Ladies and Junior National Autograss Championships

The 2018 PRG Trailers Ladies and Junior National Autograss Championships were hosted at the weekend by the South Wales League, a return after two weeks following the Men’s National Championships.

The weekend didn’t get off to the best start when racing was stopped on Saturday after the first heats due to the adverse weather conditions, rain and fog meant that conditions were too dangerous to race in. Racing didn’t resume until Sunday morning and the SWL team had their work cut out with two heats and finals to be run. However the superb team that they are they pulled it off and the reports I have heard from the event are all singing their praises.

The finals were run in improved conditions and provided some more fantastic racing. As I was not at the event I won’t be doing a full report but below is a list of this year’s winners.

Your 2018 champions are:
Class 1: SC174 Ellie Bailey
Class 3: S47Y Jade Russell
Class 5: S45D Sarah Bateman
Class 7: PAC53 Alice Bevans
Class 9: PHD1 Sadie Lindsay
Class 2: SC126 Jessica Roberts
Class 4: CM7 Gwen Reeves
Class 6: S16Y Hannah Johnson
Class 8: C10 Sandra Jones
Class 10: SS166 Victoria Coles
Junior saloon: MA184 Adam Browne
Junior special: C27 Tyler Preece
Champion of champions: PAC53 Alice Bevans

Congratulations to all champions, trophy winners, finalists and competitors on a great weekend in difficult conditions.

I will be back trackside this weekend at Invicta Kent Autograss Club for their two day meeting. There will be two separate days racing but also a lot of other fun things taking place over the weekend so keep your eyes peeled next week to find out more!


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