MAP Open 2017

Last weekend I attended the MAP Open, this is one of the biggest meetings on the Autograss calendar and is hosted by the Midlands league, consisting of both Evesham and Radford Autograss Clubs, at the John Wilkin Raceway, home to the Evesham club.

What makes the MAP Open a great meeting is that there is always a relaxed atmosphere, everyone is there for some great racing, there are plenty of spectator’s trackside, and there is first class racing, with many drivers in attendance including some of the top names within our sport.

At the end of the meeting there is the Champion of Champions races for both the Men’s and Ladies classes to crown the MAP Open Champion. However, disappointingly there was only 3 of the Men’s class champions that appeared and 3 of the Ladies class champions, albeit this was probably down to the weather conditions that were experienced on Sunday afternoon. After a dry and sunny day on Saturday and again Sunday morning, it all changed come finals time, when the rain came. This provided some very difficult conditions for the finals, which would have put the winners off of competing in the final race. So we saw Michael Winkworth (C211E), John Whitehouse (SC4) and Jordan Blore (E112) race for the men’s title and Claire Lancaster (R47), Clare Horner (M62) and Kelly Bishop (YS37) for the ladies. It was the two class 8’s that worked their way through to take the win, Jordan defending his title, and Clare adding another one to the long list against her name.

Also part of this weekend was the British Junior Championship, and coming through to take these titles was Tom Herbert (S31D) in the saloons and Jake Lockwood (SC393) in the specials.

I will be writing about the finals to come in a separate post, which will be posted in the next couple of weeks. However, below is a list of all the class winners.

At the weekend I paid another visit to Invicta Kent Autograss Club, and a post from this meeting will be coming later this week. Whilst this coming weekend I shall be heading to Gloucester for Round 2 of the UK Autograss Championships, which is being held at Hilltop Raceway, the home of Bredon Hill Autograss Club.

  Men’s Ladies
CoC E112 Jordan Blore M62 Clare Horner
Class 1 C211E Michael Winkworth SC174 Ellie Bailey
Class 2 SV5 Tony Hawkins R240 Sophie Morgan
Class 3 S47Y Chris Allanson S47Y Jade Russell
Class 4 M58 Jamie Williams R47 Claire Lancaster
Class 5 IK2 Colin Thorndyke YS32 Linzi Weare
Class 6 E5 Micky Manning PAC37 Jenny Brown
Class 7 P23EM Phil Barleyman SR6 Jodie Faulkner
Class 8 S57 Nathan Rees M62 Clare Horner
Class 9 SC4 John Whitehouse M14 Clare Horner
Class 10 PHD2 Phil Rogers YS37 Kelly Bishop
  Junior Saloon Junior Special
  S31D Tom Herbert SC393 Jake Lockwood


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