UK Autograss Championships 2019 R4 Juniors

Taking the lead going into turn one was Jamie Buckland (H90) but he had Ben Macgregor (IK734) and Josh Julian (SC22) close behind. During the early stages of the race it was a close battle between the three drivers, however Julian got his nose in front and was quick to pull himself clear. Buckland was able to hold off the gaggle of cars behind him but coming round the final turn his car died and he was unable to complete the race. Julian took the win, second place went to Zach Spencer (E1) who had an easier route past the slowing Buckland than Macgregor who took third. Fourth place went to Kyle Newman (BC99) ahead of Jamie Barlow (WS34), Aaron Mafell (G66D) and Rhys Phillips (TA98).

Results: 1st SC22 2nd E1 3rd IK734 4th BC99 5th WS34 6th G66D 7th TA98
Points: 1st BC99 Kyle Newman = 583 2nd SC22 Josh Julian = 541 3rd SR29 Leo Purchase = 532 4th H90 Jamie Buckland = 503

The first run of the final was stopped when a messy turn one saw, newly crowned Junior Special National Champion, Reece Wetherick (IK99) and Emily Richardson (N592) tangled up. All were back out for the rerun, which, as in the first run, Charlie Thompson (Y15) was straight into the lead. Again there was two that were tangled at turn one, this time it was Alicia Paris Pugh (LM15) and Harrison Gilder (R600), but we carried on racing with both drivers rejoining. Thompson led the way from James Pinches (R1) whilst behind there was a four car battle for third between Richardson, James Wallis (E260), Wetherick and Ben Lunt (SR95). Thompson pulled away from Pinches to take a convincing win. The battle for third went the way of Wetherick who just beat Wallis to the line, with Richardson taking fifth from Lunt. Pugh took seventh despite a couple of spins, whilst Gilder rounded out the order.

Results: 1st Y15 2nd R1 3rd IK99 4th E260 5th N592 6th SR95 7th LM15 8th R600
Points: 1st Y15 Charlie Thompson = 535 2nd N592 Emily Richardson = 411 3rd IK99 Reece Wetherick = 353 4th R1 James Pinches = 336

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