Dan Mackenzie Q&A

Do you feel more pressure going into the Nationals as defending champion?
I feel a lot less pressure this year. Last year I was desperate to win the Champion of Champions again so that was a big box ticked for me.

Evesham’s John Wilkins Raceway is well known for hosting the MAP Open, how have you faired at this particular meeting?
I’ve finished 2nd, 3rd and 4th at the MAP Open but not won it…..yet!

Evesham is a very different circuit to Cwmdu and South Wales where you have won your previous national titles. Do you think this will work in your favour or against you?
I think I’m pretty good on both surfaces but if anything Evesham’s track will probably go more against me compared to Cwmdu and South Wales. I’m normally better on fast loose tracks but I still think with a bit of luck we can have a good weekend.

Which class do you think the track will favour when it comes to the Champion of Champions race?
I think if it stays dry the track could favour a class 4 and 6 maybe.

Are you using the same car that you won your 2017/18 titles in? What changes have been made?
Yes, I’ve just tried to make it better every year. It’s a good car. A couple of little engine upgrade and to make the car a bit lighter.

Who do you think is your strongest competitor in class 8?
There’s too many other quick drivers to name just one. Out of the 40 qualifiers probably 20 should/could be in the final!

How do you think DM Racing will fair at the 2019 Men’s and Ladies Nationals?
Hopefully good! It would be cool to see some of our engines winning again, makes all the hard work worth it.

Photo credit: mattmotorsport.co.uk

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