UK Autograss Championships 2019 R3 Ladies

Class 1
It was the top point scorer Robyn Highstead (IK961) who looked to have her nose in front going into the first bend but it was Lisa Merrison (ST138) who led the way from Highstead with Ann Herberts (NW114) running in third. The two lead cars were side-by-side for much of the race all the while allowing Lacey Law (SR24) who was now in third to close the gap. With a couple of laps to go Highstead took the lead whilst Law moved up to second. There was a drag to the line between but Highstead held on from Law to her fourth win of the weekend, with Merrison taking third. Heberts took fourth place ahead of the two Radford cars of Louise Back (R58) and Amy Mecham (R38), whilst Tracey Goodchild (IK634) rounded out the order.

Results: 1st IK961 2nd SR24 3rd ST138 4th NW114 5th R58 6th R38 7th IK634
Points: 1st IK961 Robyn Highstead = 511 2nd SR24 Lacey Law = 460 3rd IK634 Tracey Goodchild = 350 4th NW114 Ann Herberts = 312

Class 3
It was an even break but Jo Thompson (Y51) who took the lead going into the first turn, but it was Chanice Sumners (R169) who took the lead on the exit. Sumners pulled a gap on Thompson who was in a battle with Trish Simmonds-Grant (SN269) until Simmonds-Grant spun and dropped back. Sumners went on to take her second win of the weekend ahead of Thompson with Simmonds-Grant having to settle for third.

Results: 1st R169 2nd Y51 3rd SN269
Points: 1st Y51 Jo Thompson = 541 2nd SN269 Trish Simmonds Grant = 346 3rd R169 Chanice Sumners = 333 4th Donna Brown = 126

Class 5
Barbara Harper (M11) came rocketing out the gate and picked up a black flag for a jump start. This left Diane Heath (E10) and Janet Murray (38F), with Heath taking the lead at the start and continued the race unchallenged by Murray to take the win.

Results: 1st E10 2nd 38F
Points: 1st E10 Diane Heath = 556 2nd M11 Barbara Harper = 361 3rd SN23 Maisie Emms = 319 4th 38F Janet Murray = 261

Class 7
Going into turn one it was the two heat winners, Abi Shields (N42) and Terri Mumford (62F) who led the way, Mumford just got caught out by Shields catching the back of the pick-up. However Mumford was able to take the lead and pull a gap on Shields. Shields didn’t allow her to get too far in front and was able to not only catch but pass Mumford. The two were then running alongside each other for over a lap. Going into the final turn the two weren’t giving an inch, catching them both out, Shields went on to take the win but Mumford had stalled which allowed Emily Barrett (R10) take second place ahead of Cathy Harrison (SN262) and Mumford restarting to take the last place.

Results: 1st N42 2nd R10 3rd SN262 4th 62F
Points: 1st 62F Terri Mumford = 455 2nd R10 Emily Barrett = 386 3rd N42 Abi Shields = 263 4th BC24 Lisa Charles = 211

Class 9 & F600
Mollie Richardson (N492) flew out of the gate taking a clear lead going into the first turn. Louise Hollingsbee (IK11) took second going into the first turn but was soon passed by Mum, Dru Hollingsbee (IK111). A couple of mistakes from Richardson allowed Dru Hollingsbee to close the gap on the early leader. She ran out of laps though and Richardson took the win ahead of Dru Hollingsbee. Helen Rummery (IK213) picked up third ahead of the only F600 of Anyssa Faunch (ST513), whilst Louise Hollingsbee dropped to the back with mechanical problems.

Results: 1st N492 2nd IK111 3rd IK213 4th ST513 5th IK11
Points C9: 1st IK111 Dru Hollingsbee = 485 2nd N492 Mollie Richardson = 424 3rd IK213 Helen Rummery = 350 4th IK11 Louise Hollingsbee = 296
Points F600: 1st ST513 Anyssa Faunch = 378

Class 2
It was Helen Bishop (IK252), Fiona Muchland-Duff (SB44) and Becx Green (SC621) who were the first to show with Bishop taking the lead. Bishop went on to score an unbeaten win in the class. Crossing the line in second was Kelly Read (WR474) but in the final order she was dropped to fourth, this I believe was after contact with Green which saw Green drop to the back, Green was reinstated into second. Third place went to Katie Jones (SV51) whilst Carla Branston (L41) was fifth. Sharon Barrett (SP19) was plagued with a mechanical problem which saw her at the back of the order.

Results: 1st IK252 2nd SC621 3rd SV51 4th WR474 5th L41 6th SP19
Points: 1st IK252 Helen Bishop = 536 2nd WR474 Kelly Read = 429 3rd SC621 Becx Green = 371 4th SV51 Katie Jones = 365

Class 4 & Stock Hatch
Kelly Wetherick (IK272) led the two Stock Hatch’s from the start, taking another maximum score from the weekend. Emily Saitch (C3E) and Rosie Emms (H231) were close in the early stages of the race, and despite a spin, Saitch went on to take the class honours.

1st IK272 2nd C3E 3rd H231
Points C4: 1st IK272 Kelly Wetherick = 595
Points SH: 1st H231 Rosie Emms = 481 2nd C3E Emily Saitch = 477 3rd WS500 Lisa Hills = 281

Class 6
It was an even break between Rachel Collier (IK960), Katie Reynolds (SN333) and Susan Whipps (IK92), with Collier taking the lead going into the first corner. In the opening laps Collier was able to pull away whilst Reynolds and Whipps were racing side-by-side. Whipps was able to break away from Reynolds and closed the gap on Collier but it wasn’t enough, with Collier taking the win. Whipps was second ahead of Reynolds whilst Hannah Hinton (IK225) completed the order.

Results: 1st IK960 2nd IK92 3rd SN333 4th IK225
Points: 1st IK960 Rachel Collier = 475 2nd SN333 Katie Reynolds = 449 3rd IK92 Susan Whipps = 374 4th R771 Gina Fackerell = 258

Class 8
Making the best start and taking the early lead was Linda Lawlor (NW143) just ahead of Barbara Harper (M111). Lawlor however, spun on the top bend of the first lap, having to avoid her Harper was compromised which allowed Abi Shields (N24) through to take the lead. The two leaders were able to pull away from the three car battle behind for third place. Vikki Lamb (NW83) was first in this battle until Hope Godfrey (ST22) found a way past, whilst Lynn Thomas (C21E) was hot on their tails. Harper wasn’t able to put the challenge on Shields who took the win, whilst Godfrey was third. Lamb picked up fourth ahead of Thomas and Kelly Read (WR150), whilst Lawlor remained at the back unable to recover from her first lap spin.

Results: 1st N24 2nd M111 3rd ST22 4th NW83 5th C21E 6th WR150 7th NW143
Points: 1st N24 Abi Shields = 437 2nd NW83 Vikki Lamb = 427 3rd ST22 Hope Godfrey = 395 4th M111 Barbara Harper = 347

Class 10
The three cars were fairly level going into the first turn but it was Emily Barrett (R84) who took the lead and in the opening couple of laps pulled herself clear of Diane Heath (E111) who had pulled a considerable gap on Ruby Atkins Stott (A11). Over the last two laps Heath closed the gap on Barrett and put a challenge in on the final lap, it wasn’t enough thought and Barrett took her second win of the weekend.

Results: 1st R84 2nd E111 3rd A11
Points: 1st E111 Diane Heath = 425 2nd IK100 Kelly Wetherick = 269 3rd A11 Ruby Atkins Stott = 258 4th R84 Emily Barrett = 241

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