UK Autograss Championships 2019 R4 Men’s

Class 1
It was a fairly even break off the line, but just having the edge going into turn one was Lee Poole (S70D) and Jake Law (SR3). Coming out of the first turn it was Law who led the way, whilst Wayne Bird (R211) got spat out and was left on the infield. Law was able to pull away whilst the rest of the field were left tussling for position, with five cars in contention for second place. William Drayton (SN124) and Caine Parnell (SP129) were the two who broke away from the rest to chase down the leader. On the final lap they caught Law, and Parnell went to pass up the inside coming out of the final bend, doing this he pushed Law out of shape and it was a race to the line between the three of them. Law was able to just hold on with Drayton second, Parnell crossed the line third but picked up a green flag for the contact with Law which dropped him to fifth. Justin Hardy (SS1) was promoted to third ahead of Poole and rounding out the order was Marc Shepherd (LM21) whilst James Parnell (SP921) was a retirement on the last lap.

Results: 1st SR3 2nd SN124 3rd SS1 4th S70D 5th SP129 6th LM21
Points: 1st S70D Lee Poole = 606 2nd SP129 Caine Parnell = 581 3rd ST52 Alex Fretwell = 542 4th SN124 William Drayton = 521

Class 3
Flying out of the gate was local man Mick Sumners (R169) who was straight into the lead going into turn one and had already pulled himself a couple of car lengths clear coming out of the first bend. Side-by-side for second place coming out of turn one was Adrian Joyce (WS22) and Dave George (SN269). A couple of laps into the race and Sumners had continued to pull away whilst Dave Westlake (123F) and Steve Carpenter (IK32) joined in the battle for second. Sumners however spun on the put bend, rejoining in third, whilst George and Westlake went past Sumners alongside each other, George looked to have his nose in front but Westlake quickly got in front. Sumners made short work of getting past George to challenge Westlake for the lead. Going round the final bend there was a slight bit of contact between the leaders which saw Sumners get out of shape, the rest of the field were close behind him and were looking for a way passed. Westlake took the win, ahead of Carpenter and Sean Collin (SN257). Sumners had to settle for fourth, just holding off Richard Spavins (SN351). Joyce and George dropped to the back of the order to sixth and seventh. The final qualifier for the final was Anthony Teather (C7E) but an engine failure meant he was unable to start the race.

Results: 1st 123F 2nd IK32 3rd SN257 4th R169 5th SN351 6th WS22 7th SN269
Points: 1st R169 Mick Sumners = 587 2nd C7E Anthony Teather = 550 3rd 123F Dave Westlake = 483 4th NS41 Stephen Goodwin = 405

Class 5
The first two attempts of the final were stopped, the first because of contact between Stuart Deacon (S60D) and Richard Miles (R2) which caused Miles to get out of shape and be collected by Bradley Thomas (SS61). Everyone was back out for the second run but it was stopped was because of contact between Deacon and Julian Heath (E10). The final attempt without Heath who had picked up a black flag and without Neil Taylor (R6) who looked to have a problem in the second run. As with the previous runs Matt Barker (L117) was straight into the lead with Aaron Mason (R19) hot on his heels. There was a battle behind between Turner and Deacon for third place. Turner broke away from Deacon to put a challenge on Mason, the two in the battle for the title, all the while allowing Barker to pull away. Barker went on to take the win unchallenged, whilst Mason just held onto second place from Turner. Deacon took fourth place ahead of Miles, whilst Alan Green (R420) retired from the race.

Results: 1st L117 2nd R19 3rd SS61 4th S60D 5th R2
Points: 1st SS61 Bradley Turner = 617 2nd R19 Aaron Mason = 596 3rd E10 Julian Heath = 501 4th M11 Ben Harper = 478

Class 7
The first run of the final came to an early stop when Paul Bacon (N60) and Paul Waldron (R139) became tangled on the second bend. Everyone was back in for the rerun, where Bacon struggled to get off the line and was at a disadvantage for the rest of the race. Straight into the lead was Sam Fenton (R5) with Pete Bott (S47D), Rick Finnerty (M99) and Robert Holloway (E14) behind. Holloway was on charge and ended up in the back of Bott at turn one who looked to have slowed considerable. Both got going further down the order. Fenton continued to lead but had Finnerty challenging for the top spot. It was a drag to the line between the two drivers coming out of the final bend, with Fenton just holding on to take the win. Waldron worked his way up the order to take third place ahead of Darrell Cole (CM15). Bott recovered to fifth ahead of Dave Chapman (3F), Bacon and Holloway.

Results: 1st R5 2nd M99 3rd R139 4th CM15 5th S47D 6th 3F 7th N60 8th E14
Points: 1st S47D Pete Bott = 642 2nd R139 Paul Waldron = 574 3rd N52 Jamie Cox = 535 4th R138 Lee Waldron = 507

Class 9
Making the best start was Darren Jones (CM46) but going into turn one he had Andrew Adams (R12) going round the outside. Jones held onto the lead going down the back straight with Adams and Martin Bugg (SC105) running side-by-side. The wide line wasn’t working for Adams which allowed Jack Joyce (WS2) to move up to third. It was for second place were the battle was between Bugg and Joyce, the two championship contenders, but both closing the gap down on the leader. Bugg put a challenge on the leader on the final lap, this put him on the wider line and the three cars were bunched coming out of the final turn. Jones held onto the win, whilst Joyce moved up to second with Bugg third. Adams picked up fourth place ahead of Richard Morrant and Martin Jones (H55). Allan Kerr (SB47) picked up seventh ahead of Jamie Hollingsbee (IK111) who had problems on board.

Results: 1st CM46 2nd WS2 3rd SC105 4th R12 5th M1 6th H55 7th SB47 8th IK111
Points: 1st SC105 Martin Bugg = 592 2nd WS2 Jack Joyce = 577 3rd R12 Andrew Adams = 481 4th M888 Steve Goodman = 474

Going into the first bend first was Andrew Watson (SB20) on the inside and Jase Garnett (N692) on the outside with Garnett getting his nose in front coming out of the bend. Behind there were another two alongside each other, Terry Cox (ST1) and Wayne Jarrat (LM88) however on the second bend Cox was a spinner which hindered Jarrat, which dropped them both to the back. Joining in the battle between the two leaders was Matthew Hickingbotham (ST62). Garnett led the race until the last lap where Watson tried the outside line, going round the last bend Garnett ended up spinning. Watson went on to take the win ahead of Hickingbotham, whilst Garnett was able to hold onto third. Jarrat picked up fourth ahead of Cox whilst Colin Bland (LM999) was sixth ahead of Samuel Pinches (R35).

Results: 1st SB20 2nd ST62 3rd N692 4th LM88 5th ST1 6th LM999 7th R35
Points: 1st ST1 Terry Cox = 461 2nd SB20 Andrew Watson = 390 3rd LM999 Colin Bland = 289 4th ST62 Matthew Hickingbotham = 274

Class 2
It was an even break across the grid but Robert Farrow (Y71) got his nose in front going into turn one. Behind they were running three a breast round the second bend, Kyle Everett (WS222), Kev Atkins (S443Y) and Russ Victory (R14), where Victory went from fourth to second. Connor Bishop (IK252) was looking to join in this battle and moved ahead of Atkins before challenging Everett for second. Bishop tried up the inside of Everett which led to them rubbing and putting them both out of shape, Bishop held onto the position but Everett dropped to fifth. The leader had pulled away and took an unchallenged win, with Victory second. Bishop crossed the line just ahead of Everett, but picked up a green flag which dropped him to fifth. Everett was promoted to third ahead of Atkins. It was a race to the line between the back markers with Rhys Wyeth (WS19) just piping Chris Barrett (SP9) to the post.

Results: 1st Y71 2nd R14 3rd WS222 4th S443Y 5th IK252 6th WS19 7th SP9
Points: 1st Y71 Robert Farrow = 659 2nd SP19 Sam Barrett = 586 3rd WS222 Kyle Everett = 500 4th S443Y Kev Atkins = 493

Class 4
Quickest out of the gate was Spencer Mills (LUD5) but he was swamped by the rest of grid going into turn one and was then a spinner. William Griffiths (R43) got out of shape and heading to the first turn and was facing the wrong way. At the front it was Lee Poole (S71D) and Rob Lancaster (R47), Poole was first to take the lead but he left the door open and Lancaster was through. Lancaster pulled clear from Poole who had also pulled clear from third placed Andrew Wood (ST4). Lancaster took his fourth win of the weekend ahead of Poole and Wood. Colin Atrill (IK272) was safe in fourth ahead of Bernie Jones (H999), Peter Savage (LUD5) and Griffiths whilst Mills didn’t complete the race.

Results: 1st R47 2nd S71D 3rd ST4 4th IK272 5th H999 6th LUD10 7th R43
Points: 1st IK272 Colin Atrill = 649 2nd S71D Lee Poole = 515 3rd ST4 Andrew Wood = 499 4th LUD10 = 424

Stock Hatch
It was on the third attempt that the final was completed, the first was stopped when Aaron Murray (C22) came across the grid off the start which caused contact with Dan Crosby (M55). It was a messy turn one in the second attempt, and it was Mike Sullivan (C3E) who was excluded. Charlie Steele (SN727) made the best start to be the early leader, but Thomas Ireland (WS6) had fixed the problem he had in the first run and was soon back in front. Ireland took the win from Steele, with Phil Peek (S19Y) third. Ian Fay picked up fourth place from Murray, with Dean Smith (LUD28) sixth ahead of Crosby.

Results: 1st WS6 2nd SN727 3rd S19Y 4th WS500 5th C22 6th LUD28 7th M55
Points: 1st WS6 Thomas Ireland = 657 2nd C3E Mike Sullivan = 566 3rd S19Y Phil Peek = 546 4th WS500 Ian Fay = 470

Class 6
This was another final that was completed on the third attempt. The first attempt was stopped when David Gilder (R61) and Ted Preedy (R190) came together on the penultimate lap. It was a messy turn one which is what caused the red flags to come out for race two. Martyn Janes (YD10) had taken the lead in all of the attempts and the final run was no different. He started to pull away from the battle for second between Gilder and Dave Mcconnell (Y444). Gilder pulled away from Mcconnell who had dropped back into the battle for fourth between Tina Hilton (ST46) and Steven Whipps (T191). Janes went on to take a win by a clear margin ahead of Gilder. Mcconnell held onto fourth from Hilton and Whipps. Out of the race was Preedy, Matthew Whipps (IK93) and Jamie Ivermee (G17D).

Results: 1st YD10 2nd R61 3rd Y444 4th ST46 5th T191
Points: YD10 Martyn Janes = 555 2nd Y444 Dace Mcconnell = 490 3rd IK93 Matthew Whipps = 466 4th SN333 Tony Reynolds = 448

Class 8
First to break off the line was the two Gibbons brothers but going into turn one it was local man Alex Hall (R411) who was ahead. Coming out of the first turn Hall was alongside Jack Gibbons (LM1), with Gibbons on Hall’s inside, whilst Simon Reeve (N8) held the inside line. Gibbons took the lead round the second bend, with Hall and Reeve side-by-side going down the start straight. Reeve was able to move ahead into second, whilst Ben Gibbons (LM2) joined in the battle. Hall and Ben continued to swap positions with Daniel Borman (NW47) looking to take advantage from a mistake. Jack Gibbons took the win ahead of Reeve, whilst Ben Gibbons just held off Hall for third. Ben Harper (M111) moved up to fifth on the final corner ahead of Borman. The two Invicta Kent drivers rounded out the order with Scott Shell (IK95) seventh ahead of Mark Hall (IK35).

Results: 1st LM1 2nd N8 3rd LM2 4th R411 5th M111 6th NW47 7th IK95 8th IK35
Points: N8 Simon Reeve = 589 2nd LM1 Jack Gibbons = 568 3rd LM2 Ben Gibbons = 561 4th R411 Alex Hall =558

Class 10
It would take four attempts to complete this final. The first was stopped when Gary Morris (C28) spun at turn one and was collected by Paul Fackrell (R7) who had nowhere else to go. All were back in the rerun which was stopped when there was contact off the start. The third run went without Morris and Fackrell but was stopped when Adrian Turner (SS11) spun and Lee Cox (2F) was caught out. All six were allowed back out for the final run and it was Vinny Gibbons (LM170) who was straight into the lead, challenged by Turner. Turner clipped Gibbons’ wheel and dropped to the back, this allowed James Poltimore (SS79) and Cox through. Cox passed Poltimore for second whilst Gary Wetherick (IK100) looked to put in a challenge on Poltimore. On the penultimate lap Cox and Poltimore were back side-by-side with Poltimore ahead as they started the final lap. Gibbons went on to take the win whilst Poltimore finished second on track, he was demoted to fourth with a green flag which meant that Wetherick picked up second from Cox. Julian Heath (E111) completed the order in fifth after Turner was a retirement.

Results: 1st LM170 2nd IK100 3rd 2F 4th SS79 5th E111
Points: 1st LM170 Vinny Gibbons = 598 2nd SS79 James Poltimore = 512 3rd IK100 Gary Wetherick = 511 4th CY117 Tony Jones = 492

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