UK Autograss Championships 2019 R3 Men’s

Class 1
Coming out of the first turn it was James Parnell (SP921) who led the way, whilst the rest of the grid were bunched up for second. In the early stages William Drayton (SN124), Jack Highstead (IK961), Lee Poole (S70D) and Alex Fretwell (ST52) were running side-by-side for the second position. Highstead and Fretwell started to pull clear from the rest of the field in the battle for second, but despite their own fight leader Parnell wasn’t able to pull away and fell into their clutches. Both Highstead and Fretwell passed Parnell with Highstead leading. The two continued to fight for the top position but it was Highstead who took the win, ahead of Fretwell and whilst Drayton moved up to third. Parnell hung onto fourth from Caine Parnell (SP129), with Poole dropping to the back of the order.

Results: 1st IK961 2nd ST52 3rd SN124 4th SP921 5th SP129 6th S70D
Points: 1st S70D Lee Poole = 465 2nd SP129 Caine Parnell = 457 3rd ST52 Alex Fretwell = 442 4th SN124 William Drayton = 386

Class 3
This was the first of just a few finals that were completed on the first attempt and it was a close race. Anthony Teather (C7E) flew out of the gate to take a clear lead going into the first bend, with the rest of the very level. Breaking out of the pack was Martin Beaney (IK316) who had been a clear leader throughout the heats. Beaney soon caught Teather and was putting in the challenge. On the last lap, at the top bend Beaney was able to stick the car up the inside of Teather to go on to take the win. Teather had to settle for second ahead of Mick Sumners (R169) who was never far off this challenge. Fourth place went to Noddy Roberts (PAC157) ahead of Dave Westlake (123F) and Pat Smith (C12).

Results: 1st IK316 2nd C7E 3rd R169 4th PAC157 5th 123F 6th C12
Points: 1st R169 Mick Sumners = 427 2nd C7E Anthony Teather = 395 3rd 123F Dave Westlake = 328 4th SS11 Adrian Turner/IK316 Martin Beaney = 326

Class 5
The break was fairly even but it was Lewis Richards (TA451) who led going into the first turn, however Ben Harper (M11) and Julian Heath (E10) were level coming out of the turn one, with Harper taking over the lead. The cars all settled into their positions and the order looked set. However a mistake from Harper on the last lap allowed Heath through to take the win ahead of Richards and Stuart Deacon (S60D) picked up third. Despite trying to fight back Harper had to settle for fourth from Aaron Mason (R19) and Brian Wright (P24EM), Wright having got spat out of the pack in the early stages of the race.

Results: 1st E10 2nd TA451 3rd S60D 4th M11 5th R19 6th P24EM
Points: 1st R19 Aaron Mason = 452 2nd SS61 Bradley Turner = 446 3rd E10 Julian Heath = 392 4th TA451 Lewis Richards = 380

Class 7
Going into the first turn it was the local man Jamie Cox (N52) who was leading the way, whilst Will Barrett (R313) was climbing up the back of Pete Bott (S47D) which cased Barrett to retire from the race. It didn’t hinder Bott though he was in the battle for second with James Clamp (WS50). Clamp pulled clear of Bott and chased down the race leader. Over the closing few laps the two went on to swap positions a few times. Level coming out of the final turn it was a race to the line with Cox taking the win by the smallest of margins. Bott held onto third despite a challenge from Paul Waldron (R139) whilst Charlotte Pugh (LM30) had to settle for fifth after a spin in the early stages of the race.

Results: 1st N52 2nd WS50 3rd S47D 4th R139 5th LM30
Points: 1st S47D Pete Bott = 459 2nd R139 Paul Waldron = 446 3rd N52 Jamie Cox = 431 4th R138 Lee Waldron = 421

Class 9
Gating well and taking the lead was Sam Middleton (T909), however despite not getting the best start Jack Joyce (WS2) didn’t take long to catch and pass Middleton. The lead two cars pulled away from the battle for third between Louis Jackson (N270) and Steve Goodman (M888). Joyce went on to take the win ahead of Middleton, whilst Goodman took third ahead of Jackson.

Results: 1st WS2 2nd T909 3rd M888 4th N270
Points: 1st WS2 Jack Joyce = 433 2nd SC105 Martin Bugg = 424 3rd M888 Steve Goodman = 400 4th N270 Matthew Rigby = 368

Colin Bland (LM999) looked to have made the best start but it was Terry Cox (ST1) who led the way into turn one. Andrew Watson (SB20) was looking to take his third final win of the championship and was on a mission to work his way up through the order. Gaining second place, Watson chased down Cox and a mistake coming out of the final turn from Cox allowed Watson to just edge his nose in front across the line to take the win. Bland was in a battle for third but Samuel Pinches (R35) got the better of him to take the position. Whilst a spin for Matthew Hickingbotham (ST62) dropped him to the back.

Results: 1st SB20 2nd ST1 3rd R35 4th LM999 5th ST62
Points: 1st ST1 Terry Cox = 461 2nd SB20 Andrew Watson = 390 3rd LM999 Colin Bland = 289 4th ST62 Matthew Hickingbotham = 274

Class 2
It was Rob Farrow (Y71) made the best of the start and took an early lead, and once again the grid behind were all very close. The first to put a challenge on the leader was Kyle Everett (WS222) whilst also trying to hold off Sam Barrett (SP19), Connor Bishop (IK252), Barry Lewis (PAC10) and Thomas Ireland (WS60). Contact between Farrow and Everett saw them both drop down the order allowing Barrett to take up the lead. With clean air in front Barrett continued to take an unchallenged win. Taking second place was Bishop ahead of Lewis. Kev Atkins (S443Y) took fourth place ahead of Ireland and Everett. Steven Howells (H45) was able to gain a position to take seventh ahead of Farrow.

Results: 1st SP19 2nd IK252 3rd PAC10 4th S443Y 5th WS60 6th WS222 7th H45 8th Y71
Points: 1st SP19 Sam Barrett = 472 2nd Y71 Robert Farrow = 458 3rd S443Y Kev Atkins = 368 4th WS222 Kyle Everett = 363

Class 4
The early leader was Phillip Wall (Y111), with the two Invicta Kent drivers John Berry (IK221) and Colin Atrill (IK272) close behind. The top three remained close and pulled away from the rest of the field, but a problem for Wall saw him retire from the race. The win went to Atrill, whilst despite finishing second on track Berry picked up a green flag which dropped him to fourth. There was a race long battle between Lee Poole (S71D) and Bernie Jones (H999), with Poole taking second and Jones third. Andrew Wood (ST4) took fifth ahead of David Hampson (L7) and Spencer Mills (LUD5).

Results: 1st IK272 2nd S71D 3rd H999 4th IK221 5th ST4 6th L7 7th LUD5
Points: 1st IK272 Colin Atrill = 534 2nd S71D Lee Poole = 379 3rd ST4 Andrew Wood = 375 4th LUD10 = 307

Stock Hatch
Going into the first turn it was Phil Peek (S19Y) who led the way however coming past either side of him was Mike Sullivan (C3E) and Bri Baxter (Y89) with Baxter taking the lead, Thomas Ireland (WS6) also moved up ahead of Peek. Coming out of the second turn it was Sullivan who was ahead, but Baxter was soon back ahead again. Baxter held onto the win despite Sullivan being all over the back of him throughout the race and a couple of last lap challenges. Peek held onto third from Ireland, Ireland however was demoted two positions. Alex Hickman (H231) picked up fourth place ahead of Joshua Lloyd (SV17). It was the second of the Wessex cars, Henry Clamp (WS53) who took seventh ahead of fellow club member Ian Fay (WS500).

Results: 1st Y89 2nd C3E 3rd S19Y 4th H231 5th SV17 6th WS6 7th WS53 8th WS500
Points: 1st WS6 Thomas Ireland = 463 2nd C3E Mike Sullivan = 438 3rd S19Y Phil Peek = 394 4th Y89 Bri Baxter = 369

Class 6
Leading the grid going into the first turn was Martyn Janes (YD10) but he had Jamie Hornby (ST47) on his tail. The two were clear from the rest of the field and on the penultimate lap Hornby put in a challenge for the lead, edging his way up the inside to take the lead going into the final lap. Coming out of the final turn the two were fairly even and in the race to the line it was Hornby who came out in front. Third place went to Matthew Whipps (IK93) whilst fourth went to Steven Whipps (T191) who had been a battle with Tony Reynolds (SN333) before Reynolds retired in a cloud of smoke. Top qualifier for the final was Tony Teather (C27E) whoever a spin on the first lap dropped him away from the pack and he finished fifth.

Results: 1st ST47 2nd YD10 3rd IK93 4th T191 5th C27E
Points: YD10 Martyn Janes = 414 2nd SN333 Tony Reynolds = 350 3rd IK93 Matthew Whipps = 347 4th Y444 Dave Mcconnell = 329

Class 8
It was a level break across the board, but it was Alex Hall (R411) who had edged in front to take the lead going into the first turn. However going wide of the exit allowed Simon Reeve (N8) through to take over the lead. Chasing down the leader was Jack Gibbons (LM1) who put a challenge in for the lead in the early stages but a mistake dropped him back from the leader. Reeve, despite a roll in his first heat Saturday, went on to take the win at his home circuit ahead of Gibbons and Wes Green (S916Y). The race was on for fourth, Hall held onto the position from Ben Gibbons (LM2) and Ben Harper (M111). Zoe Leyland (LM47) picked up seventh ahead of Josh Reid (CS22).

Results: 1st N8 2nd LM1 3rd S916Y 4th R411 5th LM2 6th M111 7th LM47 8th CS22
Points: N8 Simon Reeve = 461 2nd LM2 Ben Gibbons = 419 3rd LM1 Jack Gibbons = 402 4th R411 Alex Hall =393

Class 10
Taking a clear lead going into the first bend was Vinny Gibbons (LM170). Throughout the race he was being chased down by Gary Wetherick (IK100) who in the end had no answer despite a last lap challenge. Gibbons went on to take the win, a green flag for cones dropped Wetherick to fourth which allowed Christ Ashwin (R84) to take second place ahead of Paul Fackrell (R7). Richard Moorhouse (SC101) rounded out the order in fifth.

Results: 1st LM170 2nd R84 3rd R7 4th IK100 5th SC101
Points: 1st LM170 Vinny Gibbons = 461 2nd CY117 Tony Jones = 409 3rd SS79 James Poltimore = 382 4th IK100 Gary Wetherick

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