do a season in class one and have a class six towards the end of it.

Junior Special Champion
Charlie Thompson Y15
1. The car is a Berrisford built Junior Special with a Simon Chadwick engine.
2. This was my third season, I started racing in May 2017.
3. My dad, Phil Thompson is my hero.
4. My previous titles are; 2018 UKAC Junior Specials champion, 2018 UKAC Overall Junior champion, 2018 UKAC Young Gun (12-16 yrs) champion, 2018 & 19 North of England Junior Special champion, 2018 & 19 Fastest Man on Grass Junior Special champion.
5. Round three at Nottingham was my favourite because having car troubles made us really have to work hard to keep going and come out with very good results.
6. The highlight of my season would have to be my national’s finals. After qualifying top into the final I was really happy. In the race I was joint first into the corner before being punted out wide and then racing back through the pack all the way to the last corner to get fourth place out of it.
7. Next year I plan to go on and try to retain all of my previous titles won this year and achieve those that I haven’t. Also to get my little brother up to pace in his car.

UK Autograss Championships 2019 R4 Ladies

Class 1
The first attempt at the final was stopped when in a battle for the lead Lacey Law (SR24) was a spinner on the pits bend. Louise Back (R58) was missing from the rerun, which had a level break but coming out of the first bend ahead was Robyn Highstead (IK961). Highstead was able to start to pull away from the rest of the field who were all bunched up, with Sharron Shewan (Y129) heading the bunch. Highstead went on to take the win unchallenged from Shewan. Law had got caught out on the first bend which put her to the back of the order. She picked her way through to battle for third, she claimed the position across the line by the smallest margin from Tracey Goodchild (IK634). In the battle between the two North Wales drivers, Ann Herberts (NW114) took fifth ahead of Natasha Lawlor (NW142) whilst Lisa Merrison (ST138) was the final finisher.

Results: 1st IK961 2nd Y129 3rd SR24 4th IK634 5th NW114 6th NW142 7th ST138
Points: 1st IK961 Robyn Highstead = 710 2nd SR24 Lacey Law = 604 3rd IK634 Tracey Goodchild = 493 4th NW142 Natasha Lawlor = 445

Class 3
This final took three attempts, the first saw Sharron Branston (L5) excluded for contact with Sheri Sumners (R168) in turn one. The second saw Maisie Emms (R321) excluded also for contact. As with the other attempts Jo Thompson (Y51) was the first one to get her nose in front, chased by Chanice Sumners (R169). Thompson went on to win by a considerable margin after Chanice Sumners had trouble with the car. Sister Sheri was a retirement on lap one, whilst Lianne Teather (C7E) who had stalled on the line was also a retirement with engine problems. Trish Simmonds-Grant was also a finalist but problems on the first run meant that she was unable to compete.

Results: 1st Y51 2nd R169
Points: 1st Y51 Jo Thompson = 682 2nd R169 Chanice Sumners = 469 3rd SN269 Trish Simmonds Grant = 429 4th L5 Sharron Branston = 199

Class 5
Diane Heath (E10) was first into turn one with a reasonable lead, but by the end of the first lap she had Maisy Phipps (S14D) all over the back of her. Heath looked to have the pace down the straight but Phipps was gaining on the corners. The two had pulled away from a third place battle between Barbara Harper (M11) and Natalie Green (R420) who had been slow off the line. On the final lap going into the pits bend Heath left the door open which allowed Phipps through to take the win. Harper held off Green for third whilst Janet Murray (38F) rounded out the order.

Results: 1st S14D 2nd E10 3rd M11 4th R420 5th 38F
Points: 1st E10 Diane Heath = 736 2nd M11 Barbara Harper = 471 3rd 38F Janet Murray = 371 4th SN23 Maisie Emms = 319

Class 7
Getting the best start and heading straight into the lead was Kim Jenkins (B106H) but she soon had Lisa Charles (BC24) all over the back of her. The two leaders pulled away with Terri Mumford (62F) from the rest of the field. Despite challenges from Charles, Jenkins held on to take the win, Charles picked up second ahead of Mumford. Abi Shields (N42) had one all three heats but problems at the start meant that she was only able to recover to fourth and unable to catch up the leading trio. Charley Craske (R96) picked up fifth ahead of Emily Barrett (R10) and Cathy Harrison (SN262).

Results: 1st B106H 2nd BC24 3rd 62F 4th N42 5th R96 6th R10 7th SN262
Points: 1st 62F Terri Mumford = 610 2nd R10 Emily Barrett = 463 3rd N42 Abi Shields = 458 4th SN262 Cathy Harrison = 284

Class 9
Straight into the lead was Mollie Richardson (N492) but she had Dru Hollingsbee (IK111) for company. The two pulled away from the Helen Rummery (IK213) and Louise Hollingsbee (IK11) who had spun in the first corner. Dru Hollingsbee wasn’t able to make a challenge for the lead stick and had to settle for second with Richardson taking the win. Louise Hollingsbee was able to pass Rummery in the closing stages to take third place.

Results: 1st N492 2nd IK111 3rd IK11 4th IK213
Points C9: 1st N492 Mollie Richardson = 618 2nd IK111 Dru Hollingsbee = 576 3rd IK213 Helen Rummery = 473 4th IK11 Louise Hollingsbee = 430

Class 2
Despite the first attempt of the final going all the way to the flag there was a rerun for these ladies, the reason for which I don’t know. The second attempt went without Sharron Barrett (SP9). Three abreast going into turn one was Kelly Read (WR474), Helen Bishop (IK252) and Lacey Law (SR69). Law looked to have the advantage going into turn one but it was Read who took the lead whilst Bishop was left holding off a challenge from Louise Rowley (WS24). Read was able to pull away from the battle for second. In the closing stages of the race the cars looked as if they had started to spread out but on the final lap Bishop tried to pass Read on the outside line, but wasn’t able to make it stick. Read took the win with Bishop second whilst Rowley took third. Fiona Muchland Duff picked up fourth whilst Gracie Perry (G18D) just held off Law, who had dropped down the order, to fifth. Completing the order was Becx Green (SC621).

Results: 1st WR474 2nd IK252 3rd WS24 4th SB44 5th G18D 6th SR69 7th SC621
Points: 1st IK252 Helen Bishop = 717 2nd WR474 Kelly Read = 563 3rd SC621 Becx Green = 504 4th SB44 Fiona Muchland Duff = 474

Class 4 & Stock Hatch
Kelly Wetherick (IK272) in the only class four was the first into turn one with Emily Saitch (C3E) leading the Stock Hatch’s. Wetherick and Saitch settled into their positions whilst there was a battle for third on track between Sophie Eggleton (LUD28) and Lisa Hills (WS500). Wetherick went on to win with Saitch taking the win in Stock Hatch despite Hills and Eggleton closing the gap on the last lap. Hills took third ahead of Eggleton whilst Rosie Emms (H231) rounded out the order.

1st IK272 2nd C3E 3rd WS500 4th LUD28 5th H231
Points C4: 1st IK272 Kelly Wetherick = 800
Points SH: 1st C3E Emily Saitch = 641 2nd H231 Rosie Emms = 605 3rd WS500 Lisa Hills = 427 4th LUD28 Sophie Eggleton

Class 6
Gina Fackerell (R771) was the fastest starting car but going down the start straight her bonnet flew up blocking her view and she was an early retirement. This left Rachel Collier (IK960) to lead the way whilst Susan Whipps (IK92) and Leanne Morton (Y92) were side-by-side for second. Morton dropped back into Katie Reynolds (SN333) who was quick to make a pass to chase down the two leaders. Collier pulled away to take the win ahead of Whipps, whilst Reynolds took third from Morton. The top four had pulled away from the battle at the back which Hannah Hinton (IK225) got the better of leaving Sarah Ivermee (G16D) to round out the order.

Results: 1st IK960 2nd IK92 3rd SN333 4th Y92 5th IK225 6th G16D
Points: 1st IK960 Rachel Collier = 662 2nd SN333 Katie Reynolds = 567 3rd IK92 Susan Whipps = 503 4th R771 Gina Fackerell = 370

Class 8
Making the best start and straight into the lead going into turn one was Emma Shell (IK95), coming out though she had Suzanne Gibbons (LM2) for company. Gibbons was left fending off Kelly Read (WR150) and Lynn Thomas (C21E) allowing Shell to pull away. Shell went on to take the win by a fair distance whilst the rest of the field were still bunched up. Gibbons held onto her second spot despite many challenges from Read. Thomas was also putting in the challenge but had to settle for fourth, whilst Hope Godfrey (ST22) recovered to fifth after a spin on the first turn. Maisy Phipps (S12D) picked up sixth ahead of the two title contenders Vikki Lamb (NW83) and Abi Shields (N24).

Results: 1st IK95 2nd LM2 3rd WR150 4th C21E 5th ST22 6th S12D 7th NW83 8th N24
Points: 1st NW83 Vikki Lamb = 595 2nd N42 Abi Shields = 545 3rd ST22 Hope Godfrey = 488 4th M111 Barbara Harper = 411

Class 10
There was a bit of wheel banging off the start but everyone made it to the first turn without incident. Local girl Emily Barrett (R84) lead the way whilst Diane Heath (E111) was a spinner in turn one. The only driver to complete the race without making a mistake was Barrett who took an unchallenged win. Terri Mumford (2F) picked up second, a position she almost lost to Ruby Atkins Stott (A11) after pushing on round the pits bend. Stott finished third ahead of Emmie Hornby (SC101), Kelly Wetherick (IK100) and Heath.

Results: 1st R84 2nd 2F 3rd A11 4th SC101 5th IK100 6th E111
Points: 1st E111 Diane Heath = 511 2nd R84 Emily Barrett = 400 3rd A11 Ruby Atkins Stott = 359 4th IK100 Kelly Wetherick = 319

UK Autograss Championships 2019 R4 Juniors

Taking the lead going into turn one was Jamie Buckland (H90) but he had Ben Macgregor (IK734) and Josh Julian (SC22) close behind. During the early stages of the race it was a close battle between the three drivers, however Julian got his nose in front and was quick to pull himself clear. Buckland was able to hold off the gaggle of cars behind him but coming round the final turn his car died and he was unable to complete the race. Julian took the win, second place went to Zach Spencer (E1) who had an easier route past the slowing Buckland than Macgregor who took third. Fourth place went to Kyle Newman (BC99) ahead of Jamie Barlow (WS34), Aaron Mafell (G66D) and Rhys Phillips (TA98).

Results: 1st SC22 2nd E1 3rd IK734 4th BC99 5th WS34 6th G66D 7th TA98
Points: 1st BC99 Kyle Newman = 583 2nd SC22 Josh Julian = 541 3rd SR29 Leo Purchase = 532 4th H90 Jamie Buckland = 503

The first run of the final was stopped when a messy turn one saw, newly crowned Junior Special National Champion, Reece Wetherick (IK99) and Emily Richardson (N592) tangled up. All were back out for the rerun, which, as in the first run, Charlie Thompson (Y15) was straight into the lead. Again there was two that were tangled at turn one, this time it was Alicia Paris Pugh (LM15) and Harrison Gilder (R600), but we carried on racing with both drivers rejoining. Thompson led the way from James Pinches (R1) whilst behind there was a four car battle for third between Richardson, James Wallis (E260), Wetherick and Ben Lunt (SR95). Thompson pulled away from Pinches to take a convincing win. The battle for third went the way of Wetherick who just beat Wallis to the line, with Richardson taking fifth from Lunt. Pugh took seventh despite a couple of spins, whilst Gilder rounded out the order.

Results: 1st Y15 2nd R1 3rd IK99 4th E260 5th N592 6th SR95 7th LM15 8th R600
Points: 1st Y15 Charlie Thompson = 535 2nd N592 Emily Richardson = 411 3rd IK99 Reece Wetherick = 353 4th R1 James Pinches = 336

UK Autograss Championships 2019 R4 Men’s

Class 1
It was a fairly even break off the line, but just having the edge going into turn one was Lee Poole (S70D) and Jake Law (SR3). Coming out of the first turn it was Law who led the way, whilst Wayne Bird (R211) got spat out and was left on the infield. Law was able to pull away whilst the rest of the field were left tussling for position, with five cars in contention for second place. William Drayton (SN124) and Caine Parnell (SP129) were the two who broke away from the rest to chase down the leader. On the final lap they caught Law, and Parnell went to pass up the inside coming out of the final bend, doing this he pushed Law out of shape and it was a race to the line between the three of them. Law was able to just hold on with Drayton second, Parnell crossed the line third but picked up a green flag for the contact with Law which dropped him to fifth. Justin Hardy (SS1) was promoted to third ahead of Poole and rounding out the order was Marc Shepherd (LM21) whilst James Parnell (SP921) was a retirement on the last lap.

Results: 1st SR3 2nd SN124 3rd SS1 4th S70D 5th SP129 6th LM21
Points: 1st S70D Lee Poole = 606 2nd SP129 Caine Parnell = 581 3rd ST52 Alex Fretwell = 542 4th SN124 William Drayton = 521

Class 3
Flying out of the gate was local man Mick Sumners (R169) who was straight into the lead going into turn one and had already pulled himself a couple of car lengths clear coming out of the first bend. Side-by-side for second place coming out of turn one was Adrian Joyce (WS22) and Dave George (SN269). A couple of laps into the race and Sumners had continued to pull away whilst Dave Westlake (123F) and Steve Carpenter (IK32) joined in the battle for second. Sumners however spun on the put bend, rejoining in third, whilst George and Westlake went past Sumners alongside each other, George looked to have his nose in front but Westlake quickly got in front. Sumners made short work of getting past George to challenge Westlake for the lead. Going round the final bend there was a slight bit of contact between the leaders which saw Sumners get out of shape, the rest of the field were close behind him and were looking for a way passed. Westlake took the win, ahead of Carpenter and Sean Collin (SN257). Sumners had to settle for fourth, just holding off Richard Spavins (SN351). Joyce and George dropped to the back of the order to sixth and seventh. The final qualifier for the final was Anthony Teather (C7E) but an engine failure meant he was unable to start the race.

Results: 1st 123F 2nd IK32 3rd SN257 4th R169 5th SN351 6th WS22 7th SN269
Points: 1st R169 Mick Sumners = 587 2nd C7E Anthony Teather = 550 3rd 123F Dave Westlake = 483 4th NS41 Stephen Goodwin = 405

Class 5
The first two attempts of the final were stopped, the first because of contact between Stuart Deacon (S60D) and Richard Miles (R2) which caused Miles to get out of shape and be collected by Bradley Thomas (SS61). Everyone was back out for the second run but it was stopped was because of contact between Deacon and Julian Heath (E10). The final attempt without Heath who had picked up a black flag and without Neil Taylor (R6) who looked to have a problem in the second run. As with the previous runs Matt Barker (L117) was straight into the lead with Aaron Mason (R19) hot on his heels. There was a battle behind between Turner and Deacon for third place. Turner broke away from Deacon to put a challenge on Mason, the two in the battle for the title, all the while allowing Barker to pull away. Barker went on to take the win unchallenged, whilst Mason just held onto second place from Turner. Deacon took fourth place ahead of Miles, whilst Alan Green (R420) retired from the race.

Results: 1st L117 2nd R19 3rd SS61 4th S60D 5th R2
Points: 1st SS61 Bradley Turner = 617 2nd R19 Aaron Mason = 596 3rd E10 Julian Heath = 501 4th M11 Ben Harper = 478

Class 7
The first run of the final came to an early stop when Paul Bacon (N60) and Paul Waldron (R139) became tangled on the second bend. Everyone was back in for the rerun, where Bacon struggled to get off the line and was at a disadvantage for the rest of the race. Straight into the lead was Sam Fenton (R5) with Pete Bott (S47D), Rick Finnerty (M99) and Robert Holloway (E14) behind. Holloway was on charge and ended up in the back of Bott at turn one who looked to have slowed considerable. Both got going further down the order. Fenton continued to lead but had Finnerty challenging for the top spot. It was a drag to the line between the two drivers coming out of the final bend, with Fenton just holding on to take the win. Waldron worked his way up the order to take third place ahead of Darrell Cole (CM15). Bott recovered to fifth ahead of Dave Chapman (3F), Bacon and Holloway.

Results: 1st R5 2nd M99 3rd R139 4th CM15 5th S47D 6th 3F 7th N60 8th E14
Points: 1st S47D Pete Bott = 642 2nd R139 Paul Waldron = 574 3rd N52 Jamie Cox = 535 4th R138 Lee Waldron = 507

Class 9
Making the best start was Darren Jones (CM46) but going into turn one he had Andrew Adams (R12) going round the outside. Jones held onto the lead going down the back straight with Adams and Martin Bugg (SC105) running side-by-side. The wide line wasn’t working for Adams which allowed Jack Joyce (WS2) to move up to third. It was for second place were the battle was between Bugg and Joyce, the two championship contenders, but both closing the gap down on the leader. Bugg put a challenge on the leader on the final lap, this put him on the wider line and the three cars were bunched coming out of the final turn. Jones held onto the win, whilst Joyce moved up to second with Bugg third. Adams picked up fourth place ahead of Richard Morrant and Martin Jones (H55). Allan Kerr (SB47) picked up seventh ahead of Jamie Hollingsbee (IK111) who had problems on board.

Results: 1st CM46 2nd WS2 3rd SC105 4th R12 5th M1 6th H55 7th SB47 8th IK111
Points: 1st SC105 Martin Bugg = 592 2nd WS2 Jack Joyce = 577 3rd R12 Andrew Adams = 481 4th M888 Steve Goodman = 474

Going into the first bend first was Andrew Watson (SB20) on the inside and Jase Garnett (N692) on the outside with Garnett getting his nose in front coming out of the bend. Behind there were another two alongside each other, Terry Cox (ST1) and Wayne Jarrat (LM88) however on the second bend Cox was a spinner which hindered Jarrat, which dropped them both to the back. Joining in the battle between the two leaders was Matthew Hickingbotham (ST62). Garnett led the race until the last lap where Watson tried the outside line, going round the last bend Garnett ended up spinning. Watson went on to take the win ahead of Hickingbotham, whilst Garnett was able to hold onto third. Jarrat picked up fourth ahead of Cox whilst Colin Bland (LM999) was sixth ahead of Samuel Pinches (R35).

Results: 1st SB20 2nd ST62 3rd N692 4th LM88 5th ST1 6th LM999 7th R35
Points: 1st ST1 Terry Cox = 461 2nd SB20 Andrew Watson = 390 3rd LM999 Colin Bland = 289 4th ST62 Matthew Hickingbotham = 274

Class 2
It was an even break across the grid but Robert Farrow (Y71) got his nose in front going into turn one. Behind they were running three a breast round the second bend, Kyle Everett (WS222), Kev Atkins (S443Y) and Russ Victory (R14), where Victory went from fourth to second. Connor Bishop (IK252) was looking to join in this battle and moved ahead of Atkins before challenging Everett for second. Bishop tried up the inside of Everett which led to them rubbing and putting them both out of shape, Bishop held onto the position but Everett dropped to fifth. The leader had pulled away and took an unchallenged win, with Victory second. Bishop crossed the line just ahead of Everett, but picked up a green flag which dropped him to fifth. Everett was promoted to third ahead of Atkins. It was a race to the line between the back markers with Rhys Wyeth (WS19) just piping Chris Barrett (SP9) to the post.

Results: 1st Y71 2nd R14 3rd WS222 4th S443Y 5th IK252 6th WS19 7th SP9
Points: 1st Y71 Robert Farrow = 659 2nd SP19 Sam Barrett = 586 3rd WS222 Kyle Everett = 500 4th S443Y Kev Atkins = 493

Class 4
Quickest out of the gate was Spencer Mills (LUD5) but he was swamped by the rest of grid going into turn one and was then a spinner. William Griffiths (R43) got out of shape and heading to the first turn and was facing the wrong way. At the front it was Lee Poole (S71D) and Rob Lancaster (R47), Poole was first to take the lead but he left the door open and Lancaster was through. Lancaster pulled clear from Poole who had also pulled clear from third placed Andrew Wood (ST4). Lancaster took his fourth win of the weekend ahead of Poole and Wood. Colin Atrill (IK272) was safe in fourth ahead of Bernie Jones (H999), Peter Savage (LUD5) and Griffiths whilst Mills didn’t complete the race.

Results: 1st R47 2nd S71D 3rd ST4 4th IK272 5th H999 6th LUD10 7th R43
Points: 1st IK272 Colin Atrill = 649 2nd S71D Lee Poole = 515 3rd ST4 Andrew Wood = 499 4th LUD10 = 424

Stock Hatch
It was on the third attempt that the final was completed, the first was stopped when Aaron Murray (C22) came across the grid off the start which caused contact with Dan Crosby (M55). It was a messy turn one in the second attempt, and it was Mike Sullivan (C3E) who was excluded. Charlie Steele (SN727) made the best start to be the early leader, but Thomas Ireland (WS6) had fixed the problem he had in the first run and was soon back in front. Ireland took the win from Steele, with Phil Peek (S19Y) third. Ian Fay picked up fourth place from Murray, with Dean Smith (LUD28) sixth ahead of Crosby.

Results: 1st WS6 2nd SN727 3rd S19Y 4th WS500 5th C22 6th LUD28 7th M55
Points: 1st WS6 Thomas Ireland = 657 2nd C3E Mike Sullivan = 566 3rd S19Y Phil Peek = 546 4th WS500 Ian Fay = 470

Class 6
This was another final that was completed on the third attempt. The first attempt was stopped when David Gilder (R61) and Ted Preedy (R190) came together on the penultimate lap. It was a messy turn one which is what caused the red flags to come out for race two. Martyn Janes (YD10) had taken the lead in all of the attempts and the final run was no different. He started to pull away from the battle for second between Gilder and Dave Mcconnell (Y444). Gilder pulled away from Mcconnell who had dropped back into the battle for fourth between Tina Hilton (ST46) and Steven Whipps (T191). Janes went on to take a win by a clear margin ahead of Gilder. Mcconnell held onto fourth from Hilton and Whipps. Out of the race was Preedy, Matthew Whipps (IK93) and Jamie Ivermee (G17D).

Results: 1st YD10 2nd R61 3rd Y444 4th ST46 5th T191
Points: YD10 Martyn Janes = 555 2nd Y444 Dace Mcconnell = 490 3rd IK93 Matthew Whipps = 466 4th SN333 Tony Reynolds = 448

Class 8
First to break off the line was the two Gibbons brothers but going into turn one it was local man Alex Hall (R411) who was ahead. Coming out of the first turn Hall was alongside Jack Gibbons (LM1), with Gibbons on Hall’s inside, whilst Simon Reeve (N8) held the inside line. Gibbons took the lead round the second bend, with Hall and Reeve side-by-side going down the start straight. Reeve was able to move ahead into second, whilst Ben Gibbons (LM2) joined in the battle. Hall and Ben continued to swap positions with Daniel Borman (NW47) looking to take advantage from a mistake. Jack Gibbons took the win ahead of Reeve, whilst Ben Gibbons just held off Hall for third. Ben Harper (M111) moved up to fifth on the final corner ahead of Borman. The two Invicta Kent drivers rounded out the order with Scott Shell (IK95) seventh ahead of Mark Hall (IK35).

Results: 1st LM1 2nd N8 3rd LM2 4th R411 5th M111 6th NW47 7th IK95 8th IK35
Points: N8 Simon Reeve = 589 2nd LM1 Jack Gibbons = 568 3rd LM2 Ben Gibbons = 561 4th R411 Alex Hall =558

Class 10
It would take four attempts to complete this final. The first was stopped when Gary Morris (C28) spun at turn one and was collected by Paul Fackrell (R7) who had nowhere else to go. All were back in the rerun which was stopped when there was contact off the start. The third run went without Morris and Fackrell but was stopped when Adrian Turner (SS11) spun and Lee Cox (2F) was caught out. All six were allowed back out for the final run and it was Vinny Gibbons (LM170) who was straight into the lead, challenged by Turner. Turner clipped Gibbons’ wheel and dropped to the back, this allowed James Poltimore (SS79) and Cox through. Cox passed Poltimore for second whilst Gary Wetherick (IK100) looked to put in a challenge on Poltimore. On the penultimate lap Cox and Poltimore were back side-by-side with Poltimore ahead as they started the final lap. Gibbons went on to take the win whilst Poltimore finished second on track, he was demoted to fourth with a green flag which meant that Wetherick picked up second from Cox. Julian Heath (E111) completed the order in fifth after Turner was a retirement.

Results: 1st LM170 2nd IK100 3rd 2F 4th SS79 5th E111
Points: 1st LM170 Vinny Gibbons = 598 2nd SS79 James Poltimore = 512 3rd IK100 Gary Wetherick = 511 4th CY117 Tony Jones = 492

UK Autograss Championships 2019 R4 Overview

This should have been the start of the penultimate set of reports for the UK Autograss Championship but the weather gods have played their hand an unfortunately the rescheduled round four to be hosted by Leewood Autograss Club has had to be cancelled. This means that this is the end of the series and though we didn’t know it at the time the class and overall champions were decided two weeks ago at Radford Autograss Club.

In stark contrast to the weather many have been seeing over the last week we were treated to glorious sunshine for the mid-September meeting.

If we had gone to the fifth round, there were only a handful of champions already decided which meant that most were still to be decided and looking at the points it was very close for all trophy positions.

Before I get stuck into the finals race reports I would like to thank and congratulate the UKAC committee and hosting clubs for another brilliant championship. We have been treated to some great track and some even better racing. Roll on 2020!

Below are the Champion of Champions reports, and as the number of participants in each class showed the points for these races were valuable and would be crucial had the fifth round been run.

Men’s Champion of Champions

There were 16 drivers that opted to go out and compete in what would be the final men’s champion of champions race, with Jake Law (SR3) the only class one and leading the race at the start. With the dry conditions and the number of cars on track the race was dusty and it was difficult to keep track as a spectator. There were two spinners on the first lap, on opposite ends of the track, Sam Fenton (R5) in class seven and Martin Bugg (SC105) in class nine, both rejoined but it put them at the back of the order with a lot of work to do. Law was soon caught up by a bunch of cars and it wasn’t long before he was dropping down the order. The class four and local man of Rob Lancaster (R47) was soon in front leading the way. As they all started to cross the line to start their last lap the class ten of Vinny Gibbons (LM170) let go and ended the race in a big cloud of smoke. Lancaster went on to take the win ahead of Thomas Ireland (WS6) in the Stock Hatch, the class eight of Jack Gibbons (LM1) and Matt Barker (L117) in class five.

Results: 1st R47 2nd WS6 3rd LM1 4th L117 5th Y71 6th 123F 7th S47D 8th M11 9th R411 10th ST62 11th SB20 12th SR3 13th CM46 14th R5 15th SC105
Points: 1st SB20 Andrew Watson = 119 2nd IK272 Colin Atrill = 103 3rd Y71 Robert Farrow = 94 4th WS6 Thomas Ireland = 88

Ladies Champion of Champions

For the ladies champion of champions we saw 12 drivers head out on track and once again there was only the one class one which started the race at the front, this time it was Robyn Highstead (IK961). It was a clear getaway from everyone this time out, with the specials, all having to unlap themselves from Highstead. It was another two Invicta Kent cars who were fighting for second place, the class two of Helen Bishop (IK252) and the class four of Kelly Wetherick (IK272). It only took Wetherick a couple of laps to pass Bishop and she then started the challenge to chase down the leader. Highstead was holding on from Wetherick but going into the final turn Wetherick was trying the outside line and the three cars were in a drag to the line for the win. Wetherick took it, making it three out of three for the champion of champions races completed over the series. Highstead held onto second from Bishop whilst Emily Saitch (C3E) picked up fourth.

Results: 1st IK272 2nd IK961 3rd IK252 4th C3E 5th E10 6th N42 7th WR474 8th R84 9th IK960 10th IK92 11th NW83 12th N492
Points: 1st IK272 Kelly Wetherick = 140 2nd IK961 Robyn Highstead = 132 3rd IK252 Helen Bishop = 124 4th E10 Diane Heath = 105

Points: 1st SC22 Josh Julian = 74 2nd BC99 Kyle Newman = 67 3rd N592 Emily Richardson = 63 4th Y15 Charlie Thompson = 60

2019 Ladies & Juniors Nationals Autograss Championships Finals

Class 1

Missy Moseley (R137) made the most of her inside grid to take the lead going into the first turn, followed by Carys Thomas (TA80). The two were able to pull clear from the battle for third. In the early stages of the race it was the battle for third which was the closest, however Sarah Trott (SS1) pulled a gap whilst Ashlea Traylor (SL274) was left fighting for the final trophy position with Linda Thomas (S3) and Bethany Hughes (SC16). In the later stages of the race Ella John (PHD6) moved up and was amongst this battle. Coming over the line Moseley took the win with a comfortable lead over Carys Thomas and Trott. Fourth place went the way of Linda Thomas with John finishing fifth. John picked up a green flag for an incident on the final lap, this promoted Traylor to fifth and Hughes to sixth. Caz Watson (Y121) was left facing the wrong way going into the second turn and was unable to recover the ground lost.

1st R137 2nd TA80 3rd SS1 4th S3 5th SL274 6th SC16 7th PHD6 8th Y121

Class 3

Going into the first turn it was Becky Shaw (BC111) and Alyson Ashmore (SC514) who were side-by-side. Shaw took the lead thought heading into the second turn and went on to pull away from the rest of the field. The battle was on for the remaining positions. Ashmore wasn’t able to hold off Donna Brown (CM4) for long, who also started to pull away. There was then a bunch fighting for the two remaining trophy spots, Ashmore, Sharon Branston (L5), Chanice Sumners (R169) and Nicola Mackenzie (CA1). Shaw took a dominating win ahead of Brown. In a race to the line Ashmore held onto third with Sumners picking up fourth. Branston just missed out on a trophy in fifth ahead of Mackenzie. Lisa Hills (WS5), a replacement for Jo Thompson (Y51) in the final, was seventh ahead of Trish Simmonds-Grant.

1st BC111 2nd CM4 3rd SC514 4th R169 5th L5 6th CA1 7th WS5 8th SN269

Class 5

Local driver, Rhiannon Smith (SS36) flew out of the gate and was able to swoop round the outside of turn one, but Nicola Jesse (Y44) was able to make the inside line work and the two came out side-by-side. Jesse took the lead leaving Smith to fend off Linzi Weare (B32H). Behind there was a battle for fourth between Kirsty Godfrey (CA10) and Sarah Chilvers (YD46). Recovering from a rollover in heat one, Jesse went on to take the win, ahead of Smith and Weare. With a few laps left to go Chilvers had made the move on Godfrey, and less than half a lap later Godfrey was a spinner dropping her down the order. Chilvers held fourth ahead of Diane Heath (E10) and Holly Downing (NS36). The final finalist, but an early retirement from the race was Michelle Phillips (S33D).

1st Y44 2nd SS36 3rd B32H 4th YD46 5th E10 6th NS36 7th CA10 DNF S33D

Class 7

It was a messy turn one, which saw contact between those on the inside line, coming off worse was Abi Shields (N42) who picked up damage which put her out of contention for the race. Coming through unscathed was the defending champion, Alice Bevans (PAC53), who took the lead, with Lyn Olsson (B27H) and Keznie Adams (BC26) behind side-by-side. Gemma Stephenson (WR20) was working her way up the order and was soon fighting for second place with Olsson. Sandra Jones (C2) and Michelle Barratt (Y18) joined in the battle for third after Stephenson had pulled away in second. On the last lap, going into the top turn, Jones spun out of the battle and was left stranded on the bend. Bevans went on retain her class crown ahead of Stephenson. Barratt took third place ahead of Adams who picked up the final trophy. Olsson was fifth ahead of Clare Cockerill (NS46), whilst Shields had crawled round to take the flag.

1st PAC53 2nd WR20 3rd Y18 4th BC26 5th B27H 6th NS46 7th N42 BF C2

Class 9

Coming out of the first turn in ahead was Sharon Barker (E26) and Jade Dyke-Whitfield (H150), the pair running side-by-side and pulling away from the rest of the field. Behind they were bunched up with Chloe Richardson (P5EM) leading them round. The two leaders continued to pull away, with Dyke-Whitfield trying every way to try and pass Barker, Barker however will would hold on to take the title. Later in the race Richardson was able to pull away in third, whilst Mollie Richardson (N492) held on for fourth. Cassie Gunn (P10EM) was next in fifth ahead of Holly Downing (NS3), Angie Chilvers (SC62) and Ashlea Traylor (BC98) who were all very close across the line.

1st E26 2nd H150 3rd P5EM 4th N492 5th P1OEM 6th NS3 7th SC62 8th BC98

Class 2

The first run of the final saw a lot of close racing, but also some too close racing, with Jessica Roberts (SC1) given a black flag for contact. The rerun saw a level break and first to get there nose in front was Leanne Huschka (SL212). Trying to put the challenge on the leader was Jenny Houlihan (WW358), with success as she took the lead a couple of laps later. Huschka didn’t let her pull away from, keeping up the challenge, whilst also joined by Lauren Kelly (YD203). Contact between Kelly and Huschka saw Kelly spin out of the race. Houlihan crossed the line first, with Missy Moseley (R3) having picked her way through the field to take second place ahead of Huschka. In the post-race scrutineering Houlihan and Huschka were both excluded from the result due to technical infringements, crowning Moseley as the champion, her second of the weekend. Second place went to Katie Jones (SV51) ahead of Lucy Wickham (IK13) and Caz Watson (Y101) who completed the order.

1st R3 2nd SV51 3rd IK13 4th E101 BF SC1 DNF YD203 EXC WW358 EXC SL212

Class 4

As had been the theme of the weekend Lisa Cooper (E220) was able to get out in front off the start in the Imp, but coming out of the second bend Cooper left the door open and Clare Horner (M58), unbeaten in the heats, came through to take the lead. Horner was then able to pull away whilst Cooper was holding off the rest of the field, with a battle behind for third place between Kathryn Harding (TA13), Julie Whittingham (SR61) and Kelly Wetherick (IK272). Horner had pulled herself a half a lap lead but coming round the top bend trouble struck, with what we now know as a major gearbox failure. The car died exiting the corner and going down the back straight, which allowed the rest of the grid to catch her up. Heading into the final lap it looked that Cooper was going to be able to retake the lead. However Horner held on to take the win from Cooper. Third place went to Harding ahead of Whittingham and Wetherick, whilst Shania Jones (E46) completed the order.

1st M58 2nd E220 3rd TA13 4th SR61 5th IK272 6th E46

Class 6

A close battle between the leading pair of the first run, Sarah Trott (A23) and Becky Smith (NS433), ended with contact which took Trott out of the race and the red flags came out. The rerun went without Smith who was excluded as cause of the stoppage. Defending champion, Hannah Johnson (S16Y) went into turn one with her nose in front and Fiona Jane Thomas (TA66) alongside her. Chloe Hampson (P70EM) took over second place but the battle was on for the position with Thomas and Rachel Collier (IK960). Johnson was able to pull away to take the win and retain her title. Hampson held onto second place from Thomas, and Collier took the final trophy spot. Trott, leader of the first run, had a problem at the start and was late off the line, but picked up fifth place. Problems too for Katie Reynolds (SN333) and Angela Evans (NS219) meant they were retirements.

1st S16Y 2nd P70EM 3rd TA66 4th IK960 5th A23 BF NS433 DNF NS219 DNF SN333

Class 8

Top qualifier, Clare Horner (M62) was the first to show and took the lead going into the first turn, with the rest bunched behind. Horner left a gap though which allowed Josie Tomkinson (SC52) to come through to take the lead, and almost losing another spot to Aby-Jade Bennett (8F). Horner used her experience and continued to put the pressure on Tomkinson, using it to her advantage and taking back the lead going into the final lap. This put Tomkinson a little out of position going into the top turn which saw contact between her and Bennett, with Tomkinson going airborne, this didn’t phase her as she continued on in the second place spot. Horner pulled away to take her second title of the weekend, whilst Tomkinson had to settle for second ahead of Bennett. The pack was close though and Laura Makar (YD74) just held onto fourth from Alice Bevans (SC181), Clare Cockerill (NS155) and Sandra Jones (C10). Problems for Lorridana Bowes (Y3) saw her at the back.

1st M62 2nd SC52 3rd 8F 4th YD74 5th SC181 6th NS155 7th C10 8th Y3

Class 10

Victoria Coles (SS166), the defending champion, was able to swoop from her outside grid to take the lead coming out of turn one. Susan Herdman (Y7) was holding second place but she had Terri Mumford (2F) all over the back of her. Coles went on to take the win, keeping hold of her title, ahead of Herdman and Mumford. Elizabeth Cornwell (IK77) finished in an unchallenged fourth, with Emily Barrett (R84) fifth ahead of Diane Heath (E111). Problems down the order for Becky Faulkner (NS22) meant that she was the final finisher, with Jodie Paskell (H250) a retirement.

1st SS166 2nd Y7 3rd 2F 4th IK77 5th R84 6th E111 7th NS22 DNF H250

Champion of Champions

1st BC111 Becky Shaw (3)
2nd Y44 Nicola Jesse (5)
3rd WW358 Jenny Houlihan (2)
4th PAC53 Alice Bevans (7)
5th M62 Clare Horner (8)
6th R137 Missy Moseley (1)

Junior Saloon

Making the break first was Jack Browne (MA182) who led going into turn one, but coming out of the bend he had Toby Chamberlain (B16H) and Charlie Williams (CA42) on his inside with Chamberlain taking over the lead. Ollie Hall (SC24) made the most of the gap being made and moved up to second, and Browne dropping down to fifth. The top three looked to pull clear whilst there was a battle on for fourth between the rest of the runners; Luis Barriman (S11Y), Browne, Ryan Powell (NW52), Jamie Buckland (H90) and Adam Saunders (WS90). Chamberlain took the win on track but was later excluded from the result for a technical infringement, which meant that Hall took the nationals crown. Hall had only just held onto the position from Williams who had made a last lap attempt to pass. Williams took second in the final result ahead of Barriman and Browne. It was a dash to the line for the lower positions with third place down all coming across the line in a bundle. Fifth place went to Powell ahead of Buckland and Saunders.

1st SC24 2nd CA42 3rd S11Y 4th MA182 5th NW52 6th H90 7th WS90 EXC B16H

Junior Special

It was Reece Wetherick (IK99) who was the first to show and took the lead going into the first bend. The battle on track was for second place after James Dorsett (NS292) put in an early challenge for the lead. Wetherick drove a faultless race to take the win, despite a last lap challenge from Dorsett. Dorsett had pulled away from James O’Riordan (MA31) who held onto third from Charlie Thompson (Y15). Just missing out on a trophy was Harry Russell (IK65) despite putting pressure on Thompson in the closing stages of the race. The defending champion Tyler Preece held onto sixth place from Fin Wells (IK156) whilst Ruby Emmerson (SC198) rounded out the order.
1st IK99 2nd NS292 3rd MA31 4th Y15 5th IK65 6th C27 7th IK156 8th SC198

2019 Men’s Nationals Autograss Championships Finals

Class 1

The first final saw a level break of the line but it was top qualifier Conner Griffiths (SV101) who was the first to show ahead of Aaron Middleton (SS20). These two Mini’s pulled away from the rest of the grid. The race was on for third between the three Yaris’ of Peter Watson (Y121), Ben Gould (NS443) and Andy Kelsey (E100). On the polished track the positions settled and Griffiths went on to cross the line first ahead of Middleton. However after the post-race scrutineering the two leaders, Griffiths and Middleton, were excluded from the results due to technical infringements. This means that crowned champion was Watson, with Kelsey second and Gould third. Not able to keep the pace of the leaders, last year’s champion, Jason Saunders (WS20), had to settle for fourth ahead of Rhys Edwards (NW44). The last of the finalists was Luke Smith (SR174), who was a retirement from the race.

1st Y121 2nd E100 3rd NS443 4th WS20 5th NW44 DNF SR174 EXCL SV101 EXCL SS20

Class 3

Coming from one of the outside grid slots and straight into the lead was Chris Allanson (S47Y) who made the final after a run-off with Martin Beaney (IK316). Defending champion, Sam Gould (NS334) was hot on his tail though and on the second lap was able to take over the lead after Allanson pushes wide. It wasn’t long before Martin Gould (NS343) was also past Allanson, who started to drop down the order. Adam Saint (CA1) was then putting in a challenge on Martin Gould for second position, with Ryan Power (YD98) soon joining this battle. All the while this allowed Sam to pull himself clear of the grid to retain his title with dad Martin picking up second. Power had passed Saint for third, but the two were in a drag to the line with Saint just getting his nose in front to take third spot. Dave George (SN269) held off Mick Sumners (R169) for fifth, with Allanson dropping down to seventh. Pete Robinson (NW72) had a spin on the penultimate lap which dropped him out of the battle and to the back of the pack.

1st NS334 2nd NS343 3rd CA1 4th YD98 5th SN269 6th R169 7th S47Y 8th NW72

Class 5

There was to be a new champion, as last year’s winner, Ben Reade (B32H), just missed out on a finals spot finishing ninth in the table after the three heats. It was Jason Saunders (WS1) who looked to have his nose in front going into the first turn but coming out he had Daniel Lodge (SC212) alongside. Lodge took the lead with the joint top qualifiers Saunders and Tom Ellis (S33D) side-by-side. In the battle further back Mark Uka (PHD20) was spat out and was then a retirement from the race. Once in front there was no stopping Lodge, who pulled well clear of those behind to take the win. The battle on track was for second, with Ellis just taking the position from Jabez Smith (LUD8) and Saunders who rounded out the trophy positions. Chris Winnall (B66H) took fifth ahead of Jordan Stead (BC33), whilst the defending Junior Saloon champion, Adam Browne (MA184) closed out the order.

1st SC212 2nd S33D 3rd LUD8 4th WS1 5th B66H 6th BC33 7th MA184 DNF PHD20

Class 7

Unsurprisingly for some there would be four attempts for this final. The first was stopped on the first lap with Craig Bagley (C2) and Rhys Griffiths (SV212) caught up on the pits bend. The second run was stopped when Griffiths was stranded on the track with what appeared to be broken suspension. The third stoppage was because of contact between Bagley and Andy Holtby (SC61) which saw Holtby spinning. Phil Cooper (ARC5) looked to have the best getaway but it was Holtby who led coming out of the turn followed by the first Scottish driver to make a men’s nationals final, Colin Reid (CS21). Holtby was able to pull away whilst Reid was defending from the rest of the grid. The battle was for third between Cooper, Bagley and Cameron Mills (C9). Holtby went on to take his fifth nationals title. Reid pushing on at the top bend first allowed Cooper past and then Bagley, but he was able to hold onto the final trophy spot. Darren Lodge (SC265) picked up fifth ahead of Mills, and Matt Manning (E152). Griffiths was missing from the last two runs of the final.

1st SC61 2nd ARC5 3rd C2 4th CS21 5th SC265 6th C9 7th E152 DNF SV212

Class 9

The defending champion Steven Lindsay (PHD1) just missed the cut for the final which meant that a new winner would be crowned. Top qualifier Dave Palmer (ARC31) was the first to show ahead of Jimmy Smith (LUD80). The battle was on for second with Jamie Hollingsbee (IK111) challenging Smith, with James Bowe (YD182) there too. A mistake from Hollingsbee saw him go straight on at the top bend and allowed Bowe through to third. On the next turn Smith pushed wide allowing Smith to take second place. Once in second Bowe quickly closed the gap on Palmer and using the outside line made the move to take up the running. Pulling away from the early leader Bowe took the win from Palmer. Third place went to Smith, with Rydian Evans (TA84) taking fourth, and the last of the trophie. Bran Neale (PAC16) picked up fifth from Ian Stead (BC34) whilst Hollingsbee had to settle for seventh. Rhys Williams (NS3) took the final position with a puncture on board.

1st YD182 2nd ARC31 3rd LUD80 4th TA84 5th PAC16 6th BC34 7th IK111 8th NS3

Class 2

It was unclear what the first attempt of the final was stopped for, but Ollie Stevens (LUD15) was excluded from the rerun. The reds were out again for the second run after contact on the opening lap leaving Craig Conway (SC1) and Jack Hodgson (YD104) facing the wrong way. The third attempt would see completion and it was top qualifier with three heat wins Daniel Heath (P56EM) who took the early lead with Danny Kelly (YD203) close behind. Conway was soon up to second and taking over the front position. Heath wasn’t going to allow Conway to take it easy though and retook the lead. Conway was back in front again, and the pair spent the rest of the race side-by-side taking it in turns with whose nose was just in front. It was a race to the line out of the final bend with Conway taking the win. Heath picked up second but was later excluded from the event due to a technical infringement. Second therefore went to Kelly who had been holding off Daniel Robins (SN34). Kevin Atkins (Y443Y) took the final trophy place in fourth ahead of Hodgson. Will Henry (E219) had made it up to third in the first half of the race but a nudge from Robins sent him down the order to sixth.

1st SC1 2nd YD203 3rd SN34 4th S443Y 5th YD104 6th E219 DNF LUD15 EXCL P56EM

Class 4

The first run of the final was stopped due to contact between Rob Lancaster (R47) and James Bubb (E46) which saw Bubb stranded. Lancaster was given a black flag for the contact. As was in the first run Darren Grasby (E220) in the famous Imp was straight out of the gate and into the lead. This time though he wasn’t able to pull such a gap in the opening lap and had five time class four champion Rob Corbett (PAC3) on his tail. Despite the race long challenge from Corbett Grasby was able to hold on to take the nationals title. Wes Johnson (IK34) took an unchallenged third place. There was a battle for the final trophy position between Jamie Taylor-Williams (M58) and the defending champion, Adam Henley (Y777) with Taylor-Williams holding on. Dorian Davies (TA12) took sixth whilst a problem getting off the start for Bubb saw him as the final finisher.

1st E220 2nd PAC3 3rd IK34 4th M58 5th Y777 6th TA12 7th E46 BF R47

Class 6

Josh Holden (P9) and Ben Gadsby (P7EM) made it through to the final after a close three car run off, with Lloyd Elliot (N53) just missing out. The first attempt of the final was stopped due to contact at the first corner which saw Matt Jess (DA77) picking up a black flag. Defending champion, Ben Gould (NS434) gets the best start and leads the way, followed by Anthony Conway (SC90). The battle was for third with Gadsby and Will Elford (PAC81). Out of shape, Elford dropped to the back of order. Sam Gould (NS433) in the early stages of the race was down in sixth, but was able to move up to fourth after Elford’s mistake and was then challenging for third with Gadsby. Ben went on to reclaim his title ahead of Conway. Contact on the last lap saw Sam pick up third and Gadsby out of the race. Darren Bryan (S41Y) went on to take fourth ahead of Elford. Elford however had picked up a green flag which dropped him behind Holden.

1st NS434 2nd SC90 3rd NS433 4th S41Y 5th P9 7th PAC81 DNF P7EM BF DA77

Class 8

A bunched up first lap saw Matt Berrisford (NS155) just edging his nose in front to take the lead, but he had the defending champion, Tom Lewis (BC55), Stuart Whitehouse (T5) and top qualifier, Dan Mackenzie (CA44), challenging for the position. Mackenzie was able to move up from fourth to second on one bend and was then putting the pressure on the leader. This continued for the remaining laps, over half the race, until the flag where it was a drag to the line with Berrisford holding on to take his first Men’s Nationals title, adding to his Junior Special title from 2012. Behind there was a battle for third between Lewis, Whitehouse and Mitch Well (IK356). Lewis broke away to take third place with Wells picking up the final trophy. Whitehouse had a dash to the line just holding of Darren Mullen (WR38). Steven Mills was seventh ahead of Tom Chadwick (NS151) who had a spin on the second lap.

1st NS155 2nd CA44 3rd BC55 4th IK356 5th T5 6th WR38 7th C10 8th NS151

Class 10

The reds flags were out on the first run when Lee Seagreaves (ARC1) and Gary Wetherick (IK100) came together. The rereun went without Wetherick. Phil Cooper (ARC6) took the lead at turn one with Gary Morris (C28) and Callum Hope (Y144) behind. A spin from Hope and Morris pushing wide allowed Graham Blackburn (YD11) up to second. Copper continued to pull clear of Blackburn, who in turn was pulling away from the battle behind. Vinny Gibbons was sitting in third until a problem which saw him push on at the top and drop down the order. Cooper took his 10th nationals title in style, almost half a lap clear of second placed Blackburn. Morris held onto third, whilst Lee Seagreaves despite contact with the armco, picked up the final trophy in fourth. Hope recovered to sixth ahead of Gibbons, whilst Chris Colegate (NW19) had picked up a puncture and crawled his way to the end.

1st ARC6 2nd YD11 3rd C28 4th ARC1 5th Y144 6th LM170 7th NW19 DNF IK100

Champion of Champions

1st SC1 Craig Conway (2)
2nd SC212 Daniel Lodge (5)
3rd ARC6 Phil Cooper (10)
4th E220 Darren Grasby (4)
5th CA44 Dan Mackenzie (8)
6th YD182 James Bowe (9)
7th NS155 Matt Berrisford (8)
8th SV101 Conner Griffiths (1)

2019 Ladies and Juniors National Autograss Championships Champions

Your official 2019 Ladies and Juniors National Autograss Champions:
Class 1: R137 Missy Moseley
Class 2: R3 Missy Moseley Craig Conway
Class 3: BC111 Becky Shaw
Class 4: M58 Clare Horner
Class 5: Y44 Nicola Jesse
Class 6: S16Y Hannah Johnson
Class 7: PAC53 Alice Bevans
Class 8: M62 Clare Horner
Class 9: E26 Sharon Barker
Class 10: SS166 Victoria Coles
CoC: BC111 Becky Shaw
Jnr Saloon: SC24 Ollie Hall
Jnr Special: IK99 Reece Wetherick
Best turned out ladies saloon: Y18 Michelle Barratt
Best turned out ladies special: SC52 Josie Tomkinson
Best turned out junior saloon: MA182 Jack Browne
Best turned out junior special: BC115 Will Bradford
Congratulations to all 2019 Champions, trophy winners, finalists and competitors!

2019 Ladies and Juniors National Autograss Championships ‘Run What Ya Brung’

Below is a short build up to the Run What Ya Brung race that will be taking place at the end of racing on Saturday. I will be judging the ‘style’ contest, and I can’t wait to see what you’ve got!

The hotly anticipated ‘Dawn North Driving School’ sponsored “Run What Ya Brung”
event is nearly upon us, so we turn our attention to some local racers who we think
will be the front runners.

The favourites must include the very experienced Finley & Eva Shepherd
(SS2/SS3/SS22). Finley has been putting in some serious training hours round the
track and seems to have perfected his line, while sources close to Eva suggest we
may see a Princess themed race attire for the event!

Another racer who’s no stranger to the venue is Stroud based Leo Rogers, although
Leo will be racing on the track for the first time in the Under 3’s category.
Kara Blaber (A12/A13) brings lots experience with her and we expect to see as a
contender in both the ‘style’ and ‘speed’ categories.

Reports suggest that we can expect some serious competition from further afield, but
will they be able to get to grips with the Bearley track…time will tell I guess, so who’s
your money on?

2019 Ladies and Junior National Autograss Championships Predictions

We are less than 48 hours away from the 2019 Men’s National Autograss Championships getting underway. Before it all kicks off here are my full predictions for the finals in one place.
Good luck to all those competing this year, I hope you all have an enjoyable and successful weekend. And spectators….we are in for a treat.

Class 1
Yarcoombe Woodland Products
1. Y121 Carol Watson
2. SL274 Ashlea Traylor
3. PHD6 Ella John
4. SN41 Jessica Browning
5. SC16 Bethany Hughes
6. R137 Missy Moseley
7. SP27 Beth Coy
8. TA80 Carys Thomas

Class 3
1. BC111 Becky Shaw
2. Y51 Jo Thompson
3. CM3 Catherine Beynon
4. SS165 Gracie Coles
5. CA1 Nicola Mackenzie
6. SC514 Alyson Ashmore
7. C7E Lianne Teather
8. R169 Chanice Sumners

Class 5
GP Metals
1. Y44 Nicola Jesse
2. S45D Sarah Bateman
3. CA10 Kirsty Godfrey
4. YD46 Sarah Chilvers
5. S33D Michelle Phillips
6. B32H Linzi Weare
7. E10 Diane Heath
8. B66H Claire Winnall

Class 7
Chris Prior Graphics
1. PAC53 Alice Bevans
2. WR20 Gemma Stephenson
3. C2 Sandra Jones
4. Y78 Susan Herdman
5. YD71 Pam Blackburn
6. B27H Lyn Olsson
7. Y12 Michelle Barratt
8. N42 Abi Shields

Class 9
Honeyborough Garage
1. P5EM Chloe Richardson
2. H150 Jade Dyke-Whifield
3. E26 Sharon Barker
4. BC98 Ashlea Traylor
5. NS3 Holly Downing
6. IK111 Dru Hollingsbee
7. N492 Mollie Richardson
8. SC62 Angie Chilvers

Class 2
TCI Mechanical and Fabrication
1. SC1 Jessica Roberts
2. R3 Missy Moseley
3. SL212 Leanne Huschka
4. IK13 Lucy Wickham
5. E219 Laura Canning
6. SN10 Ella Hughes
7. B12H Hannah Clague
8. YD203 Lauren Kelly

Class 4
Waterspace Ltd
1. M58 Clare Horner
2. E220 Lisa Cooper
3. E46 Shania Jones
4. IK272 Kelly Wetherick
5. TA13 Kathryn Harding
6. SR61 Julie Whittingham

Class 6
STEITH Autoservices Motorsport
1. A23 Sarah Trott
2. NS433 Becky Smith
3. TA66 Fiona Jane Thomas
4. P70EM Chloe Hampson
5. S16Y Hannah Johnson
6. SL222 Leanne Huschka
7. SC36 Zoe Coupland
8. CM47 Nicola Olsson

Class 8
1. C10 Sandra Jones
2. SC51 Beth Tomkinson
3. YD74 Laura Makar
4. SC52 Josie Tomkinson
5. M62 Clare Horner
6. SC181 Alice Bevans
7. WR2 Rosemary Glover
8. S2Y Vicky Appleton

Class 10
Ratcatcher Racing
1. SS166 Victoria Coles
2. TA99 Heidi Deeley
3. Y7 Susan Herdman
4. E777 Shauna Stedman
5. LM7 Mel Gallagher
6. IK77 Elizabeth Cornwell
7. NS22 Becky Faulkner
8. E111 Diane Heath

Junior Saloons
Phil Preece Training
1. WS90 Adam Saunders
2. MA182 Jack Browne
3. SN141 Thomas Browning
4. B16H Toby Chamberlain
5. S11Y Luis Barriman
6. SC24 Ollie Hall
7. BC99 Kyle Newman
8. E1 Zach Spencer

Junior Specials
BB Motorsport
1. NS292 James Dorsett
2. MA64 Cillian Cusack
3. IK156 Fin Wells
4. Y15 Charlie Thompson
5. CW61 Jack Brennan
6. C27 Tyler Preece
7. SC224 Ollie Hall
8. TA42 Tomos Lloyd