UK Autograss Championships 2019 R4 Overview

This should have been the start of the penultimate set of reports for the UK Autograss Championship but the weather gods have played their hand an unfortunately the rescheduled round four to be hosted by Leewood Autograss Club has had to be cancelled. This means that this is the end of the series and though we didn’t know it at the time the class and overall champions were decided two weeks ago at Radford Autograss Club.

In stark contrast to the weather many have been seeing over the last week we were treated to glorious sunshine for the mid-September meeting.

If we had gone to the fifth round, there were only a handful of champions already decided which meant that most were still to be decided and looking at the points it was very close for all trophy positions.

Before I get stuck into the finals race reports I would like to thank and congratulate the UKAC committee and hosting clubs for another brilliant championship. We have been treated to some great track and some even better racing. Roll on 2020!

Below are the Champion of Champions reports, and as the number of participants in each class showed the points for these races were valuable and would be crucial had the fifth round been run.

Men’s Champion of Champions

There were 16 drivers that opted to go out and compete in what would be the final men’s champion of champions race, with Jake Law (SR3) the only class one and leading the race at the start. With the dry conditions and the number of cars on track the race was dusty and it was difficult to keep track as a spectator. There were two spinners on the first lap, on opposite ends of the track, Sam Fenton (R5) in class seven and Martin Bugg (SC105) in class nine, both rejoined but it put them at the back of the order with a lot of work to do. Law was soon caught up by a bunch of cars and it wasn’t long before he was dropping down the order. The class four and local man of Rob Lancaster (R47) was soon in front leading the way. As they all started to cross the line to start their last lap the class ten of Vinny Gibbons (LM170) let go and ended the race in a big cloud of smoke. Lancaster went on to take the win ahead of Thomas Ireland (WS6) in the Stock Hatch, the class eight of Jack Gibbons (LM1) and Matt Barker (L117) in class five.

Results: 1st R47 2nd WS6 3rd LM1 4th L117 5th Y71 6th 123F 7th S47D 8th M11 9th R411 10th ST62 11th SB20 12th SR3 13th CM46 14th R5 15th SC105
Points: 1st SB20 Andrew Watson = 119 2nd IK272 Colin Atrill = 103 3rd Y71 Robert Farrow = 94 4th WS6 Thomas Ireland = 88

Ladies Champion of Champions

For the ladies champion of champions we saw 12 drivers head out on track and once again there was only the one class one which started the race at the front, this time it was Robyn Highstead (IK961). It was a clear getaway from everyone this time out, with the specials, all having to unlap themselves from Highstead. It was another two Invicta Kent cars who were fighting for second place, the class two of Helen Bishop (IK252) and the class four of Kelly Wetherick (IK272). It only took Wetherick a couple of laps to pass Bishop and she then started the challenge to chase down the leader. Highstead was holding on from Wetherick but going into the final turn Wetherick was trying the outside line and the three cars were in a drag to the line for the win. Wetherick took it, making it three out of three for the champion of champions races completed over the series. Highstead held onto second from Bishop whilst Emily Saitch (C3E) picked up fourth.

Results: 1st IK272 2nd IK961 3rd IK252 4th C3E 5th E10 6th N42 7th WR474 8th R84 9th IK960 10th IK92 11th NW83 12th N492
Points: 1st IK272 Kelly Wetherick = 140 2nd IK961 Robyn Highstead = 132 3rd IK252 Helen Bishop = 124 4th E10 Diane Heath = 105

Points: 1st SC22 Josh Julian = 74 2nd BC99 Kyle Newman = 67 3rd N592 Emily Richardson = 63 4th Y15 Charlie Thompson = 60

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