2019 Ladies & Juniors Nationals Autograss Championships Finals

Class 1

Missy Moseley (R137) made the most of her inside grid to take the lead going into the first turn, followed by Carys Thomas (TA80). The two were able to pull clear from the battle for third. In the early stages of the race it was the battle for third which was the closest, however Sarah Trott (SS1) pulled a gap whilst Ashlea Traylor (SL274) was left fighting for the final trophy position with Linda Thomas (S3) and Bethany Hughes (SC16). In the later stages of the race Ella John (PHD6) moved up and was amongst this battle. Coming over the line Moseley took the win with a comfortable lead over Carys Thomas and Trott. Fourth place went the way of Linda Thomas with John finishing fifth. John picked up a green flag for an incident on the final lap, this promoted Traylor to fifth and Hughes to sixth. Caz Watson (Y121) was left facing the wrong way going into the second turn and was unable to recover the ground lost.

1st R137 2nd TA80 3rd SS1 4th S3 5th SL274 6th SC16 7th PHD6 8th Y121

Class 3

Going into the first turn it was Becky Shaw (BC111) and Alyson Ashmore (SC514) who were side-by-side. Shaw took the lead thought heading into the second turn and went on to pull away from the rest of the field. The battle was on for the remaining positions. Ashmore wasn’t able to hold off Donna Brown (CM4) for long, who also started to pull away. There was then a bunch fighting for the two remaining trophy spots, Ashmore, Sharon Branston (L5), Chanice Sumners (R169) and Nicola Mackenzie (CA1). Shaw took a dominating win ahead of Brown. In a race to the line Ashmore held onto third with Sumners picking up fourth. Branston just missed out on a trophy in fifth ahead of Mackenzie. Lisa Hills (WS5), a replacement for Jo Thompson (Y51) in the final, was seventh ahead of Trish Simmonds-Grant.

1st BC111 2nd CM4 3rd SC514 4th R169 5th L5 6th CA1 7th WS5 8th SN269

Class 5

Local driver, Rhiannon Smith (SS36) flew out of the gate and was able to swoop round the outside of turn one, but Nicola Jesse (Y44) was able to make the inside line work and the two came out side-by-side. Jesse took the lead leaving Smith to fend off Linzi Weare (B32H). Behind there was a battle for fourth between Kirsty Godfrey (CA10) and Sarah Chilvers (YD46). Recovering from a rollover in heat one, Jesse went on to take the win, ahead of Smith and Weare. With a few laps left to go Chilvers had made the move on Godfrey, and less than half a lap later Godfrey was a spinner dropping her down the order. Chilvers held fourth ahead of Diane Heath (E10) and Holly Downing (NS36). The final finalist, but an early retirement from the race was Michelle Phillips (S33D).

1st Y44 2nd SS36 3rd B32H 4th YD46 5th E10 6th NS36 7th CA10 DNF S33D

Class 7

It was a messy turn one, which saw contact between those on the inside line, coming off worse was Abi Shields (N42) who picked up damage which put her out of contention for the race. Coming through unscathed was the defending champion, Alice Bevans (PAC53), who took the lead, with Lyn Olsson (B27H) and Keznie Adams (BC26) behind side-by-side. Gemma Stephenson (WR20) was working her way up the order and was soon fighting for second place with Olsson. Sandra Jones (C2) and Michelle Barratt (Y18) joined in the battle for third after Stephenson had pulled away in second. On the last lap, going into the top turn, Jones spun out of the battle and was left stranded on the bend. Bevans went on retain her class crown ahead of Stephenson. Barratt took third place ahead of Adams who picked up the final trophy. Olsson was fifth ahead of Clare Cockerill (NS46), whilst Shields had crawled round to take the flag.

1st PAC53 2nd WR20 3rd Y18 4th BC26 5th B27H 6th NS46 7th N42 BF C2

Class 9

Coming out of the first turn in ahead was Sharon Barker (E26) and Jade Dyke-Whitfield (H150), the pair running side-by-side and pulling away from the rest of the field. Behind they were bunched up with Chloe Richardson (P5EM) leading them round. The two leaders continued to pull away, with Dyke-Whitfield trying every way to try and pass Barker, Barker however will would hold on to take the title. Later in the race Richardson was able to pull away in third, whilst Mollie Richardson (N492) held on for fourth. Cassie Gunn (P10EM) was next in fifth ahead of Holly Downing (NS3), Angie Chilvers (SC62) and Ashlea Traylor (BC98) who were all very close across the line.

1st E26 2nd H150 3rd P5EM 4th N492 5th P1OEM 6th NS3 7th SC62 8th BC98

Class 2

The first run of the final saw a lot of close racing, but also some too close racing, with Jessica Roberts (SC1) given a black flag for contact. The rerun saw a level break and first to get there nose in front was Leanne Huschka (SL212). Trying to put the challenge on the leader was Jenny Houlihan (WW358), with success as she took the lead a couple of laps later. Huschka didn’t let her pull away from, keeping up the challenge, whilst also joined by Lauren Kelly (YD203). Contact between Kelly and Huschka saw Kelly spin out of the race. Houlihan crossed the line first, with Missy Moseley (R3) having picked her way through the field to take second place ahead of Huschka. In the post-race scrutineering Houlihan and Huschka were both excluded from the result due to technical infringements, crowning Moseley as the champion, her second of the weekend. Second place went to Katie Jones (SV51) ahead of Lucy Wickham (IK13) and Caz Watson (Y101) who completed the order.

1st R3 2nd SV51 3rd IK13 4th E101 BF SC1 DNF YD203 EXC WW358 EXC SL212

Class 4

As had been the theme of the weekend Lisa Cooper (E220) was able to get out in front off the start in the Imp, but coming out of the second bend Cooper left the door open and Clare Horner (M58), unbeaten in the heats, came through to take the lead. Horner was then able to pull away whilst Cooper was holding off the rest of the field, with a battle behind for third place between Kathryn Harding (TA13), Julie Whittingham (SR61) and Kelly Wetherick (IK272). Horner had pulled herself a half a lap lead but coming round the top bend trouble struck, with what we now know as a major gearbox failure. The car died exiting the corner and going down the back straight, which allowed the rest of the grid to catch her up. Heading into the final lap it looked that Cooper was going to be able to retake the lead. However Horner held on to take the win from Cooper. Third place went to Harding ahead of Whittingham and Wetherick, whilst Shania Jones (E46) completed the order.

1st M58 2nd E220 3rd TA13 4th SR61 5th IK272 6th E46

Class 6

A close battle between the leading pair of the first run, Sarah Trott (A23) and Becky Smith (NS433), ended with contact which took Trott out of the race and the red flags came out. The rerun went without Smith who was excluded as cause of the stoppage. Defending champion, Hannah Johnson (S16Y) went into turn one with her nose in front and Fiona Jane Thomas (TA66) alongside her. Chloe Hampson (P70EM) took over second place but the battle was on for the position with Thomas and Rachel Collier (IK960). Johnson was able to pull away to take the win and retain her title. Hampson held onto second place from Thomas, and Collier took the final trophy spot. Trott, leader of the first run, had a problem at the start and was late off the line, but picked up fifth place. Problems too for Katie Reynolds (SN333) and Angela Evans (NS219) meant they were retirements.

1st S16Y 2nd P70EM 3rd TA66 4th IK960 5th A23 BF NS433 DNF NS219 DNF SN333

Class 8

Top qualifier, Clare Horner (M62) was the first to show and took the lead going into the first turn, with the rest bunched behind. Horner left a gap though which allowed Josie Tomkinson (SC52) to come through to take the lead, and almost losing another spot to Aby-Jade Bennett (8F). Horner used her experience and continued to put the pressure on Tomkinson, using it to her advantage and taking back the lead going into the final lap. This put Tomkinson a little out of position going into the top turn which saw contact between her and Bennett, with Tomkinson going airborne, this didn’t phase her as she continued on in the second place spot. Horner pulled away to take her second title of the weekend, whilst Tomkinson had to settle for second ahead of Bennett. The pack was close though and Laura Makar (YD74) just held onto fourth from Alice Bevans (SC181), Clare Cockerill (NS155) and Sandra Jones (C10). Problems for Lorridana Bowes (Y3) saw her at the back.

1st M62 2nd SC52 3rd 8F 4th YD74 5th SC181 6th NS155 7th C10 8th Y3

Class 10

Victoria Coles (SS166), the defending champion, was able to swoop from her outside grid to take the lead coming out of turn one. Susan Herdman (Y7) was holding second place but she had Terri Mumford (2F) all over the back of her. Coles went on to take the win, keeping hold of her title, ahead of Herdman and Mumford. Elizabeth Cornwell (IK77) finished in an unchallenged fourth, with Emily Barrett (R84) fifth ahead of Diane Heath (E111). Problems down the order for Becky Faulkner (NS22) meant that she was the final finisher, with Jodie Paskell (H250) a retirement.

1st SS166 2nd Y7 3rd 2F 4th IK77 5th R84 6th E111 7th NS22 DNF H250

Champion of Champions

1st BC111 Becky Shaw (3)
2nd Y44 Nicola Jesse (5)
3rd WW358 Jenny Houlihan (2)
4th PAC53 Alice Bevans (7)
5th M62 Clare Horner (8)
6th R137 Missy Moseley (1)

Junior Saloon

Making the break first was Jack Browne (MA182) who led going into turn one, but coming out of the bend he had Toby Chamberlain (B16H) and Charlie Williams (CA42) on his inside with Chamberlain taking over the lead. Ollie Hall (SC24) made the most of the gap being made and moved up to second, and Browne dropping down to fifth. The top three looked to pull clear whilst there was a battle on for fourth between the rest of the runners; Luis Barriman (S11Y), Browne, Ryan Powell (NW52), Jamie Buckland (H90) and Adam Saunders (WS90). Chamberlain took the win on track but was later excluded from the result for a technical infringement, which meant that Hall took the nationals crown. Hall had only just held onto the position from Williams who had made a last lap attempt to pass. Williams took second in the final result ahead of Barriman and Browne. It was a dash to the line for the lower positions with third place down all coming across the line in a bundle. Fifth place went to Powell ahead of Buckland and Saunders.

1st SC24 2nd CA42 3rd S11Y 4th MA182 5th NW52 6th H90 7th WS90 EXC B16H

Junior Special

It was Reece Wetherick (IK99) who was the first to show and took the lead going into the first bend. The battle on track was for second place after James Dorsett (NS292) put in an early challenge for the lead. Wetherick drove a faultless race to take the win, despite a last lap challenge from Dorsett. Dorsett had pulled away from James O’Riordan (MA31) who held onto third from Charlie Thompson (Y15). Just missing out on a trophy was Harry Russell (IK65) despite putting pressure on Thompson in the closing stages of the race. The defending champion Tyler Preece held onto sixth place from Fin Wells (IK156) whilst Ruby Emmerson (SC198) rounded out the order.
1st IK99 2nd NS292 3rd MA31 4th Y15 5th IK65 6th C27 7th IK156 8th SC198

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