UK Autograss Championships 2019 R4 Ladies

Class 1
The first attempt at the final was stopped when in a battle for the lead Lacey Law (SR24) was a spinner on the pits bend. Louise Back (R58) was missing from the rerun, which had a level break but coming out of the first bend ahead was Robyn Highstead (IK961). Highstead was able to start to pull away from the rest of the field who were all bunched up, with Sharron Shewan (Y129) heading the bunch. Highstead went on to take the win unchallenged from Shewan. Law had got caught out on the first bend which put her to the back of the order. She picked her way through to battle for third, she claimed the position across the line by the smallest margin from Tracey Goodchild (IK634). In the battle between the two North Wales drivers, Ann Herberts (NW114) took fifth ahead of Natasha Lawlor (NW142) whilst Lisa Merrison (ST138) was the final finisher.

Results: 1st IK961 2nd Y129 3rd SR24 4th IK634 5th NW114 6th NW142 7th ST138
Points: 1st IK961 Robyn Highstead = 710 2nd SR24 Lacey Law = 604 3rd IK634 Tracey Goodchild = 493 4th NW142 Natasha Lawlor = 445

Class 3
This final took three attempts, the first saw Sharron Branston (L5) excluded for contact with Sheri Sumners (R168) in turn one. The second saw Maisie Emms (R321) excluded also for contact. As with the other attempts Jo Thompson (Y51) was the first one to get her nose in front, chased by Chanice Sumners (R169). Thompson went on to win by a considerable margin after Chanice Sumners had trouble with the car. Sister Sheri was a retirement on lap one, whilst Lianne Teather (C7E) who had stalled on the line was also a retirement with engine problems. Trish Simmonds-Grant was also a finalist but problems on the first run meant that she was unable to compete.

Results: 1st Y51 2nd R169
Points: 1st Y51 Jo Thompson = 682 2nd R169 Chanice Sumners = 469 3rd SN269 Trish Simmonds Grant = 429 4th L5 Sharron Branston = 199

Class 5
Diane Heath (E10) was first into turn one with a reasonable lead, but by the end of the first lap she had Maisy Phipps (S14D) all over the back of her. Heath looked to have the pace down the straight but Phipps was gaining on the corners. The two had pulled away from a third place battle between Barbara Harper (M11) and Natalie Green (R420) who had been slow off the line. On the final lap going into the pits bend Heath left the door open which allowed Phipps through to take the win. Harper held off Green for third whilst Janet Murray (38F) rounded out the order.

Results: 1st S14D 2nd E10 3rd M11 4th R420 5th 38F
Points: 1st E10 Diane Heath = 736 2nd M11 Barbara Harper = 471 3rd 38F Janet Murray = 371 4th SN23 Maisie Emms = 319

Class 7
Getting the best start and heading straight into the lead was Kim Jenkins (B106H) but she soon had Lisa Charles (BC24) all over the back of her. The two leaders pulled away with Terri Mumford (62F) from the rest of the field. Despite challenges from Charles, Jenkins held on to take the win, Charles picked up second ahead of Mumford. Abi Shields (N42) had one all three heats but problems at the start meant that she was only able to recover to fourth and unable to catch up the leading trio. Charley Craske (R96) picked up fifth ahead of Emily Barrett (R10) and Cathy Harrison (SN262).

Results: 1st B106H 2nd BC24 3rd 62F 4th N42 5th R96 6th R10 7th SN262
Points: 1st 62F Terri Mumford = 610 2nd R10 Emily Barrett = 463 3rd N42 Abi Shields = 458 4th SN262 Cathy Harrison = 284

Class 9
Straight into the lead was Mollie Richardson (N492) but she had Dru Hollingsbee (IK111) for company. The two pulled away from the Helen Rummery (IK213) and Louise Hollingsbee (IK11) who had spun in the first corner. Dru Hollingsbee wasn’t able to make a challenge for the lead stick and had to settle for second with Richardson taking the win. Louise Hollingsbee was able to pass Rummery in the closing stages to take third place.

Results: 1st N492 2nd IK111 3rd IK11 4th IK213
Points C9: 1st N492 Mollie Richardson = 618 2nd IK111 Dru Hollingsbee = 576 3rd IK213 Helen Rummery = 473 4th IK11 Louise Hollingsbee = 430

Class 2
Despite the first attempt of the final going all the way to the flag there was a rerun for these ladies, the reason for which I don’t know. The second attempt went without Sharron Barrett (SP9). Three abreast going into turn one was Kelly Read (WR474), Helen Bishop (IK252) and Lacey Law (SR69). Law looked to have the advantage going into turn one but it was Read who took the lead whilst Bishop was left holding off a challenge from Louise Rowley (WS24). Read was able to pull away from the battle for second. In the closing stages of the race the cars looked as if they had started to spread out but on the final lap Bishop tried to pass Read on the outside line, but wasn’t able to make it stick. Read took the win with Bishop second whilst Rowley took third. Fiona Muchland Duff picked up fourth whilst Gracie Perry (G18D) just held off Law, who had dropped down the order, to fifth. Completing the order was Becx Green (SC621).

Results: 1st WR474 2nd IK252 3rd WS24 4th SB44 5th G18D 6th SR69 7th SC621
Points: 1st IK252 Helen Bishop = 717 2nd WR474 Kelly Read = 563 3rd SC621 Becx Green = 504 4th SB44 Fiona Muchland Duff = 474

Class 4 & Stock Hatch
Kelly Wetherick (IK272) in the only class four was the first into turn one with Emily Saitch (C3E) leading the Stock Hatch’s. Wetherick and Saitch settled into their positions whilst there was a battle for third on track between Sophie Eggleton (LUD28) and Lisa Hills (WS500). Wetherick went on to win with Saitch taking the win in Stock Hatch despite Hills and Eggleton closing the gap on the last lap. Hills took third ahead of Eggleton whilst Rosie Emms (H231) rounded out the order.

1st IK272 2nd C3E 3rd WS500 4th LUD28 5th H231
Points C4: 1st IK272 Kelly Wetherick = 800
Points SH: 1st C3E Emily Saitch = 641 2nd H231 Rosie Emms = 605 3rd WS500 Lisa Hills = 427 4th LUD28 Sophie Eggleton

Class 6
Gina Fackerell (R771) was the fastest starting car but going down the start straight her bonnet flew up blocking her view and she was an early retirement. This left Rachel Collier (IK960) to lead the way whilst Susan Whipps (IK92) and Leanne Morton (Y92) were side-by-side for second. Morton dropped back into Katie Reynolds (SN333) who was quick to make a pass to chase down the two leaders. Collier pulled away to take the win ahead of Whipps, whilst Reynolds took third from Morton. The top four had pulled away from the battle at the back which Hannah Hinton (IK225) got the better of leaving Sarah Ivermee (G16D) to round out the order.

Results: 1st IK960 2nd IK92 3rd SN333 4th Y92 5th IK225 6th G16D
Points: 1st IK960 Rachel Collier = 662 2nd SN333 Katie Reynolds = 567 3rd IK92 Susan Whipps = 503 4th R771 Gina Fackerell = 370

Class 8
Making the best start and straight into the lead going into turn one was Emma Shell (IK95), coming out though she had Suzanne Gibbons (LM2) for company. Gibbons was left fending off Kelly Read (WR150) and Lynn Thomas (C21E) allowing Shell to pull away. Shell went on to take the win by a fair distance whilst the rest of the field were still bunched up. Gibbons held onto her second spot despite many challenges from Read. Thomas was also putting in the challenge but had to settle for fourth, whilst Hope Godfrey (ST22) recovered to fifth after a spin on the first turn. Maisy Phipps (S12D) picked up sixth ahead of the two title contenders Vikki Lamb (NW83) and Abi Shields (N24).

Results: 1st IK95 2nd LM2 3rd WR150 4th C21E 5th ST22 6th S12D 7th NW83 8th N24
Points: 1st NW83 Vikki Lamb = 595 2nd N42 Abi Shields = 545 3rd ST22 Hope Godfrey = 488 4th M111 Barbara Harper = 411

Class 10
There was a bit of wheel banging off the start but everyone made it to the first turn without incident. Local girl Emily Barrett (R84) lead the way whilst Diane Heath (E111) was a spinner in turn one. The only driver to complete the race without making a mistake was Barrett who took an unchallenged win. Terri Mumford (2F) picked up second, a position she almost lost to Ruby Atkins Stott (A11) after pushing on round the pits bend. Stott finished third ahead of Emmie Hornby (SC101), Kelly Wetherick (IK100) and Heath.

Results: 1st R84 2nd 2F 3rd A11 4th SC101 5th IK100 6th E111
Points: 1st E111 Diane Heath = 511 2nd R84 Emily Barrett = 400 3rd A11 Ruby Atkins Stott = 359 4th IK100 Kelly Wetherick = 319

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