UK Autograss Championships 2019 R3 Overview

The UK Autograss Championships has crossed the halfway mark with Round 3 hosted by the East Midlands League at the Oxton Raceway. We’re at the point in the championship where the points are getting ever more important, with all classes still extremely tight. The top four in each class has been included but to see the full points check out the link on the UK Autograss Facebook page.

The weather was again kind, with only a downpour Saturday evening, this made conditions sticky for the early classes but this soon cleared. With the good weather the finals got underway at 13:00 and despite most of the men’s classes requiring reruns as did a number of the ladies finals, the weekends racing was completed in good time.

Round four will be hosted for the first time by Leewood Autograss Club, in the middle of August.

With points becoming ever more valuable for the class and overall championships, there were a strong line up in both of the Champion of Champions racers.

Men’s Champion of Champions
The first attempt of the race was stopped when Ben Harper (M11) and Jack Joyce (WS2) became tangled in the dust. On the restart, of the two class one cars it was Lee Poole (S70D) who led the way on the drop of the flag. The class two of Sam Barrett (SP19) caught and passed both of the ones at the start of the third lap, and he was quick to pull away. There was then a gaggle of cars that were stuck by the battling pair of class one’s and these were Julian Heath (E10), Colin Atrill (IK272), Jamie Cox (N52) and Andrew Watson (SB20) whilst the two class eights of Alex Hall (R411) and Simon Reeve (N8) weren’t far behind. Heath was the first to clear the ones and he set about chasing down Barrett who was ahead by almost half a lap. Heath however had run out of laps, and Barrett took the win with Hall third.

Results: 1st SP19 2nd E10 3rd R411 4th N52 5th N8 6th IK272 7th SB20 8th IK961 9th S70D 10th M888
Points: 1st SB20 Andrew Watson = 89 2nd IK272 Colin Atrill = 88 3rd SP19 Sam Barrett = 74 4th C3E Mike Sullivan = 72

Ladies Champion of Champions
Robyn Highstead (IK961) led the way, with her two fellow club members Helen Bishop (IK252) and Kelly Wetherick (IK272) chasing her down. Wetherick was able to pass both Highstead and Bishop coming out of the bottom bend with Bishop moving ahead of Highstead going into the next bend. Wetherick would continue to pull away from Bishop and go onto take her fifth win of the weekend, yet to drop a score in the entire championship. Bishop was safe in second whilst Abi Shields (N24) charged through the field in her class eight to take third place.

Results: 1st IK272 2nd IK252 3rd N24 4th R169 5th SN333 6th E111 7th IK961 8th NW83 9th IK111 10th IK960
Points: 1st IK272 Kelly Wetherick = 100 2nd IK252 Helen Bishop = 88 3rd IK961 Robyn Highstead = 79 4th IK111 Dru Hollingsbee = 77

Points: 1st SC22 Josh Julian = 54 2nd BC99 Kyle Newman = 52 3rd N592 Emily Richardson = 49 4th IK149 Oliver Eggleton/SR29 Leo Purchase = 43

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