2018 PRG Trailers Ladies and Junior National Championships Predictions

This weekend the Autograss world will be reconvening at the South Wales League venue this time for the Ladies and Junior National Autograss Championships.

Unfortunately I won’t be attending this year, but will be listening where I can on BASFM. Needless to say that those who are going will be in for another weekend full of more of the closest racing.

Below are my predictions for the finals in full. I would like to wish all the competitors good luck and hope everyone has another fantastic weekend!

Class 1

1st SC174 Ellie Bailey 2nd SS1 Sarah Trott 3rd Y2 Carol Watson 4th TA80 Carys Thomas 5th PHD6 Ella John 6th SC16 Bethany Hughes 7th A222 Sophie Lewis 8th SN41 Jess Browning

Class 3

1st BC111 Becky Shaw 2nd S47Y Jade Russell 3rd Y51 Jo Thompson 4th SS165 Gracie Coles 5th CM3 Catherine Beynon 6th CA1 Nicola Mackenzie 7th C7E Lianne Teather 8th SN269 Trish Simmonds-Grant

Class 5

1st PAC2 Alice Bevans 2nd C31 Sandra Jones 3rd SC46 Sarah Chilvers 4th S45D Sarah Bateman 5th CA10 Kirsty Godfrey 6th B32H Linzi Weare 7th S33D Michelle Phillips 8th E10 Diane Heath

Class 7

1st A12 Laura Blaber 2nd PAC53 Alice Bevans 3rd Y78 Susan Herdman 4th CA141 Nicola Mackenzie 5th SC514 Alyson Ashmore 6th Y18 Michelle Barratt 7th SC121 Charlie Wright 8th YD71 Pam Blackburn

Class 9

1st SC62 Angie Chilvers 2nd E26 Sharon Barker 3rd PHD1 Sadie Lindsay 4th H150 Jodie Paskell 5th LM13 Mel Gallagher 6th BC96 Ashlea Traylor

Class 2

1st R3 Missy Moseley 2nd SN222 Leanne Huschka 3rd A36 Sarah Trott 4th PAC21 Paula Rees 5th NS433 Becky Smith 6th SC126 Jessica Roberts 7th SP43 Emma Robinson 8th E219 Laura Canning

Class 4

1st M58 Clare Horner 2nd CM7 Gwen Reeves 3rd TA13 Kathryn Harding 4th R47 Claire Lancaster 5th C14 Donna Howells 6th SR61 Julie Whittingham 7th ST4 Tina Hilton

Class 6

1st SC36 Zoe Coupland 2nd CM47 Nicola Olsson 3rd C27E Josie Cox 4th TA66 Fiona Thomas 5th S16Y Hannah Johnson 6th ST46 Tina Hilton 7th P70EM Chloe Hampson 8th NS219 Angela Evans

Class 8

1st C10 Sandra Jones 2nd ST74 Laura Makar 3rd M62 Clare Horner 4th SC55 Alyson Ashmore 5th IK19 Jade Russell 6th SC52 Josie Tomkinson 7th YD7 Sue Nicholls 8th NS55 Clare Cockerill

Class 10

1st Y7 Susan Herdman 2nd SS166 Victoria Coles 3rd YS37 Kelly Bishop 4th LM7 Mel Gallagher 5th PHD15 Lisa Paines 6th R99 Jemma King 7th R98 Gina Lee 8th 60F Terri Mumford


1st IK55 Bradley Thomas 2nd MA184 Adam Browne 3rd C8 Corey Paisley 4th S31D Tom Herbert 5th SN196 Ollie Tilson 6th TA24 Osian Savinelli 7th NW52 Ryan Powell 8th YD63 Rachel Alderson


1st 8F Aby-Jayde Bennett 2nd NS292 James Dorsett 3rd BC7 Archie Bentley 4th Y15 Charlie Thompson 5th PAC4 Rob Robert Corbett 6th S4D Blake Dudley 7th C27 Tyler Preece 8th BC26 Keznie Adams


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